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  1. 1. Alone - I (somewhat unpopularly) like Coming Home, too, but Alone wins out. 2. We All Fall Down - Very cool and underrated song that, in typical KLU style, had massive thematic implications. 3. I Am The Well - It's just the best isn't it? 4. Carrion - No contest, SoF isn't even a Zombies song, or if it is, so is Rusty Cage 5. The Gift - This one is very difficult because I enjoy both very much, but I think The Gift might just have the edge 6. Drowning - Again, very hard, as these are two that I love to play on Bass myself, but Drowning wins out here, some of those B
  2. 1. Alone - Difficult one, but Alone represents the height of Kevin's songwriting abilities whilst BoA, whilst still damn good, is one of the first zombies songs written. 2. Remember Forever - The first (and only, as far as I remember) song written by Jack Wall and Cindy Shapiro (of whom the latter is also the singer), that as well as sounding incredibly good (PHAT bass) has a lyrical perspective rarely heard. 3. Abracadavre - Both songs were written with in theory the same amount of storyline insight, however one was written from a perspective of external authors (a7x) whilst Abracad
  3. @PoppaQuad and @C L A S S I F I E Dfor exactly the same reasons as everyone else has brought up. Excellent Contributions.
  4. Greetings one and all. Today I've got something a little different to share - The First CoDZ Forums Writing Competition! UPDATE: Thank you all for your entries. This first edition of the competition is now closed and the winners are: @The Dark Aether and @anonymous Congratulations to you too, and to all who entered! RULES: Anyone may enter Submissions should aim to be around 1000-1500 words . Submissions will still be accepted regardless, however please try to be sensible - we have to read this too. Submissions can be s
  5. If they were from the Dark Aether, they ought to be far more mutated than we see. If a soldier turns into a Mimic within 30 days of exposure, the Mangler should look pretty far removed from how it does.
  6. As stated on the intel for the R.A.I.K-84, the gun was inspired by old schematics found for the Generator Khaosa Zavoyski-45 (GKZ-45). This gun was designed by Soviet Scientists in 1945, however was ruled impossible, and thus remained exclusively hypothetical. Dr. Khulklay recovered these schematics from the KGB's archives and began viewing them with great interest in 1984, however, as the introduction of Aetherium suddenly made the ideas behind the theoretical weapon now incredibly doable. The gun existed in the Agonia Fracture in the Aether Storyline as the rapid arm
  7. This also really helps to explain the differences in 115 and Exo Element 1's methods of Resurrection. I'd go as far as to call 115 "spiritual", relating to literally binding the soul to a body (and in the case of the Elemental Shard, fully re-inserting that soul in order to restore true life). Aetherium, on the other hand, is as you say, literally a contaminant, or a radiation. We can see it with Der Wechsler, where a person's mind can be restored with far less effort than that of 115 zombies, which required the Elemental Shard, the focal-point of the entire Aether. Instead, merely
  8. To be an Elder God isn't, in my opinion, a matter of biology. It's merely a role that has to be filled.
  9. (Find the companion video here) Whispers in the Dark Despite only being one chapter into the Dark Aether Storyline, we have already heard repeated references to colossal entities that roam the umbral landscapes within the Dark Aether, leaving trails of pure destruction in their wake, all the while being worshipped by the comparatively meager lifeforms that now call these same planes home. To those who believe them deserving as reverence, these eldritch behemoths are known seemingly interchangeably as "Elder Gods" or "Overlords". For those who, like me, are enthusia
  10. Yeah I like that quote. Kevin, like any good musician, makes sure to never say outright what anything in his songs mean. He wants to leave the interpretation up to us.
  11. Unfortunately that ones kind of difficult, because the meaning isn't totally clear in English either. I'd say it means the "fatigued things" or possibly "fatigued people" go away
  12. Sure thing man, that's no problem at all. Could you link your blog too? I'd love to check it out. Much love to the foreign language zombies communities btw, you guys are all awesome.
  13. It's worth pointing out that Wittenau is not only in Berlin, but in the modern day is opposite a theatre. Given we've already had Nacht, I think Verruckt is just as possible. Extending this even further, the Empire of Japan in the 1940s spanned all the way to Vietnam - we still have no location for The Rising Sun facility, only that it was in Japanese Territory.
  14. As far as we know... well... We don't know. However there are a few candidates. The First One/Chernabog - Essentially "the big bad". Reformed after Tag Der Toten from Monty and The Shadowman, and very pissed. Eddie - This one is a thought that I imagine has crossed every one of our minds Nikolai - as @cluelesshas explained in this thread, there is potential for it to be some variation of the Nikolai we see "die" in Tag Der Toten Miscellaneous Omega Group member - self explanatory Unknown - self explanatory
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