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Everything posted by RadZakpak

  1. I listened to the Richtofen reels with clearer audio and have some of the missing words/proper words fixed: Richtofen #1 Richtofen #2 Richtofen #3 Richtofen #4 Richtofen #5 Richtofen #6
  2. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference and what the individual person values more in a character. Like to me Doctor Schuster is a strong character, despite us not even knowing what he looks like, and his appearances amounting to him giving expository science dialogue. But I can extrapolate based on his reactions, his tone, and manner of speech around superiors to paint my own interpretation of him as a scientist being yanked around by those willing to take advantage of his abilities. But it would also make total sense for someone to see none of that, and just see him as a nothing character, which is a fair interpretation. Same applies to Peter, and I can see how just little snippets of that character can be extrapolated into something far greater than Treyarch ever intended, because at the end of the day a character is only the audience's interpretation, since they are not a real person.
  3. 1. This is another toughie because of personal biases regarding Groph's character. His descent into desperate madness as Primis foils the plans he has been working on for years and they send rockets to Griffin Station is actually pretty sad. Sophia on the other hand is fairly underdeveloped and serves mostly as just Maxis' assistant, with her only real development coming after she is put in a robot body. I have to give it to Doctor Groph. 2. No contest here. Our notions of Takeo got flipped on their head with his reintroduction in Origins, and suddenly he was the coolest member of the crew. His journey throughout Black Ops 3, discovering his life has been a lie, and accepting his place and friendship with the rest of Primis is really one of the things that I love so much about this story. I like Finn as well, played by the incredible Michael Madsen. But Primis Takeo is the obvious choice. 3. Anyone but Marlton. Anyone. 4. Maxis of Dimension 63 is one of the more underappreciated Dimension 63 versions of our characters. He does a complete 180 in terms of motivation and character. During the World War I, he finds a problem with Group 935's alliance with the Germans and decides to contact the Allies. Then in the House he gives his life so the children can be safe, and constantly supports Edward in his journey, even when he does not follow the plan. Pernell I think started of strong in Classified, but his descent into madness felt too quick and way too forced. Maxis gets my vote. 5. I think it's been pointed out before in the Discord that Yena's character was kind of a disappointment from how many of us pictured him, and he essentially just became another American spy. I used to dislike Ultimis Dempsey, but over time I've grown to see what is hidden beneath the surface and appreciate him more. Dempsey gets my vote. 6. This is actually pretty tough for me. I like the Shadowman, and especially his excellent voice performance. I like that he is just pure evil, something like Emperor Palpatine, who just seems to enjoy bringing chaos wherever he goes. Evil for evil's sake, and he loves it. But I have a personal affinity for Russman's shady past in Broken Arrow, and I wish we got more hints of what happened. In the end, I have to pick the Shadowman.
  4. If you really can't decide, I see no reason why not.
  5. That was an exciting first half of round 1 with 9 votes! Lets keep those numbers high and the competition fierce. Here is the bracket currently: But what are the rules? I will provide a list of matchups, for example: 1. Juggernog vs Speed Cola You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like: 1. Speed Cola, I gotta go fast! Your reasoning can be anything from personality, development, comedy, voice performance, or just how they look! At the end of the week I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round. Here are today's contestants: 1. Doctor Groph vs Sophia/S.O.P.H.I.A. 2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) vs Finn O'Leary 3. Marlton Johnson vs Albert "The Weasel" Arlington 4. Doctor Maxis (Dimension 63) vs Cornelius Pernell 5. Tank Dempsey (Ultimis) vs Harvey Yena 6. Russman vs The Shadowman (THE MANS) VOTE OR DIE!
  6. Round 1.0 is ovah! Here's the results: 1. Doctor Schuster (3) vs Samantha Maxis (6) 2. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis) (8) vs Billy Handsome (1) 3. Misty Briarton (3) vs Sal DeLuca (6) 4. Doctor Maxis (Original Timeline) (6) vs Peter McCain (3) 5. Tank Dempsey (Primis) (6) vs Pablo Marinus (3) 6. Samuel Stuhlinger (5) vs Doctor Monty (4)
  7. I would chock Monty's inability to de-corrupt himself up to the classic writing trope of not being able to perform some sort of life-saving magic on yourself, as a form of irony. In the words of Chancellor Palpatine: In-Universe however I think he is simply too old a being to be able to reverse the process, as said above. Though, a neat head-canon would be that he tried to do that to another equally-powerful being, i.e. the Shadowman, but ended up corrupting him even further. Or that he did try to do it upon himself, but ended up splitting himself in two, the worse half becoming the Shadowman. This is worthy of another thread in and of itself! I could go on about the symbolism of these characters and why these specific versions may have had to die.
  8. About the wanted man, it looks to me like Tian Zhao. He's a minor antagonist in the Black Ops 2 Campaign. To break it down simply, Zhao is the leader of the SDC, a conglomerate of countries opposing the United States during the Second Cold War. Essentially, Tian Zhao attempts to force countries like India and Iran to join the SDC with nuclear warheads, and as the player you have the choice to take on Strike Force missions to stop these attacks. If you succeed and they do not join the SDC, you gain enough support to assassinate Zhao, and the SDC under new leadership helps you fight Menendez. Zhao is characterized as a megalomaniac, so if that is him on the poster it would be no surprise if after losing support from the rest of the SDC he stole some warheads and 115 or something like that. That would also account for why Broken Arrow is still heavily involved in China, if the SDC is no longer led by Zhao.
  9. Calling all units, I need one last sweep of the Aether for dates to be added. I've added the blueprints dates I could find on Tag and from what @PINNAZ has dumped in the Discord. Currently all the important dates are added, but I like detail in my timelines, so I'm calling everyone to recall any time specific dates are mentioned or written somewhere, or if you know of a real life event that would fit in in the timeline pertaining to Zombies events. I'd like this to be a definitive reference guide. Also, I've added dates about the invention of the Dynamite Bundle, Heat Pack, Wunderwaffe, and Tundra Gun. I feel like with all those, there would also be a date for the Thundergun somewhere? If anyone could find that, that would be superb.
  10. An interesting topic! Now i always assumed that the primary facility was the DC Headquarters shown on the Classified map, but I realize it doesn't have to be. But a primary facility in China is really interesting, and paints a dark picture as human rights would be much less an issue there than in the US. My only issue is I wonder how Russman was able to return to the US, and why he wouldn't bring the fact that this was the where the "Incident" took place up to Victis. Though, maybe he did after the events of Die Rise and that's why they they tell him what happened in the Buried intro when he forgets. Returning to the US may have been as simple as a teleporter, but I wonder why Broken Arrow would let him use it. But I'm sure Russ could find a way to Hanford after 10 years.
  11. 1. This is very, very tough because I have a personal bias towards Schuster. He's one of my favorite characters to write for, and I appreciate he is a scientist who is more of a follower than a leader. He feels like a very real person. However, I cannot deny Samantha's paramount importance to this story and her journey since the beginning, from an innocent girl lost in a dimension she did not understand, to a child desperate to find her father, and finally to a heroic figure in the end. I have to pick Samantha, because without her, Zombies would not be even close to what it is now. 2. My pick has to be Takeo. This may almost seem like an unfair matchup at first, but keep in mind Takeo was not always so loved, and Billy Handsome actually has some real, intense personality given a further look. When I played Mob recently as him, he struck me as the most interesting Mobster with his lack of regret for his undeniably evil actions. But Ultimis Takeo has always been a favorite of mine for his underdog status and commitment to a moral code. 3. I pick Sal DeLuca, which may be controversial, but I think Misty did not get enough development in her tenure, and while I do enjoy playing as her, Sal has this backstory and demeanor I really enjoy and some real depth. 4. I have to say Maxis due to his major importance to inciting Richtofen's journey and his effects on the multiverse. As much as I think this Maxis is a big dumb dumb, he has a genuinely well-written character, with his love for his daughter and his judgement being clouded by his own pettyness. 5. Tank Dempsey really grew on me in the past few years. It never really struck me until I started examining Primis Dempsey more how soft-spoken and introverted this Dempsey can be. When he isn't yelling, he's usually making a comment to himself or trying to find some meaning in it all. His field reports as a form of coping mechanism really resonates with me, and his close friendship to Takeo after the ordeals they both went through really warms the heart. 6. Tough call here. I want to say Monty because of the potential his character had, however I don't think he was utilized well enough, and as much as I enjoy McDowell's performance, Monty was not used enough to justify the importance he is supposed to have to the universe. I find Stuh hilarious most of the time and I appreciate even in Tag der Toten he is pretty much still the same moron with voices in his head that he has always been, and you can't help feeling bad when things go poorly for him.
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, Keepers and Apothicons. You may remember my map bracket or my easter egg song bracket, and after some time, I've decided to begin a new bracket centered around characters of the Aether storyline. Which characters did I include, you ask? Well I began with 50 names with multiple speaking parts and a personality to talk about, and whittled that down to a more reasonable 28. So if there's a character not included that you wish was, I probably did too, but with too many characters to choose from in the first round things would get boring fast. Even still, round 1 must be split into two parts, with the first six matchups today, and then next six next week. Here is the bracket in its initial form: So how does this work? I will provide a list of matchups, for example: 1. Juggernog vs Speed Cola You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like: 1. Juggernog, because of course! Your reasoning can be anything from personality, development, comedy, voice performance, or just how they look! At the end of the week I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round. Here are our first contestants: 1. Doctor Schuster vs Samantha Maxis 2. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis) vs Billy Handsome 3. "Misty" Briarton vs Sal DeLuca 4. Doctor Maxis (Original Timeline) vs Peter McCain 5. Tank Dempsey (Primis) vs Pablo Marinus 6. Samuel Stuhlinger vs Doctor Monty
  13. Really enjoyed it! Hope to see more in the future. I've always wanted to see a music video centered around Richtofen to "My Way" since that is apparently his favorite song.
  14. Here's a great thread compiling all 601's appearances that you should check out: I totally agree that in-universe Group 601 is most likely Richtofen's sub-faction within 935. The radio towers immediately make me think of the towers from Black Ops 2, and Richtofen clearly planned for to need those towers in advance as he asked the Americans to set one up in a Classified cipher.
  15. Yes! Here is the radio from Tag der Toten: Then here's the Shadow of Evil message it is referring to: So it seems the Shadowman wanted to craft the Agarthan device for himself. Maybe he managed to get the Agarthan Device in Dimension 63 but due to being locked in the Summoning Key he wasn't able to get the Shard and the Blood.
  16. Eagle's Nest, this is Griffin Station, we have an update. I have added to the timeline the known dates from Pablo, Richtofen, Yena, and Jeb Brown radios found on the map. Pablo's dates are a bit sketchy due to his wording, however I believe his numbering of days starts when he is first captured, as that is most consistent with his wording and lines up with the words of Yena and Gersh. Also at the very bottom I have the events of the broken cycle. If there is more that I should add to this timeline, or things that should be clarified, let me know.
  17. I think the ending was perfect for the one thing is was trying to accomplish, that being ending the journeys of Ultimis and Primis and allowing Samantha a brighter future after all that she has been through. It's a very "Zombies" ending and the more I watch it the more I love it. It is poetic and sad that Nikolai, the most hopeful of Primis, has to face the cruel reality of what must be done. At the end of the day, Nikolai is a soldier, someone willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure everyone else can live a normal life. If there were any other way, Nikolai would not have done what he did. I love the ending because it is faithful to these characters, and my love for Zombies has always been character-driven. Looking back on the previous maps this season, things start to make more sense as you realize just what comes next.
  18. Hmm... Pablo says everytime he tries to leave on the raft, he apparently comes right back to the shore... is it because he is just circling back around this tiny celestial object? My question is though, how were Group 935/George Romero/The Ascension Group able to access it from Earth? Is there some place on Earth where you just seamlessly transition to it? Very strange indeed.
  19. I'd like to bring this thread back to life because I believe the answer to the most mysterious eye color, red, has been answered. In the wake of Tag der Toten and the end of the storyline, seeds have been left to explain this mystery which I would like to explain. In Tag der Toten we are introduced to Apothican Blood: A collection of smaller organisms that form a hive-mind and make up the blood of the massive Apothicons, like the one we see in Revelations. It just so happens that the zombies in Tag der Toten have red eyes. Given Alpha Omega's confirmation that an Aetherial entity close enough can take control of the undead, it is reasonable to assume the red eyes are a result of the Apothican Blood, which can form coherent thoughts and actively fights against Victis as they try to harness it. Don't believe there is a connection yet? I'd like to remind you of the first time we saw red eyes in Zombies, the first time that I neglected to mention in this very thread. That's right, Russian Cosmonaut Zombie Monkeys are the first enemy to have red eyes. What is the significance? Allow Dr. Yena and Dr. Gersh to explain: Ah, so this is the origin of the space monkeys in Ascension. Seems like a strange thing to answer, until you make the connection between the Blood and the Monkeys, and realize this may be more an explanation for the red eyes. Let's review the maps that contain red-eyed zombies and discuss the Blood's connection. Mob of the Dead/Blood of the Dead The presence of red-eyed zombies in Alcatraz might seem to contradict this theory immediately, with the lack of direct appearances by anything Apothicon. However a portion of the Blood of the Dead easter egg may have been an early appearance of the Apothican Blood being used for another purpose: These orb/portal looking things are spawned by an arc of red light emanating from the lighthouse, and at each location interacting with the orb recounts the story of inmates of the prison, their souls trapped here to replay these moments over and over again, much like the Mobsters and Primis. Here's a picture of Apothican Blood: Now we know that the Warden was a hardcore Apothicon fanatic, going so far as to commit suicide to do their bidding. With blood as a running theme, he may have acquired Apothican Blood to use on himself and the mobsters to keep them coming back over and over in their endless cycle. Interestingly... their blood is later used on Primis. Interesting, but let's move on to the next map. Gorod Krovi Barring the name of the map itself, which translates to City of Blood, what evidence is there for the Apothicon Blood appearing here? I'm glad you asked. These "ancient beasts" being referred to may not actually be other dragons, but instead the Apothicon beasts, whose blood we are discussing today. Quite similar to the space monkeys, the dragons are extremely aggressive and hostile. The only way to control them is through the use of frequencies and mechanical collars. Another thing that may seem insignificant on the surface but further supports this theory: The upgrade quest for the Dragon Shield. It involves getting kills, then blasting several Apothicon symbols around the map, and then... bathing the shield in the blood of a dead dragon, giving the shield red eyes and a red blast... yuuuup: So I believe the presence of red eyed zombies is either a result of the presence of these dragons, or, as mentioned in radios on the map, the people of Stalingrad were intentionally infected, but rather than being infected with 115, they were infected by the Blood. And lastly, Revelations This one is obvious, with our first appearance of the source of the blood: The Elder Gods: The only hole I can see to poke in this theory, as pointed out by @KronoriumExcerptB, Shadows of Evil has a heavy Apothicon presence and yet the eyes are orange there. While that massive beast in the sky is not an Elder God and we don't quite know what it is, why wouldn't it have the same type of Blood?

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