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  1. A whole season dedicated to Ultimis would be amazing. Aside from Richtofen, I would love to know what happened to them post-Moon. You are right, Classified is a welcome surprise.
  2. The Classified cinematic was a surreal . It captured the tongue-in-cheek essence of the WAW/BO era so well. It put a smile on my face to see Ultimis back to their old antics. It has been a while since the story has focused on them. I know it is weird considering they were back in Chronicles, but I would argue in some ways Classified was more nostalgic. I can’t wait to play it.
  3. That is true; it could be more difficult for the living. I always assumed that astral projection was possible because of Purgatory, not because of how one gets to Purgatory. I still think it might show up in some form during the Easter Egg. Purgatory is a strange place. It would be weird for Afterlife mode to be entirely absent from BotD. Although, I had a theory that Primis in BotD are actually spirits. Primis could be reliving a twisted version of their journey to Alcatraz, just as the mobsters were forced to repeat the night of their escape. If I recall correctly, the Lab in BotD isn't the same as the one in the comics and the cinematic features the same transition to the Hellish version of Alcatraz like MotD.
  4. Yeah, I was expecting Red Dead Redemption 2 to have a different name. I am guessing it is because RDR2 has some connection to RDR. If it was another standalone Cowboy story, then I would expect it to have a different name. After reading the Wikipedia for Revolver, I feel like the original concept for Revolver was wackier. The finalized product might be different. On a side note, I always find it fascinating when a subsequent entry in a series receives critical acclaim. Usually, it is the other way around, where sequels can't capture the "magic" of the first entry.
  5. I wonder if that is what the "Not Dead Not Alive" writing is referring to. Maybe Primis will be able to enter Afterlife mode during the EE?
  6. Yeah, I played a bit of the original on the Xbox 360. I remember reading the game would be a mess to port. However, I would be really surprised if they skip out on PC this time. Fingers Crossed! Also, is Red Dead Revolver set in the Redemption universe? From what I remember reading, Revolver was less grounded in realism.
  7. No word on PC, right? I’m hoping it is similar to what happened with GTA V. Also, I agree. It would be nice to have Marston playable again.
  8. Ah! That is true. How could I have forgotten the MPD.
  9. I am sure that is what happened in the Kronorium; a weird Richtofen mini-cycle. However, I wonder if that stills holds up if BotD is a warped recreation of Primis’ visit to Alcatraz. That does make me wonder if all the various souls of Primis are sent to the MotD Alcatraz. Also, I had a thought about one of our earlier posts. What if the location of the twisted realities (e.g. MotD, Hellscape Samantha’s Room) is in the Summoning Key or something similar to it? Those devices collect souls and could function as a pocket dimension. Although, I am not sure if I am really sold on that thought. I believe Monty referred to death as a “whole other can of worms”. If MotD is within the afterlife, then I would expect it to be something that transcends all reality.
  10. I need to play The Giant again. Anything is possible, that is a strange map. That is right. Ferguson does help Richtofen. If Ferguson was Brutus, then the creation of the “real” lab is a paradox. He frees himself in the BotD intro only to go on and help Richtofen create a variant of the Lab he was already in. I wonder if the Hellscape lab is based on Richtofen’s lab or is Richtofen’s lab inspired by the Hellscape lab. I guess if it is meant to be a paradox, there is no clear answer.
  11. Thank you! I will do my best not to die! If not, I promise I will let you know how being a zombie is working out for me.
  12. Shoot. Is it too late to request the introduction medal, then? I made an introduction thread years ago, but I never got around to medal requests. I just kept pushing it off along with the round based medals, haha. My mistake!
  13. That is a very interesting thought. I didn’t even think about the Hellish Sam’s room. They could very well be interconnected. I just don’t know if there is enough evidence yet. However, this is the type of “shocker” reveal that I could see happening. The only map I am not sure about is Morg City. The description on the timeline is vague. It describes SoE’s Morg City as something like a “twisted version of Morg City, shifted slightly from reality”. The former makes SoE Morg City appear to be a separate entity. This would align with the characters in the cinematic seemingly passing out in the bar and being teleported someplace else. However, the latter makes it seem that the changes in Morg City were from Apothicon corruption. The Apothicons altered the city and brought it to another dimension, like Revelations. Furthermore, SoE has an exact date, unlike MotD. That alone makes me think it might be the real Morg City. Regardless, I think it is safe to say something similar happened to Morg City; especially with the dynamics of Monty vs. the Apothicons. Great points though.
  14. I’m wondering if it isn’t a paradox as well; similar to what RequixEclipse and Boom115 said earlier. What if it is closer to Mob of the Dead (i.e. events in Dimension 63 vs events in Purgatory)? I’m wondering if the idea of breaking the Revelations cycle is actually a facade. In Mob of the Dead, the Mobsters are forced to relive the night of their escape attempt. The Hellish Alcatraz appears to serve as some type of punishment for their misdeeds (e.g. the escape plan) in Dimension 63. The location of this Alcatraz exists in its own pocket universe separate from the rest of the Kronorium. In the “real world”, the escape fails, Al is murdered, and the remaining three are executed by electric chair. However, in MotD, the mobsters are not fully aware of these facts. They have a sense that something is off, yet they continue to repeat their actions. I’m curious if something similar is happening to Primis. After the events of Revelations and the Great War, Monty sends Primis to Alcatraz. They think they are there to continue their mission, but they are really there to forever relive a specific moment in their life. It could a punishment for Primis’ use of the blood vials and trying to dupe Monty (or really just working with Monty to begin with). The only bit of evidence I have is that Richtofen’s lab is not a part of the MotD line. The MotD event takes place in “???” separate from the other events. I think it is safe to say that the lab Primis visits isn’t the same lab mentioned in the Kronorium. The real Richtofen’s lab was not built in the Hellscape of MotD. It could also be like the MotD cinematic when the mobsters shift from the normal world to Hellish Alcatraz (i.e. going from the Lab to the Hell Lab).
  15. I was wondering that too; if the Chaos Crew is inhabiting the bodies of their ancestors or like an alternate version of themselves. I just want to know how Diego got to Rome. Maybe the cultists were collecting combatants from around the world? Plus, I am really curious as to how the vapors and the disembodied (Oracle's?) voice play into the story. The Chaos Crew was alive for the events of the Titanic, so I do not think any time travelling will be taking place during Voyage. That is perfect. If Banjo and Kazooie don’t make it into Smash Ultimate, then they at least have a spot in Black Ops Zombies! Edit- I just realized that Banjo-Kazooie is probably a part of a mod already.

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