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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

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  1. Sometimes Aether Shroud will glitch if you use it while traveling to the Dark Aether and it will stay around your screen until you use it again. Not sure about third person though.
  2. Also forgot to mention, but I meant to, I think S.O.P.H.I.A.'s design could be based off of the Vril Egg AI that Maxis would have discovered on the Moon in his fracture.
  3. For this theory, I recommend having a background knowledge of the Third Maxis theory, which I document in this thread. To recap, the theory goes that the Ludvig Maxis of the Agonia Fracture, the one who created S.O.P.H.I.A., abandoned the fracture at some point and created Zero Base, where he store artifacts from across dimensions. I'd like to push this theory further after doing some exploring in the map Revelations, and say he was pulling even more strings behind the scenes. There are many strange differences between the versions of maps seen in Revelations and their original cou
  4. The dates at least are for MP. As far as I know Onslaught doesn't have dates, so we can assume they are all happening around the same time after the cyclotron is reactivated.
  5. The multiplayer maps actually have coordinates and dates when the map starts. Multiplayer/Onslaught Crossroads - 38°47'28.9"N 67°48'44.3"E (Uzbekistan, Soviet Union) December 5, 1983 Armada - 54°01'38.1"N 33°13'25.9"W (North Atlantic Ocean) October 7, 1984 Moscow - 65°44'52.6"N 37°37'35.6"E (Moscow, Soviet Union) March 23, 1984 Miami - 25°46'10.1"N 80°07'56.2"W (Miami, United States) January 17, 1984 Cartel - 12°41'08.6"N 84°24'18.6"W (Nicaragua, Central America) May 21, 1982 Checkmate
  6. @Dizzie Bonkers provided remaining four documents. All intel is now transcribed. Still need descriptions for some of them.
  7. This thread will be updated as more are found. Requiem (3/3) Audio Logs (2) "Exo-Element 1" (In Med Bay on table opposite the computer) - Doctor Vogel discovers an element from the Dark Aether as the source of his men's transformation. It is classified as Exo-Element 1. "New Orders" (To the right of Deadshot Daiquiri and left of Plaguehound Gas tank in front of DIE blueprints) - Doctor Vogel and Doctor Kurtz discuss their new orders from the Reichstag. Documents (1) "Doctor Vogel Entry 203" (Dropped from Megatons) - An entry torn from Doctor V
  8. In August I made two posts analyzing "Shockwave" and "The Gift" as two songs linked together, a duality of sorts depicting Ultimis and Primis Richtofens' perspective on the cycle. I've decided to revisit "Dead Again" to get a better understanding of the lyrics from a modern lens with the Aether storyline having ended. Feel free to chime in with your own interpretations as well. Preface: While Shockwave is from Ultimis Richtofen's perspective and The Gift is from Primis Richtofen's, I see Dead Again as being from every Richtofen's perspective, the sort of "hivemind" as Richtofen des
  9. I can't comment on the bank but the 360 emulator on X1 is designed to play like the original just with the inherent hardware improvements, so maybe that behavior is the intended one and the faster processing power allows for it compared to the 360. Certainly nothing was changed intentionally, but I can definitely see it running better on the X1. Only problems I've ever had were on BO1 which has texture problems on some DLC maps.
  10. All of the intel has been found and transcribed. Thank you to @Dizzie Bonkers for finding the last three I needed.
  11. After stewing on the campaign for a week, I am happy to say that I was wrong in my presumptions about this campaign. I think the marketing did it a massive disservice in more ways than one. It is incredible what Raven was able to do with the campaign under the circumstances. Even if it was not meant to be a Black Ops game in early stages, I can see that the final product fits so well into the series. The central theme of "there are no heroes" is upheld in this game like I never imagined possible. The moment I knew I was wrong about the game came to me in this cutscene:
  12. Some are from screenshots from other people, but I'm close to being caught up myself. The only ones left need to be dropped from megatons. And good ideas, I'll get on that.
  13. Special thanks to @MrFRZfor PMing me several more. We're so close!
  14. Doing Monty's work here for us non-PS players.
  15. Made many updates to this intel, including all logs and transmissions that can be found on the map itself. The only remaining intel I do not have is either found by killing Megatons or via trials, so it will take time and RNG to collect the rest. If anyone has the remaining intel, please send me a screenshot of the transcript and the description of the intel.
  16. After buying it and going down you should see a prompt to self revive. On Xbox I think it is Y.
  17. This thread will be compiling intel found in Die Maschine through Audio Logs, Radios, Documents, and Artifacts. Not everything has been found yet, so if you do have something to add, please reply or PM me to have it added. Requiem (20/20) Audio Logs (2) "The Incident" (On a crate near power) - Projekt Endstation Scientists Doctor Vogel and Doctor Kurtz initiate Cyclotron Test Run Number 12. "Parallel World" (While in the Dark Aether, beneath stairs near PaP) - Doctor Vogel records a report on the incident. He suspects the Cyclotron has opened a rift across spacetim
  18. Use this thread to discuss the lyrics to Kevin Sherwood's new banger:
  19. Glad to see ciphers are back!
  20. RadZakpak


    The Amplification Rod Conversion Process La Source Noire Ancient Figures Emerging Different Eras My Daughter Monty's Message (This radio appears in the Black Ops 3 version of Origins)
  21. RadZakpak

    ten years

    Agreed on all fronts Tac, even if you are a Maxis sympathizer. I've learned through all the discussions, the highs and the lows, and the new faces popping up here and there some very important things ranging across the spectrum. I've learned that no matter how much you think you know about something you're passionate about, there will always be people that know more than you in certain areas, and that's not a bad thing; It's a chance to learn more. As has been said, I've learned to see someone else's perspective and accept after a hard-fought discussion that sometimes you won't alw
  22. We're merely a month away from Black Ops - Cold War's release, and excitement is running high around here and in the general fanbase. Zombies looks to be a very interesting take with a lot of gameplay innovation, MP seems to be doing very well in the current beta, and the Campaign looks to be an exciting thrill-ride, like always. Look, I hate to be negative, because I know that Raven, Treyarch, and everyone else involved has put a ton of work into this game, and in a shorter time-frame than usual. But, something just felt very off about the reveal trailer for Cold War. It took me a while to pu
  23. I love the range in styles, those are incredible! That portrait in particular is exquisite, something I'd hang on a wall! You've got some real talent.
  24. You're always welcome on the show! And if you have a theory that would make a great video, just send a rough script for it with pictures the same way you would a thread, and we can work with that!
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