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  1. For people that can't watch/have not seen the stream: - They talked about the new Gauntlet: Death-Con Five for Classified. Blood of the Dead "Hellcatraz" Gauntlet coming next month. - DLC 2 Coming next month, it is a Chaos map set in Delphi called Ancient Evil (Uninspired much?) EDIT: Story is that when the Chaos crew arrive, a Sentinel Trial is already in action and has been going for a very long time. Jason and Craig mention that there are people still running around that started this trial on the map. - Ancient Evil will be the last Chaos map "This season". Jason confirmed that this season will be two Chaos maps and two Aether maps, and that there will be a season 2 (Presumably why the next Call of Duty does not have Blackout or Zombies, they will put out a second season for this game.) This season 2 will also have two Chaos and two Aether maps. So DLC 3 will be Aether. - They talked about the new perk Ethereal Razor, which enhances melee damage and replenishes health on hit. There was a little gameplay with it. - You can earn an extra Black Market Tier Skip through the daily callings. - At the end they showed a Director's Cut trailer for Dead of the Night. It confirms the theory that the reason Godfrey turned evil was because, like Bruno, he was killed and then revived by the Scepter of Ra. Also for other Zombies-related news in Blackout: - Misty, Brutus, and other zombie skins coming to Blackout. We should be seeing Victis again soon... - Part of Buried has been added under the western Ghost Town. - There was a little tease at the end of the Operation trailer that is something Alcatraz related. It showed some characters dropping in to Alcatraz and then an Alcatraz zombie. This could be number of things. It could be a new Blackout mode that takes place at night, and is maybe more zombies-centric? It could be a new zombies mode like Grief where you start out by dropping into Blood of the Dead like in Blackout (Probably not.)
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    An opinion about CoD's developers and the herd

    For background, my first CoD game was technically the original on my dad's PC back in the day, where I only played some of the campaign. Later when I had an Xbox 360 I rented CoD 2, 3, 4, and MW2 and played their campaigns some. But Black Ops was my first CoD online on Xbox Live. When I think of CoD I think of Treyarch. The aesthetic of their games and the gameplay are the pinnacle of the series in my opinion. To me Black Ops 4 is no exception, and I feel people are looking at this game with a modern perspective, while Activision controls development the same way they have been for 10 years. I can't fault people for feeling underwhelmed after this many entries in the series and no positive change in the business model. From the perspective of the gaming industry, Activision is way behind and is Anti-Consumer. EA is often hated for their business practices but people often neglect to mention the ways they have changed their games to match the backlash. Remember codes that came with the game that were required to play online? Remember paid DLC/Season Passes in Battlefield? Remember pay-to-win microtransactions in Battlefront 2? The difference between EA and Activision is that Activision has done nothing in response to criticism, but somehow EA gets put over the flames way more. I think too much blame is put on developers when just like a government there are layers to the management of a project, and crappy, anti-consumer business decisions almost always fall on the publisher for video games. Anyway, as for the three main developers, given what power they have, I think they all bring a unique flavor to Call of Duty. With the multitude of modes in Call of Duty from Campaign, Blackout, Zombies, Spec Ops, Extinction... it's kind of hard to compare all these games studios. Also one has to consider how many full Call of Duty games are under each developer's belt. Infinity Ward has 7, not including CoD4 Remastered. Treyarch has 7 if you include the spin off Big Red One. Sledgehammer has only 2, and showed up only recently. Is it fair to compare them all? Probably not. For me Treyarch Zombies has been and will always be my favorite. Setting aside nostalgia, it perfectly blends cheesiness with realism to create a unique universe and aesthetic not present in many video game properties. To me, IW Zombies felt like it tried to hard to go for cheese, but it lacked any substance. WW2 Zombies felt like a bore to me, and I hated the tone. Exo-Zombies actually comes pretty close to this, and I think given more time to flesh out the story and improve the irritating gameplay, Exo-Zombies could have rivaled Treyarch. But alas, we are probably never seeing Oz again... As I said, it feels unfair to compare zombies modes when Treyarch has had ten years to refine it and create good memories, while each other mode has only had one respective game. But speaking in terms of base gameplay mechanics, story, and aesthetics, Treyarch just takes the cake. Unlike a lot of people I liked the direction the Aether story went every step of the way, until about now... But I am giving Blundell the benefit of the doubt in saying I think he can end things in a satisfying way. The Storybook kind of depends on it. But if I had to rank the other modes, it would go something like this: 1. Exo-Zombies - A solid mode that actually made me buy the season pass for this game. This was the first non-Treyarch zombies so I had to give it a shot. I actually had some fun in this mode, and I think the first three maps are actually good, but Descent is pretty awful to play. I think Sledgehammer did not get enough time to make the gameplay less annoying and tedious and to better flesh out the story, as this was a late addition, the first DLC being having the first map. I wish they could have stuck with this story and world, but I understand why they didn't. 2. Extinction - Not really zombies, but fits a similar niche. I would have told you I hate this mode until about a year ago, and I still kind of never ever want to play it. It is just far too stressful for my taste unlike Black Ops and Black Ops 2 which were probably the most slowed down versions of zombies. But after watching a lot of Jr Rizzo videos on Extinction, I've come to appreciate its design a lot more, and I think I'm just bad at it. It's a truly unique Co-Op mode, and I think without Activison's meddling, IW would have stuck with this is as their Co-Op mode. 3. IW Zombies - I had an initial honeymoon period with Zombies in Spaceland where I really enjoyed it. I followed all the marketing and bought Infinite Warfare just for this mode. I liked the idea behind the map, being set in the 80s, with goofy characters as opposed to the somewhat seriousness of Treyarch. I thought it would be a great complement to the series, but after playing it for a month or so I became so incredibly bored and frustrated with the map. It really did not stay on my radar long, and I was never able to pin down why. I was so disillusioned by it, I never bought the season pass. The game still sits on my shelf, maybe I could revisit someday? 4. WW2 Zombies - I really hate this mode, and I feel bad that I do. I can see there was a lot of passion put into it, and a lot of people around here and Jr Rizzo seem to love it. But it is just so boring to me. The gameplay is pretty solid, but nothing special. The characters don't feel special. The locations the maps are set in don't feel special. It feels like a knock-off of zombies, thru and thru, without the personality of any of the above modes. I wish I felt the same way about this mode as many others do, but I just don't. I never bought the DLC, only watching videos on them, hoping I would see something interesting but I never did. The grey, washed out look only added to my lack of interest. I disliked this mode, the campaign, and multiplayer so much, that WW2 is the only CoD I traded in at the store. I never do that with games, because I might want to go back someday. But I felt no connection with this game. Am I biased? Yeah. But I'm willing to admit the faults in Treyarch Zombies as well, and there are plenty. I don't think the reason Youtubers and everyone else online only focuses on Treyarch is necessarily because they were the first to do Zombies. I mean, look at Treyarch and Infinity Ward. IW came first in the series and wowed everyone, but Treyarch put out some heavy hitters to change people's perception. I think none of these developers has gotten a chance to take a real, good crack at zombies. But I also think, ten years later, it may be too late. This style of game mode seems to be dying out when back then survival games were all the rage. The other modes may never be able to come out of Treyarch's shadow, and with Treyarch, they may all fade into obscurity given the way things are going.
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    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Have you ever wanted to experience the Call of Duty Zombies storyline as a narrative, interweaving all the little details to make a story that can be read anywhere? The CoD Zombies Storybook is an anthology project, telling every facet of the zombies storyline in a narrative fashion for easier reading and understanding, with some artistic liberties and theories thrown in to keep the story cohesive. If you would like to view each chapter on the site, click here. You can click any chapter on the sidebar to the left, and any major changes to chapters since their publishing will be noted at the bottom of the page Book 1: Told from a variety of perspectives, Book 1 chronicles the exploitation of Element 115 by Group 935 during the Second World War, which ultimately lead to the chaos pervading the entire story. Book 1 introduces Doctor Edward Richtofen, his superior and rival Doctor Ludvig Maxis, as well as Maxis' daughter Samantha. It also shows the war and experiments taking place behind the curtain from the perspective of American spy Peter McCain, as well as soldiers across the front, “Tank” Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki. Book 1 will see the rise and fall into madness of the brilliant Richtofen, as he sets a plan in motion that will alter time and space permenantly, and have him come to meet his three infamous test subjects for the first time. Book 2: Set back and desiring power, Edward Richtofen enlists the help of Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo to complete his plan to enter the Aether. Through all the blood and gore from legions of undead controlled by Samantha, the group, together known as Ultimis, finds themselves sent jumping through time in search of key components to Richtofen's plan. As we follow Ultimis, we see the ramifications of Richtofen's actions on the world during the era of the Cold War, where Group 935 scientists are used between the United States and Soviet Union in a technology race. The unholy experiments perpetuated by Group 935 and Samantha's influence create chaos in the modernizing world as major powers meet in order to keep the peace. Ultimis fights for Richtofen's agenda, only to find they have permenantly damaged the Earth and created a rift between dimensions. Book 3: Following Richtofen's entering of the Aether, the world in 2025 is plunged into chaos from the fallout of the missiles impacting major countries of the Earth. Broken Arrow, the organizational successor to Group 935 in the United States created during the Cold War, is in part responsible for the post-missile civilization's falling apart. Former agent of Broken Arrow, known only now as “Russman”, wanders America, his memories inconsistent from the 115 exposure. Along his travels he meets Samuel Stuhlinger, a disgraced reporter with former connections to a flesh-devouring cult. Utilizing Broken Arrow's technology and wary of zombies and other survivors, they travel in search of solace in Hell on Earth. Marlton Johnson, an engineer contracted to work with Broken Arrow, who has only survived through his intelligence and knack for technology, meets Abigail “Misty” Briarton, a farm girl who lost everything and searches for somewhere better. As the four would come together at a zombie-infested bus station, they would be known as Victis. The world has plunged into a war between those on the side of Ludvig Maxis, his voice now a part of technology across the globe, those listening to Edward Richtofen's voice in their head, and the undead. Caught in this conflict, Victis must choose a side and find purpose as the world literally crumbles beneath them. Book 4: When Edward Richtofen began to meddle with Element 115, he inadvertantly split the universe into several different multiverses, with elements of each travelling and passing through one another. One Dimension 63 was home to alternate versions of Group 935, Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and Ludvig Maxis, now present during the first World War. Lost without her father, Samantha calls to the Ludvig of this dimension, enlisting his help as well as Richtofen and the three soldiers sent to capture him, in order to free her from the Aether. Together, Richtofen and his unconventional allies would become Primis, following Samantha's freedom, Richtofen would come to learn of his true importance to the state of the multiverse. Driven to put an end to the chaos ensnaring it, and to redeem the actions of his other selves, Richtofen comes together with the rest of Primis to collect their eternal souls and put an end to the reign of the Apothicons, an ancient evil responsible for Richtofen's corruption and the spread of Element 115 throughout the dimensions. Book 4 follows the cycle that Primis is trapped in, spanning throughout centuries and fractured timelines. Book 5: Stuck in an infinite loop, Primis Richtofen decides the only way to break this cycle and stop the evil truly perpetuating it is to betray a version of himself, and allow him to die. Moving forward, he allows the rest of Primis to view the Kronorium, and as Nikolai gazes on all the versions of the future and past they have been fighting through together, he now sees the multiverse as it truly is. Book 5 follows the culmination of every element from Books 1-4 as they come together to truly put an end to the evil that has allowed chaos the cloud every dimension. My goal with the storybook is for readers to have an easy to understand and an entertaining source of zombies knowledge. If you have any criticism or any concern regarding accuracy of information, please ask in this thread. The purpose of this thread is to suggest any changes and provide criticism for the way the story is told. I am an amateur writer, and criticism will only help me. I will also use this thread to update when a new chapter is posted. NOTE TO ANY NEW READERS: Do not take my work as a definitive understanding of the storyline. Understand that there are many points in the zombies storyline left ambiguous or that were completely abandoned by Treyarch. My goal with the storybook is to use commonly accepted theories from the community to fill in these gaps to create a cohesive story. Simply, do not use my storybook as the be-all end-all source of storyline knowledge, as much of it is speculation, and as the storyline continues to evolve under community intervention, things will change in the story.
  4. A new Storybook chapter is up! "Faithful Servant"

  5. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Chapter 12 of Book 1, "Faithful Servant" is now on the site! I have also gone back and made slight changes to previous chapters. I recently realized the Wunderwaffe DG-2 did not have its first prototype created until 1942, so previous references to the DG-2 are changed to be about the first version of the project.
  6. The last unsolved cipher in Classified was recently solved, and I saw no post on it, so I thought I might as well start the discussion. It was solved by Reddit users /u/Richkiller and /u/coldstone_the_gamer. It reads: Now, this has some major implications as the only M besides Maxis we've known has most definitely been Monty. M has appeared in a Shadows of Evil cipher, and a cipher in Revelations which is 100% from Monty's perspective after the events of the map. I am fine with Monty being retroactively responsible for things like Perks and power-ups as those were unexplained phenomena. But this... is kind of infuriating. I mean, we don't fully know Monty's motivations yet, but why the Hell would he set Maxis on a journey to create the MTD, the device that has caused ALL of the inter-dimensional hullabaloo he complains over and over about?! Why, if Maxis was told to create Group 935 and teleporters by Monty, did Maxis abandon the MTD for years only to return to it in 1945 before his demise? Why would Monty want Richtofen to have it? We know he can retroactively change events of the past in slight ways, hence his creation of Perk-a-Colas and Powerups, and he "set Maxis on a journey". So why not go back on that since it has created such a mess for him? I don't know, it just seems pointless. Maxis being a man of science is enough motivation to want to create the MTD and 935. We didn't need Monty to be behind that too. I'm curious on what everyone else thinks, though. I'd love to hear another perspective.
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    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    It’s my first week back from break and things look bleak in my math class but we will see.
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    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    Actually, now that I think about it, Richtofen had to have known the Shadowman was in there, surely? He’s read the same timeline as us and knows how the cycle must go this way when he brings the Summoning Key to the house. If he thought things were going to truly be okay once they arrived, wouldn’t he have not gone through with acquiring blood? This makes me wonder, is Richtofen also hearing the Shadowman calling to him to be set free? Like Maxis, he doesn’t have his soul. He could have been manipulated into freeing him.
  9. A new Storybook chapter is up! "Expansion"

    1. anonymous


      Not only is it a great joy to read you chapters, writing it down this detailed and chronological way also makes me actually look to the Storyline as logical, and understandable, instead of total Chaos. Love all your references to real life history, as usual, and the in-game references too. General Amsel, PaP'ed weapons and a D9-shared Verrückt? Wunderbar!

  10. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    New chapter for a new year! And plans for the future are still looking good. I hope this school year does not kill me. In the mean time... Book 1 Chapter 11: "Expansion" From the perspective of Doctor Maxis, we learn of Group 935's great integration into the Third Reich and expansion to new facilities around the world, from the perspective of Doctor Maxis. This one has a lot of fun little nods for the well-versed zombies, and real-life historians! Behind the Scenes: Originally, the next chapter was going to be "Funding", which was a chapter in the original Storybook that was grandfathered into the plans for the new Storybook with the timeline's help. But, my process for writing these chapters involves me thinking about the upcoming chapter for days trying to imagine how the entire chapter will play out, scene by scene, to best utilize the setting for world building, develop the characters, create interesting dialogue and interactions, and generally be entertaining while adhering to the canon. Will how ambitious it has gotten, I could not think of a good reason to keep the "Funding" chapter. The original was very lackluster, in my opinion. It was just Maxis telling Sophia to write a letter, and then there was a response to it to build the world a little. But I think this chapter accomplishes that, and much much more. So that is why the chapter was cut and its story woven into this one.
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    VOIP in Blackout...

    I believe so, yes. I only play solo but I have heard weird noises through my headset only to find they are from another player’s mic.
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    IX Public Matchmaking Issues...

    Welcome to the community, great to see some new faces! What console are you on? Haven't played much online but may just be an issue with servers right now.
  13. I've been scouring for little story details and oddities from past maps that have been been abandoned/not addressed yet, and decided to make a thread compiling some of them, with my best guess at the answers. World at War Nacht der Untoten - The Second Outbreak: In 2009 through the Treyarch website a mysterious radio transmission could be found that stated, "Ever since the second outbreak at Nacht der Untoten, troops have been noticing strange radio transmissions and broadcasts taking place in the dead of the night” Apart from the fact that the area is referred to as "Nacht der Untoten" (Night of the Undead) in-universe, the biggest thing to take away from this is that there were multiple outbreaks at the airfield. @anonymous actually had a thread discussing it here. Possible Answers: This could be referring to the Black Ops version with Ultimis as canon, or it could simply be referring to the incident of the WaW version being the second outbreak, and the first being the reason it appears abandoned in the first place. - The Writing on the Wall: This is a question I've had in every map in the early days with chalk writing on the wall. Who is the one writing "Ascend from Darkness" on the walls? I can understand "Help" as someone was probably hiding out in that room from the outbreak. But the chalk drawings throughout the maps have served as cryptic directions for the player to traverse the map. "Beware the Six!", "Ascend from Darkness", "Look Up To See The Light" to name a few. Possible Answers: Knowing now that Monty has been the one meddling with the past to help us for as of yet unknown reasons puts many things such as this into perspective. He has confirmed himself as the reason for Perk-a-Cola creation, power-ups, and gobblegum machines. I think it is very possible that he is the reason for not only the chalk writing in the maps that guide the characters, but also the chalk weapon drawings. It would make sense as everything else he does subtly lends a hand to the characters without directly intervening. Rather, the chalk drawings, the powerups, the perks, all would allow Monty to place tools for Ultimis and the marines to use if they choose. - The Black Ops Loading Screen: This image has perplexed us for a long time, and frankly I'm still unsure of its meaning. Possible Answers: I'm unsure who the mysterious man travelling through time is meant to be. If not for the time travel element with the years, the image could easily fit in with the campaign of Black Ops, which centered around the Cold War and mind control. Verruckt - The Ultimis Dolls: In the Zombies Chronicles version, near a radiator on an upper floor, there is a light casting the shadow of a Richtofen doll, and on top of the radiator one can see dolls of Dempsey and Nikolai. These are the same dolls we see in Samantha's Room in Kino. Possible Answers: I struggle to find a logical reason these dolls would be here. A possible answer could be simply temporal displacement, while another could be that Samantha put them there. It is likely insignificant, but a little strange. Shi No Numa - HAARP Connection: In the Doctor's Quarters there is a note that reads, "It could be used to power HAARP...". HAARP is an American research program established in 1993 often associated in theories with Green Run. First of all, what is it doing in Japan? And how can it be here if in 1945 if it was not established until 1993? Possible Answers: This is an interesting one. I think it is possible in canon that HAARP was possibly established earlier, or was not publicly established until 1993, working in secret before that. As for it being in Japan, it being in the Doctor's Quarters, where Richtofen's supposed diary is found, I believe it may have been written by Richtofen around the time he made the deal with the Americans that we know of from Classified, as a sort of selling point for sharing research and 115 with them. Of course, Treyarch had no plans for Classified this early on, so I am not sure of their original intentions. Der Riese - Question Marks on the Loading Screen: For many years people have wondered what the question marks on the loading screen signify on the actual map, and why the layout is so different from the actual map. Some of the question marks are areas where paper scraps are located, others are not. Possible Answers: I think the answer is simple: This art is based on an early version of the map with a slightly different layout and playable area, and the question marks lead to where easter eggs such as paper scraps were going to be located. Another theory I have is these were perk locations, as there are five and early on there was a perk meant for Der Riese called Ammo-Matic. The art was already done when they changed the layout and they decided it was close enough to ship. - Creation of 115?: A note can be found reading roughly: "...is produced by bombarding an Americium-243 nucleus with a Calcium 48 nucleus. It then decays (writing is blurred)... after further decay a metastable isotope is formed. This leads us to believe that transference of matter is indeed possible, and even the re-animation of b... (faded, but it is presumed to be bodies)" Possible Answers: Though we have known since Shi No Numa about 115 originating from space in the form of meteors, this note seems to suggest that the element must go through this process of metastasis to have the effects we know of. That, or the note is referring to an artificial recreation of the element as supply was running short. I think this is more likely, as Americium was not produced until 1944, and info about it was not released to the public until November 1945, and 115 was being used to create zombies and teleport well before that. - Bees? Beads?: A torn note in German translates to, "The bees disappeared from Ludwigsdorf." Ludwigsdorf is a small village in Germany. Possible Answers: As far as I know, bees have not been a part of the storyline at any point. This leads me to believe that bees is either a translation of a mistranslation on Treyarch's part, or bees is meant to be code for zombies, which disappeared from this small town. Not much else to say about this. - Other Hidden Messages: A sign near the trench gun has three bullet points on a board with only one being readable: "Did not resist in Paris". A board near the C Teleporter reads "die glocke ist jetzt Mobile" (translated to "the bell is now mobile") pinned on the upper left, and "folgen Sie dem Gesamtplan" (translated to "follow the entire plan") pinned on the bottom right. There are four codes written using Illuminati symbols. Reading "Living Dead", "Edward is Alive", "Treyarch", and "To community, the fans, and our families. Thank You. We Shall Return." In Animal Testing on a board, "H. Yena, Edward I know it was you". Possible Answers: I have a good feeling these relate to story threads that were simply never explored and dropped. The Paris one as well as the image of the Eiffel Tower refer to the Paris map we did not get that was meant to be in Moon's place. The H. Yena one is interesting and could be referring to any number of things. We know now that Harvey Yena was a 935 scientist who went on to establish the Ascension Group in the Soviet Union after Group 935 disbanded. We also know that along with Peter McCain, Richtofen believed Harvey was a spy. The two may have had a rivalry, and this writing was about something petty. It's also possible this writing is Yena taunting Richtofen about something he knows that is far more serious, such as his dealings with the Americans. - Faithful Servant: A note reads, " To faithful servant, the seed has been planted, observe and report, Maxis must not know." Possible Answers: I have very little in the ways of answers for this one, and I feel it may be the most significant note, or it may have been back in the day before the story was developed. I don't know of many characters who could be referred to as "servants" besides Takeo to the Emperor, and Arthur to the Wolf King which have nothing to do with Der Riese. It's possible Richtofen has a servant who he was plotting with against Maxis, or maybe even more interesting Richtofen was a servant to someone, maybe even the Shadowman, and this message is to Richtofen. Black Ops Kino der Toten - The Utterly Confusing Loading Screen Audio: In the loading screen for the map, Richtofen is heard making an audio log: "Entry 741021! Perhaps the station will hold the key to the real goals of Group 935. I still do not trust my unconventional allies, but they are of great use to me. But, I digress. Who would have thought the MDT was capable of time travel? How many stations does this group have? Where did that little girl disappear to? Only time will tell what new questions awaits us in this... THEATER OF THE DAMNED! (static)" There is a lot very wrong here knowing what we know about the story. Firstly, he speaks of the theater as if he did not know it was a Group 935 station and he speaks as if he does not know what Group 935's goals were despite being a member. He clearly knew about Maxis wanting an undead army as he says as much in Call of the Dead's radios. He refers to the Matter Transference Device as the MDT. He asks where Samantha disappeared to, despite knowing she is inside the MPD on the Moon since in the Moon radios he tells Schuster and Groph to get her out and then they fail. Possible Answers: The obvious answer is this was written early on when Treyarch was not sure what direction they wanted to go with the story and was not sure how closely associated Richtofen was meant to be with Group 935. In-universe, it is possible Maxis kept this facility a secret from Richtofen, and now he is questioning what Group 935's true purpose was to Maxis and how many stations he actually established that Richtofen did not know about. MDT is likely just a typo in the script and a flub by Edward. As for Samantha, perhaps he is referring to her voice, which may have been calling to him but has not contacted him in some time. - Great Leap Forward: In the Wii version of Kino der Toten, audio can be heard from the project screen with accompanying video: "(Singing) These villagers were portrayed and propaganda'd films as happy and highly motivated, although in fact they were soon to suffer a terrible moral and physical collapse. Tens of thousands of people died as a result of industrial accidents in the hazardous conditions they were made to work in. The Communist party came up with a crude calculation; every worker will build one meter of canal and the project will end in three months. It actually took more than 10 years to finish the canal. During the Great Leap Forward, factory worker's hours were doubled and machines began to work non-stop. They were not even allowed to stop for maintenance and repairs, and so soon began to fall apart. Factories were ruined. At the same time, Mao announced another target for the Great Leap Forward. Steel production was to be doubled within one year. That production (static) only from heavy industry complexes, but also from small furnaces in villages. As a result of Communist ideology, Mao believed that workers power held a magical force. With that decision, tens of millions of Chinese set out to produce steel by amateur methods. Everything made of iron they could find, from door knobs to saucepans, was melted down in primitive furnaces in an effort to produce steel. Women cut off their hair and mixed it with the clay in the furnaces." Possible Answers: This is one of the strangest oddities in zombies ever. The Great Leap Forward's only connection to zombies is in the name of Die Rise's upper map which takes place in China. But what is it doing in an abandoned theater/Group 935 facility in Germany in 1963? The Great Leap Forward ended around 1962, and as the audio states, was a horrible era in Chinese history where people were worked to death in factories due to many food shortages as a result. The audio puts an emphasis on steel production. It's possible that the tower in Die Rise is built using steel from this era, and this was meant as a sort of hint towards a future map set in a Chinese tower. But it seems strange to plan that far ahead, and to only put it in the Wii version of the map. It's also possible it was just simply meant as a way to show the map takes place after the Great Leap Forward in the 60s. I am unsure if the audio is taken from an actual public domain documentary about the Great Leap Forward, or if it was recorded by someone at Treyarch. - Strange Writings: In the dressing room the names Samantha, Emilia, and Abigail are written surrounded by hearts. In the Pack-a-Punch room, there is writing on a bulletin board that reads "Durchhalten Männer, wir machen sie fertig" which translates to "Hold on men, we'll finish them." Underneath that a message reads "Ja, ja, sicher!" which translates to "Yes, yes, sure!" Also written, "Experiment 935 was successful", "Everything can be based off this model", "Schwarze sonne (German for "black sun")","114 Uuq","115 Uup", "Tomorrow the project will move into full production", "Why (sic) is up? Why won't it work?", "I know it was you Richtofen", "Help", "Energy Momentum" Possible Answers: The writing seems to imply Emilia and Abigail were friends of Samantha's. The two messages on the bulletin board seem to have no importance, and maybe they were simply lines from a film or a stage production, given that this is a theater? "Experiment 935", no idea. "Schwarze sonne" The Black Sun symbol is heavily related to the occult and Neo-Nazis. Referring to elements 114 Uuq and 115 Uup doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but for my own sanity I will not totally go into it and will chock it up to some overlooking on Treyarch's part. But perhaps Element 114 was meant to appear at some point as important. "I know it was you Richtofen" is very similar to the writing in Der Riese from H. Yena. However, this is at the Kino facility, which Richtofen apparently doesn't know about according to the loading screen, so Richtofen could have never seen this writing anyway. - Manhattan Down: In one of the upstairs rooms, letters are scrawled out on the floor stating, "Manhattan Down". This same message is in one of the intel pieces that pops up while a map is loading in Black Ops. But what does it mean? Possible Answers: Treyarch may have wanted to have a map in Manhattan at some point, or this is meant to imply that there are outbreaks occurring all around the world at this point. In Classified, we found out that the US knows about several outbreaks that have occurred since Ultimis came together, and there were multiple outbreaks at the Pentagon. It's possible there was one at an American facility in Manhattan as well. - Strange Pods: Around the stage area are some strange metal pods with organic beings inside. Possible Answers: The beings in these pods have been theorized by many people to be monkeys, early versions of nova crawlers, zombies, and even aliens. With the Zombies Chronicles version, however, the beings in the pods appear more like normal zombies. I think it is possible these were meant to store them safely while being tested on. Ascension - Gersh? When?: The poster for Ascension has always perplexed us, and Jason Blundell went on to confirm the bald man on the poster is not Richtofen, and the radio added in Zombies Chronicles implies that the man is Gersh and that Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo fought with Gersh at some point while Richtofen was away. Possible Answers: This event may have taken place in an alternate timeline where Richtofen abandoned Ultimis, as there is no hint anywhere that this ever took place in the original timeline. Gersh lost his body to the void and became an orb of light in Gorod Krovi. Shangri-La - Alien Skulls: On the altar near pack-a-punch, there are two skulls, one of what appears to be an early human or a monkey, and the other seems completely alien. Possible Answers: The skull may very well be the skull of a Vril-Ya, an ancient race associated with the MPD, which is what corrupted Richtofen and sent him to Shangri-La. It's possible they are the reason for the temple's intricate water system and time travelling ability. Black Ops 2 TranZit - Nacht: In the cornfield there is a more run-down version of Nacht der Untoten. Possible Answers: While intended as a little easter egg, I'm curious if this building is meant to be the actual Nacht der Untoten, sent through time and space similar to the western town sent to Africa in Buried. Or is it just a simple buidling that happens to look like it? - T.E.D.D.'s Quotes: There are many quotes that the bus driver will not say in-game that reference real life locations that the driver would take its passengers. Here is a full list. Possible Answers: We know now that T.E.D.D. was designed as a driver for Broken Arrow scientists to move around the Green Run facility. Some of the locations now make much more sense given this context, such as Groom Lake, HAARP, Fast Flux Test Facility, and Tehacapi Range. TEDD specifically mentions gathering top secret files and putting on special suits for some of these locations. We also know from the comics that there are multiple TEDD units as one is seen in the background, and these built-in quotes indicate there were many being used by Broken Arrow around the country. Many of the quotes also refer to popular vacation areas such as the Grand Canyon, also implying TEDD units must have been used by civilians. Most interesting of all might by "Put on your hoods and disembark at Bohemian Grove" which is a campsite used by an exclusive club that holds events with major world leaders, and is often associated with the free-masons and the Illuminati. Die Rise - Wanted Poster: As pointed out by @anonymous in this thread, we still do not know a whole lot about the purpose and history behind much of anything on the map. One particular mystery is a Wanted Poster of Tian Zhou, a prominent character in the Black Ops II campaign, with Chinese text that translates to: “WANTED This is a wanted man. XXXXXXX (7 words i cant figure out, i infer that its about where the man usually appears) He did everything evil. He carries weapon(s) of mass destruction. He is a dangerous man carrying weapon(s) of mass destruction, and he is suspected to be a zombie. For anyone who give us clues or help us capture this man will be rewarded 50000 Yuan.” Possible Answers: As anonymous points out in the linked thread, the building in Die Rise appears to be an SDC-occupied building that used to be or still currently is a sweatshop with sleeping cages and sewing machines, due to all of the SDC soldier zombies present. In the actual Black Ops II campaign, it is possible to reach a scenario where you must kill Tian Zhou, and by doing so he is replaced by someone less tyrannical and the SDC helps you in fighting Cordis Die. In the zombies timeline, the rockets from Moon are launched in October of 2025, while the events of the campaign ended in June, so most likely in the zombies canon Tian Zhou and the SDC were involved in scientific research into zombies research, and he was infected and turned. The Wanted poster refers to him as if he is intelligent enough to carry weapons of mass destruction. He may have been turned in the same way George Romero was in Call of the Dead, where he can still talk and make more intelligent decisions. Mob of the Dead - Jumpscare: On the roof of the prison, when you look towards the fireworks with a sniper rifle, an jumpscare will appear with the face of a man with a mustache. So far, he is unidentified. Possible Answers: Personally I am fine with the theory that he is meant to be Nero before Treyarch had chosen the celebrity cast and likenesses of the Shadows of Evil crew. Blundell states that he had thought through to the end of Black Ops 3 all the way back in Mob of the Dead, and there is a good possibility this was meant as some future reference to the mustached Nero Blackstone. Mob and Shadows are linked pretty heavily as well. Other theories include Russman, which doesn't really resemble the man that much, and also possibly the Warden but we have no idea what the Warden looked like before becoming Brutus, so no verifying. Another theory I do quite like connects with the Blood of the Dead Jumpscare, and that is that both of these are meant to be the Shadowman, with the Mob one being him in his human form before they had finalized his design. Origins -StG-44 in WW1?: In the opening cutscene, the German soldiers present at the dig site are using StG-44s, which were produced during World War 2. Possible Answers: A simple explanation could be that they were simply developed earlier in Dimension 63, but unlike the MG08, they are not stylized to fit the dieselpunk aesthetic of Origins and the time period, they are simply STG-44s as they appeared in real life. It's also possible that during the excavation, Group 935 uncovered the chalk drawing of it and/or the ancient mystery box and armed their soldiers that way. This same issue appears in Zetsubou No Shima, where soldiers on the WW2 Japanese boat are equipped with KN-44s. Black Ops 3 The Giant - The Plane: On top of the building near the power there is a plane very similar to the one used in Mob of the Dead. This same plane also appears in the sky sometimes in Shadows of Evil and Zetsubou No Shima. Possible Answers: We may see an answer to this mystery soon as the Aether story is not quite done yet. But there are many possibilities to discuss. One is that Primis minus Richtofen have been travelling through time and space while Richtofen was acquiring the Kronorium, and we have no idea what they were doing. They've been to many places such as Brazil and the Moon. We don't get to see how they arrive at Der Riese in the opening cutscene, and its possible they acquired this plane from Mob of the Dead, and have somehow used it to travel through dimensions, landing it there to try and stop Richtofen. This brings lots of questions up about how they acquired this plane, why they don't bring it up or use it again, and just what they were using it for all this time. This is obviously not all of the unfound secrets, just a lot of them that I could list before getting exhausted. I will continue to add more. Post any that I missed and discuss some of these in the comments!
  14. I know you are joking, BUT I remember it being pointed out around the first time we saw Monty how he is a direct opposite from the Shadowman. Both have English accents, but The Shadowman’s language is more refined and polite while Monty’s is rugged and he swears a lot. Shadowman dresses in a distinguished suit and top hat, with a well trimmed beard. Monty dresses similar to a homeless person, fingerless gloves, a scarf and ragged clothes, and his hair and beard are unkempt. Almost like they are two sides of the same coin or two ends of the same worm...
  15. There's a couple of references to modern stuff in quotes that I think are just meant as a joke and shouldn't be looked into too deeply. Namely in Ascension, where I believe both Tank and Takeo mention updating their Facebook pages when they PaP.
  16. RadZakpak

    The Wallwritings of Kino der Toten

    Lot's of great stuff here, and I am glad you made this thread. Something I immediately thought of regarding this Samantha writing is that Samantha should have never been at the Kino facility. According to the timeline, it was established on August 1st, 1940. On December 20th, 1942, "Accompanied by Sophia, Maxis is transferred to the Kino facility to focus on creating Germany's undead army. Samantha is left in Richtofen's care." Then, on September 24th, 1945 "Maxis returns to Der Riese. He orders Richtofen to do likewise so they may continue their work on the Matter Transference Device." Then September 27th, 1945 "Richtofen returns to Der Riese with Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Samantha." This means that Samantha was with Richtofen for nearly three years, and it is unlikely she ever went to the Kino facility before 1942, as it is meant to be a secret base, never revealed to Richtofen, and a child could not be trusted with that kind of secret, surely? Richtofen never tried to get that information from her in 3 years? And why would she be there before Maxis even transferred there? Probably not the original intention, but maybe these were the daughters of scientists there, as you mentioned, and this writing was there to torment the scientists by this JD. We have actually seen JD before, as it was written in some places in Der Riese. It is believed this is a reference to JD_2020, the real life community manager for Treyarch from 2008 to 2011, which fits right when these two maps came out. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Josh_Olin But in-canon, if the rest of these writings are from the Illuminati, then this writing may have perhaps been a threat from JD, a member of the Illuminati, as if stating, "I know about your families, and you will do as I say or they are in danger." It's a pretty far out theory, but interesting nonetheless. Do you have a picture of this because this sounds really interesting, and I had no idea about it! It made me think of Primis Richtofen, but I tried to think when he would appear in the original timeline. Then I remembered the one part of the timeline I don't fully understand that we don't know a lot about: This section of the timeline is the only mention of Primis in the original timeline, before any of the fractures. This means Primis was running around the original timeline for a whole month and we don't know what they were doing. I originally thought this was a setup for The Giant, but that fracture begins in October 1945. Is it possible the Illuminati warned Ultimis Richtofen about staying away from Primis Richtofen? This is strange, as Ultimis Richtofen was no longer in the Illuminati by 1943. Perhaps they needed to protect him for some other reason. But there's also the fact that Ultimis Richtofen did not know about the Kino facility until he arrived there accidentally. Could this be reversed, and it is a letter to Primis Richtofen about Ultimis Richtofen? Maybe Primis Richtofen was at the Kino facility, and contacted the Illuminati with a deal to kill Ultimis Richtofen for leaving them, using the gases the Illuminati lists? And by not knowing how he got to this time and place, they are referring to Richtofen ending up there in 1963, and somehow they know about time travel? It hurts my head to think about, but very interesting.
  17. RadZakpak

    Your character: the good, the bad andere the ugly

    I get the same impression from any girl who is nice to me all the time. I can never get it out of my head when someone is nice to me like that and it leads me down a mental path that only disappoints me. My self-esteem is so low that I feel anyone who is nice to me just feels bad because I don't have many friends or they are doing it to make fun of me. That's how a lot of people were in my high school and I find it hard to trust anyone who would say nice things about me. That would be a "Yes Man", and I fit this as well. I will bend over backwards to try and make everyone happy and when I fail I find it hard to forgive myself. A lot of times I don't even attempt to make a connection with anyone because I fear I will just let them down and make their life worse. I'm aware that what I think is often irrational, and that I have the capability to socialize but there is something in me that positively will not let me. I genuinely do not know how to connect with people and screw up first impressions. Pretty much none of my interests match up with anyone else's where I am from, and I never have anything to talk about with anyone so people think I am distant and strange, which, yeah, I am. I wish I was better and could have long, long conversations with people. Something about myself that drags me down is I don't like small talk at all and can't handle it. I can't imagine knowing someone and just talking about what's going on that day or simple things like what I am eating or anything like that. But I do like to talk, just about deeper topics. I could go on for hours analyzing myself and the person with me, talking about what makes us up, the meaning of life, the world around us. When it comes to movies, shows, and games I love to analyze characters and themes of the stories to find some real-life meaning and relatability. No one ever wants to have a first conversation like that, and so I just never do have that type of discussion. It's a reason I can't stand social media, because it is all so shallow. I guess my problem is I know a lot about specific topics, and care a lot about them, and when someone shows no interest in any of them I find it hard to connect. On the internet it is easy to find anyone who likes a specific topic, on forums like these. Youtube gives me video essays on all the movies and games I love, so it's ALMOST like a conversation on those topics. But there's the missing human, real-life connection that brings me down, deeper and deeper in a downward spiral. I've come to accept that there may be no one for me in my home state, but I find myself doubting I could connect with anyone anywhere else either. I lack the motivation required to form a real relationship and I hate myself too much. I don't know how I am supposed to find a job either with that attitude. I have visited a counselor at my University and talked about trying to better my social persona but it feels hopeless. Was just kind of rambling, this thread is a good place to vent and I'm glad you made it. It's nice to see that behind it all, we're all just humans inside.
  18. RadZakpak

    NEW "Gauntlet" mode coming in Update 1.1

    Looking forward to new content in zombies going forward! It's going to be an exciting year. Hoping for some genuine surprises that don't get leaked in advance this year.
  19. That is a good idea and would make sense that the Americans get a hold of it with Operation Stapler. Something this made me think of though, is why it would be called HAARP, an English acronym, and then I've thought about how English-centric everything Group 935 is. I mean, even the name is Group 935 and not Gruppe. Every scientist we've heard speaks fluent English and a majority of their documents and notes are in English. As I've been writing the Storybook I've been exploring some features of Der Eisendrache, and noticed that on pretty much all of the signs showing the areas of the castle, the writing was in German but written over in English with red paint. It seems like despite their central location and the head of the organization being German, Maxis has decided everything should be English for some reason. With the new Classified cipher being solved that reveals Monty has been influencing Maxis since the very beginning, I wonder if that has something to do with it. I had no idea about this, and it makes perfect sense! But about the Revelations house, the Die Rise alternate loading screen we got in the comics seems to suggest the version of the House on Earth is somewhere in England: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/callofduty/images/7/72/Die_Rise_Loading_Screen_Zombies_Comic.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20170627144723 That image is an interesting one and I think is the biggest hint where this story is about to go... I'll add some of the other mysteries you mentioned and a couple more.
  20. Nice to see you back!
  21. RadZakpak

    Ideas for Character Outfits?

    So far the only character customization we’ve seen in Black Ops 4 is face paints, which are frankly pretty boring and don’t really fit. But I think having character outfits like Multiplayer would be a great idea. I think with the Chaos crew you could obviously have just about anything since they are pretty new, as well as their IX gear. As for the Aether story, here are some ideas: Ultimis Richtofen - Default - Scientist (Lab coat with Group 935 symbol) -Zombie Richtofen (From the comics) Dempsey - Default - Marine (Helmet and outfit similar to Peter McCain) - POW (Scarred, prison uniform while captured by Group 935) Takeo -Default -Banzai (Wearing camoflauge, bandana, similar to banzai soldiers in WaW campaign) -Overgrowth (Zetsubou outro cutscene) -Samurai (Similar to Recon’s new outfit in MP) Nikolai -Default -Ushanka (Similar outfit to Reznov) -Decorated (Russian general uniform, similar to Stalin’s signature look) Primis Richtofen -Default -Armored (Similar to default but wearing helmet and military gear) -Scientist (Like Ultimis Richtofen) -Primis (Revelations outro) Dempsey -Default -Doughboy (Typical WW1 outfit) -Trenchfoot (American military, wearing gas mask) -Primis (Revelations outro) Takeo -Default -Emperor’s Envoy (Similar to default, more Samurai armor) -Sailor (Japanese sailor’s uniform of time) -Primis (Revelations outro) Nikolai -Default -General (Think like brigadier in Dead of the Night) -Pilot (Helmet down, leather pilot’s outfit) -Primis (Revelations outro)
  22. RadZakpak

    Ideas for Character Outfits?

    I forgot about his Ascension clothes! And yeah specialist weapon skins are a great idea. Maybe even add new specialist weapons? Bring back Skull of Nan Sapwe please. I’d like the BO1 death machine as a skin for Dempseys Death Machine and the WaW flamethrower for Nikolai’s flamethrower.
  23. RadZakpak

    Favorite BO4 Zombies Song So Far

    A very tough choice! BO4 has such a great selection already. I’d have to go the new version of Where Are We Going. Works so well with the music video and has the best tone that managed to beat the original. Mad Hatter is a close second. Shockwave and Mystery feel like they are right out of BO1 and I love it. Not to forget drowning which complements the map and Malukah’s other work perfectly. My all time favorite would have to be 115, if I had to choose.
  24. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    So, since I've changed the fifth book in the series to be part of the main story, I've restructured the side bar a bit, and have decided to have a non-canon section for all of my old writings that I hid away after they were deemed non-canon by the release of the timeline. You can find the entirety of the old version of book 1, the incomplete first sixteen chapters of old book 2, and all seven chapters of "Whispers of Morg City". I plan on revisiting a lot of the the same writing from this work in the future when I get to that point. The storybook has become a much more complex project than I ever anticipated when I started years ago, and I hate to see all this writing go to waste. Someday I hope to re-integrate all of these stories back into the official book, but for now, enjoy them in all their non-canon, incomplete goodness!
  25. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    The man is not meant to be someone you know. The implication is he is an undercover Illuminati member who is there to watch Richtofen and make sure he doesn’t tell any secrets. The voices guided Edward to him and he knew that meant he was in the Illuminati. To send a message he did not want to be watched, Edward told him to report back with that message. And what part do you mean about Sophia? Edit: I see what part you mean, thanks!

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