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  1. I'll just preface this by saying that although I think this theory could be true, I do not believe it will ever be referenced again nor will it ever have any relevance to future content. Black Ops 3’s campaign was quite poorly received and mysteries like this usually don’t get answers anyway. This is just for fun. This theory doesn’t have any definitive smoking guns, just a ton of small points that add up to my conclusion that Reznov is Corvus. This is all very speculative and subjective. I originally got this idea from @gfn21 in his thread but there’s a lot more evidence that wasn’t covered there. First, we should note the clues from BO1 that suggest that Reznov did not die at Vorkuta. The existence of John Trent in the BO1 terminals makes me confident Reznov didn't die. On top of that, we have the phonetic alphabet from the beginning of each BO1 mission which says: “Reznov is dead. Or is he dead? There was no body. Is he who he says he is?" Now onto Corvus, and why I believe they are connected. SP/CORVUS was a CIA black project experimenting with AI and the Direct Neural Interface. They intended to use the AI to monitor people’s thoughts and prevent terrorist attacks. The torture that they inflicted on the test subjects created a hivemind out of the subjects and the AI, and in its rage it released Nova 6 gas, killing everyone present. Importantly, we see that one of the test subjects has influence on the hivemind of Corvus. Jae Xiong was an assassin used as a test subject in the project, and we see Corvus force Taylor’s team to use Xiong’s preferred method of assassination. I believe that Reznov was doing something similar at various points throughout the campaign. We’ll start on “Demon Within”, the mission which takes us back into WW2. In this mission, we are inside the memories of Sarah Hall, who extensively studied the Siege of Bastogne. There are two collectibles that can be found in Bastogne that are completely out of place. A Russian Field Compass, and a Russian Ushanka Hat. The Soviet Union had zero known involvement in the Siege of Bastogne. Why are these here? These two collectibles could represent Corvus infecting Hall, and specifically Reznov’s influence in Corvus. Especially the Ushanka Hat, which became Reznov’s calling card in Black Ops 4 -you were forced to collect the Ushanka hat in Blackout in order to unlock Reznov. The mission then takes a strange turn, as it suddenly transforms into Stalingrad. The exact area of Stalingrad that is present in the WaW mission “Vendetta”, the first time we ever see Reznov. Whose memory are we in, exactly? Why would Hall have memories of the battle of Stalingrad? This must be the memories of a Corvus test subject, and how could any of the 2060 era test subjects have vivid memories of WW2 stalingrad? “Vendetta” also ties into a common motif of Corvus- birds. Corvus constantly shows the Player ravens as well as crows. For an interpretation of the ravens, I highly recommend this video, which is just overall a great video on BO3's campaign. And as for the crows, I believe it’s another hint towards Reznov. In “Vendetta”, the first time we see Reznov, we also see crows picking apart the dead. This may be a particularly strong memory for Reznov. There’s a couple additional pieces of evidence in the data vault. We see that SP/CORVUS considered Vorkuta Labor Camp as a candidate for test subjects. We also see Sebastian Kreuger, head of the project, asking the CIA for records on Reznov as well as many other Black Ops characters. The motivations of Corvus are quite similar to Reznov. Both were victims of mind control experiments, and they hypocritically chose to control the minds of others to serve their own ends- tracking down and getting revenge against their enemies. Revenge is Reznov's main objective going back to even WaW, and it's also what Corvus wants. The last mission, “Life” has a few more clues towards Reznov. We see Kane lured by Corvus into dying the exact same way that Reznov saw Dmitri die. As this happens, Corvus says “I… was born in the minds of others.” The pre-mission scrolling text of Taylor’s journal offers the most blatant clue towards Reznov. "Life's" entry is the only one in Taylor’s journal where he is infected by Corvus. Taylor is experiencing a jumbled mess of memories, but one string stands out: Delta-Romeo-Alpha-Gold-Oscar-Victor-India-Charlie-Hotel-Kilo-Romeo-Alpha-Victor-Charlie-Hotel-Echo-November-Kilo-Oscar-Sierra-Tango-Echo-India-November-Echo-Romeo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Sierra-Echo-Mike-Echo-November-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Delta-India-Echo D R A G O V I C H K R A V C H E N K O S T E I N E R T H E S E M E N M U S T D I E There’s more to this related to blackout/spec HQ but that’s even more speculative than this has already been, so I’ll refrain for now. Hope you enjoyed. I'd recommend anyone who's a Treyarch lore fan to give Black Ops 3's campaign and Data Vault a second look, I think it's super rewarding if you're willing to look into stuff.
  2. 115 Ace of Spades Archangel Where Are We Going Mystery Dead Again Lost Not Ready To Die
  3. Locate a door on the right side of the River of Sorrow, from where you initially came to the underworld. When numbering the symbols on the door from left to right, shoot the following symbols in this order: 12, 2, 15, 19, 6, 9 Or if easier, these are the locations of the symbols: 3rd row #2, 1st row #2, 3rd row #5, 4th row #4, 2nd row #1, 2nd row #4. Shaw and Bruno must interact with the door. If not on the map, Shaw and Bruno Bots will spawn. Place a Pegasus Strike on the blue symbol at the top of the River of Sorrow. Pegasus will raise a crossbow from the river. Use a charged shot from the upgraded Hand of Ouranos to make the crossbow turn. Keep holding the shot until the crossbow stops moving. Dip your shield into the Eternal Flame at spawn, then use the Venom trap near PaP and walk through it, still with your shield out. Your shield should have a green fire. Go back to the crossbow and melee it with your shield. Above PaP, the entry to the boss fight is available.
  4. Navigate to the Amphitheater with a Redeemed Hand of a God. If in co-op, all players must be there with Redeemed Hands. The players will have to kill zombies corresponding to the color of their Gauntlet. A circle will appear of each Gauntlet's color directing the player with that Gauntlet where to go. If the player is forced inside the acting area itself, they will have to kill zombies corresponding to their gauntlet's color. Depending on the distance or the number of zombies, either a charge shot or a single shot of the Gauntlet will need to be used. After 5 rounds, there will be intermissions and the characters will give a success quote. Complete 3 iterations of those 5 rounds for a total of 15, and the step is complete. If you fail at any time, you have to completely reset the step and do all 15 over again.
  5. There are two parts to this step, which can be completed in either order. 1: Use the Hand of Gaia to shoot 4 symbols in quick succession at the Offering of the Attalids. Each symbol should light up after it is successfully shot. When all symbols are complete, a Gegenees will spawn, and upon killing it, it will drop a golden pole. Place the Golden Pole in the Sundial at the Offering of the Attalids. Electric Catalysts will begin to spawn amongst the standard horde, kill one over the Sundial to cause a slot to open up. There will a line of electricity that leads to a specific slot on the outside of the sundial. Wait until the blue symbol is over that line, and then hold interact. Count the number of gold spaces between the slot and the line of electricity, and use that to determine when to hold interact. If the slot is 5 gold spaces away from the electricity, wait for 5 changes of the symbol to hold interact. Repeat this process 2 more times, and the slot will gradually go further inside and become faster. 2: There is an Ankh stuck inside a crystal at the Intersection of Treasuries. Get a Gegenees over to the area, and coerce it into a shield blast to drop the Ankh. Before proceeding with this step, make sure you're ready for a big lockdown fight. Place the Ankh into the hand of the Ra Perk Statue. Ra will fire a beam, protect the beam from skeletons that try to block it while fighting blightfathers and many other enemies. If you complete the lockdown successfully, Ra's Beam will pierce the wall, and a scepter will be in the hole left by the beam. Place the Scepter in Ra's hands, and the step is complete.
  6. I don't have nearly enough of a musical vocabulary to describe why I do or don't like certain songs, but here you go: 1. Alone. 2. Remember Forever. 3. Nightmare. 4. 115. 5. Cold Hard Cash 6. Pareidoia
  7. I think it's more likely to be "Grigori" Weaver as the G, as "C" mentions how both were in the CIA for a long time. Grey has a civilain background pre-Requiem.
  8. Three sets of cogs must be found around the map. One is at the Spartan Monument One is at the Intersection of Treasuries, close to the Ra Perk. One is at the Intersection of Treasuries, close to the Stoa of the Athenians. You must throw a spear from the shield at the cogs right as the cogs begin to touch. If the cogs are stuck on each other and both are spinning, you were successful. When all three are done, head to the Stoa of the Athenians. Three statues should be spinning. Time the spear to throw it at the cog when all three statues face inside. If successful, your screen should shake.
  9. Go to the Spartan monument. Shoot a charged Redeemed Hand of Charon shot near the Zeus perk, on the ground between the 14 statues. Look at the statues, one should have glowing blue eyes. Shoot that statue with the Hand of Charon, and another statue should have the blue eyes. Shoot a total of 4 statues. Your screen should shake once again if you are successful.
  10. Melee the Eternal Flame with the Shield and burn 3 oil spills around the map by meleeing the spills. One is on a rock in the Upper Road. One is on a wall in the Spartan Monument. One is on a wall in the Intersection of Treasuries. Your screen should shake once all three have been burned.
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