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  1. Locate a door on the right side of the River of Sorrow, from where you initially came to the underworld. When numbering the symbols on the door from left to right, shoot the following symbols in this order: 12, 2, 15, 19, 6, 9 Or if easier, these are the locations of the symbols: 3rd row #2, 1st row #2, 3rd row #5, 4th row #4, 2nd row #1, 2nd row #4. Shaw and Bruno must interact with the door. If not on the map, Shaw and Bruno Bots will spawn.
  2. Navigate to the Amphitheater with a Redeemed Hand of a God. If in co-op, all players must be there with Redeemed Hands. The players will have to kill zombies corresponding to the color of their Gauntlet. A circle will appear of each Gauntlet's color directing the player with that Gauntlet where to go. If the player is forced inside the acting area itself, they will have to kill zombies corresponding to their gauntlet's color. Depending on the distance or the number of zombies, either a charge shot or a single shot of the Gauntlet will need to be used.
  3. There are two parts to this step, which can be completed in either order. 1: Use the Hand of Gaia to shoot 4 symbols in quick succession at the Offering of the Attalids. Each symbol should light up after it is successfully shot. When all symbols are complete, a Gegenees will spawn, and upon killing it, it will drop a golden pole. Place the Golden Pole in the Sundial at the Offering of the Attalids. Electric Catalysts will begin to spawn amongst the standard horde, kill one over the Sundial to cause a slot to open up. There will a line of electricity that leads to
  4. I don't have nearly enough of a musical vocabulary to describe why I do or don't like certain songs, but here you go: 1. Alone. 2. Remember Forever. 3. Nightmare. 4. 115. 5. Cold Hard Cash 6. Pareidoia
  5. I think it's more likely to be "Grigori" Weaver as the G, as "C" mentions how both were in the CIA for a long time. Grey has a civilain background pre-Requiem.
  6. Go to the Spartan monument. Shoot a charged Redeemed Hand of Charon shot near the Zeus perk, on the ground between the 14 statues. Look at the statues, one should have glowing blue eyes. Shoot that statue with the Hand of Charon, and another statue should have the blue eyes. Shoot a total of 4 statues. Your screen should shake once again if you are successful.
  7. Before beginning this step, make sure your guns are Pack a Punched and that you're ready for a big fight. Give the Seal to the Hermit. This will trigger a lengthy lockdown sequence in the lighthouse. After finishing the lockdown, take the seal back from the Hermit and follow the Lighthouse beam to PaP machines. Place the Seal into the machine and fill it with Zombie souls. Repeat this process for every PaP machine. The order is typically Beach---->Lagoon----> Sunken Path----->Boathouse After placing the Seal in these 4 PaP Machines, return
  8. Check out this video for a guide on all the intel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu72UkAlAe4
  9. While I'd share your concern if they do abandon the main conventions of Black Ops like this, it seems to me that BOCW won't be as black and white as it seems. The first trailer begins with Adler saying "This war was a lie. Years of blood. Just to light the fuse of a secret war decades in the making." The videos of the Hacker from pawntakespawn also show a lot of classic Black Ops grey area stuff. The hacker generally condemns both superpowers and calls out the lies of governments. We also heard a lot more about the campaign from media outlets who saw
  10. I would say it probably has to do with the Elemental Shard. Richtofen crafting the Shard at Siberia is arguably the most important event in the Aether story- it set everything else in motion, and binded the original 4 for eternity. This would make sense with the Shi No Numa writing, as we know that Maxis sent the Elemental Shard to Division 9 after confiscating it from Richtofen.
  11. It's in the war room, go down the first staircase to the left, and right next to the debris
  12. One thing that is somewhat related to this that I've just recently discovered and haven't seen get any mention- There's a machine in the War Room of Five that is labeled "Mind-Saver". Now, this label is quite low res (but readable) and it's removed in Classified so it may not be super intentional by Treyarch but I still think it's interesting to think about.
  13. Gameplay wise, it feels absolutely oppressive to play at times, needing a space suit, the annoying Astronaut, and the excavators. Tranzit is probably the only worse map in terms of how annoying it is to play. The only redeeming factors are a fun WW and the hacker. The starting at groom lake is also a pretty good idea, but it should be each person for themselves on the teleporter so you don't get a death sentence from a clueless teammate. Visually, it's drab and boring, almost entirely gray and black. Comparing this to the previous map, Shangri-La, makes it look even worse.
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