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  1. For those that have played through Tag der Toten's main quest, the notion that Richtofen has in some way won may seem outright incorrect - after all, we see his death, a surprise bullet to his already rotting corpse. I was very much of this way of thinking, however recently I've went back for a second look over the map, BO4 and the story as a whole, and realised certain inconsistencies with this as well as evidence that points towards this alternative view (furthermore, I will be ignoring the wishes made upon the Agarthan device, as if they have come true, those characters are - for all intents and purposes - now normal people). In Tag der Toten, we learn of the Elemental shard, and how it binds together the entire Aether through the fusion of four souls. Seemingly, it's severing is why Primis and Ultimis - two halves, share the same soul. However, Eddie is presented to us as an "innocent Richtofen", from dimension 2210, and therefore is a wholly separate soul. Now throughout Black Ops 3 and 4, one consistent point is hammered into us. Teddy is a Liar, or moreso, all Richtofen's are the same, equally egotistical, equally calculating, just always having it manifest in slightly different ways. We know that Richtofen was a meticulous planner. Even moreso now. Here's a bit of context: Originally, we presumed that Samantha entering the MPD was a deliberate mistake on his part, however, if we pick the ending of Classified to look back at the cycle, we can see that events actually play out far more in Richtofen's favour to allow Samantha to first win, forcing him to leave his body, then allow Maxis to do the same, allowing him to gain a sort of temporary immortality, allowing his resurrection when the time is right. I do not believe this is mere coincidence and, in fact, is evidence of this calculating nature. The Shadowman was constantly advising him, and once he has taken his place within the MPD, he is able to see every dimension at every point in time - simultaneously. In Alpha Omega, he confesses that he had gained all he wanted from the Aether and, throughout BO4, we learn that it is an entirely corrupting influence. Essentially, Richtofen places himself within the Aether for the exact amount of time necessary in order to gain the required knowledge (likely whether or not the cycle has been broken this time around) and then proceeds from there (This further explains the non-canon nature of his endgame for Buried, as all it essentially does is shortcut to him being able to re-manifest within the material world). It can be taken therefore that the Maxis route was not necessarily intended, as it is far from the most efficient route, but what we learn about in the radios of Classified has been planned for. Now throughout Black Ops 4, we are constantly presented with the idea of "The Way Through", which was a concept that Richtofen has written extensively about in his journal (see my thread on the journal for the heavy implications of that). We often see it scrawled in game as what initially looked like the Tower of Babel, from the Book of Genesis, and whilst the metaphor is still accurate, we actually see The Way Through in game, specifically with the ending of Tag der Toten, with Samantha and Eddie moving through it (this is corroborated by the same "tower" chalk within Tag, but featuring two figures standing at its head). The Way Through is - to Richtofen, his "back up plan". If all else fails - and what that means I'll get to shortly - it ensures his victory. In terms of said failure: as previously discussed, Egotism is inherent in all versions of Richtofen, and that most of all manifests in self-preservation (exemplified in Primis Richtofen's selfishness in the act of perpetuating the cycle). Therefore, just as the outcome of buried was not necessarily desirable but still considered, his own death was prevented at all costs... But should that happen, his victory would still be assured. This victory is twofold. Firstly, he outright states in Buried that he wishes to break the cycle, and as we learn in Black Ops 4, this means the complete separation of the Aether from the physical realm. Secondly, it's no surprise to anyone that he would want to rule this "perfect world". This is where Eddie comes into play. The very last line we hear him say (all the way back in Origins) is "And I didn't even get my turn". Interesting, no? Furthermore, from the timeline, we get this unexplained entry Primis Richtofen traveled to Dimension 2210 where he secured the soul of an innocent Richtofen and delivered it to the House where Monty gave him a physical form, named Eddie. From within the Summoning Key, the Shadowman stated "I'll be seeing you...". We never witness any interaction between Eddie and The Shadowman, however this seems equally foreboding, especially when one considers that the Apothicons are far from destroyed, just simply sealed away - in much the same way that they were in the past and subsequently broke free thanks to the meddling of Humans using the Element in their lust for power (sound familiar?). Finally, for me as a musical person, this serves as the nail in the coffin: The theme of Tag der Toten is Richtofen's Theme. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself: What do you think? Does this undermine the ending or give it a far more interesting context, and possibly some insight into the future? Feedback, as ever, is greatly appreciated.
  2. 31-79 JGb-215: As much as I love the idgun for how effective it is, it's not really fun. The JGb; design-wise, effectiveness-wise, and lore-wise will ALWAYS be fun to use. Raygun Mk. II: As difficult as it is, especially considering the Paralyzer's overwhelming utility, I think the experimental Mk. II prototypes give the Mk. II an edge here, though just barely. The Paralyzer is, at least in my eyes, a worthy alternative. Wunderwaffe DG-Sharfshutze: This isn't even a fair comparison. The DG-1 is one of the most effective weapons we've ever had, whereas the wolfbow begins to fall off relatively early in comparison. Alistair's Folly: When in its final form, the Folly becomes the deadliest weapon we've ever had, and the gauntlets, as much as they provide variety, do not come close. The Folly has a cool aesthetic, varied gameplay and its infinite damage tenancy combined with its ammo reserve make it unmatched.
  3. Apothicon Servant - Very little competition here. I very much like the Void bow, but it's power and effectiveness are lost fairly quickly, the Apothicon Servant on the other hand, whilst having a lower ammo capacity, has the potential to kill far more in an AoE. 31-79 JGb215 - Might be the Shangri-la bias coming out, but this gun is genuinely so useful when trapped in a corner, dealing with hordes, etc. I'd say that in terms of raw power, the JGb matches the GKZ-45 MkIII, but because of the time required for the dual paring black hole to activate, the JGb might get you out of a pinch quicker. Wunderwaffe DG-2 - Even if this gun were not a fan favourite, I would like to say I'd still put it here. In a game with near infinite scaling health, infinite damage makes sure you've always got a consistent damage output. It only loses out to the Mk II when it comes to ammo (This is discounting the experimental prototype Raygun Mk II models found in Alpha Omega). Paralyzer - As iconic as the Raygun is, in three of its four incarnations, the splash damage has served as more of a hindrance then a blessing. Combine this with it's relatively poor damage falloff and it simply cannot stand up to the sheer utility of the Paralyzer. Wave Gun/Zap Guns - The Wolf Bow was a personal favourite of mine and it's effect was quite unique, however, again, it can't hold a candle to the utility and frankly disgusting damage output that this unique weapon has to offer. When the main wave gun has exhausted it's ammo supply, the Zap Guns can be used to stun and kill oncoming zombies, ensuring you'll survive if you're careful with your ammo. Wunderwaffe DG-Sharfshutze - This one is barely a contest. Whilst both weapons require a specific utilisation to be effectively used, it's my view that the DG-1 wins out due to it's unparalleled ability to clear hordes... If you can land the all important headshot. Primordial Gauntlets - I would easily take one of the hands over the Staff of Ice, however Ull's arrow, maybe not. I'm only inclined to choose the gauntlets as all four are available hear, otherwise it would be a win for the Ice staff. Alistair's Folly/Chaos Theory/Alistair's Annihilator - Exactly as I said in my last post, the fully upgraded folly is quite possibly the most powerful wonder-weapon ever seen in Treyarch's Zombies, because of its 3/4 chance to shoot an AoE instakill and it's ridiculously high ammo reserve, the Thundergun on the other hand begins to stop killing at a relatively low round.
  4. If you want an obscure reference, try Building 87 lmao
  5. 1) Wave Gun - Although I personally don't like this weapon, it's overall effectiveness is far better at the base level than the Tundragun. The downsides out the Tundragun can be mitigated with PHD, but that isn't even an issue with the WG. 2) Wunderwaffe DG Scharfshutze - Firstly, it's the DG-1, that's an insane thing for Zombies lore, but more importantly, it's potentially one the most effective Wonder-weapon of all time. When the map first released, people struggled to use it, however the clue is in the name. A headshot caused not a Ten-Chain infinite damage kill as with the weapon's successor, but an AOE chain, which can be theoretically unlimited. 3) KT-4 - This is less of a gameplay vote, as the lightning bow is objectively more effective, but a design vote. The actual name of the KT-4 is the Kusanagi no Tsurugi 4, this being a mysterious and ancient sword in Japanese mythology. The Sword had the power to control the wind and was used to put out a burning field, hence the name of Grasscutter Sword. 4) The Primordial Gauntlets - These were hands down some of the most interestingly designed wonder-weapons to date, in both quest and gameplay terms. They all make you play slightly different, and that variety is essential in modern Zombies. 5) The Staff of Ice/Ull's Arrow - I don't think this vote surprises anyone, as in my eyes it wins this one by default. The Thrustodyne is impractical in gameplay, a chore to build and it's only real purpose, in my view, is serving as a glorified Easter-egg step. 6) Alistair's Folly/Chaos Theory/Alistair's Annihilator - As much as I love the Winter's Howl, the fully upgraded folly is, in my view, the other contender for the most effective Wonder-weapon of all time. It has four effects, three of which are instakill, meaning every single shot has a 75% chance of killing not just a single zombie, but a group, at any round. It is capable of spawning drops upon zombie kills, and this - coupled with it's high Ammo reserve, means even in higher rounds, it's unlikely to run out (made even more OP with Ammo elixirs) 7) The Blundergat/Acidgat/Magmagat - Pre BotD, this would have been a lot harder of a decision, however the utility of the magmagat, coupled with it's damage, propels this weapon family miles ahead, whereas the Thundergun becomes unable to kill relatively quickly.
  6. So here's my current thoughts (I'll try my best to go map by map): (Part 1, I will reply with the other maps at some point soon) Nacht der Untoten: Personally, I think this can remain almost entirely unchanged, perhaps just adding (blue of course) 115 interspersed throughout the plane wreckage and surrounding environment. Verrückt: Far more character quotes from the crew consisting of "Tank" Dempsey, "Smokey", John "Banana" and Paxton Ridge, perhaps quotes in reference to Peter as well. Finally, perhaps add an area that would have served as Richtofen's place of work during his time there, notes could show the DG1 and DG2, various misc 115 stuff (remember we're only just now introducing it to players), possibly even a small drawing of some Keeper tech he had already discovered (Vril Device, MPD, that sort of stuff). Importantly, 935 logos. Shi No Numa: FAR more Division 9 clutter - logos, research notes, and possibly a reference to "The Island" facility in a very small and vague capacity. The Doctor's Quarters could feature similar cloning sketches from that of those in Tag, giving the first hints at the true nature of the Ultimis that we play as. Additionally, feature 935 logos in the Doctor's Quarters. 115 meteorite is blue. Cornelius Pernell's voice is made consistent with BO4. Der Riese: Little needs to be changed here, other than perhaps two very vague references, that will only make sense to the player in the future. 1) Teleporters can travel through time, 2) Griffin Station exists. Also, add an image of a castle to the teleporter image pop-up (The lighthouse is already there, so this is more as another nod to a different facility). Additionally, as a sideplot, add a Maxis radio talking about collaboration with another group, group 601, in order to try and control the hordes as a temporary solution whilst he searches for the "Genesis Code". Pack-A-Punch plays the full jingle. Kino der Toten: First and most obvious change is make the voice in the film reels Maxis. These main audio reels will make reference to Group 601 specifically using a wide array of mind-control techniques in order to aid Maxis with subject 26 - this will also make the Richtofen quote in this map ("They used the screen to implant the mind with instructions!") Make far more sense. As well as the film reels, add an audio reel player to Maxis' office in the projector room that will serve as a kind of personal log (Like Richtofen had in CotD). These will develop his character, but also (possibly in the final reel) plant a seed that We didn't get until Classified - that the initial teleporter research was bestowed to Maxis by "M". In the reel, Maxis will refer to this character only once, and only call him "He" but this will be in the context of him beginning teleportation research. Add drawings to Samantha's room. Add a lunar lander. 'FIVE': This is where things begin to get very interesting. Character quotes remain largely the same, as though McNamara had briefed JFK on "The Samantha Threat", the other two had not yet learned about it through the meeting. As rounds progress, McNamara and JFK may hint to the other characters as to why they were so calm about the existence of Zombies (both knowing about Sam and Broken Arrow). Introduce Broken Arrow through radios, though only somewhat, as this can't take away any of the "oomph" of Classified. Plant enough that players suspect Broken Arrow are continuing similar research to Maxis as was introduced in the last map (Maybe namedrop "zombie" and "mkultra" in the same document or audio reel). Finally, in some form of radio or document, warn about a Russian initiative that are pursuing the same research as Broken Arrow Ascension: Once again, little needs changing here. The one addition I would make in a radio is have reference to a Siberian Ascension group operation. Call of the Dead: 935 mountain facility is partly visible, though has been covered mostly by rockfalls and avalanches, making it totally inaccessible to the players. The boat now features Ascension group sigils. Within the Lighthouse, documents can be found from the 935 era referencing "The Tunguska event has had a lasting effect on the surrounding land and the life (or un-life, as it is now) within, however there is some sort of colossal organic mass in the nearby ocean. Diving teams to be dispatched" - this of course being The Elder God, the true source of the Tunguska event. Shangri-la: Add the keeper statutes from either side of its Revelations counterpart to the temple, however they are significantly destroyed to the point where the player cannot see their faces. When the temple is opened at the climax of the main quest, have concentric-circles visible in the stonework and blue 115 crystals lacing the walls, a-la the Crazy Place (this will make sense later). Moon: On spawn, make reference to being glad to get out of the Pentagon.
  7. Howdy folks. This will be my last post of the year, apologies for the lack of content up until now. I've had an idea for some time now of what Zombies would look like if it were totally cohesive from start to finish. We know there was somewhat of a rough plan from 'Mob of the Dead', but I cannot stress the word "rough" enough. Furthermore, we still have a whole two seasons of content before BO2 that only fit into the grander puzzle retroactively, and arguably some of BO3 doesn't really fit too. What I'd like, as a community, is to set about rewriting the continuity, though just like Monty, I think these rewrites ought to be "nudges", therefore: RULES: No removing maps No alteration of map locations No alteration of the end goal in Tag Der Toten - Everyone is destroyed/locked within the Aether, Samantha and Edward take The Way Through to an untainted world. (though alternative endings a la 'Mined Games' may be added) Main Quests can be changed, though the ending of the quest must be kept (essentially) the same Side eggs may be added Radios may be added Clutter (photos, documents, chalkboards etc) should DEFINITELY be added As an example, I had the idea for this thread after wondering what it would have been like if we were first teased the existence of the Elder Gods in Call of the Dead, as they were researching it there to some degree, maybe having the VR11 use it's blood as ammunition, as we know it was able to bring monkeys back from the dead. You get the gist now, I hope this thread is fruitful and remember to let your imaginations run wild!
  8. So as you might have guessed from my posts on here, I love lore. But not just for Zombies. I think it springs from being read to a lot as a child and watching films and playing games that were probably too old for me at the time, but whenever I get introduced to a new story, I feel I have to know everything there is to know about the characters, universe, etc. For me, (other than Zombies of course), no series has captured my imagination like The Elder Scrolls. I've been learning the lore since I first played Skyrim in 2012, and am still learning, even to this very day, though where it was once stuff like when events happened, it's now crazy metaphysics. Other than that, I really like music as well. I play the Bass and a bit of the Guitar and the Drums, and really hope to learn Piano at some point soon. I'd probably go crazy in amongst fictional lore without music to ground me, haha.
  9. Into a world free from the Aether's corruption.
  10. It was just something I felt needed writing down. I've been trying to resolve why the fractures were similar to both d1 and d63 for a long while now and I think, at the very least, this is the closest explanation I've seen.
  11. Within Black Ops 3's filler arc, we are introduced to the concept of "Fractures". At face level, they seem to be a clever narrative tool in order to take real locations and make them more interesting (i.e. Stalingrad with Dragons) - however I believe there *is* a narrative explanation. However first, let's clear up some misconceptions: Fractures are NOT "Dimensions" This is an easy trap to fall into, but the distinction is important. Dimensions differ in that entire world histories can be different, people can die at different times, people's personalities can differ, people can even be born a different gender. The specific differentiation between dimensions is given in the following cipher, found in Gorod Krovi: "Kronorium Excerpt 349561223: The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all creation. It was used by the first one to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions allowing the transfer of life forces back and forth. It resides in the 63rd dimensions" So seemingly, the exact definition of an "alternate dimension" is one with a different "mix" of life to any other. The Zombies storyline primarily takes place in Dimensions 1* and 63, meaning that these dimensions have a different balance of life throughout, possibly contributing to the differences in individuals (i.e. Cornelius and Cornelia Pernell) A Fracture, on the other hand, is something different entirely. Here I will make the claim that, during Black Ops 3 (bar Shadows of Evil and Revelations), we never even leave Dimension 1*. As given by the timeline, the Deceptio fracture is formed at the moment Primis Richtofen shoots his alternate self in the head (or arrives in the teleporter, based on the intro cinematic, however the difference between the two is seemingly irrelevant). At that point, as illustrated by the following comic panel, not only does the future begin a new course, but past events adapt in order to make the "fractured" event make sense. As seen here, the event retroactively changes the past, in order to adapt it for Primis being present in Dimension 1*, hence the appearance of a Giant at Der Riese, even though they were only present in Dimension 63 beforehand. The presence of Primis forces the new "fracture" to be closer to their home dimension. This can be seen during the course of Black Ops 3. With each new fracture (Proditione and Agonia), Dimension 1* becomes more and more fractured, and as it is due to the interference of Primis, closer and closer to Dimension 63. As evidence for the retroactive changing of the past, however, this is given clearly on the timeline, as Zetsubou no Shima takes place two weeks before Der Eisendrache, yet is altered due to the effects of it. I hope this post is somewhat useful if anyone is confused about the difference, it's not the easiest thing to wrap your head around, so I felt it was useful to talk about. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. (*We have no canon number for the original dimension, so I have used 1 here for ease)
  12. The Brutus "115"/"Not this time" was because during Mob's development, the stories weren't connected.
  13. At first I thought it was an undead army, but he just says "The Army". My thought process is this: Maxis says in his telephone in Classified that 935 knew about the experimentation on those three, but was horrified at the extent Richtofen went to. In this radio, we hear about Richtofen's struggle to breach "the trust barrier". To me, this is him not having tried his methods that were so abhorrent that even Maxis was apalled. Also, these same methods could easily be applied to the Zombies. Also yeah, feel free to move the post. I'm still not too sure where things should go.

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