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  1. To be an Elder God isn't, in my opinion, a matter of biology. It's merely a role that has to be filled.
  2. (Find the companion video here) Whispers in the Dark Despite only being one chapter into the Dark Aether Storyline, we have already heard repeated references to colossal entities that roam the umbral landscapes within the Dark Aether, leaving trails of pure destruction in their wake, all the while being worshipped by the comparatively meager lifeforms that now call these same planes home. To those who believe them deserving as reverence, these eldritch behemoths are known seemingly interchangeably as "Elder Gods" or "Overlords". For those who, like me, are enthusia
  3. Yeah I like that quote. Kevin, like any good musician, makes sure to never say outright what anything in his songs mean. He wants to leave the interpretation up to us.
  4. Unfortunately that ones kind of difficult, because the meaning isn't totally clear in English either. I'd say it means the "fatigued things" or possibly "fatigued people" go away
  5. Sure thing man, that's no problem at all. Could you link your blog too? I'd love to check it out. Much love to the foreign language zombies communities btw, you guys are all awesome.
  6. It's worth pointing out that Wittenau is not only in Berlin, but in the modern day is opposite a theatre. Given we've already had Nacht, I think Verruckt is just as possible. Extending this even further, the Empire of Japan in the 1940s spanned all the way to Vietnam - we still have no location for The Rising Sun facility, only that it was in Japanese Territory.
  7. As far as we know... well... We don't know. However there are a few candidates. The First One/Chernabog - Essentially "the big bad". Reformed after Tag Der Toten from Monty and The Shadowman, and very pissed. Eddie - This one is a thought that I imagine has crossed every one of our minds Nikolai - as @cluelesshas explained in this thread, there is potential for it to be some variation of the Nikolai we see "die" in Tag Der Toten Miscellaneous Omega Group member - self explanatory Unknown - self explanatory
  8. Also, you're working under the assumption that it's literal, which I don't think is ever a good idea when you're dealing with what is essentially poetry - try thinking of Eddie as Richtofen's "legacy".
  9. Yeah was actually looking for this post to ask the same thing, I know I had the same concerns but they've been thoroughly remedied.
  10. Whilst this is true, it's important to remember that these songs are metaphorical - not literal.If you really want to extrapolate literal meaning however, (Primis+Ultimis)-Richtofen = 3, Victis = 4, this = 7. I'm more inclined to side with my initial hypothesis however as thematically, an Eddy tending towards Ultimis Richtofen makes the most sense. Not only is Ultimis Richtofen teased repeatedly to have some ultimate gambit that we just never see, but furthermore, he is the only character by the time of Tag Der Toten to have as much knowledge, if not potentially more, than Primis N
  11. KEVIN SHERWOOD - ALONE A Lyrical Analysis They buried a well where the seven fell Our volunteers die by machine and living doors lie unforeseen now This first verse explores the key duality of the song, that of the old storyline and the new, and specifically how they are related by cause and effect. As some of you may know, “The Well”, within the context of Kevin’s music, is an abstraction of the idea of Knowledge, Mimir’s Well or the Pierian Spring, if you like. “I Am The Well” deals - among other things - with the idea of how this know
  12. Maybe. I'm definitely a fan of the reasoning here, but would that not simply annihilate? It's been a while since I've studied particle physics, but if those positrons came anywhere near any ambient electrons, would it not just result in annihilation and produce energy as a result? Hell, perhaps that's the point, I mean it *is* an energy source.
  13. Just as a brief update, the Intel description for the D.I.E would imply that Aetherium is also referred to as Exo-Element 1. The alt-fire of the D.I.E collects Aetherium from Zombies, implying that it genuinely is the Dark Aether's energy, as speculated.
  14. The "well" is a metaphor for Knowledge (i.e. Mimir's Well, Pierian Spring, etc). Primis and Ultimis' sacrifices buried knowledge of all of things relating to the old world, it being "buried with them". The reason for seven and not eight is because "Eddy" survives, he is Richtofen's soul.
  15. Firstly, big thanks to @NotAnAn0nfor the inspiration for this thread. Serving as a consequence of Tag Der Toten, the Aether is now non-existent in Black Ops Cold War. However, it's opposite - The Dark Aether remains. At the time of writing this thread (One week before the release of BOCW), we - understandably - have a severe lack of knowledge at our disposal in relation to the Dark Aether, save for one thing: Aetherium. All we know for sure is that Aetherium can be obtained as "Raw Aetherium Crystals", which can be infused into Perks in order to enhance thei
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