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  1. Thanks! Maybe that is the case? The dragons in DE seem more supernatural, while the dragons in ZNS are more biological in nature. Maybe those dragons and dogs are possessed haha? Also it is really funny that you mention Danger 5, I was recently thinking about watching it haha. When I was writing that post I was also thinking about the game Dino D-Day that involves a similar concept.
  2. Wow, the timing on this is really weird. I am currently working on a paper/presentation involving the concept of Satan in Christianity.Personally, I think you are both right. There seems to references to various deities (including cthulhu) in the maps over the course of each game. However, there is a direct reference to Satan in Shadows of Evil. I have not posted on the forums in a while, so I am sorry if what I am about to say was mentioned before. When you start a round in Shadows of Evil, the Shadowman mentions you have been “marked”-noted by the marking etched on your hand. I am assuming this mark is what allows one to become the beast. Therefore, it would make the mark, the mark of the beast. The concept of the "mark of the beast" is heavily associated with Satan and the end times. Furthermore, if you look at the mark it looks like a six. In fact, it looks like three sixes superimposed on one another. The number 666 is also associated with the mark of the beast and Satan. As for the dragons, I wonder if the ones in ZNS are separate from the dragons in DE. For me, the dogs in MotD seem to be the product of a supernatural (possibly demonic) entity. The do not look like the same hellhounds we see in earlier maps which have more scientific origins. Just as fluffy and the hellhounds may be separate from Cerberus in MotD, maybe these dragons are different from the ones in DE. On a side note, we have zombies (including dogs, monkeys, mech-suit zombies, plant monstrosities), hellhounds, robots, “ghosts”, and interdimensional beings. Now we have dragons and giant spiders. I really think it is about time Treyarch finishes this entourage of enemies by adding Dinosaurs. That is all we need. Can we please have a Nazi Zombie Dinosaur army?
  3. Dirty cop Ohh. I didn't know that, I guess I should watch the trailer a second time. I was just going off of what I saw in my first viewing. Is there any information on who these new characters are? All I have seen was the names on the Charlieintel twitter and the trailer. Info about the characters here: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/179421-sof-info/ Perfect! That is just what I was looking for. Also I like the name Morg City, that is clever.
  4. Dirty cop Ohh. I didn't know that, I guess I should watch the trailer a second time. I was just going off of what I saw in my first viewing. Is there any information on who these new characters are? All I have seen was the names on the Charlieintel twitter and the trailer.
  5. It is definitely connected to Mob of the Dead. I just watched the trailer now and the narrator mentions how each characters’ “sins serve as an invitation”. These new characters just like the Mobsters are trapped in some type of realm/dimension as a punishment for their crimes. This theme of punishment for a wrongdoing seems to play a large role in the storyline. Furthermore each member of the original four also had a criminal or violent past. I am starting to wonder is the larger storyline a giant atonement process for Dempsey and the gang? I also noticed that one of the new characters (the magician/occultist one) is named Nero. I guessing the name refers to the tyrannical Emperor Nero of Rome. It would tie into the “sinner” theme. Furthermore, Mob of the Dead also featured references to classical history and mythology. Plus the Character Vincent appears to be another mobster. Lastly, does anyone think the Shadow Man has a connection to the 5th picture in Kino?
  6. They may have incorporated one of my suggestions aswell. Before black ops 2 came out, on the official COD forums I made a thread full of suggestions. One of which was about a Mech-Suit zombie boss. Although the ones in Origins are slightly different compared to Mech Zombie in my description, I like to think that I made a change. http://community.callofduty.com/message ... #205695890 It is idea number 7 on my list. I really think Treyarch does listen to the community. IRurG money would be nice , but it is still pretty cool to think that you may have had an impact on a game's development. I'd chalk it up as a win. Just make sure you ask for the check upfront next time :lol:
  7. No thats a big stretch. I just cant see 3arch being that creative to tell a story only to end it open ended happening. Seems like a clear ending to me. This, it's an EXTRA GAME MODE with a small department in comparison working on it, regardless if the campaign came and helped here and there. They aren't going to invest all these things that people try and justify with real world events, and how it all plays a role in the grand finale, when TREYARCH HAS NEVER CONFIRMED ANY OF OUR THEORIES IN 5 YEARS LOL. Take this however you want it, but just don't disregard this ending as completely impossible is all I'm saying, it really can be this simple and some choose not to see it. That's one thing this community is known for though which is going over every inch before coming to a conclusion, so I can expect nothing less lol. I tend to over analyze things a lot . I am not disregarding the ending. I do believe it happened. I am just looking at it from a different perspective and trying to fit it into the storyline. Could I be wrong? Yes entirely. Could the ending be that simple? It sure can. But I feel I should at the least express my thoughts and see what happens from there.
  8. In the words of Samantha during the Fly Trap achievement.... I WANT TO PLAY A GAME Lets play hide and seek.... Seems relevant to me Cool! Thanks. I think I am going to compile my theory. I think it is all real. And I would like to say that Eddy is a liar. I think we know who is controlling the zombies from now on. And his name is "Eddy". I am debating how I should go through with this. Should I go and make my own thread or leave it all here? I was also thinking about making a video where I just explain my theory. I am too antsy to type. Should I make a video?
  9. It never was a game, everything is real. I have my own personal take on the ending to Origins and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in hearing it. The theory- I personally believe the ending is a façade. Something that cannot be taken at face value. The Zombie Saga is not a game, but Samantha THINKS it is a game. Simply put- the ending is a projection of Samantha’s consciousness in the Aether being manipulated and twisted by a malevolent external force. The entire cutscene takes place in the Aether in this false reality. Samantha believes her actions to be a part of a game, but they are really happening. So what do you think? Should I pursue this theory?
  10. I was wondering what the easter egg would be like and I came up with this- What if the easter egg revolves around a Richtofen vs. Samantha scenario instead of Richtofen vs. Maxis, and adds a MOTD-like twist? I know a few others on the forum were wondering about time travels potential connection to this map and the concept of rewriting the past. And so, I was wondering what if the easter egg revolves around a future Samantha (and a COTD styled cameo of future Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey) contacting the crew in the past to alter the course of history. You could either choose to listen to Richtofen and let things happen as they normally would or you could Free Samantha and alter time. Now it would function like MOTD in the sense that the only way to get the achievement is to help Samantha. IF you help Samantha you break the cycle and the real ending is given, but if you help Richtofen the cycle repeats itself.
  11. ***I started this thread a long time ago when Buried first came out, and I even had this theory in mind longer. Since MOTD was release to be exact. But with CODZ going down, my summer job, and the fact that my laptop has been away for repair, I haven’t been able to finish it. I don’t want to leave this thread unfinished, but I really want to get my thoughts out there before Origins releases. The culmination of all my ideas/theories over this past COD Zombie year has led me to this opinion as to where we are heading next. MY theory is finished, but I need to continue working on the evidence. The release of Origins could potentially nullify many of the things I am saying considering that it is essentially a prequel map and that the easter egg revolves around freeing Samantha.*** And so as a caveat, a bulk of this thread is pre-origins and may be subject to change based on tomorrow’s easter egg story direction. I hope to finish this. SPOILER ALERT! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD! Hello everyone! I have been meaning to make this thread for a long time now, but I haven’t gotten around to it. With the release of the Buried easter egg I have even more of an incentive to express this theory. In the final DLC , I believe we are going to see a whole new enemy. BO Zombies went out with a bang and I believe following in that pattern, BO 2 Zombies will go out with an even bigger bang. It will be another apocalypse, but by far worse. I believe we are about to enter phase 2 of the zombie story which will uncover the real truth about zombies. Maxis and Richtofen’s moral compasses are both shady, but that doesn’t matter. While the characters are fighting over the two, we (the community) are overlooking a crucial element to the story. I may be a bit brash when I say this, but Maxis and Richtofen’s rivalry doesn’t matter. I am not saying that they and their actions aren’t crucial to the development of the storyline, but they aren’t our enemy. This isn’t a Good Nazi, Bad Nazi situation. This Maxis-Richtofen power struggle is just going between the two characters. During the easter eggs Richtofen beats Maxis or Maxis beat Richtofen then later Maxis beats Richtofen or Richtofen beats Maxis (all based on our decisions of course). But regardless, the two are in a constant cycle. We just swap one Nazi for another and rinse and repeat. I highly doubt the next major map installments would feature Maxis as the Aether Controller as he would just be Richtofen 2.0 and Richtofen would be Maxis; one man fighting out of spite to get revenge on his tormentor, while the other begins his seemingly shady plans of ruling the word. I understand Maxis is looking for his daughter and we don’t exactly know his plans for earth, but all we have done the last 3 installments of zombies is switched announcers. IN order to Break this cycle of power, a third entity would have to emerge and that is where I believe the story is headed. Maxis and Richtofen are mere puppets and a shadow of whom, or should I say what is to come.Maxis may have his joyride in the MPD now, but the keys to the ride aren’t his. As proven by previous easter eggs, the MPD is more than just a zombie controlling device. It can command the hordes of the undead, it can teleport people and things, and now it can let the commanding soul inside enter any mortal body or be anywhere in the world. It may even be able to bend space and time and create mini-rifts for all we know. As Richtofen said, the MPD let earth become his “personal plaything”. The MPD literally deals with the power of the gods, powers beyond mortal man’s comprehension and ability. We are dealing with something HUGE here and these powers prove to be a threat to mankind and even the MPD’s imbiber. But, I need to make a correction to my paragraph above; because I believe I may be wrong in one point. The MPD might not give power, it only contains it. The real giver of power is the demon inside. It works vicariously through whoever is inside. Our real enemy is not Maxis, not Richtofen, not Samantha, hell not even Castro. It is the Aether Demon. He let all of this happen and is waiting for the perfect time to strike. Whatever this thing is, it is a force to be reckoned with. The MPD is its CONFINEMENT, it may even be its prison. The voices Richtofen hears are really using him to set this creature free. Richtofen was fated to be this demon’s pawn and now the time has come for this demon to make himself known. Everything in BO2 has led up to this and the writings have been on the wall. Richtofen has been warning us since TranZit. The real announcer will make his debut real soon. The strongest sources of evidence for my claim I believe, comes from the easter egg songs, Mob of the Dead, and Buried. Songs I truly believe excluding Where Are We Going and Carry On every easter egg song in BO2 has been Richtofen’s lament. Richtofen is losing his power, his mind, and his soul. Since Carrion, he needs help. This phantom, Lucifer, Ethereal Demon is destroying Richtofen’s humanity and each day, hour by hour Richtofen is being swallowed whole by its power. I believe in Die Rise it was also hinted that Samuel can hear Richtofen’s pleas for help. In these 3 songs they all show the 3rd party’s rise. Carrion We all Fall Down This analysis was an analysis I did in Rissole25’s own We All Fall Down analysis thread. You can find the thread here and if you disagree with me then check out Rissole’s own analysis, he made some good points. The first few lines are where I agree with Rissole25 and I want to make sure he gets credit for it. Xenopsylla Cheopis MDCLXV -Same as Rissole25, the connection to the Plague, Roman Numeral 115. We used the helicase Bind the CXV - Same, bondage of 115 to DNA. Shows the creation of zombies Non-responsive And their ferritin is high In vivo But still seem to be alive - Same thing no need to elaborate. Controls are feeling fine Despite the awful sounds - Here is where I depart. The slight change in pace of the song to me indicates that Richtofen has switched from talking about the past to the present. Almost like a chorus, this part is not really connected to the current story. Now, what is he talking about? The Pyramid! This is Richtofen getting used to being in control of the Zombies. The awful sounds? The screams of the undead or the Demon within the machine. He is hearing the voices within the machine that will soon be his undoing. Brought the incidence of Tallowy offal down - In this case incidence refers to epidemiology. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incidence_(epidemiology) The rate the Zombie Plague is spreading fast. It has become an epidemic. Like Rissole25, tallow is fat and offal is butchered meat, I believe this refers to Humans. We have become their cattle. The awful sounds are the Voice demanding blood. We all fall down We fall down We all fall down We fall down -Connection to "Ring around the Rosy" and zombies. But, possible the atom bomb or nuclear weapons (They are mentioned later). The part before this line in "Ring around the Rosy" is “Ashes to Ashes” then “We all fall down”. Biblical reference to “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust”. Another illusion to death, but also reference to the destruction brought on by weapons. The ashes from a nuclear holocaust. The martyrs brethren Were not to be set free - The martyrs maybe are the heroes. The TranZit group? It could also be all the trapped characters including Dempsey and CO. They are the key to this epidemic. They could be martyrs in both ways. Dempsey and Co. started the Zombie Apocalypse as they are the Martyrs of the Flesh. Or Dempsey and CO. are the key to stopping this epidemic. We need to set them free. But, we are not worthy of setting them free and deserve our crime OR the voice does not want them free. In vitro planet earth In vivo you and me - In Vitro again a controlled experimental field. Earth is the testing ground for the zombies and or the starting of the master plan of the Voice. Another guess- Now I am sure I am One HUNDRED percent wrong, but I tried to find the Latin root and nominative form (the normal form) of Vitro. Nothing matched up to my knowledge based on Latin grammatical construction. I even checked the Latin dictionary. According to the internet the supposed matches for Vitro are vita : life, way of life. vitiosus : vicious, full of vice, corrupt. vitium : fault, vice, crime. vito : to avoid, shun. vitualis-e : manliness, virtures vituperium : insult http://www.archives.nd.edu/cgi-bin/look ... atin=vitro I am assuming they are just finding the closest words similar spelling, construction, and meaning, so I don’t think it necessarily comes from anyone. I just find some of the matches interesting. Worth a gander I think. In Vivo refers to an experiment (Most likely the answer). But a Latin translation could literally mean “In Living, In alive, In fresh”. Richtofen could be saying you and I are alive. We both are fresh; maybe un-touched by the plague? He had them watch me And lock everything around He told me You seem awful down - Possible Retrospect of Richtofen. Referring to the voice telling him what to do during the experiment. “Them watch me”- Illuminati watching Richtofen? Do they follow the voice’s commands? “Lock everything down”- Locking Maxis and Samantha in the room? Der Riese? The first set of lyrics point to some being of some sort who seems to be talking to Richtofen ( Like he does with Samuel). The voice seems to be playing some manipulative role. It notices Richtofen is "down"( maybe his mental state? or his schizophrenia?) which, makes him susceptible to these voices. The voice is about to give him a command of some sort. Richtofen could also being regretting what he did. HE feels bad for what he did but, the voice tells him otherwise. We all fall down We fall down We all fall down We fall down - Same It will end in flashes And we'll choke on ashes And we'll all fall down - An Atom Bomb, Nuclear Weapon, Emp. Something that creates a blast of light. Ashes could specifically refer to the ashes brought with the advent of something nuclear weapons detonating. Like a dust cloud. We will all die from this bomb “Choke on ashes”. We will literally choke. The end of the Zombie Apocalypse will end with an explosion. It could be a nuclear weapon to kill the zombies OR it could be the intention of the Voice to destroy Earth. In the latter is that why Richtofen wants to “Mend the Rift”? To stop the obliteration. The Manhattan Project, Green Run, and the 115 missiles, Anyone? Long lives the phantom I hear him sing and Scream out his anthem -THIS IS KEY! A phantom is a shade, shadow, evil spirit type thing Richtofen is possessed or being manipulated! The set of lyrics make me think that the "Phantom" is this demon type being. The voice. The phantom is his master or his controller. Notice "I Hear him sing and Scream his anthem". It is like he is being possessed. It calls him and he answers back, a forced or blind devotion to this force.He must carry out his “anthem”. I feel the shadows Crying Running Coming For me Too dark To see His time is coming to an end. HE is weakening. The shadows are consuming him. Maybe the tortured souls/zombies plague him. He hears their pain OR the Voice has finally decided to take over. Bedsides the crying, I think the shadows are the latter. Richtofen is a mere pawn and he is about to be consumed. “Too dark to see”- Sleeping aka a form of death We all fall down We fall down We all fall down We fall down- Same It will end in flashes And we'll choke on ashes And we'll all fall down - Same It will end in ashes of their lives We can still see flashes in our eyes - . Their lives- the zombies or the human race. OR could it be the TranZit gang or Dempsey and Co.; their “Ashes of their lives” the martyr concept again? “Flashes” Nuclear Weapons again. “Flashes” Maybe and EMP? Makes me think about the flash of the EMP stops the light in the zombies eyes. But until it crashes And the atom smashes All our minds will Just fade away - “Crashes and ATOM smashes” a nuclear weapon being dropped? Atom Bomb. Binary Fission? The end brought on by some type of explosion once again. - I would say the explosion kill us all “all or minds…fade away”, but the Lyric says “Until the it crashes”. So maybe we will all become Zombies or slaves to the Voice? We need to be freed? It will end in flashes And we'll choke on ashes -Same And we'll fall - This is the “prophetic” end or what is meant to happen. We are all dead. Maybe it can be stopped? Who’s Who Perk- (Coming Soon) "You don’t know me, but I know you"- Ethereal Voice. You don’t know it, but it knows who you are A short and brief Analysis of Always Running Richtofen is “becoming” something else, but he is “running” from what he is “becoming”. His “becoming Unstoppable" is his omnipotence and control over the zombies BUT, with the price of his soul. The more omnipotent he gets, the weaker he really is. The demon is living vicariously through Richtofen and therefore Richtofen is “coming from the something that he is running from”. Richtofen is Metaphorically running from this being to save his own soul and humanity. MOTD( Coming Soon)- Information from Buried Easter Egg- After Buried it becomes more apparent to me that Richtofen will lose control, but not to Maxis. And that Maxis will soon lose any power he gains as well. I believe each ending is a loss for both Characters and here is my theory why Maxis Ending Outcome(s): Richtofen is sent to a physical body and Maxis is left in Control Reasons for loss: Richtofen has no power which is his loss, but Maxis’ loss is that he possibly has all of the power. I believe Richtofen’s loss is self-explanatory, but Maxis’ is slightly more detailed. Based on the EE songs, Richtofen is not in control. He may act like it, but he is really a pawn. Therefore, if anything, Maxis is even more of a pawn than Richtofen. The real announcer will use Maxis for his own agenda. Maxis is driven by pure rage, revenge, and hatred with one goal in mind. The ends justify his means and all he cares about is getting his daughter and punishing Richtofen, but does not care what he has to sacrifice in the process. These qualities and traits cloud Maxis’ judgment which makes him completely susceptible to manipulation. In his state of mind, of course he isn’t going to be rational and of course he is going to make mistakes. More importantly, when you take away all of his anger, Maxis is still a father at heart. He is a truly worried, scared, and sad parent. Maxis lost his daughter to Richtofen, a man who hears voices, a man that travelled to and settled the moon, and a man that is now “controlling” legions of the undead. Maxis is looking for answers and putting his faith in the unknown to save his daughter. Maxis will literally sell his soul to the Devil to beat Richtofen. When he becomes the controller, Maxis has opened himself to possession and whatever he does now is not of his own accord. Richtofen’s Ending Outcome: Maxis is sent somewhere and Richtofen is trapped in Samuel’s body. Loss- Maxis is literally lost and Richtofen is stuck inside Samuel possibly losing control of his powers, which leaves this question. Who the HELL is in control of the Aether? Buried Ghosts/Rift Quote- DLC 4 Title “Apocalypse”- The title pretty much says it all. I find it odd that they would name a map pack Apocalypse yet, make the Zombies map a prequel. An apocalypse signifies an end, not a beginning. Origins- I do realize that origins is a prequel and with the announcement of this map, this theory may not happen in DLC 4. But again, I am willing to bet that Origins will somehow and in some way connect/affect the future. “The Shepherd of Fire” In conclusion-Who’s to say that Maxis and Richtofen weren’t manipulated to fight each other? What if that is the whole point? To divide and conquer.
  12. After watching the pre-release gameplay footage, I noticed that Origins' loading screen is not a comic book page. I was confused at first but, I think I know why Treyarch made this choice. Origins' loading screen isn't a comic book page... because it is the cover for the comic book! We have been told Origins is the beginning of Zombies. Well it literarily is. Although it wouldn't explain MOTD's placement in the comic book as it should be next. But yet, MOTD takes place outside of time and space. So I can assume its placement in the comic book is not as crucial as Origins.
  13. In Origins, I was wondering if we would see some references to the Thule Society. I know from 1917-1919 the Thule Society was being formed. A brief overview of the Thule Society- The Society was a German “Aryan” Occultist organization that studied the origins of the Aryan race. It was established in 1917 by Walter Nauhaus, a wounded German WW1 veteran. He was a Berlin Art student who was connected to another secret society known as the Germanenorden (Order of Teutons) and his Thule Society was meant to be the Munich Branch of the Germanenorden. By 1918, due to some discrepancies, Nauhaus’ Munich Branch of the Germanenorden became its own society. And thus, the Thule society was born. The society’s primary focus was the origin of the Aryan Race. They believed that the Aryan Race came from the mythical Greco-Roman island of Thule, hence the name. Later, the society was supposedly intergraded with the Nazi party and helped fuel the Nazi’s Occult interest. Other members on CODz in the past have made threads connecting this Society to the Vril and the Vril’ya. Therefore, I am trying not to be redundant in this post and sorry if I am repeating well known information. As far as I know Group 935 wasn’t founded yet and it would take years before the German’s Workers Party became the Nazis we all know today. So who is leading this excavation or more importantly, WHO is interested in it? Could it be possible that in our Zombies universe, this German excavation could be spearheaded by the Thule Society or helped lead to the society’s creation? Could the Thule Society have created Group 935? Group 935 worked with the Nazis, who were also influenced by the Thule Society. Could the Thule Society be pulling the strings? I think it is entirely possible that the Thule Society could have taken interest in the newly discovered element 115 and the mysterious ruins found at this excavation site. And for the heck of it….. why not the Illuminati? Could they be involved in some way? Although I do have a theory that connects the illuminati to the MPD and the true controller of the zombies (but that is for another time). We know Richtofen is a part of the organization and could it be possible that he could have aided them here? A shot in the dark but why not- What if there is some rivalry between the Thule Society and the Illuminati? And Maxis pledged his allegiance to the Thules and Richtofen the Illuminati? Wikipedia Links- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thule_society http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thule
  14. Neat, One thing I noticed is that in Richtofen and Maxis' songs it sounds like there is the choir from MOTD's Good Ending song ,Bad Ending song,and Samantha's lullaby. Also, do these songs play in the background when you complete the ee? I remember hearing a part of this song play when I watched Maxis' ending. I thought it was important, but I didn’t realize that it was an entirely new song. Because if you listen closely when you complete the Maxis ee on Buried it sounds like you can his song. It is most apparent when Maxis first mentions Samantha as you can hear the Lullaby part that is played throughout your video. For example at 1:18-1:34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhHKjLn7_bQ You can hear this song at about 2:00 when he mentions Samantha. Nice job!
  15. Neat! I don’t feel bad about believing Richtofen then! I knew he is the lesser of the 2... well 3 evils. Although Maxis has done something, I am still betting that by or in DLC 4 neither Maxis nor Richtofen will be in control. Get ready for Apocalypse part 2!
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