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  1. I'm glad you've liked it! I still plan to keep it going, I've just had issues with time and motivation.
  2. For Shadows, I've gone between thinking it is a pocket and not a pocket, but I think I lean towards it not being a pocket dimension. The Mob and Tag ones were both formed around the deaths of the Mobsters and Pablo respectively, with neither able to die or escape. The Shadows characters don't seem to die but are drugged and transformed into beasts to serve the Shadowman. I think what is different about Morg City is that it is fully corrupted by the Apothicons coming from the rift stone. Our goal intially in the map is freeing the Apothicons who then proceed to corrupt and destroy Dimension 63. I don't see how they could do that if we only free them in a pocket dimension. As for the Crazy Place zombies, perhaps it is that Agarthan/Keeper influence, and they are simply "programmed" to defend the gateway from any intruders.
  3. Bringing this topic up again because I am an insane person. I think I have a more consistent answer for the eye colors of zombies, and it centers around the MPD. By default, zombies seem to just have Apothicon influence with red eyes. When the MPD is present on the Moon, however, the eyes by default are orange-yellow. When Richtofen takes over, he changes them to blue. The APD overrides the MPD in the local area in Alpha Omega to be white. Why are the eyes red in Mob of the Dead and Blood of the Dead? They are in a pocket dimension consisting entirely of Alcatraz Island and the unfinished bridge. No MPD. Why are the eyes red in Tag der Toten? Is is also a pocket dimension consisting of the Siberian Facility. No MPD. Why are the eyes red in Revelations? It takes place in Agartha where the Apothicons have brought their influence, but no Moon and no MPD. Why are the eyes red in Gorod Krovi? This I think is the crux of the wider answer. At the end of Der Eisendrache we teleport the MPD to Earth, remove its controller, and blow up the Moon on November 5th, 1945. The way fractures seem to work is that they build off of each other, so by blowing up the Moon on November 5th, 1945 in the Deceptio fracture, the Moon blows up at the same time in the Proditione and Agonia fractures. Gorod Krovi takes place on November 6th, 1945, so the Moon is now blown up and there is no MPD to influence the zombies, hence the red eyes. Why aren't they red in Zetsubou No Shima? Because ZNS takes place on October 18th, 1945, before the Moon is blown up. The MPD is still there. In Origins and Shadows of Evil, the Moon and MPD are still there, planted by the Apothicons ages ago, so the eyes are orange. I think this theory aligns with what Blundell said about the eyes mattering sometimes and something they don't matter. With this theory it doesn't really change anything that the eyes in Gorod are red, it's just that way because of when it takes place. Same with where Blood and Mob take place. But it does matter in certain cases where we need to know who is in the MPD.
  4. I always assumed that they did because of the Monty trailer seeming to be the finale of all of them: Though, I don't think it should be taken entirely literally. What he says in the trailer is just reused lines from Revelations itself. However, I think it does still imply that Primis all met up in the forest before meeting Monty in Revelations.
  5. Had a bit of an epiphany just now in relation to the denizens of the forest, and I think they could be related to Nacht being at the location. I think this relates to Nacht being the center of the multiverse and the closest place on earth to the Aether, a theory I discussed here: In this theory I also said that the Frozen Forest, at least as seen in Tag der Toten, is just outside of Nacht in Morasko. Perhaps the experiment that spawned these Denizen of The Forest also incidentally teleported the bunker from Morasko to Hanford. Maybe they were originally inhabitants of Morasko, or maybe they were residents of Hanford mutated into what they are now by creating a connection to Morasko. The green lights used for teleportation around Hanford could be a byproduct of this transition as well.
  6. Great catch with the dark woods being a parallel of the frozen forest! He could be referencing Primis between Gorod Krovi and Revelations being in the Frozen Forest, as seen in the memories trailers, with that light over the hill being their salvation, Agartha.
  7. Incredible thread, it's going to take some re-reads to full grasp everything, because there are so many moving parts and other factors to consider. But excellent work putting it into words!
  8. This topic sort of came to me out of nowhere, and I wanted to share my thoughts because I don't think I've seen really any discussion on the topic. In Revelations, there are two stand out radios in which Dr. Monty simply recites lines from famous literature: From Shakespeare's The Tempest: From Dante's Inferno (The Divine Comedy): Because of the old fashioned language and seeming randomness of these references, I don't think they were given much thought before. But I got curious recently about the origins of these quotes and what they could mean from Monty's point of view. What do they say about his situation in Revelations? Let's start with the lines from The Tempest, one of Shakespeare's last plays. The Tempest is about a group of people shipwrecked on an island led by a magical person known as Prospero. Prospero was formerly the Duke of Milan, and fled to this island years ago after a coup. One of the leaders of the coup was on the wrecked ship, and Prospero wants to make amends and return home. One of the passengers from the shipwreck is the son of a King, and he falls in love with Prospero's daughter. Meanwhile, a plot is going on to overthrow Prospero and take his position on the island. The text that Monty quoted is near the end of the marriage of Prospero's daughter and the King's son, after a celebration. Prospero remembers the plot against him and realizes he will have to give up the power he has come to know. "Our revels are now ended. These our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits, and are melted into air, into thin air" The spirits Prospero conjured for entertainment are now gone, and their celebration comes to an end. "and, like the baseless fabric of this vision, the cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, the solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve; And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little lives are rounded with a sleep." In essence, despite how grand it all appears, Prospero's magic and the life he has created on the island will soon be gone. The themes of the play seem to be about the insignificance of our little lives despite how much we place importance on ourselves. Now, the lines from Dante's Divine Comedy are actually the beginning of the first of three sections, called Inferno. In summary, The Divine Comedy is about Dante travelling through Hell, Purgatory, and then Heaven. Inferno begins with Dante in the middle of his life, feeling as though he has gone down a path of sin. The dark woods represent that sin and he feels as though he is doomed. However, there is a glimmer of hope as he approaches a hill and sees the sun's rays cast overhead. They will lead him down a more righteous path. With the explanation out of the way, why is Monty fixated on these works, and these passages in particular? One interpretation of his reference to The Tempest is that he places himself in the shoes of Prospero when it comes to the cycle that Monty has created. Perhaps he even realizes that inevitably he will fail and the cycle will be broken. It would be interesting if he was already aware of the fact he was delaying the inevitable. In this viewpoint, Monty understands the folly of his actions and knows that someday, the House and Agartha will be gone and there will be nothing more of his life. In this case, his reference to Inferno is perhaps him feeling that despite the negative connotations of his actions, there is still redemption to come for him. What that redemption could be, I don't know. There is some speculation we will see more of Monty in the future, and that could further tie into this interpretation of the text. On the other hand, another interpretation could be that Monty is ascribing The Tempest's passage to humanity as a whole. Unlike he and the Keepers, our lives are small and temporary. Every empire that is created will fall, and as individuals we will be forgotten. His reference to Inferno could be a metaphor for Richtofen's journey, finding himself surrounded in darkness, a forest of bad deeds committed by his other selves. Richtofen, like Dante, sees hope through the forest and a path to redemption in following the plan up to Revelations. What do you think is the proper interpretation of these references? Also, BONUS LORE TIDBIT: The Tempest was also referenced in Black Ops's campaign. The clearance codes inside the Pentagon that McNamara uses are Prospero, Ariel, and Sycorax. Prospero being the protagonist of The Tempest, Sycorax being a witch who previously inhabited the island, and Ariel being a spirit imprisoned by Sycorax and later serving Prospero. Interestingly, as McNamara says these sequences, Mason seems to hear them as number sequences (discussed more in this thread). Is there something to this literary reference? Is Kennedy Prospero, with a plot to overthrow him coming from inside the government? Anyway, thanks for reading.
  9. So many years on, and still there is a lot about Black Ops III's zombies iteration that we do not fully understand. Specifically, there are several radios from some version of Maxis speaking about a timeline full of radiation, where his children are destroyed before his eyes. Maybe it's a fool's errand, but I want to crack this and figure out the truth of the matter. I think I have some leads as to what might truly be going on. Let's start after Buried. As the timeline states: A key detail in the wording here is that Samantha only reaches out to the Dimension 63 version of her father after a rift opens. This leaves an opening for more to be going on between Buried and Origins. Here is where some uncertainty comes in: I believe that Sam reached out to a Maxis before the Origins version. For simplicity's sake, let's call this new Maxis "Punished Maxis". In Punished Maxis's timeline, he is living his best life married to a Sophia and has children inside his dream home on the countryside. But he is still a scientist at heart, continuing experiments in his basement. With the help of this dimension's Richtofen, he creates a working teleporter. This event, however, changed the lives of them all for the worse. By creating the teleporter, the break the seal between their own dimension and the Aether. A rift opens, allowing for Samantha to reach out. In doing so, however, she spreads her corruption as well as her true father's, unleashing the Apothicons upon this dimension. From here, something causes the earth to become irradiated. It may be the Apothicons bringing with them copious amounts of 115. It could be humanity nuking itself to try and wipe out the Apothicons. But Punished Maxis had a plan. "The Plan" is something we still don't quite understand. But I think it has to do with the other most baffling mystery of Aether: Things start to get very fuzzy. I believe that Maxis and Richtofen tried using the teleporter in the basement to search other dimensions for solutions to fix their own. I believe that this Maxis is the one who created Zero Base, a reality residing in the Empty Earth, somewhere safe from the Apothicon scourge. He collected artifacts from across the multiverse, searching for answers to potentially bring his children back, perhaps even to fix the corrupted Samantha residing in Agartha who brought this upon them in the first place. In his travels, he began to understand parts of the nature of the universe, finding the Kronorium, and learning of Primis and Ultimis. What we are seeing in the comic panel above may be part of Punished Maxis' plan. He enlisted Richtofen from his own dimension to track down the three men who could help him in the plan. This plan may very well have been the one that Primis Richtofen would later attempt, in collecting the eternal souls of the four of them. The comic panel may be them returning to a version of the house with a teleporter after collecting Nikolai's soul in Stalingrad. But still, the plan did not seem to work. A rift opened in Dimension 63, allowing Samantha to reach out to the version of her father from Origins. Dimension 63 Maxis arrives in Agartha to find himself in a new body, in a House on the countryside with a laboratory in the basement. The timeline entry says that Monty "recreated a physical manifestation of his Dimension 63 form." The body was not simply an illusion: It was physical. Just like the House. It's a physical place within Agartha that mortals like us can occupy. Monty could not have created this matter from thin air, surely. Instead, it was plucked from elsewhere. The House is potentially the version from the comic we saw earlier, or it is pulled from an earlier point in time in Punished Maxis' timeline. The body IS Punished Maxis' body. Punished Maxis was old and decrepit from years in isolation with limited supplies and radiation sickness in his home dimension. The wrinkles, stains, and liver spots fade as though he is becoming younger. Time for him is unraveling, and his body becomes a vessel for Origins Maxis to occupy in Agartha. Now that Monty has decided to intervene, he takes Samantha away to remove her corruption, leaving Origins Maxis alone in the House in Agartha. But it was not his to begin with, and memories slip in of this previous life. Being in Punished Maxis' body presented him with memories of this hellish version of reality, and it also may be what led him to using the basement teleporter to explore dimensions and relocate the Empty Earth, where Punished Maxis had collected the Kronorium. The plan continued, even after Punished Maxis was wiped from existence. Some other evidence to support this is the fact that at the end of Revelations Maxis and Sophia come together, expressing their love to one another before using the Summoning Key to close the rift which brought the Apothicons to Agartha in the first place. Origins Maxis never gave any indication of having a family in his home dimension. Samantha reached out to him, showing him the life he could have, and so he loved her like a daughter. But why should he love Sophia, someone who he never knew? His memories from Punished Maxis' life may be what caused him to remember having a family with Sophia, and thus he loved her as much as she loved him. That's a lot to unpack, and it still leaves some unanswered questions. Like, what exactly was Punished Maxis' plan? Does it have to do with the radios from Primis in The Giant and the paradox visualizations? What about the beacon? The beacon was shown to be radioactive as it caused Dempsey to lose his hair; Is the beacon what Punished Maxis used to try and stop the Apothicons? There's still a lot more to figure out, but I feel a little closer to the answer after writing this.
  10. Excellent work collecting all of these images! Very interesting to see the design philosophy.
  11. This thread will be dedicated to an anthology series of various conversations from throughout the multiverse, catalogued for your reading pleasure. These are canon to the Storybook project.
  12. "Stormbound" by Kevin Sherwood is a song that released with the Chaos map "Ancient Evil", and for that reason it has been viewed as being intrinsically tied to the Chaos story along with "Drowning" and "Mystery", but I think there's another way to look at the song. Kevin is no stranger to double meanings in his songs, with some meanings sometimes only becoming apparent when looking back years later. I think it is worth re-examining these songs through the lens of the Aether story as well, especially considering that this very song is referenced in "Alone" which follows the Aether story. "Stormbound" in particular has many elements that can tie it to Aether very nicely, and I want to examine them here. Let's begin: Fear and fire await you content on the shore and more (The song seems to allude to the River of Styx. In summary, in Greek Myth Styx was the river you pass through to reach the underworld. You would pay the boatman, Charon, to guide you across the river into the afterlife. If you could not afford the fee, you would join the wraiths in the river, suffering eternal pain. On one hand this is a great setup for a song related to Chaos, with its ties to mythology. On another, this allegory can work for the Aether story as well. If we view the underworld as the place beneath creation, The Dark Aether, it would make sense to be content on the shoreline, never ready to venture further down. Fear and fire only begin to describe that fate.) still ride through calming water just to end up stranded by the Stormbound (Here is where I can make a strong case in favor of this song having an Aether-related meaning. While some are content on the shore of Styx, others ride through the water, only ending up stranded back on the shore by the "Stormbound." This could have a few interpretations, however, I think it excellently mirror's Pablo's situation inside the Tag pocket dimension. He explicitly says he has tried to leave the shores of Siberia, only to drift back. This is a microcosm for the cycle as a whole, as no matter what anyone seems to do, the outcome is the same, beginning it all over again. They are all stranded by Richtofen, the "Stormbound". Storms in many contexts throughout Aether signify influence from other dimensions, something I explore in this thread. After Forsaken, it is clear now that "Alone" is about Zykov's banishment to the Dark Aether and rise to power as the "Forsaken". "In river he drowns", "By storm he is bound". Zykov is trapped and bound to the corrupting force of the Dark Aether, the "Storm". Richtofen in Aether is similar, constantly in and out of the MPD and bound by the forces of the Apothicons and Keepers to repeat his mistakes again and again. In turn, he strands everyone else who tries to ride the river Styx into the afterlife, out of self-preservation. He would rather keep everyone at the shore eternally awaiting death than accept his fate and join the river.) days locked in night confined in time the night brings (There is no "day", only the eternal night that is the Dark Aether. The first map of Aether beginning with "Night" and the last beginning with "Day" is not just a coincidence. Only through breaking the cycle can a new day truly begin, but by locking everyone in this cycle Richtofen that day will not happen. They are confined in the same stretch of time until he steps away.) white wings come shimmering down a thundering crown of lightning sound (shimmering crown) (thundering down) Grin of a fallen angel dissolve through the floor (Here we have imagery of a "fallen angel" and white wings. I'm mixed on who the fallen angel is. The "grin" would certainly fit Richtofen as we hear of his "evil grin" in "Shockwave." The Shadowman may also be similarly described as a fallen angel much like the devil in Paradise Lost. Regardless, these two figures bring with them the storm via their white wings.) and more still try to to cross this river flowing while not knowing that there's no way out and no way in no day or night (More continue to try and break free of the cycle. It seems implied that it has been done before, but in the end something failed, reverting back to the beginning again. It's also interesting that "knowing" is brought up as that is a major motif in "I Am The Well". Primis Richtofen followed the flow of the river, believing he could bring himself and the others he cared about to the other side, into the new day. But the truth is, there is no way out for them.) the white wings will bring us home in shimmering down and wondering how we might be found (how might we be found) (Richtofen can bring them "home" to Agartha in the form of their eternal souls. Wondering "how they might be found" could mean that he still cannot figure out how they call all be saved when the cycle is broken. He initially believes his blood insurance plan will work, only for that to be a failure, wondering if there is any way out for them. "I Am The Well" describes "golden pins" falling into the dark, and the singer wonders who will want them when their muddy and who will find them. I believe this as well as Stormbound describes Richtofen's fear that when their souls are cast into the Dark Aether, that they will never be found again, that they will forever be tainted and lost.) under the ground no light or sound in river drown by storm be bound be bound by river and the storm be bound (Their inevitable fate is to be banished along with everything else into the Dark Aether as the universe is reset and a new day dawns. It is literally dark, and as we have seen in Cold War, it is akin to an endless body of water. We see similar language to "Alone", and it's clear this is the fate for everyone in the old multiverse. To be bound to the "river" and "storm" that is the ancient realm below creation.) (wintering and the) (withering of the fall) (within everything) (is the tethering) (of us all) (In multiple songs the restarting of the cycle is described as an endless fall or descent. Here it describes it as a corrosive one, as you wither away in your descent. "Within everything is the tethering of us all" describes the Aether, the entity tying Primis and Ultimis together and connecting the vast multiverse. Only through the destruction of it all can freedom come.) (whether weathering) (of the bettering) (of the better ring) (is a fettering) (and surrendering) (to the severing and the) (call from white wings) ("Fettering" means to restrict or restrain. In this instance, the white wings could be referring to the "angels" which showed their influence in Black Ops 4 as beings that tipped the scales towards the breaking of the cycle in some way, influencing Jeb Brown to build a component for the Agarthan Device. If this is the case, the "call" from the white wings to break the cycle would be severing the "tethering" mentioned previously, the Aether connecting Primis and Ultimis. It would be surrendering as well. It is better to be "fettered" to this fate than to wither away slowly in the endless cycle.) (Fall) Fear in the morning is a nightfall and a warning and the lure of adorning means forever as a statue of who tried to see endless odyssey shadow progeny poison prophecy concealed (This set of lyrics is really interesting. At the beginning it was stated that "fear" awaits all who pass over the river. It is stated that the fear that seems to be the morning, or "a new day", is actually nightfall, the beginning of the cycle again, and it is warning. It is the lure keeping Richtofen from doing the right thing. Other songs have described being "blinded" to the truth, which describes Richtofen perfectly. "A statue of who tried to see, endless odyssey, shadow progeny" would describe his quest to find that truth in the endless odyssey that is the cycle. A progeny is a descendant or child, and I believe that could also describe Richtofen as the metaphorical "son" of the Shadowman, suffering a similar fate as him and becoming his apprentice. And of course, the poison prophecy that was concealed from Richtofen's eyes was the fate at the end of Tag, the deaths of Primis and Ultimis.) Fear and fire await all all hoping to see an open doorway into the daylight our fate is a boatman after all the roads before us lead to a way that ends up away from where we become the way we were before it had us Stormbound (Again, the thesis of the song is described. The fear and fire of end is not preferable, and so Richtofen hopes to find that "open doorway" into the daylight, into the new universe (I guess that kind of worked out with Eddie huh). But their fate is with the boatman Charon into the afterlife, into the Dark Aether, after every road ends up in the same place: the beginning of the cycle.) days locked in the night within our minds will time bring white wings when crumbling down in a thundering sound we'll cry out If we fall with no one around will we still make a sound or just die (As I stated before, I believe Richtofen is terrified that when they are all dead, no one will remember them and everything he ever did will be for nothing. It's a very human fear. Also this alludes to the phrase, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really fall?" which has a similar meaning that their struggles will not be known by anyone in the new universe. It is also fitting to describe them like trees falling in a forest, just as they all fell in the frozen forest. "Our golden pins are falling into the dark Who will want them when they're muddy Or find them when they fall What was the lasting meaning If we're dead and gone") worn down and stormbound and wondering how we'll ever be found its thundering down with deafening sound with the darkness surrounding let bright wings of lightning rain Down in to the ground no light is found in river drown by storm be bound be bound by river and the storm be bound Thanks for reading my analysis! This was a lot of fun to do! Let me know what you think.
  13. A few corrections when it comes to specifics, because this EE is very buggy and for that reason there was a lot of misinformation. But according to trial and error and the code, this is a more accurate series of steps for Maxis' side: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/gi9z1w/actual_die_rise_guide_for_maxis_side_tired_of_the/ The main contentious step is the "reincarnation is key" one. Apparently Russman has nothing to do with it. You only have to pack-a-punch the ballistic knife and go shoot the buddha statue or somewhere near it after killing enough zombies and triggering the "reincarnation is key" line. After that, for some reason Misty and Marlton have to be the ones to pick up the balls or the game will glitch. So I think he says, "Ah, yes! Do you see? The energy of their broken souls has been released! Their energy fields remain in flux. Matter must be transformed before it can be contained. The Spire must be energized as fire and light. Create a field with which to bind it." after shooting the buddha statue, implying you should use the trample steams and the balls to create the field. Then, after creating the field, he would say, "Excellent! The energy fields are changing, transforming, flowing. Ah, you are on the right path. You must look for objects of steel. With the appropriate weapon, their energy fields can be manipulated" with the weapon of steel being the galvaknuckles at the end. It's possible he might be using Victis' energy also, he just isn't implying it. But regardless, they are used to manipulate energy acquired in a different manner. I also find it interesting that it must be done in a specific way, hitting the different directions of the tower in a certain order, which feels like it would relate to some pseudoscience about energy and the poles, but I'm no expert there. As for what the balls are, they seem to be made of the same material as the lion statue and have a similar pattern to its neck collar. I have to assume it's just some kind of mysticism at play.
  14. Chapter 7: My Way is now up on the site and on the Google Doc: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book2-ch7/ Also, @Grimmstein made a cover for Book 2: Amazing work as always!
  15. Requiem (15/15) Audio Logs (4) "The Zakarpatska Oblast" - Ravenov reveals to Weaver the location of Operatsiya Izbavitel. "Symbotic Relationship" - Strauss records his findings on three particularly unique crystals - and their special ability to forge an ancient aethereal weapon. "Russian to Russian" - Weaver formally introduces himself to Zykov - and makes a deal. "For Health" - Weaver and Carter share a late night drink and discuss the future. Documents (6) "Ancient Parchment" - A Dark Aether drawing of a deadly Aethereal weapon by the Zealot Sparagmos. "Collapse Report" - A document discussing the environmental collapse and terraforming of several Outbreak Zones around the globe, including the Ural Mountains. "Ancient Parchment 2" - Documentation of the crystals required to forge the Chrysalax by the Zealot Sparagmos. "Requiem Neutralizer Blueprint" - The design for field construction of an Aetherium Neutralizer, if an operator is compromised by the Phase. "Memorandum for the Board" - A memorandum from Requiem's Director discussing the events of Berlin and his involvement. "Progress Report" - A progress report for the Director regarding the progress of another operation. Artifacts (5) "The Chrysalax" - Forged in the pools of the Dark Aether, the Chrysalax combines three crystals, creating an Aetheral weapon that can transform at will between two forms. "Housing Unit" - A sufficient housing unit for constructing an Aetherium Neutralizer in the field. "Monitoring Device" - An adequate monitor for an Aetherium Neutralizer assembled from spare parts, capable of broadcasting status updates to the user. "Fuel Tank" - A makeshift fuel tank for an Aetherium Neutralizer, saucer-shaped to stabilize the volatile catalyzed Aetherium. "Aetherium Neutralizer" - It may not be professionally constructed, but this field-assembled Aetherium Neutralizer will still provide all the necessary protection from areas with high levels of irradiated Aetherium. Omega (13/13) Audio Logs (4) "Fully Operational" - Kravchenko pays an unexpected visit at Test Site Anna - and informs Peck of an alarming schedule update. "Deja Vu" - As Kravchenko and Peck run their eighth attempt to extract Zykov, a catastrophic miscalculation is made. "The Agreement" - Peck makes another phone call. "The Magnificent Two" - Gorev and Jager form a tentative accord should Operation Izbavitel fail. Documents (9) "Operatsiya Izbavitel Approval" - A letter from Chebrikov, giving Omega Group authorization to proceed with Operatsiya Izbavitel. "Order of Operations" - A memorandum from Kravchenko to Omega Department Leads, reviewing the order of operations on the day Operatsiya Inversiya is to be executed. "Test Site Construction Blueprint" - The design specs for the particle accelerator and the Amplifier tunnel at Test Site Anna. "Containment Chamber Blueprint" - The design specs for the Containment Chamber for Operatsiya Inversiya. "Location Targets" - Kravchenko discusses his thoughts on potential targets once Operatsiya Inversiya is complete. "Aetherium Gun Turret Blueprint" - The design specs for the Aetherium Energy Gun Turret, to be used as part of Operatsiya Inversiya. "Forsaken Photograph" - A photograph of the Forsaken, taken in the Dark Aether by one of Omega's Aethernauts. "ARC-XD Blueprint" - The design specs for the ARC-XD, a remote-controlled vehicle, carrying an Aetherium payload, capable of distracting undead enemies. "Anton Note" - A note written by Omega Officer Anton, discussing recent happenings at Test Site Anna. Maxis (4/4) Audio Logs (3) "My Control" - Grey vists Maxis at Requiem's Block 8 facility. "My Orders" - Weaver calls Maxis before Operation First Domino. "My Choice" - Maxis records her final personal log. Documents (1) "Maxis Approval Memo" - A report from the Director authorizing Maxis for Operation First Domino. Dark Aether (4/4) Artifacts (4) "Polymorphic Crystal Core" - Created by the hands of Sparagmos, the polymorphic crystal core can shift its form - the source of the Chrysalax's transformative powers. "Energetic Geode" - Highly volatile, the Energetic Geode is created from a Dark Aether Crystal impacted by an Aetherium energy blast. "Tempered Crystal Heart" - The fiery crystal heart of a Tormentor. "Catalyzed Crystal Shard" - When assembling an Aetherium Neutralizer in the field, catalyzed Aetherium crystals create an acceptable replacement for the Aetherium Orb, if one is not available.
  16. Intel is all done here. Moving to Forsaken now.
  17. Audio intel is done here. Still need the documents and artifacts. If anyone has screenshots, they would be much appreciated.
  18. Mostly grammar and typos. The only major change is changing what Group 601 is and changing Kustover Posten to Kustenposten. With the latter change, I know in the beginning it likely referred to the Siberian Facility, being by the coast, but it developed such a mystery around it in the community that I'd like to keep it as a separate facility.
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