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  1. Into a world free from the Aether's corruption.
  2. It was just something I felt needed writing down. I've been trying to resolve why the fractures were similar to both d1 and d63 for a long while now and I think, at the very least, this is the closest explanation I've seen.
  3. Within Black Ops 3's filler arc, we are introduced to the concept of "Fractures". At face level, they seem to be a clever narrative tool in order to take real locations and make them more interesting (i.e. Stalingrad with Dragons) - however I believe there *is* a narrative explanation. However first, let's clear up some misconceptions: Fractures are NOT "Dimensions" This is an easy trap to fall into, but the distinction is important. Dimensions differ in that entire world histories can be different, people can die at different times, people's personalities can differ, people can even be born a different gender. The specific differentiation between dimensions is given in the following cipher, found in Gorod Krovi: "Kronorium Excerpt 349561223: The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all creation. It was used by the first one to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions allowing the transfer of life forces back and forth. It resides in the 63rd dimensions" So seemingly, the exact definition of an "alternate dimension" is one with a different "mix" of life to any other. The Zombies storyline primarily takes place in Dimensions 1* and 63, meaning that these dimensions have a different balance of life throughout, possibly contributing to the differences in individuals (i.e. Cornelius and Cornelia Pernell) A Fracture, on the other hand, is something different entirely. Here I will make the claim that, during Black Ops 3 (bar Shadows of Evil and Revelations), we never even leave Dimension 1*. As given by the timeline, the Deceptio fracture is formed at the moment Primis Richtofen shoots his alternate self in the head (or arrives in the teleporter, based on the intro cinematic, however the difference between the two is seemingly irrelevant). At that point, as illustrated by the following comic panel, not only does the future begin a new course, but past events adapt in order to make the "fractured" event make sense. As seen here, the event retroactively changes the past, in order to adapt it for Primis being present in Dimension 1*, hence the appearance of a Giant at Der Riese, even though they were only present in Dimension 63 beforehand. The presence of Primis forces the new "fracture" to be closer to their home dimension. This can be seen during the course of Black Ops 3. With each new fracture (Proditione and Agonia), Dimension 1* becomes more and more fractured, and as it is due to the interference of Primis, closer and closer to Dimension 63. As evidence for the retroactive changing of the past, however, this is given clearly on the timeline, as Zetsubou no Shima takes place two weeks before Der Eisendrache, yet is altered due to the effects of it. I hope this post is somewhat useful if anyone is confused about the difference, it's not the easiest thing to wrap your head around, so I felt it was useful to talk about. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. (*We have no canon number for the original dimension, so I have used 1 here for ease)
  4. The Brutus "115"/"Not this time" was because during Mob's development, the stories weren't connected.
  5. At first I thought it was an undead army, but he just says "The Army". My thought process is this: Maxis says in his telephone in Classified that 935 knew about the experimentation on those three, but was horrified at the extent Richtofen went to. In this radio, we hear about Richtofen's struggle to breach "the trust barrier". To me, this is him not having tried his methods that were so abhorrent that even Maxis was apalled. Also, these same methods could easily be applied to the Zombies. Also yeah, feel free to move the post. I'm still not too sure where things should go.
  6. Before we begin, a foreword: From the official Treyarch livestream for Apocalypse Z, we learn that after deciding to write 'Not Ready to Die', Brian Tuey, director of audio at Treyarch, gave M. Shadows and the other members of A7X the ENTIRE Storyline they had written at that point. It's important to stress how many ideas we are only seeing come to light now in Zombies were conceptualised back in Black Ops (such as The Cycle, 'The House', the Keepers and Apothicons [known by different names then], corruption via the Aether, etc.). We also learn that lots of the song is specifically from (Ultimis) Richtofen's perspective. This is the only time we have been concretely given a perspective for a song. But without further adieu: Gone, cast away in time Evil yours, now evil mine So, I robbed you blind The voices in my head suggest a less-than-peaceful side The endless possibilities controlling nine-three-five The first couplet can suggest two, equally relevant ideas. Though "cast away" at the end of every cycle, the "evil" of Richtofen is one that he constantly re-inherits from the past version of himself. The second interpretation is that the inherited evil is that of the Shadowman, gained at the point when he encounters the MPD for the first time. The next line suggests a theft of power. Though vague, this can likely be attributed to Richtofen's betrayal of Maxis. This also retroactively alters the first lines, implying the evil within Ludwig Maxis that we, by the point of Call of the Dead, have yet to see. The final couplet here serves as lyrical basis for Richtofen's schitzophrenia being more than just made-up voices, something that was just a community theory in 2011. The second line is vague and seems to just be there to finish the phrase, though a stretch would be to say that it implies a "greater being" puppeteer Maxis at the help of Group 935 (later to be concepted into Monty), though take that with a grain of salt (You can't break me) Crush the fears of yesterday (You can't save me) Barriers - our trust will fade I've stood in the dark, been waiting all this time While we damn the dead I'm trying to survive I'm not ready to die The chorus of the song, which will not be repeated hereafter, is incredibly interesting. The screamed lyrics (displayed in parentheses here), are seemingly from the perspective of the Test subjects. This is confirmed by the reference to the "Trust Barrier". This is referenced by Richtofen in one of Call of the Dead's radios, as the psychological block preventing "Tank" Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki from being truly subservient to Richtofen, and is alluded to by Maxis in his "Red Telephone" on classified. The progression here from "Break" to "Save" alludes to this breach of the trust barrier - and yet, the lyrical reference to the concept is a corruption of it. The phrase is "Barriers - Our trust will fade", and this is a rather good illustration of Ultimis' realisation of where Richtofen's allegiances truly lie at the end of Moon (Takeo is quoted as saying he would "Destroy every last remnant of 935" at the end of Moon's easter egg). The third line of the chorus is, again, a vague allusion to The Cycle , with the fourth being a general comment on the state of Ultimis. The eponymous final line, however, is one that becomes more unnerving the longer it is pondered. The defining trait of Richtofen's character, is that of his egomania. The only time we have seen Ultimis Richtofen truly die is in The Giant, where it is instantaneous - however, in Blood of the Dead, we see a different Richtofen writhe and beg in his death throws whilst proclaiming his own greatness - truly being an exemplar of "I'm Not Ready to Die" Damned, watch the masses fall Burn it down, control 'em all (Let 'em bleed) Make them crawl To daddy's little girl to read the writings on the wall While cast into the nothingness, the final curtain call In the second verse, we hear (what was) a hint (in 2011) to Richtofen's goal of control of everything, followed by an allusion to Samantha Maxis. The syntax of the phrase, the damned "crawling" to her, suggests leaving a trail of blood all the way to the end of Black Ops, certainly what we did, but following on, the final line of the verse alludes to the end not truly being the end, with "nothingness" being infinite - another possible reference to The Cycle. Through the madness we find Loyalty is no match for power Say goodbye to your life Left to rot in your darkest hour Prayers won't help you now As long as you're mine The third verse, again, has a rather unnerving lyric to be this relevant this far into the future. The line "Loyalty is no match for power", could easily be attributed to the dynamic between Primis and Ultimis, especially fitting if the last map is indeed a return to the Siberian Outpost - Richtofen has betrayed us before and will likely do so again, especially when, as this is from his perspective, he holds loyalty in so little regard when compared to power. Continuing this theme, the third line seems comparable to Classified's "Dempsey" cipher, where we read the last words of Primis Dempsey, alone and confused at what he has just faced, dying in the cold. I'll control the world One person at a time As I damn the dead I'm trying to survive I'm not ready to die The final chorus could imply the idea that though infinitely repeating unless extra action is taken, the cycle can be changed ever so slightly each time. By this was, Richtofen is gradually able to influence the outcome to benefit him (See this post for more information on that idea: https://bit.ly/2N1oN79), all the while damning the dead, trying to survive the hordes long enough to achieve his goal. // Apologies for the sheer amount of "if"'s "but"'s and "maybe"'s in this post, that's just how it is when dealing with analysis. As always, feedback is appreciated.
  7. A bit of trivia for you both. In the official strategy guide for BO2, "Him" is referred to not as The Avogadro, or by "Him" but as Avogadro's constant, or 6.02*10^23... I can understand why they just went with "Him".
  8. Suggesting an amendment to the last part here: The Avogadro that we encounter in Hanford (TranZit) (As of August 2019) is not Cornelius Pernell. The Avogadro created by Broken Arrow at the Hanford Site "by accident" that was subsequently used to power their operations was developed from a piece of Pernell's essence, obtained by Russman from Camp Edward in 2025. The events of Alpha/Omega can only occur if the Cycle is Broken by The Weasel and with the martyring of Richtofen. Providing this *does* happen, Pernell is transferred to the Hanford Site, to be encountered in the future. To summarize, we have yet to encounter Pernell at Hanford as, the last time we were there, it would be impossible for him to be there.
  9. It was from PtG, yeah, but I believe it was later corroborated in private by a dev, although I need to verify that, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.
  10. You can see the legacy of Arlington in Revelations. When you spawn in, look to the left. Even interact with your *own* characters' graves as a part of the Easter egg. (Sorry for the messed up formatting, mobile isn't fun.)
  11. A few leads: The Richtofen Quote about the Cassimir Mechanism on moon is really cool, because you actually build what resembles a real life Cassimir Mechanism (google "Cassimir Effect to see") In Chronicles Ascension, Monty says: "Do you remember Gersh? Bald guy, he fought alongside you for a while. I think Richtofen was off somewhere at the time.". In my eyes, this could explain Richtofen's space-suit at the beginning of Ascension, as he was "off" as Monty said.
  12. Purely based on the lyrics. It begins with a calming voice explaining to the child that they're not alone and she will be with the child forever. Then we get the choir of children in the chorus "Her love will find you, Her love will reach you, held in her arms forever Her love will find you, Her love will heal you, shield you from harm forever" To me, the only "her" that this could be talking about is Samantha's mother. The only other possibility I can see is Sofia, but we've never had any information of any sort of step-motherly relationship there.
  13. I think the lyrics themselves are vitally important, purely because of the perspective they are from. To me, it seems to be from the perspective of Samantha's mother - a character who we have (possibly) only one piece of dialogue from - that of on the moon loading screen, that "she" is going to Dresden but "she" would be back soon.
  14. You can't equate the plot-crystal and The Elemental Shard to the seals of creation. Let's dissect this a bit: The Seals of Creation are very literal and serve a singular purpose - the literal creation of Revelations' bossfight arena. The fight features elemental phases - those being Light, Shadow, Fire and Electricity. The crystal from Blood of the Dead is still an enigma, however we can't equate it to Fire as we simply don't know enough. The fact that it is able to free the souls of those who've been reanimated suggests it has a much closer link to Life-energy, speaking of which: The elemental shard. It does not have dominion over electricity, though it can be understood why you think that. We learn in the map that the APD specifically "passes current" through the shard - meaning the electricity is a byproduct of the shards energy, not the cause of it. The shard itself has a limitless supply of life-energy, however, much like the red crystal. The link here is not of classical elements, but of "the" element - 115, and how it interacts with life energy.

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