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Everything posted by RadZakpak

  1. I hope you plan to do more of these, I really do.
  2. Come check out the latest Podcast der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we discuss our memories of Zombies past, and how they stand up to the test of time. Where did T.E.D.D.'s name REALLY come from? Where did we get the idea that Takeo killed his parents? What is fact, and what is fiction? What memories about the early Aether storyline do you have that you just cannot find the evidence for? Do you have any of the evidence we were searching for? Post a comment below!
  3. In the BO1 campaign, Woods gets into a fight with Kravchenko, and the two are separated from Mason. What is bizarre about this message, though, is that in BO2, it is confirmed that Woods escaped a POW camp and returned home in 1972, six years before this message is even sent, further reinforcing that Treyarch abandoned this plot thread. The MJ-12 message is sent to almost everyone on the CIA server, simply saying Dreamland is only accessible by those MJ-12 members. The only three accounts we can access in Dreamland are Vannevar Bush, Robert Oppenheimer, and T. Walker, which share many of the same Der Riese files. The running theory is that John Trent IS Viktor Reznov. I have no doubt that Reznov escaped Vorkuta, and there was something more to his plan. John Trent is either Reznov himself, or a follower of his. He uses quotes from him, and directly references escaping Vorkuta. As for Evelyn Cross, I've never quite been able to figure out who she is meant to be.
  4. Nice list! I'm curious though, what's the beef with Der Eisendrache?
  5. @The Meh suggested I make a Zombies map tier list. The further left a map is on a tier, the more I like it. I took into consideration all aspects of the map from story to gameplay. (For some reason it is blurry, but if you click it it is clear. If you want to make your own and share it, here's a link. I removed the SS tier in mine. I could have removed a tier at the bottom but I wanted to articulate that there isn't a map I could say is bad in good conscience.
  6. After looking through the CIA server, pretty much everyone in the CIA thought that Mason was compromised and did not trust him. Weaver did not even seem to trust him until after the events of the campaign, calling him "two-faced". After Mason killed Steiner and he was captured to be interrogated, Hudson still refused to just kill Mason despite all the trouble he caused. Ryan Jackson had this to say: Basically the higher ups did not trust Mason at all, for very good reason. He would apparently rant and rave about how great Reznov was, and was clearly not all there in the head after all the brainwashing. So after the numbers station was blown up, the CIA wanted nothing to do with him, and may have assumed him going to Johannesburg was him going rogue again on someone else's orders. They lost faith in Hudson and Weaver because they would follow Mason there, and refused to just kill him. This is all dropped, though, by the time of Black Ops 2's past missions in the 80s. Hudson and Mason continue working for the CIA, no problem.
  7. Okay I've gone down a bit of a rabbit hole in the CIA servers and am at a loss and also my head hurts so here's what I've got: On October 24, 1955 Vannevar Bush sends a message to J. Robert Oppenheimer with poems written by John "Banana" which were recovered at Verruckt. Here's an excerpt from that message: DK-MFK is a hint on how to login to the CIA account of someone named D. King. When you log into his account, you find only one irrelevant email that was sent to all users about cupcakes. However, he has many .txt files that contain haikus, and one image. The haikus are related to missions in the campaign, basically explaining what happens in each, with the exception of one, which relates to Multiplayer of all things: Here is the one image: Here's the thing about the haikus, though: The file names are written like so: Hai23.txt, Hai24.txt, and so on. There are three missing: Hai1.txt, Hai2.txt, and Hai5.txt. (CoD Wiki says both have Hai5.txt, but I checked in-game and Dking has Hai6, but not Hai5) Where are those three haikus? They are located in the Dreamland server, under Vannevar Bush: Hai1.txt Hai2.txt Hai5.txt Hai1 and Hai2 are DEFINITELY related to Zombies, and they are some of John "Banana"'s final writings in Verruckt. So that brings us full circle. To recap: - John "Banana"'s poem, shared by V. Bush, provides the hint DK-MFK. DK referring to D. King, and MFK referring to his password. - D. King's directory contains a series of prophetic haikus about the campaign. It is missing three haikus: 1, 2, and 5. - V. Bush's directory contains the missing haikus, which definitely relate back to John "Banana". So I guess my questions are: Why did John Banana provide a clue for how to login to D. King's CIA server account, all the way back in 1945? Why does D. King also write haikus, which are in some way related to ones found in Verruckt? Did he write them based on Banana's final moments, and because they held sensitive information, they were put into the Dreamland server? Is this all an elaborate joke about DK (Donkey Kong) and Bananas? The only other place I could find reference to D. King is in a note Jason Hudson received: NOTEX-DK.txt To sum up what is going on here, this note is from 1978, ten years after the end of the Black Ops campaign. Around then, the CIA, especially Richard Kain, were planning Operation Charybdis, a mission to track down and eliminate Hudson, Mason, and Weaver as they were deemed a danger to national security. This story point was obviously dropped as the Black Ops 2 campaign happened. But it confirms D. King is someone in the CIA, working for Kain. The sender of this note, X, also warned Weaver about a niece who was still alive, and Mason about Woods still being alive. What does X know about D. King that we do not? Last thing, and I sign off: Hai5.txt
  8. Possibly... I've never run into that problem and I have never played casual, so that may be it.
  9. I took another listen to all the intel, and while I'm still confused on just what these Archetypes are and what the hell is going on, there are three instances of number sequences just like the ones heard in Black Ops. These sequences can be decoded in some way using the book Profiles in Courage by JFK, just as the codes in Black Ops were. The problem is, these are Ascension codes, which don't seem to telegraph what excerpt from the book to use as the encryption key. I'll share the codes and their context here to future reference, and maybe someday they will be solved. EDIT: @RichKiller brought the solutions to my attention, so I've added them. 1. In the intel piece "The Running Woman", the specialist Battery and Ruin are talking, seemingly about a game of Blackout? Here is the transcript: The description for this intel reads: According to Richkiller this simply decrypts to "ARCHETYPES". 2. In the intel piece "Mason's Ladder", Woods is attempting to either brainwash or fix Mason's mind by reading off a numbers sequence: So here Woods DIRECTLY mentions Profiles in Courage. Could the rest of his words be a hint to where the key lies in the book? It's also worth noting that Woods says these are Reznov's numbers. Perhaps even the same ones he used to brainwash him to kill Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner. Based on all the brainwashing, it looks like Woods is trying to convince Mason that the two of their roles were reversed. He wants to convince Mason that it was he who was in the box in Angola. He puts him in the same robes and wheelchair that Woods wore when he retired. In this intel they exchange quotes that the other made (Originally Mason says "Woods! You look like hammered shit!" and Woods tells Mason, "It's all in your mind, Mason.") Why he would do this, I don't know. 3. The final numbers sequence plays in the background of the final piece of intel, a conversation between Raul Menendez and Savannah Mason-Meyer: Okay so off the bat, Savannah almost says Josefina's death was not in vain. Josefina being Menendez's sister who was killed when Mason and Woods arrived in Panama. She is the reason for his need for revenge. Instead, Savannah shifts into saying that Jessica's death was not in vain, her sister who she betrayed after she tried to expose Savannah's work. Does this Raul know what happened to Josefina? The number sequence that plays in the background is this: Here is all the intel if you want to give it a listen. I'm so confused yet so intrigued. What's the story here?
  10. According to the CoD wiki, you don't actually get teeth for not going down. Here is the list of all the things that give teeth: It's also important to note you only get extra teeth with up to 3 relics. Any more than that, and you are just challenging yourself for no extra reward. I'm by no means an Extinction expert, but the way I've just earned teeth was playing PoC public matches with three of the easiest relics on on regular difficulty. It's more fun that way IMO than existing boosting methods, and I would end up with around ~10 teeth per match depending on the competency of your teammates with challenges.
  11. A top-notch thread that explains the role of Nova 6 in the Aether story. I've had trouble in the past reconciling how the Americans would be able to have Nova 6 in the Pentagon and at Camp Edward despite seemingly the only supply of it being on the boat that was blown up. The explanation may simply be that the Nova 6 used in these mind control experiments at Kino and later in the Pentagon are based on an early version of the gas, which doesn't kill you instantly, instead flowing into the brain and causing damage slowly. This explains why Nova 6 from Nova Crawlers and the Nova 6 being sprayed around Camp Edward doesn't actually do any damage to the player, only clouding your vision and slowing movement. If the gas were, however, combined with 115, it would have the same mind-controlling effect you describe. Perhaps another HAARP connection? I could see this being true, as even though Richtofen commissioned it, they must have used it in some capacity in the ensuing 80 years.
  12. Certain leaks suggest the next game will be a Black Ops reboot with new actors and a new story based in Vietnam... so this would actually be a good explanation. I'm pretty against the idea of a reboot so soon, but this would dampen the blow a little. I had no idea about any of this. At first I assumed that it was a mistake, but your evidence is solid. I think this would lend further credence to the theory that Blackout is a simulation, due to all the modern weapons and vehicles scattered around, however, the characters in this simulation are "real" in some capacity. They are lucid, and they maintain their memories and form self-aware thoughts. We see similar simulated training with DNI all over Black Ops III, with other real-world people being able to interact with you in the simulated memories, and people in those memories responding naturally to you. Still, if it is a simulation, why would that Seraph document even need to be in it? And why would it be stamped with a 1970 date if it is a real-world document? It would be some serious mind-fuckery, but perhaps Broken Arrow truly did find out how to open new worlds, and reached across the metaphorical aisle to take the greatest fighters and pit them against each other and test... something? What does it all accomplish? Also why M. Shadows? It's all a bit silly, but cool to think about.
  13. After doing some transcriptions for Aether-related characters in Blackout mode, I started to question just how all these people came together for this Battle Royale. You have people from the Chaos story, Aether story, the campaign, the multiplayer, the Modern Warfare series, Dead Ops Arcade, Black Ops trailers, and a member of Avenged Sevenfold all coming together to duke it out in some familiar locales from all over the multiverse placed in California until only one survives. On the surface, it's just a game and really Treyarch could put whoever they want into the game and have them fight no matter how nonsensical it is. It's just for fun. The thing is, characters have conversations, and they say some things that suggest there is a little more to it than that in the story department. Audio logs from the Specialist Stories and presumably the cut campaign suggest there is a lot more to it. Let me say this right off the bat, because a lot of people deride the idea that Blackout has any implications on the Aether storyline: It doesn't. It's a one-way street. But our characters being put into this whole new universe, potentially the campaign universe, is just as interesting as characters like Roebuck or Woods being integrated into our beloved Aether. So don't say anything about that, because we already know they are not "connected" in a traditional sense. So let's dive in to what we know about this Blackout Universe. What is Blackout? Sometime in the 2040's, Alex Mason's granddaughter, Savannah Mason-Meyer founded a project called Project Blackout for the CIA. There's pretty much nothing else we know about Project Blackout, but we can safely assume it is in some way related to the Blackout mode. To sum up the Specialist stories, Savannah was working on a variety of technologies, such as DNI implants, which are a major part of Black Ops 3's campaign, which takes place after. She also created something called an Archetype. Archetypes are essentially "clones" of long-dead people with generally all the same memories as their original. Whether they are created, artificial people made with DNA, or other people surgically altered and implanted with memories, we don't know. But four were made that we know of, Woods, Alex Mason, Raul Menendez, and Viktor Reznov. Something went wrong with Alex, though. His mind seems broken, and Woods is attempting to implant false memories into his head (Poor Mason). But the place he does this in, of all places, seems to be Verruckt: You can tell this is Verruckt by the broken architecture and the color of the walls. Verruckt is found on the Blackout Map. Are you following? So the multiplayer specialists, who are now confirmed to be in the campaign universe, are being tested on by Savannah with DNI implants, in which training takes place. In this simulation, generally multiplayer maps are simulated with enemies to fill them and teach the basics of the game. On one level in particular, which I can't even find footage or a screenshot for, the player is given a Ray Gun and zombies are spawned in to end the mission. Note: These missions are voiced over by Woods, and at the very beginning, he introduces himself alongside Savannah, meaning these missions are in some way connected to the campaign universe. A One-Way Ride Down Aether Street So with the Archetypes in a place that looks like Verruckt Asylum, the worlds of Campaign, Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies are suddenly thrust together, and they are all connected to Savannah Mason, the creator of the Archetypes and Project Blackout. It's worth noting that in a rapid-fire interview, when asked if Blackout, the mode, was a simulation, David Vonderhaar said "No." It's possible he had no idea Blackout was even mentioned offhandedly in the Specialist Stories, and considered it its own universe where all these characters come together and fight. Getting off that, the Specialists and Campaign characters don't seem to treat this world of Blackout as anything out of the ordinary. Both groups, assuming all the Campaign characters, including Hudson and Weaver, are connected to Savannah, and would understand where they are presumably. Certain Aether characters, however, seem to question where they are, and even Richtofen does not seem to know, or he brushes it off as a 115-induced delusion. You get the picture. They're about the only ones who seem to question where they are, but all they know is that they must fight together against total strangers. Primis Richtofen seems to believe it is a delusion, yet he is still troubled by not knowing just what is going on. So why ARE they there? Let's listen to a very late addition to Blackout, the Pentagon Thief, explain how he sees this world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlsAcJAqN-0 Some standouts: Apart from those, it is mostly Yuri lamenting Samantha in his head. Samantha actually does have a connection to Blackout. When stepping outside the circle in-game, you will begin to slowly die and start to see images on your screen, including one of Samantha. @caljitsu theorized this may be a combination of Nova 6 and 115, adding a further connection to Nightmares... but for now, that is besides the point. 115 is present, and connecting your mind with Samantha. With the Aether. Is this how the zombies on the map itself came to be? They have orange eyes after all. It's also got the mystery box, and a wall-buy for the Ray Gun Mk 2 in Buried. In terms of familiar locations, we've got Verruckt, a place we've seen the Archetypes, we've got Nuketown, the Diner from TranZit, the entire underground section of Buried, and the lighthouse from Call of the Dead, all located in California (Confirmed by road signs.) Were they temporally displaced here? Or are they a facade for this war games scenario? If Blackout is actually a simulation, based on a real life location, could Savannah have "created" the Aether cast specifically for this program? Are they based on the real-life characters, which she is somehow aware of? Are they... Archetypes? Cloning is in the Aether storyline, so it's not that far-fetched. What is far-fetched is the inclusion of characters like the Cosmic Silverback, M. Shadows, The Replacer, the Chaos crew, and... Captain Price? What makes this location a "nexus", as Yuri calls it? Why do seemingly all these souls converge into one place, which seems to possibly be in the Campaign Universe, if this truly is Project Blackout? Is it real or a simulation? Is it all just a game?! ... The answer is yes...
  14. Dead Ops Arcade has bulls which stampede in some levels, maybe they are a holdover from that original ox enemy.
  15. I really like this! We all have this illusion that we are in complete control of our lives, and Primis Richtofen especially does with all his resources. Yet, he failed to see he really had no choice in saving the universe. He even says that he knows, one day, he will save the world. He's a Doctor, he can help. He believes there is an end to all this where no one has to truly die. He was raised to believe that Doctors can save lives, no matter how bad the odds are. As it turns out, he's wrong. We all die someday, and as a soldier bred to follow orders and give up his own free will, Nikolai knows that sometimes sacrifice is necessary for the greater good.
  16. I have updated the timeline by highlighting all entries and words placed there by me in green. That way, you know what was added by me, and what was in the original, so there is no more confusion. I also brought up another transcription of the timeline done by a different person, and compared the two, checking the actual timeline image where there were discrepancies. So now, hopefully, all entries from the official timeline should be completely accurate without me having to break my neck again trying to transcribe the source once again.
  17. One of the most salient ideas Aether has represented to me, especially as of late, is the dichotomy in all of us. There are two sides to all of us, the Keepers and the Apothicons, Dr. Monty and the Shadowman, Primis and Ultimis, etc. There is the part of us we consider true and moral, and the part of us deep inside with our darkest thoughts and anxieties. Compared to Primis, Ultimis are the living incarnations of that darker side. Richtofen is the ego run amok, Dempsey is the lust for violence and bravado, Nikolai is the mask that hides self-destructive tendencies, and Takeo is the blindly faithful need to follow others. Yet, Primis are not perfect, and in many ways they contradict of these negative characteristics in an opposite extreme. Richtofen is the best example, with his Primis counterpart being self-loathing, feeling no pity as he murders mirrors of himself, yet this indifference does not last, and he feels that part of his soul being torn away every time he does it. Within the cycle, Ultimis tears apart the universe, while Primis seemingly mends it, forever and ever. But the conflict never truly ends, not until they can come together. Not until they can learn to accept each other's co-existence will they be able to live in peace. At the end of the day, they are the same people. The game Celeste handles a similar idea, with a physical manifestation of the main character's anxiety following her around, tormenting her as she tries to climb a mountain. Over time, she learns to accept her shadow, and the two become one. This, to me, was why Primis and Ultimis coming together was so exciting to me. Anxiety is a constant struggle that can never truly be eradicated. The only solution is acceptance, and turning that anxiety into something more positive to better yourself.
  18. This is a neat What-if topic! It makes you wonder where the story would have gone had the last map of BO1 been set on Earth. On one hand, if the team had already planned to do maps in the upcoming BO2 with survivors on Earth after some kind of apocalypse, maybe things would have played out the same, with Richtofen entering the MPD, and Maxis, still alive on the Moon base, sending rockets to Earth, starting an apocalypse and maybe killing Ultimis in the process. I think there were always plans to have some kind of Group 935 activity on the Moon, given the lights on the Moon in Der Riese: Given the extended occupation by the Germans of Paris, from 1940 to 1944, it's very possible Group 935 established some kind of forward base there, akin to their base in Stalingrad in the Agonia fracture. They could have been testing early mind control on the local population, with the Eiffel Tower being used as a broadcast device, like you mentioned. In the story as it is now, perhaps the Eiffel Tower was where Richtofen created and tested the first GPD he would need for his plan. Also, a fact not often remembered is that in the WaW version of Der Riese, each teleporter has a wooden board on the ground nearby marked with a country. There's GER, FRA, and ENG. Germany makes sense, and if there was a base in Paris, then France makes sense too. Germany never had ground troops in Great Britain, but did they perhaps still have a base there from before the war that we've never heard about? Perhaps it even ties in to Maxis's relationship with Monty, and the wide use of English in Group 935?
  19. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ This FRAUD is a scientist who started the EVIL NAZI organization GROUP 935 in 1931. Sounds pretty SMART, eh? Well you'd be DEAD WRONG. Here are proven FACTS that I* have found to show what a DUMMKOPF this guy is! 1. For being such a GENIUS, Maxis didn't seem to care when one of his BEST scientists perfected TELEPORTATION! To quote directly from the horse's mouth: "What? That you moved a walnut a few feet? Yes, Edward, we will improve the human condition by revolutionizing the walnut industry. I can see it now: 'Edward's Walnut Delivery.'" WOW! Talk about being OBTUSE! 2. Maxis is the worst father OF ALL TIME. After expressing his fears about a certain UNNAMED scientist's mental state, just 4 DAYS LATER... HE LEAVES HIS DAUGHTER IN THAT MAN'S CARE FOR 3 YEARS!!! REALLY! December 16th, 1942 In a personal log, Maxis expresses concern over Element 115’s impact on UNNAMED SCIENTIST’s behavior. No longer trusting him, he wonders if it was a mistake to invite him to Group 935. December 20th, 1942 Accompanied by Sophia, Maxis is transferred to the Kino facility to focus on creating Germany’s undead army. Samantha is left in UNNAMED SCIENTIST’s care. Ludvig also gave his seven-year old DAUGHTER a DOG. Sounds sweet, right? Except that dog was PREGNANT! What happens when that dog gives birth and Sam tries to pet those puppies? OUCH! To make matters worse, Maxis used the dog for ANIMAL TESTING. SOMEBODY CALL PETA!!! AND THE DOG WAS PREGANANT AGAIN?!?!?! Poor Samantha! Speaking of his FAMILY............. 3. He is a big, fat HYPOCRITE! In the handbook Maxis wrote for HIS OWN ORGANIZATION, it says: "No one is to know what you do, where you work, what our research has uncovered, or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments or with your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 9-3-5 is absolute." Yet, Ludvig was MARRIED at the time, and later HAD A CHILD while working at Group 935! OH, I'M SORRY, DO THE RULES NOT APPLY TO YOU?! 4. Maxis is a SWEATING, FILTHY LIAR! MAXIS made promises time and time again to his colleague, DOCTOR EDWARD RICHTOFEN, that he would mass-produce the INCREDIBLE WUNDERWAFFE DG-2, yet, he never did! How could anyone trust someone like that?! Wouldn't that just DRIVE YOU INSANE?! 5. Maxis is a CREEP! A REAL NASTY GUY! Ludvig Maxis had a love affair with his YOUNG ASSISTANT Sophia for YEARS! Samantha did not like her, BUT MAXIS DIDN'T CARE! SORRY KID, YOU'VE GOT A NEW MOM NOW! DID YOU KNOW that in a fractured dimension, Maxis falls so deeply in love with her that he MURDERS HER after she is bitten by a zombie, and PUTS HER BRAIN into a ROBOT? Yikes! Obsessed much? 6. Maxis didn't realize his organization had turned against him for YEARS. While he was busy committing WAR CRIMES, his brilliant colleague DOCTOR EDWARD RICHTOFEN was uncovering LOST CIVILIZATIONS! Edward used Group 935's resources for FIVE YEARS to build a base on the MOON and make COUNTLESS scientific discoveries!!! Where would be we today without the MODERN MARVEL that is the EDWARD RICHTOFEN INSTANT WALNUT DELIVERY SYSTEM®? When Maxis found out the truth, he SHOT HIMSELF in front of his daughter, and BLEW UP THE EARTH!!!!!!!! Turns out, though, that started a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. WOW, WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT. If you learned anything about the DEPLORABLE LUDVIG MAXIS from this post, please forward it TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY or YOUR SPLEEN WILL BE EATEN BY THE UNDEAD! THIS IS 100% REAL!!! *This post is paid for by the Richtofen** for President Campaign **I'm sorry about this post
  20. RadZakpak

    Apothican monkeys

    A really interesting thread! I didn't know about that quote from Remnant, and while the canonicity can be debated, vengeful monkeys from space seems to be a common theme in both Ascension and Shangri-La. It can be inferred that Shangri-La was found at some point by the Russians before 1954 due to the lander present there with the Russian star symbol. We also know that landers are a lot more advanced in Zombies by this point than they were in real life, considering Ultimis used them to travel all the way from Berlin to Kazhakistan in only 9 days. Not to mention, they are built to hold up four people with armor and weaponry while in Earth's gravity, not just the Moon's. Group 935 must have been working on them before their scientists went to the Ascension Group, considering Richtofen directly requests one be placed at Kino before the Soviets even had a space program. What this all means is, it's not without reason that the monkeys could use these landers to travel from the Moon to Earth (in Ascension), and travel from Earth to the Moon (in Shangri-La). The only issue arises in the fact that the Space Race is still ongoing in the 1960s, with both people in America and the Soviet Union bringing up the race to reach the Moon and take Griffin Station: It begs the question of why neither side has reached the Moon yet when lander technology seems to be good enough to accomplish it. The answer may be that only the Monkeys that have been injected with the Blood, and PHD as you suggested, could survive this journey, while humans could not. Perhaps the Blood has adverse effects on humans that make it not viable? It's also possible the focus is still heavily on teleportation from both sides, and despite Soviet success with landers and monkeys on the Moon, these same methods would not work with humans. How does this apply to the Cosmic Silverback? I'm not sure. I think with this magazine, he may very well be canon, though I don't think Dead Ops itself is canon, it being a game within the universe based on the real Silverback. It makes you wonder, though... Was there a whole colony of Silverbacks somewhere during the events of Moon? If they are doing the bidding of the Apothicons, maybe this is why they never attack the players, but I am curious what they were building, exactly?
  21. Added the following entries: January 20th, 1961 John F. Kennedy is inaugurated as the President of the United States. March 15th, 1961 Exposed Magazine creates an issue about the Space Race, and the struggle between the United States and Soviet Union as they attempt to send the first person to space. April 12th, 1961 Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human to be sent into space. July 7th, 1962 Exposed Magazine creates an issue about a Silverback Gorilla sent into space by the Soviet Union that returned as a zombie.
  22. I was never aware this was in the cards, I only knew there were murmurs of DLC 5 within Treyarch. But the connection with The Giant makes sense, if true. Though I'm glad they held off on it until the next generation of consoles. I do wonder, though, what those remakes would have been like in the BO2 engine.
  23. I also nominate @caljitsu for the Apothican Language. I'm a sucker for tiny details like that. By extension, those who helped him as well. You know how Time will sometimes do a group of people as Person of the Year? I think they would all be deserving. Cal also helped me understand the cycle better so I can't thank him enough for that. I would also like to nominate @anonymous for this thread which has been a lot of fun to participate in, and also he is just a swell guy. In addition, I nominate @The Meh for his input on the forums and in Discord, plus the Unity series is a labor of passion, which I admire greatly.
  24. Finally finished Rushmore up. Here are his quotes organized. Special thanks to you @PINNAZ for compiling them into a video. I also have Sergeant A.D.A.M., Peter's Conversations with Rushmore and Ultimis Dempsey in the quest, and Peter's individual quotes. Land of opportunity!

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