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  1. One point of note on "Elder Gods", is that this is seemingly a term given to the colossal Apothicons specifically by the Keepers (as illustrated by Jeb Brown's encounter) - however the Apothicons seem to refer to them as "Overlords", as hinted at in Shadows of Evil by the Shadowman, and later confirmed by him in revelations. Whilst they are very similar in meaning, I definitely think this slight difference in terminology is worth exploring.
  2. Glad to have you man, hope you enjoy it here.
  3. I'd say because they are still Aetheric beings. They are of Agartha and their race is built on the manipulation of the Aether. Notice it's a black sun with a cross through it. We associate the Cross with Christianity, but this is irrelevant here. It could represent a literal barrier. They are the Keepers of the Aether.
  4. - - X - - "X Computer" is the name by which Maxis is referred to in Moon According to Schuster, no one at 935 went by M, indicating X was likely Maxis' mononym - - X - - M A X I S This becomes especially interesting when you remember the ties of a certain AWOL Maxis to Broken Arrow.
  5. "Overlord" is, seemingly, the word Apothicons use for the colossal members of their race who are able to consume pure 115 from the Apothicon Sun and spit it into new realities. The Keepers, seemingly, refer to them as "Elder Gods".
  6. This is a megathread concerning the Apothicons and different view on them, a product of the cooperation between Caljitsu and Anonymous. The first subject we will discuss are the parallels between the Apothicons and Lovecraft's Mi-Go and Nyarlathotep. After that we will talk about how the Apothicon Overlords could very well be more ancient Elder Gods already existing in the Aether before the Apothicons, the corrupted alien race, came. After that we will discuss the parallels between the Apothicons and Bibical demons and finally, there will be an advocate for why the Apothicons might not be as e
  7. I don't think they were allied, per se. It's not within the theme of the Illuminati to follow any force outside of their order. That's not to say that they don't know or understand the Apothicons though, I just don't think they would hold any reverence for them.
  8. He leaves the Illuminati a day after he gets back from the first Teleporter test, so yeah
  9. This theory is a little different from what I usually like to do. It reaches for some things and presumes others - a dangerous combination when trying to write a good zombies theory - but it's so damn interesting, I've been working on it on and off for months on gathering information about it, and even if there's a kernel of truth, it might just change everything. WHO ARE THE ILLUMINATI? Contrary to popular belief, the Illuminati are/were a real organisation, not just the stuff of conspiracy. Founded in Bavaria, in what is today Germany (throughout the middle-ages to renaissan
  10. My jaw dropped when I read this post. I think this is worth us putting our noggins together to figure out.
  11. One thing of note, it's the apothicons who don't have an individual will, however as you rightly allude to with the Mi-Go's system of pure logic, I wouldn't exactly call the Keepers "free".
  12. Don't worry about that, it's nice to see some new blood around here. On training, I think it's the most effective strategy in Zombies, issue is - rightly as you say - it takes the fun out of it. Once you get your head round the Zombie A.I of the particular game you're playing, you can just train indefinitely.
  13. This is remarkably similar to the sign in Der Riese (nearby Juggernog) that when translated from German reads: "All unaccompanied children will be sent to the circus"
  14. I can't hear the idea of Humans being a keeper design without recalling the still unexplained Keepers of Origins - Humans with little facial structure and huge fangs
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