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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. Check out this video for a guide on all the intel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu72UkAlAe4
  2. While I'd share your concern if they do abandon the main conventions of Black Ops like this, it seems to me that BOCW won't be as black and white as it seems. The first trailer begins with Adler saying "This war was a lie. Years of blood. Just to light the fuse of a secret war decades in the making." The videos of the Hacker from pawntakespawn also show a lot of classic Black Ops grey area stuff. The hacker generally condemns both superpowers and calls out the lies of governments. We also heard a lot more about the campaign from media outlets who saw
  3. I would say it probably has to do with the Elemental Shard. Richtofen crafting the Shard at Siberia is arguably the most important event in the Aether story- it set everything else in motion, and binded the original 4 for eternity. This would make sense with the Shi No Numa writing, as we know that Maxis sent the Elemental Shard to Division 9 after confiscating it from Richtofen.
  4. It's in the war room, go down the first staircase to the left, and right next to the debris
  5. One thing that is somewhat related to this that I've just recently discovered and haven't seen get any mention- There's a machine in the War Room of Five that is labeled "Mind-Saver". Now, this label is quite low res (but readable) and it's removed in Classified so it may not be super intentional by Treyarch but I still think it's interesting to think about.
  6. Gameplay wise, it feels absolutely oppressive to play at times, needing a space suit, the annoying Astronaut, and the excavators. Tranzit is probably the only worse map in terms of how annoying it is to play. The only redeeming factors are a fun WW and the hacker. The starting at groom lake is also a pretty good idea, but it should be each person for themselves on the teleporter so you don't get a death sentence from a clueless teammate. Visually, it's drab and boring, almost entirely gray and black. Comparing this to the previous map, Shangri-La, makes it look even worse.
  7. I love the Mark II especially its variants, but gotta go with the Scharfschutze. It's a pretty great but skillful weapon, that also has some nice lore behind it. Alistair's Folly for third place, there's something awesome about a revolver wonder weapon.
  8. Mark II- Love the variants. JGB is also good but the Mark II variants are great. Folly- there's something really great about using a revolver wonder weapon that has all these ridiculous effects. I love it
  9. 1: The JGB is just awesome. it perfectly fits shang, has a cool effect, the name itself is a mini easter egg, and is overall just top tier. 2: This one is really close but I think the variants push the Mark II over the edge. The electric Ray Gun is just a less OP version of the paralyzer, really. And there's just so much variety within the other variants. 3: This gun is awesome, it feels good but takes a lot of skill to use, hand this gun to a noob and they'll probably struggle compared to something like the thundergun. 4: This one is really
  10. 1: AS. Although I dislike brainless wonder weapons, the Servant has an awesome design while the Void Bow is basically just the bow with some purple effects on top. 2. JGB. I think the JGB strikes a great balance of being effective but still requiring some skill. It also has an awesome effect and is used in the EE. 3. The Mark IIs are some of my absolute favorites. They're quite varied and also satisfying to use. The wunderwaffe is a classic, and has some of the best lore ever behind it, but the Mark IIs are just awesome. 4. Paralyzer. The paral
  11. 1. Wave Gun. Pretty innovative WW and Tundragun is lame. 2. Sharfschutze. I love how this WW has a pretty high skill gap, at least for wonder weapons. In a good player's hands, it's pretty damn good. But give it to a bad player, they'll be useless. 3. Both are MP re-skins. KT-4 is not ridiculously OP though so i'll take that. 4. Gauntlets. The gauntlets are absolutely amazing. Each one really feels like you're summoning some ancient power. I do love the Sliquifier as well, though.` 5. Ice Staff. Jet Gun is easily the
  12. 1. Apothicon Servant. The fire bow isn't great gameplay wise and basically is just the Sparrow from MP with a fire effect on it. The Apothicon is an awesome original design and is also a great weapon. The Rev version gets waaaaay too OP for me though. 2. Staff of Lightning- probably my favorite staff. Mark III isn't bad but it's also basically just a gersh device. 3. 31-79 JGB- The VR11 is basically useless to me as a story player despite being more interesting story-wise. 4. Tough one but I'll take the Mark IIs just because the Deat
  13. Haha, great board. I presume that's correct
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