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  1. Okay so I may have just cracked this thing back wide open again, as I totally forgot this document from Classified: "one cosmonaut space suit and one lunar lander - coordinates to be specified" So the reason they just so happen to find a lunar lander in Kino is because Richtofen TOLD THEM to put it there. Now, his deal with the Americans was around August of 1945, still well before Operation Shield and teleporting Maxis. I have many questions... 1. How did he know he would end up at the theater? 2. How did he know he would then need to go to Ascension to get his diary back? Surely if he knew in advance he would accidentally go to the future and lose his diary, he would just, you know, not lose the diary? 3. The Soviet space program did not begin until 1956, so how in the fuck would the Soviets know how to make a lander or cosmonaut suit to place at the theater? Surely they didn't wait over 10 years after Richtofen made his demands and they had collected their scientists and research, then go back to look at his demands and think, "Oh, that's what he meant.", and then proceed to go through the trouble of placing a lunar lander and suit in a precise location near a theater in Berlin? 4. Does this suggest Kino actually is in East Germany? Or did they somehow sneak this stuff into West Germany, again, on the demands of a missing man from ten years ago in a deal that you already got your benefits from? It's also possible he specified they place the lander and suit somewhere in their own territory, and after Kino Ultimis goes through some wacky hijinks crossing the Berlin wall to get to it. That still doesn't answer how the Soviets would fullfill that request or how Richtofen would know he would need it. The only logical explanation that does not involve dumb luck is that Richtofen somehow had access to the Kronorium, and with information from the future he decided to go through with the normal timeline of events, to potentially try and break the cycle with Victis and get them on his side. This only brings up more questions, like how Richtofen would acquire the Kronorium. This is all hurting my head.
  2. To add to the discussion of Electricity and life, there's also Maxis' soul becoming a part of Griffin Station after he shot himself, an ability he apparently learned while in the Crazy Place. Then once he sends the rockets to Earth, he has the ability to reach out, presumably using the MPD, to Earth's electronics and speak to survivors. In the TranZit easter egg he has you turning the power back off after releasing "Him" since he says an active power grid will disrupt communications. Also I don't know if it has been mentioned here but I believe it was a thread by Anon, or at least linked by Anon that described how the EMPs actually work on Zombies in TranZit, as they sever the link between the undead and the Aether. In addition, there are connections that can be drawn between HAARP, Nacht der Untoten, and Tesla's research which I documented a bit here that may be related: I know absolutely nothing about physics and its relation to Zombie so I usually sit these discussions out. It is undeniable to even me however how often we see electricity and its connection with life force and the Aether.
  3. 1. The One - World at War's best song IMO, just beautiful and creepy at the same time. 2. Where Are We Going - While I adore I Am The Well, this version of Where Are We Going is at least top five of all songs in zombies. Such a unique sound and a perfect trailer backing. 3. Lullaby for a Deadman - I gave it some thought, and this was tough, but Deadman takes the cake. 4. Pareidolia - I love We All Fall Down, but I recently opened my eyes to the beauty in Pareidolia. Every element is near perfection. 5. 115 - The most iconic song on one of the most iconic maps, though Beauty is probably second in both of those departments. 6. Dead Again - Ach, I love both but Dead Again I know I listened to much more. 7. Dead Ended - Like I've said, Gorod Krovi is elevated by this song. 8. The Gift - Sometimes things are sad because everything must come to an end... and then come back in two years.
  4. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen and not-so-gentlemen. Here are the results of round 2.5... ... and the current bracket: It's time for Round 3. By now each song that will be competing has advanced at least once, so it's about to get real hot in here! Here are the rules, slugger... below I will list the competitors in this round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is: 1. Takeo vs Nikolai You would reply: 1. Nikolai - Man can drink and man can dance, what more can I ask? After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round. Let's get into round 3 with our 8 matchups! 1. The One vs Coming Home 2. Where Are We Going? (Blood of the Dead) vs I Am The Well 3. Lullaby for a Deadman vs Rusty Cage 4. We All Fall Down vs Pareidolia 5. Beauty of Annihilation (Der Riese) vs 115 6. Abracadavre (Spelled right this time) vs Dead Again 7. Dead Ended vs Won't Back Down 8. The Gift vs Shockwave Achtung! Schnell!
  5. Results are in! 1. Beauty of Annihilation (Der Riese) (3) vs Mystery (2) 2. Carry On (0) vs 115 (5) 3. Abracadavre (4) vs Snakeskin Boots (1) 4. Dead Again (4) vs Always Running (1) 5. Ace of Spades (0) vs Dead Ended (5) 6. Drowning (1) vs Won't Back Down (4) 7. Where are we going? (Mob) (1) vs The Gift (4) 8. Archangel (2) vs Shockwave (3) Posting next round shortly!
  6. To be fair though, zombies do actually appear in one of the specialist story simulations along with the ray gun, and as limited as it is that story is connected to WaW-BO3 as well as Blackout.
  7. This is where I have to disagree. Just because there are a near infinite amount of Dempseys dying doesn’t make the trauma he endures or the emotions you felt watching the first time invalid or less impactful. Tens of billions of people have died throughout human history and yet we mourn the loss of one. Even Great Great Great Uncle Joe who died in 1812 had a story and people affected by him and his death. When your dog dies, it shouldn’t matter. You can get as many new dogs as you want, name them the same thing, treat them the same, but the experience you had with that one is special. Not in the grand scheme of things, but to you personally. That is why I love BO3: the plot is grand and impacts every being throughout history, but it focuses on the little stories as well: the people. Nikolai may die billions of times, but that one that you saw die your first time watching... he really felt that pain and you were emotional with him. That’s just my take on it. That’s why I don’t get the sentiment of new ruining the old. Nothing will take away that first experience from you except death. Regardless if there are infinite universes and Richtofens, or just one, that death is just as meaningless ultimately. But humans have a way of assigning meaning and emotion where there is none. That is the human experience.
  8. A wonderful analysis! If you ask me, the Apothicons are extremely interesting in their abilities and motivations. In regards to your mention of their relation to the Vril-Ya and the Agarthan Plane within the Earth's core, I'm reminded of my own interpretation of the end the Great War: Excavation Site 64 is a location that we only gets hints of in Origins. It was here that the final battle of the Great War took place, and Primis vanished from history, cleansing all the "sickness" as far as the eye could see: In the map Origins we find what was left behind after the Great War that Group 935 has tried to uncover. The site is protected by undead Templars who attempt to prevent anyone from uncovering the site. They failed: It is then when the Apothicons returned, trapped within the Earth's core, with Keeper influence at the known gateways to our dimension in order to protect us from uncovering this ancient evil. They reversed everything that Primis had done, making people sick once again and liberating themselves from their own Hell beneath the surface. In order to defeat them, Primis had to convene once more and end the Great War... again. This may be key in understanding Shadows of Evil. We know that Morg City is protected by a cult living underground that call themselves the Order of the Keepers, likely actual acolytes of the real Keepers. They do what they must to protect the Apothicon Rift Stone, as like Excavation Site 64, it is a gateway to the Core, where the Apothicons were banished in the Great War. This is why the Morg City Cursed fight the Keepers in the beginning, but aid them later in trapping the Shadowman. Speaking of the Shadowman: The Shadowman is the head honcho of the Apothicons, the man in charge, the ultimate form of Apothicon. He's a manipulator thru and thru, and can mask himself even from the all-powerful Dr. Monty. Through Morg City's construction of an underground subway, it's possible some rogue denizens of the city heard voices emanating from this strange stone beneath the ground... and decided to balls everything up. Seeds firmly planted and men corrupted, the Shadowman spread what little influence he had throughout Morg City, creating a sickness that corrupted its people. Even the Order of the Keepers could not prevent this, and as such, the Shadowman was able to manipulate the Reporter into bringing together information about four sinners who could be used to open the stone, and unleash the Apothicons upon Dimension 63 at large. All this to say, this fits with both the Vril-Ya influence of a portal beneath our very feet, as well as the religious influences of Heaven and Hell, Monty creating his own Heaven beyond our perception, above our heads, and the Apothicons being banished beneath the Earth just waiting for their time to be unleashed. ANNOTATION: Similar to the marking of France's Dig Site as a potential gateway by Pernell in Alpha Omega, the location of Shangri-La is similarly denoted. Just like the dig site, there is a massive amount of 115 there, located... beneath the Earth.
  9. They don’t necessarily have to die near the battlegrounds. The timeline just states that they “disappeared from history” after the war ended. So potentially Richtofen took them to some house to live out the rest of their days, and that location was pulled in when the Shadowman corrupted Agartha. Problem with that is Richtofen after the Great War ends up frozen in Alcatraz, and the Blood of the Dead Richtofen seems to be aware of this, so presumably this happens every cycle? That makes me wonder where the rest of Primis is then. It’s also totally possible that Monty just made those graves since he turned their immortal souls into children and wiped them from history, maybe as sort of a reminder to Primis what they’ve done.
  10. Damn it Treyarch’s fucking with this dimension’s timeline again.
  11. Whoa... I swear it was Abrecadavre... turns out I've been spelling it wrong for 8 years... This is some Mandela Effect shit right here. No one has ever corrected me on that. Maybe I was merging it in my head with Abre Macabre?
  12. There really is an infinite amount of great stories to be told in the Aether story. If Treyarch had enough time and resources, and they could have devs that stick through the whole way and stick to one plan, they could create a truly special overarching narrative. I like all the ideas that you mentioned; There are just so many gaps in time that would be perfect for a map, as Classified and Alpha Omega have shown us.
  13. 1. Mystery: Beauty is always great, but Mystery has blown me away, and it might honestly be in my top 3 at this point. 2. 115: Some classics just can't be beat. I appreciate A7X's work here, but 115 is probably one of the few in-house Zombies songs that has garnered fans outside the mode. 3. Snakeskin Boots: This was really tough because I do love Abrecadavre, it is beautiful. But Snakeskin Boots is just so damn perfect and fun to listen to. 4. Dead Again: You can just feel the emotion through the damn guitar backing. 5. Dead Ended: Depressing, dark, and badass. 6. Won't Back Down: Drowning is underappreciated, and I quite like it. But I've always been an Eminem fan, and while it doesn't quite fit "Five" in the slightest, there's something wonderful about the campy lines from its characters as they blast zombies to this song. 7. The Gift: BO3's songs really reflected the higher focus on character and emotion, and The Gift was the culmination of that. Not to knock WAWG?, it's a masterclass as well. 8. Shockwave: This is tough and I'm sure most would disagree. I just really enjoyed Shockwave on release.
  14. Welcome back, lovely people of the world, to the Easter Egg Song Bracket. Here is the first half of the round's results: Here is the current bracket: Voting is simple: Below I will list the competitors in this round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is: 1. Takeo vs Nikolai You would reply: 1. Takeo - Takeo is a very funny comedian. After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round. Let's get into round 2.5 with our 8 matchups! 1. Beauty of Annihilation (Der Riese) vs Mystery 2. Carry On vs 115 3. Abrecadavre vs Snakeskin Boots 4. Dead Again vs Always Running 5. Ace of Spades vs Dead Ended 6. Drowning vs Won't Back Down 7. Where Are We Going? (Mob of the Dead) vs The Gift 8. Archangel vs Shockwave SCHNELL!
  15. Ding! Results are in: 1. Samantha's Lullaby (All Versions) (1) vs The One (4): The Shi No Numa classic edges ahead! 2. Coming Home (4) vs Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant Remix)(1): Though controversial in its time, Coming Home proved its might against the even more controversial remix of a classic! 3. Where Are We Going? (Blood of the Dead Remix) (2) vs Mad Hatter (2): Coming in as a tie, I flipped a (digital) coin, and Where Are We Going advances to Round 3! 4. Cold Hard Cash (1) vs I Am The Well (4): In an admittedly unfair match-up, the new Clark Nova track beats the oft-forgotten Shadows of Evil piece. 5. Lullaby for a Deadman (4) vs Nightmare (1): As Elena Siegman's first foray into Zombies musical backing, it's no surprise it will advance. 6. Rusty Cage (3) vs Undone (2): Two unconventional tracks face off, and Johnny Cash proves himself to be the victor, just barely. 7. We All Fall Down (3) vs Remember Forever (2): I guess We All Fall Down didn't fall after all, but Remember Forever, I've gotta sever by pulling that lever. 8. Not Ready To Die (1) vs Pareidolia (4): Is it just pareidolia, or do I see Pareidolia taking the win? I will be posting the next part of the round shortly!
  16. Regarding Kino der Toten, it's not always been clear if the map is on the East or West side of the Berlin Wall, as was debated back in the day in for example, this thread: But I think it is safe to say it is on the West side due to the tower built on the other side. Note: This evidence is dubious since this tower didn't start construction until 1965, but Kino is in 1963. Maybe they built it earlier for conspiracy-related reasons or what have you, ya da ya da ya da, hand wave... Another piece of evidence in my eyes is the presence of Nova Crawlers. While the Soviets did have plenty of Nova Gas as seen in the campaign, the Americans seem to be the creators of these crawlers, creating them using Capitalist Pig DNA. How does that answer any of your questions? Well it really doesn't, it more complicates things due to the presence of the Thunder Gun, created by the Ascension Group, and this Soviet lander situation. However, it seems strange to me that the Americans would just leave a working teleporter and several pods with undead just lying around in this abandoned theater filled with Group 935 perk machines, film reels, a pack-a-punch machine, and a bunch of Nazi flags. I don't believe the Kino facility was fully abandoned, and was being watched over by the Americans. There are images on the screens in Classified showing Kino, and it is mentioned as the location of one of Samantha's attacks (the events of Kino der Toten). Also the presence of Nova Crawlers suggests a more recent experiment performed there. Why was there no one around? Could be Ultimis arrived in the morning with pretty much no one around. ANYWAY, all that aside, whichever side is present at the Kino facility, Richtofen must have located mentions of his diary by either the Americans or the Soviets at the facility which is still under watch, leading to them either having to find a way across the wall to get to the East Side to find this lander, or more likely I believe, Richtofen programs the teleporter to send them to somewhere much closer to Ascension, where they complete their journey via lander. Like you mentioned, whenever we teleport, even by accident, it is usually to places with a lot of 115. Most likely wherever the Soviet Union was keeping their supply had a teleporter in use which Ultimis utilized to get closer to the Cosmodrome. About the space suit, I originally thought that Richtofen's plan before acquiring the diary was to take one of the Ascension Group's rockets to the Moon. But this just begs the question of why he doesn't just reprogram a teleporter to take him there. Rockets just seem so barbaric for the Doctor... We may unfortunately never get a true answer, but I like to think it involves their trip to this other Soviet facility to acquire the lander. It amuses me that Ultimis probably had a plan that involved Nikolai drunkenly explaining to some Russian scientists that Richtofen is a Cosmonaut on a mission to do some training at the Cosmodrome and they need a ride in the lander. And Dempsey and Takeo are helpers... Cosmonaut helpers.
  17. I actually held the same opinion for years, I just didn't get why people like him so much. I was usually annoyed when I was stuck playing as him because he was so loud. But I think his BO4 iteration, and what we know about Primis Dempsey has made him way more likeable in my eyes and I look forward to playing as him now. His perspective is pretty unique because his goal isn't power or saving the universe, it seems to be just to follow orders, get the mission done, and look cool doing it. The details aren't important to him, just the end goal. He reminds me a lot of Doom Guy in that way.
  18. Personally I've liked every direction they've gone, and there hasn't really been a satisfying ending in Treyarch Zombies history, besides, like, Ancient Evil. But in terms of Aether, I think the only place I would have been okay with it ending would have been Buried, with Mob being the kicking off point for a new storyline ala Chaos in BO4. But even then, I think Buried would have been a horribly unsatisfying place to end it all, it's just the one that I could justify the best. In an ideal world, I think BO4 should have gotten maybe one or two more Aether maps to properly set up the finale, but hey, this is as good a place to end it all as any. I don't think I share the same opinion with many people here that Zombies should stick to one overall theme, because I think the beauty of it is just how different every experience is from the last. It's the only story I know that can incorporate Nazi Conspiracies, time travel, Lovecraftian monsters, etc. all into a single storyline, filled with horror, humor, and human drama. I think we take for granted there is truly nothing like it, and when it is over there probably will never be anything quite so unique. For all the highs and lows, the tears and the laughs, I will cherish it forever.
  19. Nope, you’re not obligated! Just wondered if you meant to underline one but the link covered it. Some choices simply cannot be made in good faith.
  20. This might be the toughest one yet... so which did you choose?
  21. The Man, The Myth, The Legend "Tank" Dempsey was an American Marine serving in the Pacific Front of World War II, as well as an operative for the OSS through their efforts to steal Group 935's secrets in the developing technological front of the war. Little is known about his life before the war, and he would prefer to keep it that way. In terms of his family, he would only admit to having a 5 year-old daughter, a daughter he may never see again. Dempsey prefers the world see him as a muscled, masculine "Tank" of a man: A lover of a good fight and of a good woman. He is the embodiment of American male exceptionalism of the 20th Century. A majority of what we know of his background from Doctor Monty are stories of grandeur; Legends of the man they call "Tank". We don't even know for sure what his first name is. On the surface, there isn't much to see with "Tank" Dempsey, and it is perhaps for this reason he was such an exceptional leader of his fellow Marines as well as Ultimis. "Tank" would rather his allies see him as the legendary American badass who can lead them through the dark, instead of the man he truly is beneath the surface. The Facade When Dempsey isn't screaming in jubilation at his own triumph over the undead, he tends to mutter softly to himself. Unlike the others of Ultimis, he tends to only express excitement or insults to those around him, rarely ever letting anyone in to his own thought process. On occasion, however, when he is alone, his true self tends to come to light. Another quirk of Ultimis Dempsey, is his complete destruction of the fourth wall on many, many occasions. Unlike even the knowledgeable Primis Richtofen, Dempsey is aware he is within the confines of a game. What I would like to propose is that Dempsey's outward persona is merely a facade, an elaborate performance. In the time before 115 corrupted his mind, this performance was to boost the morale of his fellow Marines by portraying the legendary war hero, an inspiration to many young men in the Corps. After corruption, however, Dempsey began to believe he was trapped in some sort of simulation, a game, being manipulated by some higher power, the Player, and created by Treyarch. With this information in mind, Dempsey has been portraying the same character his own men were used to, and has gone to great lengths to appease and acknowledge his "fans". In Dempsey's mind, his persona is all that he controls, as his actions are controlled by this "Player". Many of Dempsey's reflections harp on how he is perceived by the Player. In Call of the Dead while he is not playable, he attempts to formulate new catchphrases to stay original. In Ascension, he comments on fan opinion of Takeo. Not to mention, he constantly laments Treyarch's repeated usage of the same mechanics, including turning on the power and easter egg songs appearing in every map. By the time of Alpha Omega, Dempsey is incredibly disillusioned to the idea of collecting MacGuffins for the sake of saving he universe. He seems to miss the days when the Player was satiated by simple Zombie-killing, rather than elaborate quests. All of this is suffice to say that Dempsey is simply playing along with a game controlled by outside forces. One might question why he wants to appease the Player, and question's Treyarch's choices so frequently. This leads to the potential Fridge Horror that he believes his world may cease to exist if the Player loses interest. Despite the feelings he may have about his situation or his life beyond the battlefield, he chooses to hide this behind a mask for the sake of those around him. Outside this persona, he is a deeply introspective person. That, or maybe, like us, he's just having a good time.
  22. The problem is I don’t know where the Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai are that were with the Primis Richtofen in Alpha Omega. The original idea for this chapter was made before I knew Richtofen was in the pod in Alcatraz, so I envisioned Primis all dying together after the Great War. There may be a way I could fit this in somewhere since it is based on the Dempsey cipher and we got another one recently. My plan for Book 4 is telling the whole cycle from Primis’ perspective, from Origins to Revelations to the Great War. Then Book 5 will pick up with events that lead to breaking the cycle and Blood of the Dead.
  23. So I was working on some Storybook outlining stuff, and remembered a short chapter I had written back in April 2018. It was meant to be the Epilogue for Book 4, after the Great War when Primis disappeared from the mound, and would have lived out the rest of their days in peace as the cycle began anew. Obviously with Blood of the Dead in BO4, things have changed quite a bit in the canon, and this chapter wouldn't really fit in now. So I went back and edited it for grammar and improved the wording slightly to be more in-character. Without further ado, I would like to share Book 4's original Epilogue: Terminis: Never had Dempsey seen a day of such beauty through the dusty window frame; Perhaps because he knew it would be one of his last. It took an insurmountable amount of effort for Dempsey to simply walk outside of his cozy wooden home, secluded in an ocean of lush, green grass. Despite all his attempts, Dempsey had grown both mentally and physically weaker. He often found himself forgetting details of his missions of the past, blurring many together. Due mostly to his declining energy, Dempsey rarely left the house, being forced to recline in the wooden rocking chair Nikolai had crafted for him, as he wasted away into dust. Today was exceptional, however; “Tank” Dempsey felt something in his heart, like a divine signal calling out to remind him that his time is finite. He slipped on his old boots and struggled donning his old uniform, dusting it off and preparing for his walk outside. His arthritic hands shook as he recovered his old recorder and wrapped it around his wrist. As Dempsey exited the house, he felt the caressing tenderness of the wind at such a perfect temperature on the skin of his aching body. Sunshine gave him a warmth he rarely felt as of late; What a perfect day. He limped his way to the four grave stones planted just a few meters away from the porch. He looked to each grave, somber, remembering his fallen allies; His friends: Takeo, Richtofen, Nikolai. The last gravestone read Dempsey, and beneath it was a hole large enough for him. Dempsey stood for a moment, silent, closing his eyes as the blades of grass covering the graves of the fallen swayed in the wind. He raised his recorder, long-since deactivated as there was no way of powering it; Dempsey knew the day would once come when he must utter this message: “Wow. Through the battlefields of France, through the siege of Stalingrad, the constant death looming over us; Through the war on the Apothicons, the fucking inter-dimensional apocalypse... and through the final days of our lives, we have been together, side by side, back to back. I remember when we wanted to kill each other; We all had a mission and a cause we believed in. As it turned out, our real mission had yet to start.” Dempsey began to hack and cough, gripping his ribs before settling down again. “I never would have thought I could ever think of you as a friend, Edward. You're the one who brought us all together, and for that I couldn't be any more grateful... even if it wasn't your goal. You led us through the dark to reach that end of the tunnel. You did what you believed was right; I know you beat yourself up about that, doing what was right. I wish I would have told you before you went, but... what you were doing was the right thing, for everyone.” Dempsey coughed lightly, looking to his feet, then to the air trying to find the words. “I remember your final days. The rest of us knew our own days were numbered, but it didn't really hit home until you died in your sleep. Months before that, you started losing your mind; Well, lost it more than you ever had before. You forgot things; We tried reminding you how we met, about what you had done for the universe; For us. You forgot nearly everything. But you remembered our names, and you knew that we were friends. Those last few weeks being bed-ridden, you lost more and more of your memories... I hated to see you that way, Doc. Just like you, I'm hoping what we did may finally bring an end to the Hell our other selves have brought upon the universe.” Dempsey looked to Nikolai's grave hanging his head and speaking as if Nikolai were watching over. “You're a hard book to read, Nikolai. Tak once told me that you were suffering, deep down, worse than from any injury we've ever sustained on the battlefield. He said he saw it in your eyes. It sounded like he was exaggerating, but I began to see it too. You wanted to hide it, keep it hidden away from anyone you considered close. I'll never begin to understand the shit you've been through; The people you've lost. Through all of that, you were still a friend to us. You would have given your life to protect us through every mission we've endured. Even when you didn't trust Richtofen's plans, we stuck together, as a team. You were one Hell of a soldier. I remember, sometime after you built us those chairs and after Richtofen died, you began to open up a little. You told us jokes; I've never seen you smile so much before. You told us what happened; Why you held your past so close. Even on the last day before you passed, you were smiling while you picked apples from the tree outside the house. You told us we were like a family... Then your heart stopped all at once. That's when Takeo and I began making these graves. Both of us later kinda realized you were so happy because you knew the one thing you wanted most was coming soon... a peaceful death. I couldn't be happier for you.” Dempsey entered a coughing fit, holding his chest tight and falling to his knees, feeling weak. He looked to Takeo's grave, continuing his message. “Tak, you were a good man. An honorable one at that. Even when you still vowed allegiance to the Emperor, you were ready to do what was necessary to ensure a better tomorrow. After Nikolai and Edward, we both knew it was nearly our time. Even as we dug our own graves, you kept it together. With the battles I've fought and the lives I've ended, I had trouble handling the thought of the end. You stayed by my side the whole way through. While you could still walk, you'd find flowers and lay them on their graves. When your legs gave out and you had to stay in that chair all day, I remember we'd talk about times before the war; Well, the first one anyway. I was worried my legs would give out at some point and no one would be able to farm for food, but you showed me how to meditate to stow the pain; I imagine I was a pretty fucking horrible student. You taught me about a world I never got to see in all my battles. If only we could have returned home, I would have loved to see it. Weeks ago, you passed away peacefully in your chair, and I buried you with your father's katana. I'd never felt so alone... but coming out here... it's like we're all back, ready to kick some more ass for the fate of the universe.” Dempsey entered a violent coughing fit, hacking blood onto the grass before wiping his mouth. He crawled to his own grave, lined with a soft woven blanket and holding his father's revolver. “I am the last of us... but I will be joining you soon my friends. Death is near. I hope what we have done doesn't come back to bite this universe in the ass. Thank God we will all be gone, because if Monty ever found this place, we would have been in a world of shit. Maybe now with us all gone, the children will truly be safe.” Dempsey lowered his legs into the hole, before resting his head on the blanket Takeo had made. He coughed twice before his chest finally settled. The clouds and the warm, gentle air gave him peace as he closed his eyes one final time.
  24. You are all my lovely, lovely, dummkopfs...
  25. 1. The One - The One is IMO the best song in World at War and an all-time classic. It feels like a no-brainer, but Samantha's Lullaby is so important to Zombies History... I give special shoutout to the Magic Mix version from Zetsubou as well as the version from Gorod Krovi. 2. Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant Remix) - I remember people disliking this song at launch, and maybe people have forgotten it, but I really do like this remix and think it is just as good as the original. Coming Home is honestly also quite underappreciated due to the focus on screaming in Elena's performance, which made sense given Samantha's state on the Moon. 3. Where Are We Going? (Blood of the Dead) - This might be the hardest choice of them all! If BO4 did one thing right, it is the music. After launch I listened to Where Are We Going and Mad Hatter non-stop, and still listen today. Both trailers they are used in are so, so good. It's honestly not fair one has to be eliminated so early. Where Are We Going edges ahead because of its association with Aether and its emotional usage in the voyage of Primis. It so perfectly encapsulates the despair of being trapped in an endless cycle. 4. I Am The Well - Oh man, I feel really bad about this one, because I think Cold Hard Cash is incredibly underappreciated from Shadows of Evil compared to Snakeskin Boots, but I love it. Clark's newest song, though, has really grown on me. 5. Lullaby for a Deadman - You know, I was going to vote for Nightmare, but I realized it would be sacrilegious to eliminate the first easter egg song ever, and the source of the first game over song in Nacht. Lullaby is often overshadowed by The One and Beauty, but it is a perfect song for the map and set the bar for songs to come. 6. Rusty Cage - It's tough. I love the guitar in Undone, and think it is a perfect backing for Nacht. Props to Kevin Sherwood for that. But I have a soft-spot for Johnny Cash. 7. Remember Forever - A beautiful, beautiful track. Not much else to say.. 8. Not Ready To Die - Avenged Sevenfold made this FOR Zombies. It ties directly into Richtofen's journey, and is badass to play to in Call of the Dead. Pareidolia is too often dismissed, though, as it has some of Elena's best vocals and some of the most beautiful piano-work I've ever heard.

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