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  1. I feel the same way. When I saw the power room and the new additions in BO3, I really wanted to explore those "expanded" sections of Nacht. I'm holding on that Treyarch hasn't forgotten those additions. Like I mentioned on discord, I think it would be neat if the easter egg had us sending Nacht to Tranzit. The only issue would be explaining the updated appearance.
  2. Interesting, maybe it’s both? At first, the Elders appear to be nothing more than interdimensional work beasts. Yet, the Apothicon Blood came from a fallen elder, right? The reason they appear unintelligent to the outsider is because the Elders are one part of the Hivemind. They could be the muscle of the Apothicons. In this case, it would make sense for the Shadowman to still revere them as they are a powerful and important extension of the Hivewind’s will.
  3. I always viewed that as evidence of his connection to Monty. How they were “good friends”, the Shadowman was Monty’s harbinger, Beast, False Prophet, etc. Hell, even his Mephistopheles. Thank you for indulging my tangent though haha. The Overlords statement was always confusing for me. Maybe the Overlords is the name of the collective hive mind? I always saw the elementals, Margwas, and parasites as corrupted creatures from the Keeper/Apothicon realm. Maybe their first creations? Yet, the point about evolution or trapped bodies works very well. If the Apothicons a
  4. I agree with Rad. If Shangri La, Buried, and Tag der Toten have taught us anything, then the Siberian Base could be located in Siberia and Antarctica. It is like a Geological Schrödinger’s cat, the base is there and not there at the same time. And, it is most definitely because of the Hollow Earth. You are right on the money. It could function similar to the Hollow Earth in Monsterverse series. This version of the Hollow Earth has subterranean entryways and tunnels creating a highway that connects various points around the globe. The series stays close to the classical depiction o
  5. I always enjoyed that the faction associated with the most Satanic imagery calls Monty the Devil. And they don't just refer to Monty as the Devil. They identify Monty with many of Satan's other monikers to really emphasize their point. While it is just speculation, I like to think this quote brings to light the real nature of Monty and the Shadowman. I am fond of the idea that the Apothicons were the first to fall to Monty's corruption. Monty is the Devil and has been tormenting creation since the beginning. The apothicons were the first to sell their souls and served as agent
  6. So weird. I need a whole crash course in the retcons lol. I guess that explains it though. The Shadowman is most likely the reason Richtofen left the Illuminati. Does this change your opinion then about the Illuminati be Apothicon allied? With the theme of betrayal being common place, I still think they Illuminati might be somehow tied to the Apothicons.
  7. And this happened in 1940? I always thought it was close to the end of the war/beginning of the maps. Uggh, I am behind.
  8. I wonder if the voice line is in the Chronicles version of Shi No Numa. Did Richtofen touch the MPD in 1940 then? If so, I need to give the timeline another look.
  9. Did Richtofen leaving the Illuminati come from the timeline? That is an interesting retcon. I believe in Shi No Numa, Richtofen, when revived, will sometimes say “My Service to the Illuminati can continue”. This would imply he was still a part of the order in 1945 and mean that the instructions to kill Maxis were fairly recent. Now things are much different. Initially, the Illuminati were tied to Richtofen’s endgame. I am curious why Treyarch would separate Richtofen from the organization when he was the only character with tangible ties to them in the story. Without Ri
  10. You are absolutely right about the comparison between apothicons and fallen angels. If I recall correctly, the Kronorium mentions the Apothicons being sent "beneath creation". The Biblical Allusion is extremely apparent there as well. The Seal of God stuff is interesting. I was curious why the Apothicon symbolism looked like a modified pentagram. Cool to see the historical precedent!
  11. I pity the undead fool that tries to cross us. We have to do some brainstorming! We need to find a clever commonality. I want to do something with us being forum dwellers like Roman citizens in the Forum, but it has to be one word. Maybe just Civis? Idk, I have to think about it haha
  12. The undead stuck in Der Riese can’t be undead forever, right? They have to decay sometime. It might be a walk in the park. I would just bring a flashlight. And haha, I look forward to the names. Should we keep them in Latin or nix that?
  13. My mistake, I should have rephrased it. I meant that they I always had explicit references to aspects of conspiracies, but not the entire theory. 115, Die Glocke, Illuminati, HAARP, Bohemian Grove, MK Ultra have all been explicitly referenced in the series. The Bus Driver is a gold mine for references. I just meant it was odd that there was never a passing mention to Odessa as an organization. (Side note- The Ancient Order Theory sounds really interesting!) I like that idea! That could also be a fun one-off map; like an explorer’s expedition gone wrong. It probably isn’t grammat
  14. Sounds like a plan! All the Nazi zombie games have trained me well. I just hope the apocalypse is a Nazi/Occult Zombie apocalypse. Not too well versed in the others and I can’t fly. So I will work on getting into 51, if you can get into Der Riese. Also, more importantly, what would the names for each crew be?
  15. ODESSA has to be related to the storyline. I remember we had this conversation in the discord (podcasts too, maybe?) when TAG came out. It is so strange that we never get any mention of the organization given Treyarch’s tendency to reference so many conspiracies. Plus, like you mentioned Odessa provides the best explanation for why 935 exists post Germany’s surrender. It would have been cool to get a Shang-esque map set in Peru or somewhere else in South America. Tie in some Incan mythos too. I would also settle for a rainforest map. That seems so fun.
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