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  1. What the “colour codes” are. There’s been some confusion for a while around the “colour codes” that you can find in the Nerthus room in The Darkest Shore. The codes are on the edges of those sacrifice restraints you can see in the blood pool. Some people have been thinking they are a cipher, some thinking they are hints towards the main quest. There didn’t seem to be a complete answer anywhere, so I did some research myself. Turns out the three codes on the three “pagan restraints” (is what they are called in the game files) are indeed instruction for the “Pagan Sacrifice” steps of the main quest. (https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/wiki/the-darkest-shore/#wiki_pagan_sacrifice_steps) These are the textures for the restraints, I will be using them just to be 100% clear on the letters and colours. It is very difficult to see in game. “~&-czmi_pagan_pool_restraint_~e217f65d.png” “~&-nzmi_pagan_pool_restraint_~7f2a2912.png” The codes on each of the three restraints are different. Each code gives instructions on how to complete one of the three main sacrifice steps. Wustling Step (code #1) This one is simple. The colours are the colours of the perk machines for this step. In order. The letters are the first one or two letters from the perk names. Kugelblitz -> Faustblitz -> Laufenblitz -> Lebenblitz. Meuchler Step (Code #2) Even more simple than the first code. This one is just grey boxes. With no letters. This confused people a lot. There was some speculation that the “blank” boxes could be changed doing some kind of easter egg step. However in the context of the other two codes we can see this is simply just an instruction for the Meuchler. The Meuchler will always be found in the outside areas of the map, in the fog. Hence the colour. Pest Step (Code #3) This is the reasonably complicated one. I’m speculating that this step was initially intended to be more difficult. In the finished map release this colour code is basically not required. The Pest will run directly to the correct areas in order anyway. My assumption is that the original intention was to lead the Pest to the correct areas in order (like in the Wustling step). This was most likely changed for being too difficult, and probably not even possible in a solo game. In this step you have to “charge” the Pest zombie by bouncing the ripsaw off coloured panels on the wall. The pest will then glow a colour that is a combination of the colours on the panels used. The code instructs the player with colours they need to “mix” using the “CMY” colour model. 1) First “charge” uses a single Cyan panel. Pest after cyan panel ricochet. 2) Second “charge” uses a yellow and a magenta panel. Pest after yellow + purple (magenta) = red ricochet. 3) Third “charge” uses a yellow and a cyan panel. Pest after yellow + cyan = green ricochet 4) Fourth “charge” uses three panels, yellow, cyan and magenta. Pest after yellow + cyan + magenta = black ricochet (purple light is used for black, because a “black light” appears purple to the human eye potentially?) 5) Fifth “charge” uses three panels again, yellow, cyan and magenta Pest after yellow + cyan + magenta = black ricochet Conclusion So you can see, all the colour codes directly relate to the three steps. The only small inconsistency I can find is with purple being used instead of black in Pest step 4. But not in step 5. This could be because "black light" appears purple to the human eye? Or it could relate to the unsolved CMY code on the colour panels that I will go over in another post at some point. Anyway Thanks for reading Rapt
  2. Thanks man! That would be cool, lmk if you need some video of the morse code.
  3. Yeah I noticed it yesterday while I was playing BOTD!
  4. Some of you may know of the Spitfire variant "Deep Voyager" from Black Ops 4. Something you might not know is that the gun flashes Morse Code when you reach the 250 kill requirement in zombies. The morse code it flashes is "-. . --." This translates to "Ned" this is a reference to Ned Land, a character from the Jules Vern novel "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" The variant itself actually depicts a specific scene, where a Giant Squid attacks the submarine the Nautilus. The character "Ned" referenced by the morse code is trapped in the brig during this scene. As the damaged submarine begins to fill with water. The morse code is a signal letting us know he is trapped. Obviously this variant also appears in MP. So it's just a fun little easter egg, and not really related to the zombies story. Although having a living thing trapped inside a weapon is an idea that has come up in zombies before in a few different ways. I still thought it was worth sharing though!
  5. Yeah same here. We're at a really great point in the story right now. It feels like all of these threads they have started since Die Machine are about to converge, I'm so hyped!
  6. Would be cool to see Verruckt, even if it is an out of bounds area. But yeah I think the metro system could be a really cool feature, almost reminds me of shadows of evil tram system but underground. In terms of the story, I think the significance of this map will be the Nazi army breaking out from the Dark Aether. It's thematically fitting to have that take place in Berlin, and the recent Intel has been teasing it pretty strongly.
  7. Hey thought I would drop some tips for solo players like me. Most of this stuff is covered in the guides on YouTube but most of those were co-op focused. Loadout Create maxed custom blueprints for any weapons you plan to use. I would use your Tac Rifle as your starting loadout as they are more rare from crates than shotguns I have found. Remember to apply blueprints twice when you pickup a gun for it to apply correctly. 1. Hauer or Gallo - maxed with an ammo mod of your choice. Shatter Blast is very good imo 2. M16 or other Tac Rifle - Brain Rot for Mimic bunker step. 3. Aether Shroud makes the boss fight a breeze. Some people prefer Frenzied Guard but Aether gets 2x activations putting it above for me. 4. Death Machine Setup Get both weapons max rarity and PaP by completing all the side objective on every round. Do the radio step on round 3 Do the monkey/projector step on round 4 Enter the boss fight on round 5. This should keep the game from getting too hard while also providing the rounds needed to max out your loadout. Boss fight Use your M16 for the first shield break. You should have enough time to break it before any zombies reach you by standing on the roof of the building opposite the boss spawn point. Pop Aether Shroud and destroy the lowest orb with your shotgun. Spend some time clearing out the specials and elites. Melt mimics with your brain rot Tac. Be sure to focus plague hound and manglers with your shotgun as their jump and ranged attacks can take you out if too many of them fire at once. When you get a chance melt the second shield with your death machine. Pop Aether shroud and destroy the second highest orb with your shotgun. This is the hard part. Alternate between shooting the boss and clearing out the specials that build up. You should have plenty of time left so don't rush you boss damage at this point. Keep the zombies from causing you problems. By the time you break his shield your Aether Shroud will be ready. Pop Aether Shroud and destroy the top orb with you Tac Rifle. Congrats you just beat the Easter Egg I hope this can help anyone who is struggling. Best of luck and happy hunting.
  8. Welcome! As @anonymous says the ingame intel is definitely your best place to start!
  9. 1. Alone - modern classic 2. The Gift - "you're pain is the one thing" my fav song out of all of these I hope it wins. 3. 115 - classic 4. Shockwave - great lyrics.
  10. 1. Dead Flowers 2. Carrion 3. The Gift 4. Abracadavre 5. 115 6. The One 7. Dead Again 8. Shockwave
  11. Welcome! I've subbed to your YouTube. Hope to see some more videos I like your stuff!
  12. A great way to improve in Cold War is to train zombies in the spawn room of Die Machine. That's how I learned how to dodge the zombies and hoard up in this game. In terms of loadout, the Hauer is a great option. Aether Shroud is my other "go to" as it's a basic get out of jail free card when you get cornered. I'm not a great player myself. But Aether Shroud has saved my Easter Egg / High Round runs more times than I can count.
  13. 1. 115 - Banger 2. Ace of Spades - Banger 3. Archangel - I like Eminem, just not in zombies 4. Where Are We Going (BOTD) - "Dust of a thooooousand years" one of my all time favs 5. Cold Hard Cash - great tone 6. Dead Again - Great song from a great map 7. lost - VERY hard choice, but the tone of Lost is just too spooky and I love it. Even if the lyrics aren't as good. 8. Not Ready To Die - One of my fav bands and a great song.
  14. 1. Alone - Great track, mysterious lyrics. This one has it all. 2. Dead Flowers - Perfect tone, fits Zetsubo so perfectly. 3. Always Running - Again for tone this one absolutely nails something I can't quite express. 4. Shephard of Fire - I'm a huge A7x fan have been for years. This is one of their best tracks and gets my blood pumping every time I hear it. 5. The Gift - While I prefer the theatrical cut of this song, it's still a winner for me. The melody of the "Your pain is the one thing" section is hauntingly beautiful. 6. Dead Ended - I used to not like this song, but it's grown on me over the years. Again the bridge and key change absolutely put this song up in the top bracket for me. 7. Abracadavre - While both these tracks are hauntingly beautiful, this one wins it for me simply on the lyrics. And yet again a killer bridge makes the song for me. 8. Mad Hatter - Again as a fan of the band this one pushes ahead for me. Not one of their best imo but a great song on a great map.
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