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Everything posted by RadZakpak

  1. My interpretation is that this specific iteration of Nikolai still has his soul and "eternal" soul intact, and therefore his mind is not clouded by memories of past cycles. While Dempsey may not specifically remember anything from past cycles, hints of memory will still cloud his mind at times. Nikolai's is totally clear and guided by the Kronorium. He does not have any personal memory of dying, he only knows it happened. But if his eternal soul were to be collected in Stalingrad, memories would begin to come to him of the past. I think of it like, if you lose either part of your soul or your eternal soul, there is a "leak" in the Aether that leads to each version of you, connecting you like a "hivemind" as Richtofen puts it.
  2. Just updated the post with the conversations formatted for CoDz so you won't have to go to the doc to read through them.
  3. Kidding! Great thread with well-explained info.
  4. Based on his conversation with Nikolai, it seems he believes Nikolai will do the same as Richtofen and just follow the book without question, underestimating his ability to understand what he is truly doing, him assuming the book tells of a future where the Apothicons can win. Also possible that since Richtofen in AO seems so negative about Nikolai taking them there that he expected something else entirely.
  5. An interesting thought, but I feel he'd mention his process of attaining it if that were the case. Perhaps the process of binding part of one's essence to 115 does not require nearly as much energy as switching two peoples' essences between dimensions.
  6. Leaks have shown that the original plan for Black Ops 4's Zombies content was to have the first season be entirely Chaos, leaving 2020 open to finish the Aether story with a full season. This did not happen with Treyarch being forced to develop the 2020 CoD game, forcing them to finish Aether off in DLC with Alpha Omega and Tag der Toten. Alpha Omega, however, began development pretty early on, and I think there were a few things being set up in Alpha Omega subtly that never came to fruition with the story being finished in the next map. Take note, this theory may not have been Craig's intentions when writing Richtofen originally, and it is simply speculation. Either way, none of it is true in the end, but it is interesting to think about. Anyway, as I transcribed the conversations between AO characters, I noticed something off about Primis Richtofen that people had been pointing out for a while. He seems oddly combative and continues trying to hide something from the rest of Primis. He also has some interesting common interactions with Ultimis that I would like to point out: In all three cases, Richtofen knows about something dark or controversial from the other's past, and asks them about it in a very leading way or puts them down for it. He knows full well that Dempsey thinks Treyarch is real, Nikolai's wife is dead, and Takeo has a sordid past with his grandfather. With Dempsey he forces him to acknowledge Treyarch may not be real, with Nikolai he forces him to think about his real wife and her loss, and with Takeo he forces him to remember his relationship with his grandfather. It reminds me very much of the Shadowman's interactions with the Shadows of Evil crew and with Primis in Revelations. A few examples: In addition, the Shadows crew are all forced to grapple with their sins and questions of the Shadowman as they sacrifice those close to them to acquire the Gateworms. Now, it is intersting to me that the Shadowman did not make any appearance in Black Ops 4. He was still within the Summoning Key as far as we know, and could have easily come into play with a plan that involved defeating Dr. Monty. He did, however, appear in a few instances: He spoke directly with the Warden, goading him into trapping Richtofen and the Mobsters in purgatory. He appeared also as a jumpscare in Blood of the Dead. He appeared in the opening cutscene of Alpha Omega for a brief moment. Lastly, his in-game model appeared in Blackout on launch day. His model's appearance and his heavy involvement in Blood of the Dead says to me that the Shadowman was planned to have a bigger role in the ending. I believe that that role was as an impostor Richtofen that first appears in Blood of the Dead. How is this possible if the Shadowman was still inside the Key? Let us remember that the Shadowman is the reason Primis gets trapped at all in purgatory, and that he has a direct connection with the Warden. During the Blood of the Dead quest, Primis are knocked out by the Warden for a brief period, and locked up with all their belongings taken away. Only after a while does Icarus bring them back their belongings. During that time, the Warden could have freed the Shadowman in a similar manner to him being freed in Revelations. He removed the Richtofen already in the cryo-pod and disguised himself as him. In Shadows of Evil, the Shadowman forced the crew together by disguising himself as various officials, as well as Mr. Rapt, and he changes his appearance from a squiddy head to a nice old man at will, so that is just something he can do. He then left Richtofen to die, and gave the Kronorium to Nikolai. Why would he do all this? The Shadowman is constantly trying to convince Primis that Dr. Monty is evil, yet they followed his plan until the end. He needed to force his way into the group by taking the place of the one person they always follow: Richtofen. He destroyed the blood vials to ensure there would be no way for the cycle to start again and reset his progress. He gave the Kronorium to Nikolai, possibly believing him to be the most fit to stop Dr. Monty and to not question his actions. The Shadowman may have believed the Kronorium was now on his side, or maybe this was even originally going to be a "fake" Apothicon version. Regardless, he outright states the goal is to defeat Dr. Monty: Not to save the universe, not to destroy the Aether, but to defeat Dr. Monty, which is the Shadowman's primary goal. He needed Nikolai, someone with a soul, to lead the way and possibly to sacrifice in order to defeat Monty. He is standoffish and strange in Alpha Omega because he is the Shadowman. Try reading this interaction between Primis Nikolai and Richtofen as if Richtofen were the Shadowman: Bringing up the unpredictability of free-will seems odd to me, and reminds me of Monty's quotes about free-will. It seems almost like Richtofen expects Nikolai to follow the Kronorium to a T, while Nikolai believes in his own free-will to do what he wants with the information. In this scenario, that may be against the Shadowman's interests, and we could have seen that play out. Let's get this straight, none of this is true. Richtofen is Richtofen, and he died with the rest to save the universe. I may be looking too deep at these "hints", but I do believe the seeds would be in place if this truly was the twist they were going to go for. It's just an interesting alternate history to think about.
  7. Pretty much that is what he means. That may be my bad. The way the crossfire quotes work is that they can be simple two quote exchanges or can go on for many more. When transcribing I heard them all back to back in one video, so my assumption may have just been that they go together, but now that you mention it, they probably don't. I'll add a divider to the doc. Nikolai is the only one out of both groups with his soul still intact because they had no gone to Gorod Krovi yet. Ultimis Richtofen outright confirms to Ultimis Nikolai that Primis Nikolai has a soul, while Ultimis Nikolai does not: There's a lot of interesting soul-talk in these quotes. Presumably the reason Ultimis also don't have their souls is because they were pulled and put into the Elemental Shard. But, anyway, Ultimis Nikolai vaguely remembers fighting his other self in another version of the cycle, and alludes to a shotgun wound in his chest at some point, just as Ultimis Richtofen remembers being shot in the face: Primis Richtofen refers to it as a "hivemind" that you only connect to once you've lost your soul. The shared memories, however, are not as clear as real memories and are more cloudy. Otherwise, Ultimis Takeo would hate the Emperor and Ultimis Dempsey would be more humbled. They're more vague ideas than anything, but Primis Nikolai does not have them and so his mind is not clouded. He is sober, lacks the shared memory, and gets all his information from the Kronorium, which tells him what he needs to know.
  8. I spent the day transcribing every single conversation between playable characters in Alpha Omega. That includes between Primis, between Ultimis, and between Primis and Ultimis. I will update this post with the quotes formatted for CoDz when I get the time again, but for now I will just link my Google Doc where I compiled them all if you'd like to give them a look: Link to the Google Doc here. Prompt and Responses Alpha Omega has two types of conversations: One type which I call Prompt and Response has each character giving three general lines, and the six other possible characters each have a unique response to them as if they were having a conversation. Here are the prompts and responses for each character, the prompt character having a dash next to them: Ultimis Richtofen Ultimis Dempsey Ultimis Nikolai Ultimis Takeo Primis Richtofen Primis Dempsey Primis Nikolai Primis Takeo Crossfire The second type of conversation is direct conversation where two characters exchange specific and unique lines with one another and they make up the bulk of the conversations. They can be short, two line exchanges, or can go on for multiple more. I call these Crossfire. Ultimis Richtofen and Ultimis Dempsey Ultimis Richtofen and Ultimis Nikolai Ultimis Richtofen and Ultimis Takeo Ultimis Dempsey and Ultimis Nikolai Ultimis Dempsey and Ultimis Takeo Ultimis Nikolai and Ultimis Takeo Ultimis Richtofen and Primis Dempsey Ultimis Richtofen and Primis Nikolai Ultimis Richtofen and Primis Takeo Ultimis Dempsey and Primis Richtofen Ultimis Dempsey and Primis Nikolai Ultimis Dempsey and Primis Takeo Ultimis Nikolai and Primis Richtofen Ultimis Nikolai and Primis Dempsey Ultimis Nikolai and Primis Takeo Ultimis Takeo and Primis Richtofen Ultimis Takeo and Primis Dempsey Ultimis Takeo and Primis Nikolai Primis Richtofen and Primis Dempsey Primis Richtofen and Primis Nikolai Primis Richtofen and Primis Takeo Primis Dempsey and Primis Nikolai Primis Dempsey and Primis Takeo Primis Nikolai and Primis Takeo
  9. An interesting question. I find whenever a new game was coming out after BO1, I would spend months obsessing over any details released, getting myself pumped up for the launch map, ready to go all out. But then the game comes out, I play a couple of games sporadically, watching the community solve Easter Eggs, and then I'd step away for a couple of weeks before coming back when DLC 1 starts getting teased, and then I ride it out until the end. So the launch window is usually the time where I play the least, perhaps because I overhype and get all my enjoyment at the idea of the game instead of the actual game? In any case, Black Ops 1 was the only game I didn't have that with because I bought it on a whim to play with friends, only slowly realizing what Zombies contained as the DLCs began to roll out, so I think I had the best experience the whole way through. In BO2 I was megahyped, but after a few games of TranZit and Nuketown I just let the community sort those maps out while I played MP with my friends. In BO3 I was also ecstatic, getting all the juicy goodness out of The Giant and being thoroughly confused by Shadows of Evil, before moving on until Der Eisendrache brought me back in. In BO4 I really enjoyed IX and Classified at launch, and barely even touched Blood of the Dead or Voyage of Despair for months, only really getting into the game at the second Operation. I may have gone overboard passing through memory lane, but, hey I enjoyed it.
  10. The V-R11 is a classic, odd wonder weapon from Call of the Dead with a great deal of mystery surrounding its origins. There has been a great deal of speculation and theorizing, but I think I may have a connection to help a few more things make some sense. Let's start with what we know: The name V-R11 is obviously leetspeak for Vril, the mysterious and somewhat vague substance created by the Vril-Ya which is able to bring about life, just as the V-R11 seemingly brings Zombies back into a living form. Let us not forget that Vril technology has not been completely retconned from Zombies, but rather has been embraced. To this day, the Golden Rod is still called the Vril Rod, and we were introduced to the Vril Vessel in Tag Der Toten, a component to the Agarthan Device. We also know that Dr. Maxis, and Group 935 at large had been working on projects regarding Vril, Richtofen referred to the MPD as an ancient Vril machine, and several Vril artifacts were found on the Moon: Nowadays, this Vril Pyramid is a Keeper/Apothicon Pyramid, an ancient device hidden away on the Moon for Richtofen to discover. Same concept, different terminology. A while back during Alpha Omega's release, I theorized and leaned in heavily to the idea that the V-R11 was powered by the Elemental Shard, the Shard making up the spinning rock-like-thingy on top of the gun. Looking back, that still could be plausible, given Richtofen's invention of the Shard in Siberia, and its similar effects on Peter McCain upon revival. However, I'd like to now propose that the V-R11 is powered by... Apothicon Blood. This idea was actually sparked from a very hard to read comment on Youtube, so thank you, that guy. Let's examine how Dr. Yena describes the Blood: Yena describes the blood as having rejuvenation abilities, bringing them from the brink of death back into some form of living, with the tradeoff that the host becomes angry, hostile, and violent, especially when exposed to the elements. In some ways, it is similar to the effects of the V-R11. It very quickly restores the bodies of its targets, however, with their bodies exposed to such harsh cold air, they run like mad towards the water and freeze to death in a panic. Also take a look at this very poor quality image of the ammunition used in the weapon: It looks to me almost like a canister filled with blood. As the blood is loaded in, the small orb on the top begins to spin infinitely, with little dots moving around in a circle. I want to make it clear, however, that I do not believe Apothicon Blood is the same thing as the "Vril" substance, but rather they work in tandem to make this device work. I say this because: 1. The final component Richtofen needed for the Agarthan Device, which he was never able to collect, was the Apothicon Blood. This shouldn't have been too hard to get if Group 935 was already working with it. 2. Group 935 was working with Vril, yet Pablo instructed the Ascension Group to retrieve the Blood from a specific location rather than from the many Group 935 facilities they took work from. This also hearkens back to a theory from the BO3 days that the V-R11 was based off of the Apothican Servant, which is a theory I still rate an Eh/10, but it is something to think about. This would also show that the V-R11 was not invented by Group 935, but rather by the Ascension Group after taking over the Siberia Facility, as the Blood had not even been found until the 60s. On the note of the CIA agents that the zombies become after being healed, I think this could also be explained away as being one of the many Americans that had been trailing the Ascension Group as they collected the Blood: As the blood was being delivered, the Americans were waiting in the sidelines to extract Yena and the Agarthan Device. The CIA agents may have been these Americans who were turned along with the ship's crew on this fateful day. After this point, the Apothicon Blood was either contained and utilized by the Ascension Group, or samples of it were kept at Ascension Group facilities, while the larger Blood present in Siberia eventually escaped or... perhaps even... infected George Romero? But that's another plate of cookies for a different day. Anywho, what does everyone think about this? Does this solve the V-R11 mystery? What about the number 87, and its connection to the Wave Gun? How does this tie into the easter egg and acquiring of the Vril Rod?
  11. A good question, and I'm inclined to say yes under certain circumstances because of one character in particular after giving some thought. In Alpha Omega Peter is reawakened as a wisp and put into an ADAM. He doesn't remember what happened at Camp Edward in '68, but he comes to recognize Ultimis and Primis, in particular Dempsey. He asks Dempsey if they wiped Group 935 off the face of the earth, which, shouldn't he know given he was Deputy Director of Broken Arrow for quite a while? But besides that, he recognizes everyone in Primis/Ultimis, not just U Richtofen and U Dempsey. He may have recognized U Takeo and U Nikolai as test subjects after Moon, but he shouldn't recognize Primis. That is, unless he is remembering the version of himself from the fractures, which still had both arms and ended up in Stalingrad, and potentially Revelations if the trailer is considered canon. It's possible he's just recognizing each pair of them as a single person, but why not question why there are two?
  12. I tried getting a good look, and I couldn't see one. Though, it was cryogenically frozen so it is mostly white, and the symbol could be obscured. But it is also possible the symbol is exclusive to the fractures.
  13. I love spleens, you love spleens, we all love spleens! There is one spleen in particular, however, which will be important to today's discussion, and that is the spleen of Pablo Marinus: I decided to explore the spleen and its importance because it perplexed me why Richtofen would keep the spleen in stasis in Siberia, even leaving it there after he left to perform Operation Shield. It is in the very same type of vat as the Ultimis clones, so to Richtofen, this spleen must have some major importance. Let's run through what we know about the spleen to find out what that importance may be. A full eight months after being captured at Der Eisendrache, Pablo begins to see visions of his past self in the Great War. As Pablo, Takeo, and Nikolai are being transferred to Siberia, Richtofen begins work there, and The Reporter is captured and questioned on July 18th, 1945 after trying to steal the Vril Vessel. On August 28th, Richtofen takes note of Pablo's ramblings and decides to pursue creating parts for the Agarthan Device after the recent capture of the Reporter. Richtofen claims he dissected Pablo in an attempt to "locate an appropriate stimuli that will trigger the brain's involuntary willingness to obey command", or in other words, to unlock the barrier to the human mind. He had Yena hold open a hole in the body as he injected 115, but with Yena's failure to hold it open, Pablo died, and Richtofen deemed the spleen to not be the barrier. With the spleen now on the floor, Richtofen documented the failure, and a monkey attempted to steal the spleen. On September 20th, after acquiring a replacement test subject, Richtofen documents his success in creating the Elemental Shard using the souls of his living subjects and himself. Shortly after, the Shard is given to Division 9, and Richtofen is forced to return to Der Riese, taking his test subjects with him. However, he left behind in Siberia the clones of Ultimis, and the Spleen of Pablo, which he decided to preserve. Why? My initial thoughts were that he kept the spleen as he planned to clone Pablo for the Super Soldat Program, in which he cloned the rest of Ultimis. In a drunken stupor, @anonymous posited that maybe the spleen would be a source of stem cells, perfect for cloning! I could buy this as a possibility. Let's take a look at other versions of the spleen in question, first from the Deceptio Fracture: ^Here we have a photo of Pablo's spleen in a pan, with a very peculiar symbol etched into it. The symbol of the Keepers. Could the Keepers have branded him as a knight in the Great War? In Der Eisendrache we also find a cipher referring to the infamous Report 44: Report 44 seems to be related to the Agonia fracture, as another cipher referring to it in Zetsubou talks about brothers in a city where one had died, almost certainly Nikolai and his brother. So Pablo's spleen turned out to be the key to creating the Undead Army we see in Gorod Krovi, red eyes and all. This would have to mean Pablo was captured much much earlier than the original timeline to have been around before the Battle of Stalingrad. What could it all mean? Could the spleen have been the key in the Original Timeline to creating the Super Soldat Program instead? Could it have been the key to creating the Elemental Shard, even? Why was it so important it had to be kept in a vat well past its host's demise? In Tag der Toten, it plays a role in the Yellow Snowballs side-quest. Pablo asks you to locate his spleen, upgrading your snowballs in return. What is interesting about this quest, is, in order to break the vat holding the spleen, you must find several totems, and then a series of itty-bitty campfires will appear around the map that you must kill zombies next to. Sounds innocuous, but the flames are blue exactly like the flames of the campfire used to purify the Apothican Blood in the main quest. Purifying blood? Sound exactly like what a spleen does. Maybe Richtofen kept the spleen as a way to purify the Apothican Blood whenever he did find it, as that was the last thing he needed to craft the Agarthan Device. Anyway, after doing that you break the vat, and return the frozen spleen to Pablo who says: I'm curious why he wanted it returned after decades of not having it. You can survive without a spleen, but it just makes you susceptible to disease without it. There are many pieces to this puzzle, and many possible answers to the spleen's significance. What do you guys think?
  14. My only issue with this idea is that the quest is referred to as a Paradoxical Prologue, implying to me it is a part of the Paradox. Also there is the fact that that quest is needed to get the first "Gateworm" to be able to complete the super easter egg in Revelations, which just rewards you with an achievement, a calling card, and the RK5. I realize you don't actually collect a gateworm, and this is all for gameplay purposes, but the implication is that all the easter eggs before Revelations, including the fly trap, must be completed before you Revelations can act as the "true" "ending". In that sense, if The Giant's fly trap did not happen in the cycle, then that is a retcon, and I don't know how I would feel about it.
  15. I believe this is correct. Assuming they arrive in 2011 Shang, the Eclipse version is likely in 1956, when Brock and Gary get trapped. So it technically does take place in 1956 but also in 2011. The Classified intro shows Ultimis trying to teleport to the Moon, and time travelling from 1956 to 1963, forward. Also, the Call of the Dead teleporter is referred to as an MTD by Richtofen in the easter egg. We also kind of see it is a very small one in Tag when that door opens.
  16. I like your thoughts on it, and now that I think about it, yellow may just be the default and Samantha didn't bother changing it. She was traumatized going into the MPD and probably didn't care about the eye color: She just wants revenge. Richtofen, on the other hand, is a very vain individual. He just won his place inside the pyramid, and he is going to flaunt it. Just like Eddie, the man-child Richtofen sees blue as the best color for their eyes and goes out of his way to change them so that EVERYONE knows their CORRECT color. That's pretty much head-canon but totally fits his character. Him losing power in Buried is him also losing control of the color so they revert to their default state.
  17. That quote actually sounds a lot like how the teleporter is used in Der Eisendrache: How it acts as a mirror of the portion of the castle the teleporter is located in, and it is only an image of a potential past where you, the viewer, are not acknowledged however you can interact with the world. Very, very interesting find.
  18. I'm not sure any of Ultimis would be made today. That's not to suggest they are outdated or people today don't know how to make good characters, but they are very indicative of the era in video game writing in which they were made. But I'm very happy we had them, and we got to follow them through till the end.
  19. Updated 11/15/2019 for posterity. Added date of APD construction, 05/11/1962:
  20. (static) -ttle time left... Why don't you- Ah! The data is collected and your selection is complete. I must say, your choices are quite... interesting Doctor Edward Richtofen of the Original Timeline has been chosen as the winner of this experiment by only a one vote lead. Doctor Ludvig Maxis of the Original Timeline is the runner-up with an identical lead to Richtofen. Such a pairing could be catastrophic, however we are left with no more options. Our fate was in your hands, and now, it is in theirs. My days in this house are limited... but the children will be safe if our plan succeeds. Auf Wiedersehen, my friends.
  21. That Resolution 1295 name finally makes sense to me now, very good points!
  22. Lol. That was his name when I adopted him, I believe he is named for Wallace and Gromit. I guess that makes me Gromit.
  23. Please share your beloved pets here for the rest of CoDz to see! They can be furry, scaly, feathery, whatever. We don't discriminate! Here's a few of my boy Wallace: <3
  24. I'm going Richtofen for the winner, and The Shadowman as the runner-up. #WeStanShadowman
  25. ... Hello.... Why is this infernal (static) never clear? ... Ah, yes, that's better. I am Doctor Maxis, but that is not what is important right now. The fate of the multiverse is at stake. You have been choosing for so long, but you must know your final decision could have many potential repercussions. I am trusting you will make the correct choice. If you are unfamiliar with this experiment, I will spare a few words to teach you the procedures. Imagine, if you will, you were forced to decide who had a greater impact on our understanding of natural history: 1. Charles Darwin or Alfred Russel Wallace After studying and pondering over their work, you would make a final decision, like so: 1. Charles Darwin: Though Wallace initially had many progressive ideas on our evolution, his ideas on spiritualism hold back his intuition. Darwin simply kept his wits about him throughout his career. Of course, your reasoning can vary. But, I implore you to be careful whom you decide should hold this mantle of responsibility in restoring the universe. In approximately seven days, taking into account hours of difference in time on your Earth and in Agartha, I will aggregate the data and we will know who will win this war for the rest of us. Here are your choices: 1. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis): The greatest rival of one of my alternate selves. His methods are unconventional... perhaps even a bit evil. However, his will and influence are strong. vs. Takeo Masaki (Primis): Takeo has proven himself coming this far against myself and many other strong candidates. He has spirit and battle experience to boot, and his values make him a noble warrior. Good luck, and... hold on... there will be room for one more match between... oh dear... Do not panic. Everything is under control. However, I urge you to make haste. Doctor Monty may be aware of what you are doing. (static) Choose between two runner-ups to assist the winner in their war. These two are potentially dangerous and volatile, perhaps not more than Richtofen, but they are our only hope for survival. 2. Ludvig Maxis (Original Timeline): Another version of myself that spent many years feuding with Doctor Richtofen in the lab and through radio waves. His anger and desire for revenge are responsible for the deaths of billions. vs. The Shadowman: The Harbinger of Doom. If what Doctor Monty has told me is true, The Shadowman may not be able to be trusted. I know, first hand, how enticing his words may be. Begin voting immediately, there is little time before (static) ...

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