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  1. Yeah, on the discord at least they are. Site had been quiet recently, idk why.
  2. All the documents are up in the #story-resources channel in the Discord, and here's the link to that GK Documents Original IMGUR.COM Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from... But I have no idea about the audio. I'd be interested to hear it, I wasn't around back then so I didn't even know there was audio. But I'm sure someone else here has that archived?
  3. Hello people, Couple of little Star Trek nods in BO4 I thought I would share. Not a Star Trek fan myself, but I'm sure some people here are and will enjoy these. 1) Deep Voyage I covered this mastercraft in another post concerning the morse code it flashes. But this easter egg is something different entirely. When equiping the FMJ attachment, you may notice the number 813 spelled out on the side. The NCC-813 is a Star Trek ship that is notable for having been destoyed by the squid like Narada (see image below). This is depicted in the 2009 Star Trek movie. This scene from the movie is paralleled on this mastercraft, where a squid destroys the unfortunate Spitfire "813". Along with the "Voyage" in the name (as in "Star Trek: Voyager" the TV show) I think this little Star Trek reference is pretty cool. 2) Stellar 92 "Stellar 92" is the Pack-a-Punch name for the "Saug 9mm". Stellar 92 "Undine" is a large asteroid in our asteroid belt. The reference here is not directly to the mythical creatures of the same name, who are water spirits. In this context it seems to be their depiction as "Species 8472" also known as the "Undine" from various Star Trek media. These creatures originate from an extra-dimensional realm known as "fluidic space" and formed out of the "organic fluids that populated their dimension". Sounds familiar. Some other things worth noting about fluidic space: It is the birthplace of other large lifeforms you may find familiar like the Argus IV Species and some Cosmozoans like Star Jellies (both pictured below). Also, this dimension has no traditional planets, but "organic based land mass clusters ... similar to planet". Also sounds a little familiar. Might actually be something worth investigating a bit more. Seems there might have been some Star Trek fans in the writer's room as well as on the weapon design team? I'll leave that up to you to decide. Thanks for reading
  4. Rapt


    Welcome Here are all the decrypted ciphers from Cold War. https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/wiki/treyarch-ciphers/#wiki_die_maschine
  5. Seeing this makes me think there is some kind of meta commentary going on in the scrap papers from SoE / TG then. Or am I imaging things?
  6. I forgot to add probably the most obvious / important one! The BO2 zombies menu where the player is able to hold and rotate the actual world. Here it is.
  7. Yeah the wiki says the mannequin jumping step is required for both BO1 and BO3 versions but I havent tested. It is a weird step, I'm not really sure if there's any reason behind the action. As for why the rocket egg even exists? It's just a teaser for the DLC map Ascension I think, which is the map that released directly after Kino.
  8. Those are Revelations ciphers reused in kino right? If so, no. There's been people working on those ciphers for a very long time though. We'd all love to see them solved.
  9. I only have PC, but if you come hang out in the Discord I'm sure you will find someone to help you find your sea legs! We have a channel in there specifcally for finding team-mates
  10. Intro Bringing up some occurances of this recurring theme for discussion In no particular order. If you can think of any more or have any ideas please discuss below! Examples 1) Archangel (Origins) The most clear example. 2) Chronicles Trailer This goes with the "minds eye" metaphor angle. 3) Physical globes Black egg looks much like a leyline globe Summoning key VERY similar + apothicon influence Shang meteor looks a lot like a globe also. But this time with physical geography instead of leylines. Conclusion Of course the obvious thematic interpretation is that it's about "control" and power. A strongly recurring theme. But with the Venus references in ciphers. The shrinking meteor with the baby gun. I was wondering if there might be another way to look at this that might shed some light on the origins of the Black Egg and the summoning key. I'd love to hear any ideas! Thanks for reading.
  11. They made some significant balance changes late on in Cold War I think. Maybe this was filmed before those patches? I know the Task Force barrel attachment got a massive nerf and they did a big buff to max zombie health cap. Not sure exactly when those changes happened though.
  12. Really makes you question what power it was that merged Maxis with electricity in the Crazy Place. Because it's surely that same power both Maxis and Pernell (Avagadro) harness which is controling the Templar zombies.
  13. The meteor shower bringing deadly biological matter to Earth is an idea borrowed from the H.P. Lovecraft short story The Colour Out Of Space. Which is as far as most people usually look into it, seeing how well it fits thematically with Shadows. It's easy just to look at it as a reference. But as you say it's worth thinking about a little more. In a way it's a parallel to the way we see 115 being seeded through the dimensions in Revelations. I'm still a little unsure about the Margwa's being yellow though. Blundell confirmed they are directly controlled by the Overlords. Which would sort of imply that (at least one of) the Overlords have default power over the "empty" MPD. And the "elemental" Margwa's in Revelations show us the "colours" of some of the other Overlords. Purple Void Margwa = (Shadowman)? Red Fire Margwa = (Monty)? Yellow Default Marga = Unknown Overlord? Assuming the Margwa mouths follow the same rules as zombie eyes. And this sort of implies the Overlords are the "gods" featured in Der Eisendrache (bows) and potentially Origins (staffs). Which ties in to the discussion about the changes in the fundamental elements between Origins and Der Eisendrache. And how this potentially is representative of the shifting balance of power between some of the unseen entities in Aether.
  14. The "sacrificial ritual" heard under the city pre-Shadows makes more sense if they are actually killed. There are some Shadowman quotes and radios that could explain the yellow eyes fairly simply. The Shadows "pocket" encompassed the entire world, and the moon, some Shadowman quotes imply this. And they give an explaination why in the radios. This Shadowman quote references the whole world. And after we complete the rituals, this "pocket" expands to the entire dimension The reason the "pocket" in this case is so large is because the Apothicons have already seeded potentially the entire world (and the moon) with Apothicon life. (No to mention the ritual was supposedly carried out by a coven of professionals, instead of just some lone, amature "third rate occultist") They did this with a meteor shower which significantly expanded the range of their influence. Something which is a major differentiator between Shadows and Mob. So the Moon has already been assimilated into this pocket dimension. Hence the yellow eyes. The fact that the Apothicons already have limitied physical access to dimension 63 in order to seed biological matter as opposed to just inorganic 115 is likely due to dimensional instability caused by events in the Alcatraz pocket. Which was created in Dimension 63 many years previously.
  15. What the “colour codes” are. There’s been some confusion for a while around the “colour codes” that you can find in the Nerthus room in The Darkest Shore. The codes are on the edges of those sacrifice restraints you can see in the blood pool. Some people have been thinking they are a cipher, some thinking they are hints towards the main quest. There didn’t seem to be a complete answer anywhere, so I did some research myself. Turns out the three codes on the three “pagan restraints” (is what they are called in the game files) are indeed instruction for the “Pagan Sacrifice” steps of the main quest. (https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/wiki/the-darkest-shore/#wiki_pagan_sacrifice_steps) These are the textures for the restraints, I will be using them just to be 100% clear on the letters and colours. It is very difficult to see in game. “~&-czmi_pagan_pool_restraint_~e217f65d.png” “~&-nzmi_pagan_pool_restraint_~7f2a2912.png” The codes on each of the three restraints are different. Each code gives instructions on how to complete one of the three main sacrifice steps. Wustling Step (code #1) This one is simple. The colours are the colours of the perk machines for this step. In order. The letters are the first one or two letters from the perk names. Kugelblitz -> Faustblitz -> Laufenblitz -> Lebenblitz. Meuchler Step (Code #2) Even more simple than the first code. This one is just grey boxes. With no letters. This confused people a lot. There was some speculation that the “blank” boxes could be changed doing some kind of easter egg step. However in the context of the other two codes we can see this is simply just an instruction for the Meuchler. The Meuchler will always be found in the outside areas of the map, in the fog. Hence the colour. Pest Step (Code #3) This is the reasonably complicated one. I’m speculating that this step was initially intended to be more difficult. In the finished map release this colour code is basically not required. The Pest will run directly to the correct areas in order anyway. My assumption is that the original intention was to lead the Pest to the correct areas in order (like in the Wustling step). This was most likely changed for being too difficult, and probably not even possible in a solo game. In this step you have to “charge” the Pest zombie by bouncing the ripsaw off coloured panels on the wall. The pest will then glow a colour that is a combination of the colours on the panels used. The code instructs the player with colours they need to “mix” using the “CMY” colour model. 1) First “charge” uses a single Cyan panel. Pest after cyan panel ricochet. 2) Second “charge” uses a yellow and a magenta panel. Pest after yellow + purple (magenta) = red ricochet. 3) Third “charge” uses a yellow and a cyan panel. Pest after yellow + cyan = green ricochet 4) Fourth “charge” uses three panels, yellow, cyan and magenta. Pest after yellow + cyan + magenta = black ricochet (purple light is used for black, because a “black light” appears purple to the human eye potentially?) 5) Fifth “charge” uses three panels again, yellow, cyan and magenta Pest after yellow + cyan + magenta = black ricochet Conclusion So you can see, all the colour codes directly relate to the three steps. The only small inconsistency I can find is with purple being used instead of black in Pest step 4. But not in step 5. This could be because "black light" appears purple to the human eye? Or it could relate to the unsolved CMY code on the colour panels that I will go over in another post at some point. Anyway Thanks for reading Rapt
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