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  1. Some very good points! I agree Kino is superior to Der Riese for high rounds. The PaP teleporter provides an excellent reprieve from the endless hordes to take a bathroom break, get your bearings, or just goof around. Also the Thundergun is my second favorite wonder weapon behind the wave gun, so satisfying. I think the beauty in the difference of opinions on Zombies maps really speaks to the unique flair every map has that sets it apart from another. Every player in every game values different portions of a game, from short-term gameplay, long-term gameplay, atmosphere, music, story, characters, graphics, replayability, etc. With all those elements there can be people who find Der Riese, Dead of the Night, Nuketown, TranZit, Ascension, Origins, etc. to be their favorite map. It's no wonder that Treyarch has started to call each release a "Zombies Experience" because really it is an experience that either connects with you or it doesn't, and that is what I think makes Zombies so unique as a mode and why it has lasted so long. You look at another series like Halo, for example, and a large majority of fans of that series will say that the best game is Halo 2 or 3. Many disagree, myself included, but there is a general consensus that that period of the franchise will always be the pinnacle. Meanwhile the Zombies community can rarely agree which era of zombies is the best, because if you look at the start, Nacht, and where we are now, Ancient Evil, they are so insanely different after 10 years of evolution. Anyway, suffice to say, Der Riese got my pick over Kino because of its atmosphere, story/lore, and the short-term experience of unlocking the map, then PaP since these are things I value in a map. Kino I find somewhat lacking in the atmosphere department, and I feel it never really reached the full potential of its setting in the Cold War apart from a few nods. It feels a bit disjointed in the story as well since Ultimis apparently just... found a lander and went to the Soviet Union. And even that fact only came after 7 years. I will say, Kino is one of my favorite maps to open up and explore as the map's flow completely changes with the flip of a power switch, starting as a circular corridor map akin to Verruckt, before opening up and the nasty little crawlers begin to pour in from the roof.
  2. 1. Moon: My absolute favorite map, I'm predicting this will win overall. But only time will tell. Such a crazy and unique finale, unique features, cool easter egg, and the BO3 version is beautiful. 2. Der Riese: Very similar maps in terms of features, but Der Riese was certainly the bigger risk and set the precedent for so many maps to come after.
  3. Hey everyone, this is Round 4 of the Call of Duty Zombies Map Tournament! For more info on the results of round 3, click here: So, time to vote on who proceeds through round 4! Just reply in this format: 1. [Your Pick] 2. [Your Pick] 3. [Your Pick] ... 15. [Your Pick] On Friday April 26th at 11:59 AM CST, votes will not longer be accepted. For those that can't view the image, here are the options: 1. Shi No Numa vs Moon 3. Kino der Toten vs Der Riese it's a strictly WaW/Black Ops competition now. Which maps were the peak of not only this era but all eras?
  4. It's getting closer to the end now. Let's see where the maps stand! 1. Shi No Numa (4) vs Nuketown (3): Edge goes to Shi No Numa, the World at War classic! 2. Buried (0) vs Moon (7): Moon takes it in a landslide victory! 3. Kino der Toten (4) vs Ascension (3): The launch map for Black Ops, Kino der Toten, triumphs again. 4. Der Riese (5) vs Origins (2): Despite Origins' massive scale and replayability, Der Riese simply changed the game. I will post the next round shortly!
  5. My picks: 1. Shi No Numa: To be honest, I am surprised these two made it this far! But I have a special place in my heart for Shi No, so it gets my pick. Atmospheric as heck, and introduced four major components of the story and the game: Ultimis, 115, Wonder Weapons, and the Hellhound round. 2. Moon: An easy pick for me, Moon is unbeatable in my eyes. Great easter egg. Great lore. Great wonder weapon. Great layout. Great... everything. The Zombies Chronicles aesthetic? Mastah-piece! 3. Ascension: To be honest, I've thought about this matchup a lot before. My go to map of Black Ops was always Moon, but barring that, the two most popular picks among friends were Kino and Ascension. But which did I enjoy more? Honestly, Ascension. This map has the gall to add two new perks, and they are both extreme heavy hitters. Space monkeys? Perfectly fits the setting and the campy shark-jumpy tone of the Black Ops era. Gersch Device? Best equipment in the series. Just a very dynamic map and with a TON of good strategies to mix up your game. It could be argued it is too easy, but I think that accessibility is what made this one of the best maps for public matches and teaching friends to play zombies. It's where I started to get good at the game and got to my first high rounds. 4. Der Riese: This is a tough tough matchup. These two maps are the representatives of two different eras of zombies. Der Riese: classic, scientific, mysterious, creepy. Origins: grand, epic in scale, ethereal, badass. It is a testimony to his talents that Jason Blundell was involved with both of these maps, and I can admire the major risks taken with them. They each had to keep the community satiated for at least a year past release before the next game in the franchise. Der Riese edges out because to me it was much more of a risk and much more of a triumph. The community was a fraction of the size it is now, but they were so passionate about the mode and this map that it has come back in every game since. Jason has discussed before the risk of the addition of teleporters. I think back then the idea of a teleporter in this very serious mode and game might have seemed pretty ludicrous. But it... just works. We take teleporters for granted now, but Treyarch's zombies team taking this risk is what has led to the many risk-taking maps to come after it, and Jason has said time and time again that he likes the idea that there are certain maps people like and dislike. He likes that not everyone loves the same five maps and that they don't just stick to a formula for every map. After Nacht der Untoten, Treyarch could have just stuck to what worked: a couple of rooms and some weapons. But they kept pushing the envelope with what they had. Again and again and again. Leaving us with this mastercraft of a map.
  6. Hey everyone, this is Round 3 of the Call of Duty Zombies Map Tournament! For more info on the results of round 2, click here: So, time to vote on who proceeds through round 3! Just reply in this format: 1. [Your Pick] 2. [Your Pick] 3. [Your Pick] ... 15. [Your Pick] On Friday April 19th at 11:59 AM CST, votes will not longer be accepted. For those that can't view the image, here are the options: 1. Shi No Numa vs Nuketown 2. Buried vs Moon 3. Kino der Toten vs Ascension 4. Der Riese vs Origins The titans face off in round 3... who will see it through to the end?
  7. Votes are in! Let's see who advances and who gets left behind to Zombies history... Here are the results: 1. The Giant (3) vs Shi No Numa (3): Ahhhh, a tie! Time to consult the ethereal coin toss... Tails! Shi No Numa takes the win! 2. Ancient Evil (2) vs Nuketown (3): Nuketown takes it over the brand new Ancient Evil. Perhaps it has stood the test of time better than one would expect. 3. Shadows of Evil (3) vs Buried (3): Oof! Another tie. Flipping... and... Tails! Buried narrowly leads the path! 4. Moon (5) vs TranZit (1): A near landslide victory, Moon advances to round 3 with pride. 5. Kino der Toten (4) vs Verruckt (2): The Black Ops classic Kino der Toten advances once again to the big leagues. 6. Ascension (4) vs Shangri-La (2): Two Black Ops Legends square up, but the cosmodrome manages to eek ahead. 7. Classified (1) vs Der Riese (5): It's widely regarded as THE fan favorite for a reason... Der Riese squashes the competition. 8. Call of the Dead (2) vs Origins (3): A narrow, triumphant victory for Origins! I will be posting round 3 shortly. Excellent voting everyone!
  8. Voting will end tonight, so be sure and get your votes in if you haven’t already!
  9. You and me both. I just get this sneaking suspicion as I spend hours working on these chapters that I'm going to have to make a major rewrite after these new maps release... I'm sticking to Pre-World at War content for now in the hopes not much of that is revealed, but any question could be answered at any moment or any existing character completely ruined. I got really lucky with Classified that it seemed to fit with my plans very well to develop Pernell more, and Schuster's character in radios is still consistent with my work. I just hope Treyarch can hold off on answering SOME questions so there is room to speculate even when it is all over.
  10. I can certainly relate to the self-isolation and the self-hatred. I've always had an intense fear of judgement from everyone around me for every little detail about the way I look and the way I act that is ingrained in my mind and influences every action. Do you feel like your only 'safe space' is your home, alone by yourself? Every hour that I am not at home by myself with my dog I am just counting down the hours until I can finally go back and just... breathe. It doesn't help my anxiety that I am extremely introverted and NEED alone time to recharge. But even when I'm alone there's a sense of self-doubt, regret, and self-loathing with that feeling that I'm not good enough for anyone, or that I will never be successful because I'm a procrastinator and I don't know how to socialize properly. I feel like I've disappointed everyone I love a lot of the time, but I keep pushing back at those thoughts, hoping one day things will change for the better and I can finally... breathe. Thank you for sharing this, I am so happy to hear that things have gotten better for you recently. It really gives me hope to see that there is a chance at things being better overall, with a little persistence. I've considered therapy, and went for a little while, but I found myself poking holes in every solution my therapist would try to give me, and it made me feel worse. Also therapy is too expensive for my current financial situation (Thank you, America).
  11. It's certainly possible years down the road! For now I want to focus on Aether since the story is coming to an end, and it will take a long time before it is complete. But if by then I really enjoy where the Chaos story is headed I would write one for it.
  12. Here is the cipher from which we have to derive Maxis’ plan (apologies for the links, I am copying from the wiki): This doesn’t seem to suggest that only those particular versions at that particular time have a soul, but that they are the original souls that have deviated from all the teleportation. So essentially every mortal soul was in the original timeline, but through tears created, deviations were created and copies were made that split off in other dimensions. But only version is correct, and by collecting that soul before my tearing can occur, you can wipe out all versions of that person from every dimension, and protect the immortal soul. This would explain Samantha not appearing in the Der Eisendrache fracture, as she was wiped from existence and her soul is in the house. The timeline states the same thing happened to Maxis. And as this cipher states, Primis still lives on because they went through the portal, and later because of the blood. Point being, I don’t think we can definitively say there is only one soul per person. Immortal soul? Definitely.
  13. Chapter 16: "... I Will Build My Church" is now up! It's got everything I love: character development, a little action, world building, and of course, monologues!! Also, Edward Richtofen! In all seriousness, I hope people like this chapter. Elements of it have been brewing in my head for a while and I can't wait to see where these characters go.
  14. My votes: 1. The Giant: I have great memories on both, but The Giant I played to death grinding all of Black Ops 3's weapons, and I could still play it today! Great tribute to an all-time classic, and the opening cutscene blew my mind (And Richtofen's). This set Primis' journey in motion and really got our heads spinning regarding the storyline. 2. Ancient Evil: With time to play it, I absolutely love this map. It may be the best of BO4's offering, and has to beat out Nuketown. 3. Shadows of Evil: Though I love a lot about Buried, in the end it bores me every time I play it at some point in the game. Shadows has so much to do and so much to see, it can't get boring no matter the strategy. 4. Moon: My all time favorite! TranZit just doesn't compare in this category. 5. Kino der Toten: My first zombies map and will be remembered fondly till the end of time. I love Verruckt too, but nostalgia wins the day. 6. Ascension: So many great memories on Ascension, and I actually like the monkeys! Great new perks and great setting overall. 7. Der Riese: This was a tough choice to make. But I have to pick Der Riese Der Riese is a fantastic map that kept people in love with the mode for a year of downtime, and set in motion the story as we know it! The foundation here that is still used today is immense. 8. Origins: Again, a tough choice, and I fear Call of the Dead may be forgotten by many as it hasn't been remade. Origins just switched it all up, and was so interesting it kept people going for 2 years, doubling that of Der Riese. Features in this map are reused time and time again because they just work so well.
  15. Hey everyone, this is Round 2 of the Call of Duty Zombies Map Tournament! For more info on the results of round 1, click here: So, time to vote on who proceeds through round 2! Just reply in this format: 1. [Your Pick] 2. [Your Pick] 3. [Your Pick] ... 15. [Your Pick] On Friday April 12th at 11:59 AM CST, votes will not longer be accepted. For those that can't view the image, here are the options: 1. The Giant or Shi No Numa 2. Ancient Evil or Nuktown 3. Shadows of Evil or Buried 4. Moon or TranZit 5. Kino der Toten or Verruckt 6. Ascension or Shangri-La 7. Classified or Der Riese 8. Call of the Dead or Origins Feel free to discuss and justify your picks!
  16. Alrighty folks, after a week there have been six ballots cast, an even number, and surprisingly only one tie! I did not account for this while making this tournament, but have decided in the event of a tie, the victor will be decided by coin toss. The loser will be remembered in our hearts as a true contender... but only one shall advance. Here are the results for Round 1: 1. Nacht der Untoten (1) vs Shi No Numa (5) Winner: Shi No Numa with 5 votes! Shi No Numa may not be the first zombies map to send us on this journey, but it is a damn good one, with brand new innovations out the wazoo! 2. Die Rise (2) vs Ancient Evil (4*) Winner: Ancient Evil with 4* votes! Despite the ever clear nostalgia for Die Rise, the brand new Ancient Evil advances to the next round with grace! *Note: @Electric Jesusdid not make a final choice, but implied that Ancient Evil would be it. Even if they did not vote in that category, Ancient Evil would still have won 3 to 2. 3. IX (2) vs Nuketown (4) Winner: Nuketown with 4 votes! Somewhat shocking given the universal like for IX, but CoDz tends to skew their love towards the older, classic maps, and as such, Nuketown Zombies advances! 4. Revelation (1) vs Shadows of Evil (5) Winner: Shadows of Evil with 5 votes! Though it divided the community upon its launch, Shadows of Evil has been remembered as an underappreciated work of art by many of its fans. 5. Voyage of Despair (2) vs Buried (4) Winner: Buried with 4 votes! Voyage of Despair had the short end of the stick, being stuck between IX, a universally loved Chaos map, and two Aether maps at launch. It simply stood no chance against Buried's many quirks and innovations that made it unique. 6. Der Eisendrache (1) vs Moon (5) Winner: Moon with 5 votes! Ultimis' classic final map of the Black Ops era proved to be the superior against the powerful legend-to-be, Der Eisendrache. We will be sad to see you go, DE, but Moon takes the gold! 7. Bus Depot (0) vs TranZit (6) Winner: TranZit with 6 votes! Bus Depot stood no chance with its completely bare-bones gameplay that even Nacht would scoff at. Will TranZit advance another round? Only time (travel) will tell! 8. Kino der Toten (4) vs Mob of the Dead (2) Winner: Kino der Toten with 4 votes! Though Mob of the Dead has been remembered as a legendary classic, Kino der Toten is many people's first introduction into the series, and it cannot be denied it perfectly personifies classic, simple Zombies fun. 9. "Five" (2) vs Verruckt (4) Winner: Verruckt with 4 votes! Though "Five" is a cult hit with its unique gameplay and setting, the atmospheric Verruckt takes the cake. 10. Blood of the Dead (0) vs Ascension (6) Winner: Ascension with 6 votes! In a landslide victory, the Black Ops classic surpasses Blood of the Dead, a weaker entry in the Aether story and disappointing throwback to Mob of the Dead. 11. Zetsubou No Shima (2) vs Shangri-La (4) Winner: Shangri-La with 4 votes! With a rocky launch, Zetsubou has not been quite able to shake its reputation as tedious and annoying, and as such, Shangri-La is the champ! 12. Classified (3) vs Gorod Krovi (3) Winner: Classified with 3 votes and a coin toss! A tie and a deserved one at that! The bonus map, Classified, shocked everyone but transforming "Five" into a map fit for the modern Zombies player, while Gorod Krovi provided a gritty, dark depiction of Stalingrad with unique enemies and weapons before a saddening final cutscene. Luck was on Classified's side, however! 13. Der Riese (5) vs Dead of the Night (1) Winner: Der Riese with 5 votes! It is no surprise the instant classic and fondly remembered Der Riese takes victory here over the newer Dead of the Night, derived and barely advertised at launch with its Chaos setting and new characters. 14. Town (1) vs Call of the Dead (5) Winner: Call of the Dead with 5 votes! Though Town is remembered as the best TranZit survival map, its pales in comparison to the absolute blast that is Call of the Dead, with the first celebrity cast and the inclusion of legend, George Romero. 15. Farm (2) vs Origins (4) Winner: Origins with 4 votes! Origins completely changed the game in the story-line department, as was so good, many of its features are still being recycled in maps today. Farm unfortunately stood no chance. That was a great Round 1, everyone! I will see you in Round 2, here:
  17. I actually forgot myself how the Der Eisendrache easter egg went or how the steps fit together, so I watched a speedrun to try and see the details of each step. After acquiring an upgraded bow, Primis configures the teleporter to go through a unique form of time travel I don't think we've seen anywhere else. They go back in time to see Dr. Groph enter in the code for the safe, so that they can open it in the present. But when they do, they are not noticed in any way by Groph, and the doorway leading out of the room has a black aura, suggesting the pocket version of this time is only in this room. Afterwards, they return to this room, back in time, and open a crate, taking a stone slab back with them. So they can interact with the past, but cannot be seen by anyone... strange. Then they activate the death ray to knock Ultimis Dempsey out of the sky, but his pod is locked and surrounded by an electric field. They collect a Vril rod and place it into a tomb near the bow, and release the spirit of a keeper, which they give souls using the bows. With enough souls, the keeper becomes physical, arrives at Griffin Station, and teleports the MPD to the castle by entering it. It is then corrupted, and Primis fights it on the inside using the Summoning Key. After defeating it, they return and use the summoning key on the computer system to launch rockets at Griffin Station, and in turn, deactivate the field around Dempsey's pod. I'm not entirely sure why they went through the trouble of bringing the MPD to the castle, if they only cared about collecting Dempsey's soul. The MPD may have been needed in order to power the key up enough, or as long as Groph had control of it at Griffin Station, the protection around the pod could not be removed. Looking back, though, it seems odd that Samantha is not inside the MPD, given this is in the same fracture as The Giant, where Richtofen teleported her and her father away like normal. It is possible, however, that Primis Richtofen instructed Ultimis Richtofen to send them somewhere else, in order for this plan to work. He, after all, knows how the cycle goes from beginning to end. I'm hoping Monty is given some traits that make me care about him or his motivations... But I think there is something more to his human form. In the Classified cipher, we discover that inscribed on Maxis' teleporter prototype it reads: "For M , who started me on this journey." I initially thought this meant Dr. Monty as we know him, a cheeky God living in Agartha, somehow set the events of the entire story in motion despite the fact he complains constantly about how fucked up the multiverse is. But replies to a thread I made on it convinced me that Monty may have had a human form, sometime before Maxis formed Group 935, and his work inspired Maxis to form the organization and begin teleportation experiments. Human Monty must have, at some point, merged with a Keeper to become as we know him now. He makes quotes in Revelations about splitting a worm in half and both sides being similar, which many assumed meant perhaps he and the Shadowman were the same person. But it may refer to the Keeper/Apothicon that turned him so power hungry and gave him his power, and the human form that still showed interest in trying to make people happy and be a generous God, but could not handle humanity and thus decided to shape Agartha to be like the home he once knew... a small house on the English countryside.
  18. Not related to Classified, but a detail I was never sure of is the stone pyramid in Der Eisendrache. On the surface it just seems like a normal, small pyramid, but consider what it can do. It can simulate the Moon’s gravity over a large area, and it forms a connection with the MPD, enough so that Primis is able to teleport the Moon’s MPD directly to it. It seems to have been deliberately made to mimic the original and has a connection to it. The question is: who built it? If it was Richtofen’s group from Group 935, why is it made of stone, and why bother when they can instantly teleport to the MPD’s location? If it was the Wolf King’s men, how did they know about the MPD on the Moon, or was it by complete accident? Also if that’s the case, what a coincidence that Eagle’s Nest, the direct correspondant to the Moon, is created there. Maybe that is part of the cycle that Primis intended to continue when they instructed the Wolf King to build the castle. Anyway, I’ve gone off track from the bigger picture: what this could mean for the future. My guess is they may not do anything with the MPD at all, as Monty would not be affected by it as far as we know. But, leaks have revealed that Nuketown is coming, and being right outside of Groom Lake, we could see this little detail paid off...
  19. Surprisingly, not really. I managed to get the base version of the gauntlet in my first game with no video, but had to look up a video for Pack-a-punch at a certain step. I won’t spoil it if you don’t want me to, but go up the the oracle in the spawn and she tell you a hint for the location of the part you need for the gauntlet every time you return. Once you find where she is talking about, you’ll want to do something that you would do in Dead of the Night. Pack-a-Punch is simple once you know it, but I could not for the life of me figure out the the second thing to do.
  20. So today I played my second game of AE, and upgraded the four gauntlets to test them all out. They are fun as hell to use, and I can't wait to try and upgrade to the Exalted versions next time I play. Me personally, my favorite is the Hand of Ouranos. While none of them are great for getting you out of a pinch when you are already trapped in a corner, Ouranos is great for clearing a path and preventing yourself from becoming trapped in advance. Just so fun to use.
  21. I will no longer be taking votes after midnight CST on Friday, so make any last minute changes and tell people to vote who are unaware! Then I will post round 2 on Saturday.
  22. Blundell implied in a somewhat recent livestream that there will be a second season of content next year. So definitely more Chaos maps, and maybe more Aether. Even more evidence is the rumors of MW4 not having zombies, and having a campaign. They will try to extend the lifetime of BO4 zombies and Blackout well into MW4.
  23. My Picks With Explanation: 1. Shi No Numa (Lots of great memories on this map, introduced our beloved Ultimis) 2. Ancient Evil (Purely by what I have seen because I have not had a chance to play. Die Rise is my least favorite map, so...) 3. IX (A top five map for sure, Nuktown didn't stand a chance) 4. Shadows of Evil (This map is a masterpiece, and one of the most unique and beautiful) 5. Buried (Tough choice, both underappreciated map, but Buried has so much quirky uniqueness that I find it hard to compare. Voyage is a good map, though) 6. Moon (All time favorite, masterpiece! Tough choice though, as DE is a masterpiece too.) 7. TranZit (Pretty easy choice, IMO...) 8. Mob of the Dead (In my opinion, these two might be the most overrated maps of all time, even if they are pretty great. Mob just flipped the whole zombies experience on its head and changed the way we look at it. Kino is just Kino, in comparison.) 9. "Five" (I've always loved Five, so goofy and different) 10. Ascension (Lots of great memories on Ascension, and I do not like Blood of the Dead's gameplay at all.) 11. Zetsubou No Shima (An underrated gem, IMO! I love the plants, and the atmosphere and story of the map) 12. Gorod Krovi (Tough choice, given my love of Five, but it lacks some of the charm of the original, so I have to give it to this badass map) 13. Der Riese (Dead of the Night is a sleeper hit waiting to happen, but Der Riese is an all time classic, and managed to keep people's attention for 2 years before zombies returned while it was still in its infancy!) 14. Call of the Dead (Unique, fun, just all around fantastic and often forgotten in these times.) 15. Origins (It's... Origins vs. Farm. Origins changed everything.)
  24. Hey everyone, I wanted to start a bracket tournament for Call of Duty Zombies Maps to get everyone's opinion! I've included every map from WaW to BO4, and put them into a bracket tournament pictured here: So, time to vote on who proceeds through round 1! Just reply in this format: 1. [Your Pick] 2. [Your Pick] 3. [Your Pick] ... 15. [Your Pick] Once I have a sufficient number of votes, I will move on to round 2! For those that can't view the image, here are the options: 1. Nacht der Untoten or Shi No Numa 2. Die Rise or Ancient Evil 3. IX or Nuketown 4. Revelations or Shadows of Evil 5. Voyage of Despair or Buried 6. Der Eisendrache or Moon 7. Bus Depot or TranZit 8. Kino der Toten or Mob of the Dead 9. "Five" or Verruckt 10. Blood of the Dead or Ascension 11. Zetsubou No Shima or Shangri La 12. Classified or Gorod Krovi 13. Der Riese or Dead of the Night 14. Town or Call of the Dead 15. Farm or Origins Feel free to discuss your picks!

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