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Everything posted by RadZakpak

  1. Really interesting. Have you looked for similar mist at the other three locations when gateworms are waiting?
  2. Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we walk through five different abandoned story threads by Treyarch, and explain how we might pick them up. When and why did Gersh join up with Ultimis? How deep did Maxis' Vril experiments go? What was George Romero really up to? Post a comment below!
  3. Well there are blueprints for the Scharfshutze with a date in 1958, still attributing the creation of the Scharfshutze to Richtofen. Pablo also says that he stole it sometime while he was captured, and seemingly locked it up in a box. It could be that he made the scope modification in 1958 during his isolation. Also the Heat Pack has blueprints in 1959, which appears hand-made, not something made by the Ascension Group. Also consider that the Tundra Gun blueprints DO have the Ascension Group logo on them, so that leads me to believe the Scharfshutze and Heat Pack were drawn up and made by Pablo. He may have also made other modifications to it based on DG-2 designs.
  4. Worth noting the DG-Scharfshutze seems to be the DG-01, or at least a variant of it with a scope. This is part of the texture on it: That doesn't rule out the connection to the teleporters as the original Die Glocke though, as the 01 might just be to show it is a weapon based on the larger project.
  5. A round red Secret It's inserted Tactfully Still won't sleep tonight - J "B" Chapter 35: Downfall Chapter 36: Lost Apostle
  6. Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we discuss the founding of the Ascension Group and their known operations. Where else does the Ascension Group operate? Who started it? Does it live on past 1964? What is their true purpose? Post a comment below!
  7. It is there, but I don't think it's necessarily welcoming the detachment, it's a welcome to the reader from the detachment, which are stationed at Groom Lake. But I can't find mentions of this group after the 60s, so maybe this is an indication the Groom Lake in Classified is in 63?
  8. Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we pitch ideas for zombies maps! What map ideas have you had in the past? Would you want to advance the Aether story, or put a map in-between existing maps? Would it be an entirely new story? Post a comment below!
  9. New leaks from the "Red Door" alpha on the Xbox Store. Campaign mission codenames are as follows: Multiplayer map codenames are: Warzone map zones are: Lastly, a zombie map is codenamed "Silver". BO4's maps after launch were codenamed different colors, so could mean this map was originally intended for BO4 or they are just keeping up the naming convention.
  10. @PINNAZ got in contact with a former Treyarch Dev about this and it seems to be confirmed!
  11. Took a look at those numbers or "coordinates" again: 238, 189 52N X 16E and 143, 115 28N X 4E. Decided to google the first set and came up with this page: http://www.anycheatcodes.net/pc_games/hints/Starflight-2-12233.html It's hints for a game called Starflight 2 from 1989. It seems like you explore plants and find certain futuristic items. The two coordinates from this loading screen match two on the page almost exactly: Both point to a Black Egg much like the one in Moon. So why the hell did they put these on the loading screen of a zombies map? Maybe the Black Egg is a nostalgic nod to this old classic and this was a hint towards that? The Black Egg in the game also seems to be used as a planet bomb, like how it is used with the rockets in Moon:
  12. Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we discuss Division 9's known facilities, and others that may possibly be connected to them. What happens to the Island of Nan Modal in the original timeline? Why is the Rising Sun Facility never handed over to the Germans in the fractures? Are Verruckt and Shangri-La connected to Division 9? Post a comment below!
  13. Welcome to the forum! We're happy to have you!
  14. That's a good way of looking at it. @Mattzs that might satisfy the confusion. On Nacht there really is so little we truly know about the Hanford site, but it's highly possible that the concentration of 115 there and the experiments caused Nacht to appear where it did, and it was left in disrepair over the years. The lack of chalk writing might be due to weathering over time, or it was writing placed there by Monty which disappeared over time. Frankly I doubt we'll ever truly come to a consensus on just what the hell Nacht as a location is about, and I think that is the intention given its status as the first, and most simple in appearance, map.
  15. Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we continue our look back at Group 935 facilities and talk about what makes each of them unique, and how they fit into Group 935's grander vision. What's the deal with Nacht? Where or what is Kustover Posten? Was Buried a 115 depository before the Western Town arrived? Post a comment below!
  16. Today the PDT crew posted a new video on some new files that were added to Warzone that are some very blatant hints at Black Ops content coming to the game, and perhaps even hint at the content of CoD 2020? The audio files can be found online, but it's best not to post them here for copyright reasons. There are quotes from a new character being added with a file name that indicates he may be Woods. The only issue is, he is not voiced by James C. Burns, potentially hinting at a recast in the reboot. There are also some other quotes from announcers in Warzone. One is a Russian, and one is British, and sounds similar to Price to me. But their quotes are identical, hinting that they are relevant to some kind of team-based mode? But here are the quotes they each say: The first four about decryption seem like quotes perhaps related to a new game mode? The next four are titles of tracks in the Black Ops soundtrack. Then Redacted is just related to the classified nature of documents found in the games. The last five quotes come from significant moments across Black Ops and even Black Ops 2. What do you make of all this? Is it meant to hint at the new game, or will it simply be a part of a Black Ops throwback event in Warzone?
  17. This is all from Classified/Alpha Omega apart from the bit in 1973 which was the original timeline.
  18. This I think may just be a complete retcon by Alpha Omega. If I had to explain it, I'd say it means in 1973 they finally gave Broken Arrow back the half of the Shard that they took away. This has to happen eventually anyway. The Shard is acquired by Pernell from a shipment at Groom Lake in 1961 secretly, under the DOD's nose. Then in 1964 after reviving Peter with it, the DOD tries to take it away. Pernell keeps Half A, while DOD gets Half B. In 1968 Pernell becomes Avogadro and keeps Half A in the APD to be found in Alpha Omega. After Pernell is replaced as leader, the DOD allows further testing with Half B in 1973, and this half is found by Victis in the comics.
  19. Decided to look through radios and such again to add more entries for events that do not have a specific date, by including an estimate. Some events are too significant to leave out of a comprehensive timeline like this, so let me know if I am off-base in my estimations or if there are others I should add. Today I added: Sometime after December 31st, 1299 Richtofen realizes his role in perpetuating the cycle, sharing his discovery with Pablo Marinus. Pablo suggests that there may be a way to break the cycle. With Pablo’s help, Richtofen teleports to the Alcatraz Pocket Dimension and freezes himself in a cryo-pod along with the gem from the Staff of Fire, awaiting the day that the Mobsters’ cycle is broken. 1958/1959 The Ascension Group receives a transmission from Pablo Marinus instructing them to find the Apothicon Blood in order to build the Agarthan Device. Harvey Yena puts together a team to extract the blood at the specific coordinates in the Pacific Ocean. Shortly after recovering the blood, Dr. Gersh convinces Dr. Yena that the Ascension Group should study the blood rather than deliver it to Pablo. Sometime between 1958/1959 and December 12th, 1962 The Ascension Group discovers that the Apothicon Blood is made up of millions of microscopic organisms which use negative space for energy. Further research would be performed on primates for rocket testing, giving them rejuvenation abilities. Gersh has the idea to apply the concept of negative space towards what would become Project Mercury. Sometime Before May 11th, 1964 Dr. Hale discovers that the Elemental Shard is capable of outputting an incredible amount of energy compared to average 115, believing it to be Dr. Maxis’ Genesis Code. She notes that A.D.A.M.s charged with the shard exhibit traits that suggest they are sentient. Sometime between June 1st, 1964 and February 8th, 1965 Peter McCain continues to recover from his revival, and agrees to work for Broken Arrow. Pernell reveals that the DOD forced Broken Arrow to relinquish the Elemental Shard, however he kept a portion for himself. Peter swears his loyalty to the company over the country. Between December 24th, 1963 and January 25th, 1965 The APD is constructed, however Broken Arrow struggles to find a power source without access to human life force. Shortly after Dr. Hale discovers that A.D.A.M.s powered by the Elemental Shard can be used as sources. February 14th, 1965 Yuri is interrogated by Director Pernell for the first time. Sometime later, he dies during an interrogation. Sometime between February 4th, 1968 and March 15th, 1968 Cornelius Pernell locks Peter McCain in Solitary. Peter’s soul is placed into the body of an A.D.A.M. (In Dimension 63) Sometime before June 13th, 1932 Alcatraz Island opens a year early, and the Warden celebrates. Sometime later, the Warden bemoans his inability to contact “the dark ones.” He renounces the Illuminati and plans to raise Hell within the prison. December 31st, 1933 The Shadowman instructs The Warden to sacrifice himself and use the souls of Sal, Finn, BIlly, and Al to transform the island into a pocket dimension. Their eternal cycle will act as a trap for a future Richtofen should it ever be broken. January 19th, 1934 The Warden kills himself via electric chair, creating the Alcatraz pocket dimension and trapping the Mobsters in an endless cycle. This is all based just on Black Ops 4 content, so I may add more. But I must sleep.
  20. Had a few chats with @Mattzs on MJ-12 before, and it was him who suggested they may even be a precursor to Broken Arrow in a sense, meaning their early research became integrated after its creation along with its scientists. What's also interesting about Oppenheimer is that during the Red Scare, he was put on trial on suspicions of being a Communist sympathizer and spy for the Soviet Union. It was ultimately found that he was not, but in addition Werner Von Braun was one person who spoke up in the hearing in 1954, stating "In England, Oppenheimer would have been knighted." In the Black Ops universe, Oppenheimer was still fighting these allegations in 1956, and his security clearance was even revoked. He sent his encrypted password to Vannevar Bush, stating, "It appears my security clearance will be revoked and the files contained within my depot should not be lost because of politics and bureaucrats." Perhaps, then, MJ-12 were actually the ones hoping to create relations with the Soviets, and JFK agreed, forming Broken Arrow and attempting to form relations with Cuba and eventually the Soviets. But JFK was assassinated, and that plan fell apart as the US decided to back off fighting Samantha, and the Cold War continued as it did. The reason MJ-12 may be listed as a secret society may be because they are no longer a part of the US government due to fears of Communist ties. It would explain the lack of activity in the Dreamland server past 1956. So the MJ-12 may have started to study extraterrestrials/115, but they were formally disbanded, yet members still operate as a secret society, with their own agenda.
  21. Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we continue our look back at Group 935 facilities and talk about what makes each of them unique, and how they fit into Group 935's grander vision. Are the Soviets involved at Shangri-La? What went on at the Siberian Facility before Richtofen arrived? Are traces of the Keepers at Der Eisendrache exclusive to the Deceptio fracture? Post a comment below!
  22. I want to make an addendum. On Cal's recent podcast on The Ancients, he brought up the Keeper-like zombies found in The Crazy Place: The idea has been brought up before that these were meant to be Keepers before we got the version we see in Shadows of Evil, but due to time limitations they stuck with these in-between versions. They still have very humanoid bodies but with those massive teeth. This again may be a mutation that brings forth ancient Keeper DNA present in all humans.
  23. Posting a little early Chapter 33: Exodus Chapter 34: Breaking Point ZSCKVSKBKXNKLKCDKBNROCOBFOCDROYBNOBKXNYCCNUSCRSCK
  24. Yesterday I was just spit-balling some ideas regarding the Nova Crawlers with @Mattzs, trying to reconcile the old theory that they are related to the Keepers in some way with the new information that their bodies were once pigs. I have a theory that might have some broader implications on the history of humanity and its relation to the Keepers, so bear with me for a bit. Let's start with the crawlers themselves. Here we have some extra info about them from Classified: Notice how the pig is labeled as pre-transformation, while the final nova crawler is labeled as post-transformation. The crawlers are certainly pigs that have been genetically altered in some way. But that's pretty vague. Is it like Jurassic Park, where parts of the DNA are replaced with DNA from another species, creating the abonimation? Or is the mutation a result of exposure to some Nova 6 concoction? Also, was it created on purpose? Looking at the body of the crawler, there is pretty much nothing that sticks out as being pig-like. The only real remnant of its porcine origins is the squealing and snorting it does while walking around. But the physical body itself seems to have mainly human attributes, with a little something extra in there. Human traits of note: It has toes and fingers instead of hooves, it has a human-like skeletal structure, its ears look like a human's, it has two nipples on the upper abdomen like a human, and to be crass, it clearly has something that scientists deemed to be obscene to humans underneath its pants. Was this a case of human DNA being mixed with a pig's? Perhaps, but what about the round, bald head with no eyes and a mouth with massive teeth? Or the claws at the ends of its fingers and toes? It has obviously been connected to the Keepers before. So is this a case of mixing Keeper DNA with that of a pig? We also know that a Keeper skeleton was found at Der Eisendrache in at least the Deceptio fracture: It's possible given the similarities, but still, what's with the human features in there too? This is where the broader implications come in, and I feel they are supported by this line from the Kronorium: Notice the particular line, "to mix all the dimensions with life." There's also the SoE cipher: "The elders will continue to seed space and time I must lead them to the place they cannot see." So it seems the eldest Keepers, and specifically The First One, who may be Monty and Shadowman, created life throughout dimensions. If you point to any creation myth across the world, people often personify gods as appearing human, despite their power. This is not because they wish to look like us generally, but because we are created in their image. You may be able to see where I am going with this. Consider two possibilities: A: A pig's DNA is combined with that of a human's, and the mutation causes traits of the precursor race to appear, the ones who seeded Earth in the first place. B: A pig's DNA is combined with that of a Keeper's, and because, as mammals, humans and pigs share a common ancestor who was created by seeds planted by the Keepers, it becomes some bastardized in-between species. Maybe our ancestors, or some branch in our evolutionary tree that died off, even looked like the Nova Crawlers while they were still in caves... a terrifying thought. Also consider the deep connection between humanity and Monty. He models his perfect world after a location set on Earth, he walks around the majority of the time in the form of a human, and he even takes up the human moniker of "Doctor". Why? Did Keepers use to look like humans before experimenting with the Aether? Or does The First One look at us almost like his children, being that he is technically our creator? Does he only want to understand our plight and relate to us? Despite our flaws and his near omnipotence, we are, in some ways, very similiar. And yes, this premise somewhat derives from a Star Trek episode.
  25. Ah, now that's a neat idea. It would explain why it is so deeply rooted in our planet. Also consider the fact that the Apothicons chose our moon as a hiding place for the MPD. Perhaps it was even placed on Theia before it impacted Earth and remained on our moon just waiting to be discovered. To add to the underground sites, there is the 115 contained in Siberia, which forms root-like lines in the rocks. The area may even be a remnant of the exploded Theia. I'd like to see this whole idea explored further!

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