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  1. The cycle is just part of one larger cycle! In all seriousness, interesting post. It makes me wonder if the next installment of zombies will be about Eddie’s assent to power. Would this mean the Richtofen ending in Buried is a prequel of sorts? Our Richtofen saw how his victory would play out and thus allowed Maxis to win. Yet, all Richtofen had to do in his victory was not possess Stu. Maybe he was always fated to lose? And this new Eddie is the only way he can truly win. It adds more clarity to why he took this Eddie’s soul instead of shared the Primis/Ultimis one.
  2. Hmm could be. When the Shadowman was captured In Shadows, is his body left behind? I know there was the theory that he possessed maxis. I wonder if he physically changed Maxis or if it was some type of illusion.
  3. Happy Belated Year Swap! Yeah, there is some type of distinction between a soul and life force. Maybe life force is what powers the soul and the actual soul is the consciousness/personality of the individual. The soul is essentially a spectral battery or rechargeable device (e.g. computer). It could account for how some souls become corrupted. A soul filled with negative life energy (Dark Aether?) attempts to twist the will of the user. Also, maybe that is why having a soul is so important as it can resist corruption from negative life force?
  4. Fascinating! This reminds me of our conversation on the Bloody Teleporters thread. " I think there is a lot of evidence supporting it. If I am understanding this correctly: All of the portals that we travel through are fixed/ naturally occurring spots in the universe. Any attempt to manipulate the direction of the teleporters results in disaster for humans. Absolute Zero doesn’t exist in reality because that would mean no matter. Thus, the point of absolute zero exists outside of reality (space/time) This place of nothingness could be where Heaven/Afterlife/Hell are If one were to travel to this place, they wouldn’t exist in the material sense The only thing left would be something that transcends time and space Something Like a soul? This would explain the widespread use of souls as a power source in zombies. It is the only thing stable enough to survive matter transference Anyway, that is my two cents. Thanks for the fascinating read" What are your thoughts? Do you think some of this still holds truth?
  5. Yeah, it is all confusing. A flatlander wouldn’t be able to properly discern shape because of lack of height, right? The world should just be a series of lines to them, I think. My guess is that electromagnetism is the closest conceptually to older beliefs about energy, leylines, and psychic ability. Like we mentioned in your leylines thread, electromagnetism can be found in Mesmerism and Glavanism (I think too). It adds a sense of scientific legitimacy to older occult ideas. Science of the late nineteenth and early-mid twentieth centuries provided ample knowledge of the Electromagnetic spectrum. It makes sense that an occultist would associate it with physic waves and aliens. After all, the brain communicates through a series of neurons.
  6. Really fascinating stuff! I love the theology/mythology connection too. I have always liked the idea that something like God would dwell in the highest dimension or above all dimensions. Lovecraft had a similar concept too; the paradox of trying to conceive the inconceivable. This definitely accounts for the Apothicon’s telepathy. They are able to send thoughts (as electrical impulses?) from a higher dimension into a 3d plane. It would explain the disembodied voices seemingly coming out of nowhere. We are essentially listening to higher dimensional radio. On a side note, this made me wonder. We can only see the fruit’s layers from that perspective because we are 3 dimensional, right? A flatlander would have to be on top of or above the fruit to see this exact image. If I understand this correctly, that should not be possible. Flatlanders can only perceive in x and y, and not z. That dimension lacks z entirely. The layers visible to them would be completely different from the layers we see within the images. Those images are just demonstrations. P.S. In some interpretations of the Abrahamic Religions, angels are described in a similar manner; beings of great light and or no coherent form.
  7. 1. Samantha- She is like the fifth member of Ultimis (no offense, Pablo). Going back to the first zombie yelling something resembling the name “Sam”, Samantha has been there since the beginning. Before Monty and the Apothicons, she was the big-bad. 2. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis)- I like Billy, but the Ultimis crew is too iconic. They are perfect and will always hold a special place in my heart. Rock on, Tak. 3. Sal DeLuca- Gonna have to go with my goodfella over here. The mobsters had an elaborate backstory. Despite Five and CotD, the Mobsters started the trend for Treyarch’s approach to “one-off” crews. Even with only one appearance, they all felt like well-rounded characters. Sal and his Pals managed to be interesting and engaging with the occasional wise crack added into the mix. He is one of the celebs that I would like to see return. 4. Doctor Maxis (Original Timeline) - Don’t get me wrong, I really like Peter. He is iconic in his own right. Peter has been hanging around since the beginning and recently got more backstory in Alpha-Omega. However, Maxis had more time to develop as a character. Alongside Samantha, Maxis is another staple of the series; especially in Ultimis’ story. 5. Tank Dempsey (Primis)- Like Schuster and Peter, Pablo had little screen time. He is also like Peter in that he has his own claim to fame. Being the supposed mystery portrait and fifth test subject, Pablo is ingrained in Ultimis’ lore. However, Primis Dempsey has the honor of showing a saner version of Tank. In a roundabout way, Primis gave more legitimacy to Ultimis as characters. 6. Doctor Monty- Stu had one of the most interesting backstories of the Victis crew. He even had a few good one-liners, but Monty is something else. The story potential and questions surrounding Monty overshadowed his own late entry into the series.
  8. I just rewatched gameplay of the Skull. Truth be told, I’ve been aware of it, but have never gotten it haha. More importantly, one of the skull’s abilities is called Mesmerize. The word mesmerize comes directly from mesmerism. Mesmer employed a type of hypnotism as one of his techniques to help heal people. From my understanding, it was basically a placebo effect, but the association stuck. You and @caljitsu are definitely right. It may function as a local emp. A quick Google search also shows that Nan Sapwe was the God of Thunder, so that fits perfectly. And, it ties into the idea that the Vril people were natural conductors of electricity. That theory is spot on! Maybe Nan Sapwe was an uncorrupted keeper, so that is why the field is “white”? Maybe the local fields like the APD (initially) are more pure? For MotD and SoE, that is more or less what I meant. I see them as an unnatural barrier stopping souls from going to their rightful afterlife.
  9. The overall quote is about him discussing his inspiration for the Vril-Ya people with his friend. He mentions trying to distance the Vril from the occult aspects of mesmerism. I just thought it was neat to point that mesmerism had some association with bring back the dead. The only part that confuses me is him mentioning staves and rods. I get that they conduct electricity, but Mesmer ascribed an Occult meaning to them too, if I recall. It seems odd to not try and distance it from that aspect. The color frequency is really fascinating! The order works really well. Monty’s supposed colors appear to have the highest energy level of the announcers. And, it ties into the idea that purple/white might represent no announcer or the purest/strongest/oldest form of the Aether. I’d like to think the souls go somewhere, but the exact line of where the supernatural beings and scifi ends is blurred. Before, I would have said places like Alcatraz, but the living can visit that too. Maybe Alcatraz and Morg City are like a net that captures souls before they fully move on to the afterlife.
  10. I know it is a lot of text, but I think it is an interesting read. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, the author of The Coming Race, was definitely familiar with occult philosophies. When discussing his inspirations for the Vril, Lytton Stated " I did not mean Vril for mesmerism, but for electricity, developed into uses as yet only dimly guessed, and including whatever there may be genuine in mesmerism, which I hold to be a mere branch current of the one great fluid pervading all nature. I am by no means, however, wedded to Vril, if you can suggest anything else to carry out this meaning namely, that the coming race, though akin to us, has nevertheless acquired by hereditary transmission, etc., certain distinctions which make it a different species, and contains powers which we could not attain to through a slow growth of time; so that this race would not amalgamate with, but destroy us. [...] Now, as some bodies are charged with electricity like the torpedo or electric eel, and never can communicate that power to other bodies, so I suppose the existence of a race charged with that electricity and having acquired the art to concentre and direct it in a word, to be conductors of its lightnings. If you can suggest any other idea of carrying out that idea of a destroying race, I should be glad. Probably even the notion of Vril might be more cleared from mysticism or mesmerism by being simply defined to be electricity and conducted by those staves or rods, omitting all about mesmeric passes, etc. Perhaps, too, it would be safe to omit all reference to the communication with the dead" (Can you do Block Quotes with the forum posting tool? Idk, I can never get these down) While it does seem like Lytton took his own liberties with the concept, there is no doubt a connection. https://archive.org/details/lifeofedwardbulw00lyttuoft/page/466 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril @RadZakpak Mind, Body, Soul, Energy- It has to be structured similar to what you put forth. The concept of the soul being separate from one's life force and personality does have a foundation in myth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_concept_of_the_soul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eidolon_(apparition) - I think the ghosts in the Odyssey and Aeneid are the actual "souls" and the eidolon (in one interpretation), is an echo of that "soul".
  11. Another good point. Unless he transferred his aura? I'm thankful AO acknowledges the issue of whether or not au counterparts share a soul. While, there isn't a clear answer, at least it seems to not be forgotten.
  12. Yeah, that is weird. But, you are right. The real events preceding Mob of the Dead happen before 935 makes the perk machines. I forgot that tidbit, especially with Chronicles confirming Mob being its own cycle and Monty's involvement with the perks. Who helped the Warden make electric cherry? Maybe, like you said, they were imported after? Time is sort of self contained in Mob. Plus, original Nuketown had the Og Perks too. It is really hard to tell what is actually canon when they canonize elements of gameplay.
  13. Don't worry, I always appreciate more detail. That is really interesting, especially the campaign connections. That is a nice way to add the Nuketown skirmish. I just thought it was weird that it refers to the pre-five operations as Broken Arrow. They mention "projects focusing on a targeted assault". It makes it seem like Broken Arrow was more than a concept at that point. Shouldn't they just be the 115 Dod operations? @RadZakpak That is a great idea to expand Mac's timeline to a Google Doc. Given how flexible the story is, having the Doc is like our own Kronorium.
  14. Now I am confused. I thought Broken Arrow was in response to the events of “Five”? Doesn’t the “Weapons targeting Samantha line” imply that Broken Arrow was operating as Broken Arrow before the outbreaks? Chronicles and Classified make it appear that Broken Arrow was the 115 division of the DoD pre-five. Maybe saying 2 incidents in two days is a bit semantic? The outbreak could have begun during the evening of Nov. 5 and died down once Ultimis left. Then during midnight/early morning, the next wave of the outbreak happens? I would have to check the clocks in each. Plus, it doesn’t account for how they cleaned up the Pentagon. The Panic Room, for example, looks fine in the Five cinematic. It would make more sense if “Five” happened first. The “Five” outbreak stifles the talks with Cuba and causes McNamara to become preoccupied with Samantha. The Pentagon survives, but is in shambles. In the process of recuperating, Ultimis arrives and triggers another outbreak; most likely because the Pentagon is in a vulnerable state.

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