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  1. I’ll put my vote in for @anonymous as well. The Leyline theory is essentially the centerpiece for the Aether story. It encompasses everything from Wonder Weapons to the construction of the human soul.
  2. I know it is a lot of text, but I think it is an interesting read. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, the author of The Coming Race, was definitely familiar with occult philosophies. When discussing his inspirations for the Vril, Lytton Stated " I did not mean Vril for mesmerism, but for electricity, developed into uses as yet only dimly guessed, and including whatever there may be genuine in mesmerism, which I hold to be a mere branch current of the one great fluid pervading all nature. I am by no means, however, wedded to Vril, if you can suggest anything else to carry out this meaning namely, that the coming race, though akin to us, has nevertheless acquired by hereditary transmission, etc., certain distinctions which make it a different species, and contains powers which we could not attain to through a slow growth of time; so that this race would not amalgamate with, but destroy us. [...] Now, as some bodies are charged with electricity like the torpedo or electric eel, and never can communicate that power to other bodies, so I suppose the existence of a race charged with that electricity and having acquired the art to concentre and direct it in a word, to be conductors of its lightnings. If you can suggest any other idea of carrying out that idea of a destroying race, I should be glad. Probably even the notion of Vril might be more cleared from mysticism or mesmerism by being simply defined to be electricity and conducted by those staves or rods, omitting all about mesmeric passes, etc. Perhaps, too, it would be safe to omit all reference to the communication with the dead" (Can you do Block Quotes with the forum posting tool? Idk, I can never get these down) While it does seem like Lytton took his own liberties with the concept, there is no doubt a connection. https://archive.org/details/lifeofedwardbulw00lyttuoft/page/466 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril @RadZakpak Mind, Body, Soul, Energy- It has to be structured similar to what you put forth. The concept of the soul being separate from one's life force and personality does have a foundation in myth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_concept_of_the_soul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eidolon_(apparition) - I think the ghosts in the Odyssey and Aeneid are the actual "souls" and the eidolon (in one interpretation), is an echo of that "soul".
  3. Another good point. Unless he transferred his aura? I'm thankful AO acknowledges the issue of whether or not au counterparts share a soul. While, there isn't a clear answer, at least it seems to not be forgotten.
  4. Yeah, that is weird. But, you are right. The real events preceding Mob of the Dead happen before 935 makes the perk machines. I forgot that tidbit, especially with Chronicles confirming Mob being its own cycle and Monty's involvement with the perks. Who helped the Warden make electric cherry? Maybe, like you said, they were imported after? Time is sort of self contained in Mob. Plus, original Nuketown had the Og Perks too. It is really hard to tell what is actually canon when they canonize elements of gameplay.
  5. Don't worry, I always appreciate more detail. That is really interesting, especially the campaign connections. That is a nice way to add the Nuketown skirmish. I just thought it was weird that it refers to the pre-five operations as Broken Arrow. They mention "projects focusing on a targeted assault". It makes it seem like Broken Arrow was more than a concept at that point. Shouldn't they just be the 115 Dod operations? @RadZakpak That is a great idea to expand Mac's timeline to a Google Doc. Given how flexible the story is, having the Doc is like our own Kronorium.
  6. Now I am confused. I thought Broken Arrow was in response to the events of “Five”? Doesn’t the “Weapons targeting Samantha line” imply that Broken Arrow was operating as Broken Arrow before the outbreaks? Chronicles and Classified make it appear that Broken Arrow was the 115 division of the DoD pre-five. Maybe saying 2 incidents in two days is a bit semantic? The outbreak could have begun during the evening of Nov. 5 and died down once Ultimis left. Then during midnight/early morning, the next wave of the outbreak happens? I would have to check the clocks in each. Plus, it doesn’t account for how they cleaned up the Pentagon. The Panic Room, for example, looks fine in the Five cinematic. It would make more sense if “Five” happened first. The “Five” outbreak stifles the talks with Cuba and causes McNamara to become preoccupied with Samantha. The Pentagon survives, but is in shambles. In the process of recuperating, Ultimis arrives and triggers another outbreak; most likely because the Pentagon is in a vulnerable state.
  7. I do think that there must be some difference between the material body, its aura, and soul. Primis have lost their souls and Monty said Maxis did not have a soul. Yet they all continue to operate with a life-force. So, idk ?
  8. I don’t think this has been mentioned in this thread (keyword search don’t fail me now). In Mob of the Dead, all of the perk machines, excluding Electric Cherry, are fading in and out of existence. However, in Blood of the Dead, the perk machines are fully materialized. Given that Monty made the Perk Machines and that the Shadowman is responsible for Alcatraz, having fully operational perk machines in BotD is even more confusing. Even if Mob was meant to be a standalone story, it is odd that Treyarch didn’t tie this plot point into the newer map.
  9. That is funny. As began reading your post, I was about to comment “just like Chakras”. I should look into whether or not Mesmer was influenced (to some extent) by eastern philosophy and religious belief. Back to your question- Maybe 115 brings the soul back too? The Alpha Omega Radios say Peter was resurrected from death, right? I am guessing Peter, like Ultimis/Primis, may have some high tolerance for 115. Thus, explaining why he wasn’t turned into a zombie. Or, maybe the elemental shard is meant to resurrect the dead without creating undead. I also think it depends on how the series conceptualizes the soul. Is it just electromagnetic energy (Like mentioned earlier)? Is there a more spiritual element? If it is the former, I imagine it would be like recharging a battery. The soul may never leave. I tend to lean towards there is more to the soul in Zombies, but there really isn’t a definitive answer. Also, @RadZakpak good point about Maxis. That is like the best example of the electromagnetism of the soul. It puts Sophia and the Maxis Drone into more context. You got me thinking. Monty mentions Maxis not having a soul and Primis lost their souls in Bo3. They were still able to walk, talk, and think. So that must mean there is more to the soul or Auras and Souls are different. It could also be that as long as the soul exists somewhere, all counterparts will be unaffected? One more thing @anonymous. You just made me realize that the Corvus-World link could explain “the forest” and why it shows up in Bo3. That also is a convenient place to have a "memories" trailer. Edit- this could account for Blackout too; If all these characters are being resurrected. Although I do think Richtofen says in his Blackout quotes that 115 might not be involved.
  10. Thank you, appreciate it. Good to see you, @RadZakpak, and @Lenne holding down the fort! Happy to be home! Haha,physics isn't my specialty either. I was thinking more along the lines of galvanism as the pseudoscience, like Frankenstein's Monster and such. Treyarch zombies seem to have taken that route rather than the standard virus/parasite/pathogen that usual zombie stories go. I feel the same about Avogadro. Maybe his body was teleported elsewhere and anchored in the Aether, leaving his nervous system as the new shell. That or it is a modified/scifi-like astral projection. Yeah, Corvus is essentially the summation of alpha omega (A.I., Transferring of consciousnesses, Nova 6). Plus, I think Corvus was directly related to Mk Ultra. Seems really weird to not be related. Edit 1- Forgot to mention, mesmerism is another pseudoscience that probably inspired Zombies. Edit 2- Sorry, another update. Iirc, T.E.D.D. specifically mentions HAARP in Tranzit. And, the warden’s soul draining key in BotD features an electrical aesthetic (Because the Mobster's charged it in Motd?) Edit 3- I need to stop- The electric chairs from MotD and Botd could be transferring consciousness too. Nazis were also held beliefs about forces like leylines. Sorry for the confusion haha. Should have been more clear. I know there is a connection, but never could figure out if or to what degree it is canon. The Black Ops terminals and Black Ops 3 make it appear to be so. Yet, Multiplayer (Bo3/Bo4) and Blackout is supposedly a part of the Campaign universe. And that features character's like The Replacer. Not to mention the Chaos connections and The Chaos-Aether crossover multiplayer map (Hope it is true). Lastly, there is Nightmares lol.
  11. Was that early in Mob’s development? I have heard that before, but I cannot find any source on it. I always thought there was some connection. Weasel says he keeps hearing the name Nikolai. If you don’t move at the start of the game and let afterlife mode wear off, then you hear Samantha’s Lullaby. Plus, the camera pans upwards to the sky; possibly referencing Moon. Even the acknowledgement of “115” can imply that the stories exist in the same Universe. Didn’t Blundell say Mob was crucial to the story during Bo2? Ironically, Mob of the Dead might have fit the Chaos story better. Maybe it even inspired Chaos?
  12. The Aether story is filled with Biblical allusions and references. Origins is another name for Genesis (the first book in the Bible) Revelations is the last book. Wasn’t Tranzit’s achievement called “Tower of Babel” too? I still think the Shadowman’s mark is the Mark of the Beast. It looks like three 6 on top on one another. Plus, the form in SoE is referred to as beast mode. There is also no doubt in my mind that the A.D.A.M.s in Alpha Omega are a direct reference to Adam from the Book of Genesis. While somewhat loose, one can draw a parallel and say these A.D.A.M.s disobey their creators as well. While not a part of the Bible, the Vril-ya were said to have survived a Great Flood (an allusion in it and of itself).
  13. Oh man, I remember the original thread! This is a neat call throwback. I always enjoyed the mythological/religious elements in the Aether story. I’m still holding onto that there is more to Monty and the Shadowman. While I do think Treyarch will inevitably link Chaos and Aether, Mictlantecuhtli would fit perfectly into the Chaos story if he is not involved in the Aether ( implying Chaos it isn’t canned).
  14. General/Overall Story · Connection to Campaign Universe- Black Ops Terminal, Black Ops Intel, Believe some references in BO 3 campaign intros · Nightmares in relation to Zombies’ Canon- Aether? Chaos Both? · New BO4 MP maps relation to Zombies Canon- Artifact, Der Schatten, Museum of Unnatural History · Blackout and Zombies’ Canon- Zombie just for gameplay? Or actually connected? · Any significance to Dead Ops? DS Zombies Maps? Iphone/Andriod Remakes? · BO terminals reference the Majestic 12, but I don’t think we have heard much of them since. · I know Chronicles mentions the Illuminati, but there relevance is still ambiguous Buried · I know this was mentioned earlier, but want to reiterate- who/what is the Lady of the Manor? MotD · “115- not this time” Easter Egg. When inputting 115 as a code, the Warden/Brutus would say “Not this time”. Was this a scrapped story element given BotD connection to the Shadowman and 115? · Brutus is now the Warden? I know it is minor, but thought the “name” change was weird as well. Shadows of Evil · One of the BO3 strategy guides referred to as Demons. I believe it even mentioned them as being made from fire and brimstone. It seemed more than a metaphor. · What was the “Beast Form”? Is it due to being marked? Zetsubou no Shima · Wasn’t there a theory about a “monster” being in the swamp. Would be cool to have a Kaiju in Treyarch Zombies, plus it fits with the whole “resurrecting ancient beasts” theme. That is all I can think of right now.

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