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  1. Gameplay wise, it feels absolutely oppressive to play at times, needing a space suit, the annoying Astronaut, and the excavators. Tranzit is probably the only worse map in terms of how annoying it is to play. The only redeeming factors are a fun WW and the hacker. The starting at groom lake is also a pretty good idea, but it should be each person for themselves on the teleporter so you don't get a death sentence from a clueless teammate. Visually, it's drab and boring, almost entirely gray and black. Comparing this to the previous map, Shangri-La, makes it look even worse. Story-wise it's mostly okay, but the ending fucked the story permanently which is pretty unforgivable. Moon the story to get crazier because there's really no other option when the earth gets destroyed.
  2. The LOCATIONTEXAS translation is interesting, due to a certain BO4 multiplayer map. Arsenal takes place in Texas, and is home to Diaysler, a major weapons contractor for the U.S Government for the last 100 years, designing some of the killstreaks dating back to BO1. You can find multiple documents from the CIA on the map. In the middle of the map, they are testing the Blackout helicopter and on the whiteboards you can read about some of their trials for Project Blackout. "Identify what is causing failure at this point" and "Minimal effectiveness w/ prolonged exposure" referring to how the helicopters in blackout begin to fail when they are inside the collapse. You can find several containers marked with "6" suggesting that Nova 6 is at least partially what is used in the collapse. And, most interestingly, the blueprint of Griffin Station can be found on the map.
  3. To be clear, I don't think it is 935 doing this, as all the evidence suggests it's an American/CIA project. But they've got their hands on some 935 stuff is what I was trying to say. Also there is 100% time travel involved, as Blackout itself seems to take place in the 70s. "Approved 02-12-1970" This is in one of the hangars and is also referenced in some of the Spec HQ intel. There is also an ID somewhere around the Blackout map of a guy that works for the Pentagon specifically in Project Blackout and it's dated in the 70s. Gas also priced at $0.36 in the Blackout map, which is exactly the price in 1970. There is a newspaper in Blackout talking about a potential Vietnam peace proposal, which also fits with 1970. Zero has multiple quotes where she complains about the map being in the dark ages technologically. So Blackout is clearly meant to take place in 1970, but there's still a lot of questions of just how that works, given that most of these MP characters weren't even alive back then.
  4. Love this stuff, Rad. Very fascinating. There's also some quotes for each character that you get after a win, I remember one from Primis Richtofen where he exclaims that the future has changed. There is quite a few more connections, for instance the map Arsenal which is a military contractor that is seemingly planning project Blackout, has a 935 diagram of the MPD sitting around. I think the most interesting thing about them wholly combining all these modes is that in theory they're all in the same 'multiverse'- so the Tag ending would have effects on everything. Tag resets the multiverse, which might cause both Campaign and Zombies to have a... reboot? Modern Warfare just had a reboot so it'd make sense for Black Ops to do the same, and all this groundwork would also make it much more natural if the Campaign realm were ever to cross over to Zombies, as it seems it might in the next game.
  5. They are in different dimensions. Ultimis is from the original dimension, Primis is from Dimension 63.
  6. Ok, I see the confusion. If you go by the exact timeline then this would be the order. But that's not the best way to play it in my opinion. The characters travel through time very often. So Shangri-La happens right after Call of the Dead from our perspective but is in the 50s and Call of the Dead is in 2011. I still think you should play Shangri-La after call of the dead though, as it makes much more sense that way. The best way to play it in my opinion is to do it in the order of the characters, which is the order I listed. The order of the timeline is the order that the outside world would see, and while that is a perspective it's not really an important one in Zombies due to how isolated the maps generally are from the real world.
  7. The best order is the order in which they released, except push Mob of the Dead after Origins. Not all of these maps actually have easter eggs but this is the order. Nacht Der Untoten Verruckt Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Der Toten Five Ascension Call of the Dead Shangri-La Moon TranZit Die Rise Buried Origins Mob of the Dead Shadows of Evil The Giant Der Eisendrache Zetsubou No Shima Gorod Krovi Revelations Blood of the Dead Classified Alpha Omega Tag Der Toten
  8. Well, all of Zombies is one big loop. From Nacht until Revelations it's a loop, if you look at the Zombies timeline it is physically constructed like a giant loop. Every game is canon because they're all just different iterations of the loop. In Shangri-la the loop I was referencing is what happened to Brock and Gary, where they end up repeating the same events over and over again as they try to find Agartha. But as the playable Ultimis crew, Shang is part of the loop, but in a less direct way. The entire loop from Nacht to Revelations just repeats until it gets to Shangri-La again.
  9. The Weasel writes things down in each loop so that he can remember a few things (See the MotD loading screen and all the writing on the walls) but for the most part they forget. Primis and Ultimis also tend to forget the cycle, which makes it easier for them to keep repeating the same events.
  10. In most cases because it suits the agenda of whoever is creating the cycle. In Mob of the Dead, the Shadowman created that time loop because he had to use the souls of the Mob crew and keep them in the cycle to set the trap for Richtofen in Blood of the Dead. The radios in Blood of the Dead explain this. In the WaW-BO3 cycle, I don't know exactly why Monty wanted them trapped in the cycle but I think it was to keep them busy and prevent them from disobeying his plan
  11. A timeloop works by cycling the person inside the loop back through the same events over and over again. As for how the timeloop came to be, it depends on which time loop you're talking about. The Mob of the Dead timeloop was created by the Shadowman and the Warden. The overall cycle of WaW-BO3 was created by Monty/the Keepers. The Shangri-La cycle seems to be the accidental application of Keeper technology but that one is up for debate.
  12. I think most of this is just Treyarch being cheeky and trying to throw in some references to other modes. With that said- Black Ops 4, specifically the non-Zombies parts provide some interesting context to Hijacked. The map Hacienda is a luxurious Villa owned by a mob boss, and he has a big board of connections detailing all his operations and a group that is attacking him. Hijacked is listed as his private yacht and he notes that it was attacked by a strange group led by a man with an eyepatch. And Raul Menendez's blackout model very conspicuously had the addition of an eyepatch. There's tons of other zombies connections with Menendez, Blackout, and the BO4 'campaign' which I feel have gone quite under the radar due to it being a glorified tutorial.
  13. Wow, awesome work rad. This should be super useful. I'd say that the DE cipher should fit as the first event in the Deceptio fracture, albeit without a specific date.
  14. I love the Mark II especially its variants, but gotta go with the Scharfschutze. It's a pretty great but skillful weapon, that also has some nice lore behind it. Alistair's Folly for third place, there's something awesome about a revolver wonder weapon.

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