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  1. Primis Takeo is the best character though Ultimis Richtofen is certainly right in 2nd place, so good job to us we nailed it. Runner up, shadowman was a nice meme but maxis is a great great character
  2. 1: Black Ops 2 the round. Gotta go with Ultimis Richtofen, the one who started it all with his machinations. 2: Well, Shadowman getting this far is a funny one, but sorry, Primis Takeo is the best character.
  3. Slight addendum but I've realized that if I've read "OCTOBER NSA REPORT THEY FOUND THE SOURCE ON VENUS BEGINNING EXTRACTION" correctly then it might be reboot setup because the U,S Government is 'extracting' all the 115/apothicons from the dark aether. Then again maybe plans have changed since Rev when that cipher was made.
  4. 1. Ultimis Richtofen is the goat tbh 2. Primis Dempsey. Maxis is quite a bad guy. He's the one who went with the nazis, he left sam with richtofen for no reason. And yet he never gets enough attention as the real villain. 3. Takeo. Primis Richtofen is the most lowkey evil character. He perpetuated the cycle throughout so many attempts with the blood vials, and he led them all to oblivion by telling them to listen to Monty. And then he nearly got the rest of Primis killed in BotD with selfishness if it wasn't for Weasel. He kind of deserved it. Takeo is just a good boi, always is trying to do the right thing, is willing to die for what he believes. 4. The rest of Ultimis aside from richtofen never really get a character arc. Shadowman got some backstory at least in Tag. Shadowman
  5. I definitely think that's possible but I'd say you're going for the wrong Maxis. At no point does D63 ever really have the know-how or time to do that. Here's the way I think this works. The other Richtofen from BotD intro reads the Kronorium and sees AO/Tag, and sees his role to play. So he goes to the Giant where he knows Primis are, shoots Richtofen and then the map that we play happens. We go through the Beacon EE (which is NEVER mentioned in the timeline, decent evidence that it's out of cycle) with Zero Base Maxis (more on that later), which activates the lighthouse, allowing Victis to construct the Agarthan Device and then fixing the universe as in the rest of that comic panel. Why I think it's Zero Base Maxis #1: He clearly knows a whole lot because he had the Kronorium in his base. #2: He clearly fights against Monty as he knows Monty likes to take the soul of his pawns, so his facility is gated only to those with souls. #3: Why would they just throw in some random Maxis who knew all this stuff if he wouldn't be somehow relevant? #4: If you listen to the voice lines of Maxis in the Beacon EE he sounds different. He takes a deep breath after every sentence for whatever reason.
  6. VoD is tough and not one I have a lot of experience with. But the biggest tip I have is getting your perk loadout right. Winter's Wail modifier is extremely overpowered and I highly recommend. Dying Wish, VIctorious Tortoise are also very good perks imo.
  7. VoD is tough and not one I have a lot of experience with. But the biggest tip I have is getting your perk loadout right. Winter's Wail modifier is extremely overpowered and I highly recommend it. Dying Wish, VIctorious Tortoise are also very good perks imo.
  8. Yes I have also heard that Peter in Rev was just an accident and not lore related. The plane in the comic, however, is definitely the nacht plane. The point of this comic loading screen is that it's just like the Kino loading screen, which shows every WaW map. Except this one is very arguably intended to be post-Tag Der Toten, because it shows history playing out normally without Zombies/115. Which is the reason that the Nacht plane lands rather than crashing at Nacht, people are playing golf because Verruckt is a normal Asylum, and Peter isn't there because he was never sent to spy on 935. Also this HIGHLY suggests that the Giant has something to do with Tag but that's pretty off topic. The GK Peter is just an alternate version that died at GK because of Primis temporal rifts, nothingburger imo. But the Alpha Omega Peter is very interesting, the Great War theory is certainly plausible.
  9. 1. Ultimis Richtofen is one of the best characters ever. While sam gets a good BO4 arc it isn't enough. 2. I'm a huge Takeo fan and Sal is okay, but like most of the characters doesn't have any relevant backstory and is just funny. Takeo all the way. 3. Maxis is arguably THE most important character ever. Primis Nikolai is really good but not as important. Maxis 4. This may be some extreme recency bias but I think I'm going to take Stu just because he makes me laugh out loud every time I play as him in Tag. Primis Dempsey is definitely good, but he's not one of my favorite Primis members mainly because he's not nearly as distinct from Ultimis, I honestly found it hard to tell which was which at times during the campfire. 5. Well, this one isn't really close. Primis Richtofen is a wonderfully complex and good character, although he ended up unwittingly being a really bad guy (and kind of deserved botd). Groph isn't really much of anything. Richtofen 6. Primis Takeo is my favorite character in all of Zombies. Marlton only ever really gets some backstory in Alpha Omega when they reveal him to be a conspiracy nut investigating the Broken Arrow base. Which is neat, it's just not nearly enough to beat Takeo. 7. I've never been much of an Ultimis fan aside from Richtofen, and Pernell has a wonderfully tragic and quintessentially Aether arc in Classified and Alpha Omega, which also connects to so many other story points. Probably gonna lose this one but I'll take Pernell. 8. The Shadowman is cool and very well voiced. Although there is no depth to him, there's also no depth to Ultimis Dempsey so I'll take the Shadowman
  10. 1. Alpha Omega- probably my favorite map ever. 8 characters is a blessing, and they're all well written and well done. The atmosphere of the map is perfectly done. On the surface, everything is great and a classic American suburb. And underneath, some really dark shit happens. This is exemplified by the round change music, which starts as upbeat 60s jazz and then goes into some weird radio sounds and ends on a dark note. Gameplay wise, the Ray Gun quests generally aren't too annoying, and I actually like the added challenge of the Novas. There's also some great side quests like the round 200 side quest. The story of the map and how it is conveyed through radios and wall text is also done very well. I could go on about this map forever. 2. Ancient Evil- This map is also definitely up there for me. I'm not nearly as into the Chaos story, but the atmosphere of the map is very well done. The environment of Delphi is something truly unique for Zombies and feels very new. The gameplay of the map is good, the challenge system feels new although it's been done many times before. The EE is fun outside of one annoying step, And the boss fight is brilliant. 3. Classified- This map is just a joy. The triumphant return of Ultimis, back and better than ever. It's a very simple, BO1 style map which I like. The music and atmosphere are very good. There's lots of awesome story info. Although there's not much to do this map is just great. 4. Tag Der Toten- This is another great story map, like all aether maps in BO4, the radios are rich and full of so many answers to long time lore questions. This is Victis at their best, I actually like them in this map which I never have before. Gameplay wise it's good, not great. It does have quite a lot of shit to do in order to play which is something I'm annoyed by, but it doesn't drag things down as much as some other maps. The skybox is probably the best I've ever seen, that beautiful Sun coming in takes it so far above CotD, which I liked but was mostly grey and blue. Like in Alpha Omega, the added areas are well taken advantage of, with pretty much every new area having some interesting lore. The facility is one of my favorite locations in a while. Overall this is another really good map. 5- Blood of the Dead- This is a good not great map to me. There is map flow and layout issues, but I do find it funny how quickly the community's tastes on that have evolved. The map flow is really no worse than MotD's, with only the Docks not accessible by a quick and easy fast travel (gondola doesn't count). The story of the map is really good, the radios aren't as chock full as the rest of the Aether maps, but still have some great nuggets. The way the story shines is with Richtofen's journey in the map, and his conversations with Stuhlinger really help make his tragic sacrifice even more tragic. I do like the gameplay but it's not anything extraordinary, the magmagat is fun but that's basically the only addition to the map aside from the new areas. 6- Dead Of The Night- This map has it the worst in terms of long and annoying quests. It has a massive quest just to get Pack a Punch. However, the great atmosphere takes it above some of the other Chaos maps. The map has a really fun Wonder Weapon, cool boss enemies, but some weak characters. The atmosphere, the music and ambiance is perfect. All things considered this makes the map just about average for me in the grand scheme. 7- IX- I never really got the hype of this map. It seems like a simple Classified style map due to lack of quests/content, but also has all the other features of a regular map. The bosses feel like bullet sponges, the WW is very annoying and takes forever to kill. The best part of this map is when you go to the center from one of the tunnels, and the sun hits you right as the crowd roars. The story is also my favorite of the Chaos maps, I really like the radios where an explorer guy took a mercenary and has to attempt to complete the trial. Gameplay wise, it's pretty weak, and the Easter Egg is quite annoying. 8- Voyage Of Despair- I never got into this map. I've probably played it in total under 15 times. I couldn't name more than 2 steps of the EE. My main problem is the map layout/flow, which while probably being very historically accurate is just annoying. Every area looks the same and there's tons of cutoff points so it's quite hard to get around. The map is also way too big, I can barely figure out where I'm going or what I'm doing half the time. There isn't much of an atmosphere on this map, which basically every other BO4 map does very well. At least the Kraken is pretty fun.
  11. 1: Not a big fan of SOPHIA and how they randomly just decided she was a robot. But the story of Groph is very well done in DE and I really like his defiance. Groph. 2: Takeo is my favorite character in the entire series, so this one isn't close. Finn is fine but also doesn't stand out too much, and his BotD backstory also isn't as good as Billy or Sal. 3: This one is probably controversial but I'll take Marlton. Despite being the 'main' character in the MotD crew, Weasel never really gets much backstory. And yes, he does become the bird in BotD which is cool, but Marlton also got some great backstory in Alpha Omega. 4: I really really like Pernell. He is very complex and to me, kind of illustrates the point of the last 10 years of story. Dimension 63 Maxis is a stale character, he never does much outside of leading everyone to doom by listening to Monty. 5: I've never really cared for Ultimis aside from Richtofen. They all are stereotypes, and their only real plotline is the experiments and remembering who they were, which never gets resolved. Yena is yet another tragic character trying to do the right thing in zombies, but gets destroyed by evil forces. I'll take Yena 6: Shadowman is an OK character with amazing voice acting. Russman's only character arc is trying to remember Broken Arrow which also never gets resolved. I think if that had been resolved he'd probably win. But in this case, I'll take the Shadowman even though I don't like the idea of multiversal evil bad guys because the execution of it is really good.
  12. Well, I've been on the forum for a couple weeks and only just remembered to make an intro, whoops lol. I've been playing Treyarch zombies since Kino, but was kind of a casual back then. I remember after a few games I first got to the outside alley area and had my mind blown that there was an outside. But I got interested in the story after stumbling upon one of KillerFinland's videos, and immediately was very intrigued. I didn't really pay attention outside of watching youtube videos until BO3 though, when I actually started looking into stuff. And while in hindsight I'm not really a big fan of BO3, it was still very fun at the time. Since then, I've been fully immersed into the story. I like how the maps always feel like there is some insane stuff happening just out of the corner of your eye where you can't see. The mystery factor has always been very cool and unique to me, and I've never really found anything else quite like it. Now for my controversial opinions: My favorite Zombies is Black Ops 4, and my favorite map is Alpha Omega. Come at me. I'll probably write some posts on why I believe that, because I really do think Black Ops 4 Zombies is incredibly beautiful in so many ways. Even though Zombies is over, there's still plenty to discuss. I'll thoroughly enjoy getting into it with all of you.

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