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  1. I agree with Rad. If Shangri La, Buried, and Tag der Toten have taught us anything, then the Siberian Base could be located in Siberia and Antarctica. It is like a Geological Schrödinger’s cat, the base is there and not there at the same time. And, it is most definitely because of the Hollow Earth. You are right on the money. It could function similar to the Hollow Earth in Monsterverse series. This version of the Hollow Earth has subterranean entryways and tunnels creating a highway that connects various points around the globe. The series stays close to the classical depiction o
  2. 1. Samantha- She is like the fifth member of Ultimis (no offense, Pablo). Going back to the first zombie yelling something resembling the name “Sam”, Samantha has been there since the beginning. Before Monty and the Apothicons, she was the big-bad. 2. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis)- I like Billy, but the Ultimis crew is too iconic. They are perfect and will always hold a special place in my heart. Rock on, Tak. 3. Sal DeLuca- Gonna have to go with my goodfella over here. The mobsters had an elaborate backstory. Despite Five and CotD, the Mobsters started the trend for Treyarch
  3. Yeah, that is weird. But, you are right. The real events preceding Mob of the Dead happen before 935 makes the perk machines. I forgot that tidbit, especially with Chronicles confirming Mob being its own cycle and Monty's involvement with the perks. Who helped the Warden make electric cherry? Maybe, like you said, they were imported after? Time is sort of self contained in Mob. Plus, original Nuketown had the Og Perks too. It is really hard to tell what is actually canon when they canonize elements of gameplay.
  4. Don't worry, I always appreciate more detail. That is really interesting, especially the campaign connections. That is a nice way to add the Nuketown skirmish. I just thought it was weird that it refers to the pre-five operations as Broken Arrow. They mention "projects focusing on a targeted assault". It makes it seem like Broken Arrow was more than a concept at that point. Shouldn't they just be the 115 Dod operations? @RadZakpak That is a great idea to expand Mac's timeline to a Google Doc. Given how flexible the story is, having the Doc is like our own Krono
  5. Now I am confused. I thought Broken Arrow was in response to the events of “Five”? Doesn’t the “Weapons targeting Samantha line” imply that Broken Arrow was operating as Broken Arrow before the outbreaks? Chronicles and Classified make it appear that Broken Arrow was the 115 division of the DoD pre-five. Maybe saying 2 incidents in two days is a bit semantic? The outbreak could have begun during the evening of Nov. 5 and died down once Ultimis left. Then during midnight/early morning, the next wave of the outbreak happens? I would have to check the clocks in each. Plus,
  6. I don’t think this has been mentioned in this thread (keyword search don’t fail me now). In Mob of the Dead, all of the perk machines, excluding Electric Cherry, are fading in and out of existence. However, in Blood of the Dead, the perk machines are fully materialized. Given that Monty made the Perk Machines and that the Shadowman is responsible for Alcatraz, having fully operational perk machines in BotD is even more confusing. Even if Mob was meant to be a standalone story, it is odd that Treyarch didn’t tie this plot point into the newer map.
  7. Was that early in Mob’s development? I have heard that before, but I cannot find any source on it. I always thought there was some connection. Weasel says he keeps hearing the name Nikolai. If you don’t move at the start of the game and let afterlife mode wear off, then you hear Samantha’s Lullaby. Plus, the camera pans upwards to the sky; possibly referencing Moon. Even the acknowledgement of “115” can imply that the stories exist in the same Universe. Didn’t Blundell say Mob was crucial to the story during Bo2? Ironically, Mob of the Dead might
  8. General/Overall Story · Connection to Campaign Universe- Black Ops Terminal, Black Ops Intel, Believe some references in BO 3 campaign intros · Nightmares in relation to Zombies’ Canon- Aether? Chaos Both? · New BO4 MP maps relation to Zombies Canon- Artifact, Der Schatten, Museum of Unnatural History · Blackout and Zombies’ Canon- Zombie just for gameplay? Or actually connected? · Any significance to Dead Ops? DS Zombies Maps? Iphone/Andriod Remakes? · BO terminals reference the Majestic 12, but I don’t think we hav
  9. Thanks! Maybe that is the case? The dragons in DE seem more supernatural, while the dragons in ZNS are more biological in nature. Maybe those dragons and dogs are possessed haha? Also it is really funny that you mention Danger 5, I was recently thinking about watching it haha. When I was writing that post I was also thinking about the game Dino D-Day that involves a similar concept.
  10. Wow, the timing on this is really weird. I am currently working on a paper/presentation involving the concept of Satan in Christianity.Personally, I think you are both right. There seems to references to various deities (including cthulhu) in the maps over the course of each game. However, there is a direct reference to Satan in Shadows of Evil. I have not posted on the forums in a while, so I am sorry if what I am about to say was mentioned before. When you start a round in Shadows of Evil, the Shadowman mentions you have been “marked”-noted by the marking etched on your hand. I am assu
  11. Dirty cop Ohh. I didn't know that, I guess I should watch the trailer a second time. I was just going off of what I saw in my first viewing. Is there any information on who these new characters are? All I have seen was the names on the Charlieintel twitter and the trailer. Info about the characters here: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/179421-sof-info/ Perfect! That is just what I was looking for. Also I like the name Morg City, that is clever.
  12. Dirty cop Ohh. I didn't know that, I guess I should watch the trailer a second time. I was just going off of what I saw in my first viewing. Is there any information on who these new characters are? All I have seen was the names on the Charlieintel twitter and the trailer.
  13. It is definitely connected to Mob of the Dead. I just watched the trailer now and the narrator mentions how each characters’ “sins serve as an invitation”. These new characters just like the Mobsters are trapped in some type of realm/dimension as a punishment for their crimes. This theme of punishment for a wrongdoing seems to play a large role in the storyline. Furthermore each member of the original four also had a criminal or violent past. I am starting to wonder is the larger storyline a giant atonement process for Dempsey and the gang? I also noticed that one of the new characters (the
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