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  1. What we've seen in regards to voice actor changes gives me the same concerns as you. Hopefully they follow the Black Ops tradition. But, from what we've seen (and as you described) it's more likely to end up as a Black Ops skinned MW style campaign. Due to the VO downgrades I'll be pinning my enjoyment on the plot rather than the characters anyway. So as long as the plot is strong and complex enough the campaign should be enjoyable. It's a shame about the characters and dialogue writing. But as we can see from the VO changes that ship has aleady sailed. Just gonna head can
  2. Rapt

    The Dark Aether

    By this logic a black hole would allow potentially infinite Aetherial Energy into the material universe! Seeing as black holes are a sigularity and have infinite density. (debated now but accepted at the time the story was written I think) So that explains how Gersch device teleporting works! I just wonder how Gersch got trapped in the Aether, where in all other cases we pop out of another singularity somewhere else. Great thread/video, taught me heaps!
  3. Maybe drop a comment in this thread? I think they're actively looking for featured artwork for the YouTube channel. And I'm sure your talent could really add something!
  4. Really awesome! You should do a banner for the website or something. That full colour MOTD one looks really professional. Love the style.
  5. Happy Birthday Tac! Smash it.
  6. Good to see you, welcome! Hopefully we can get some lobbies going in CW, smash some EEs!
  7. I dunno why, but I've always considered this was about the Der Eisendrache pyramid. So could the pyramid function as some kind of Keeper-style MTD? The thing is, the Group 935 teleporters are tied with Die Glocke, which is said to be an antigravity mechanism. "Travel between dimensions" being the key point here! It's interesting that we place the Summoning Key with Richtofen's soul contained (read my edit below to understand this...) into the Pyramid to "charge" it. (never really made sense to me) (Shadowman is not necessariliy in the key according to
  8. Really good point. If the blue "115" is effecting gravity, then by extension it must also be effecting time. Because time is effected by gravity. So time will run more quickly when the antigravity is active. Relative to the rest of the map.
  9. I'm curious if the teaser relates to the "power room" they added to Nacht in BO3? It seemed like a strange inclusion at the time, but if there is more happening below Nacht... Then that's a great bit of foreshadowing!
  10. Infinite Warfare did a lot of things right imo! 1) 5 perk limit for gameplay variation, also allowing for perk returns. 2) Weapon kits / variants system was finished and extensive. 3) Fate and fortune cards were the best MTX system from any zombies team. Unintrusive and less OP than gobbles. 4) Grenade variants that you can get off the ground essentially. The "ticket" system was amazing and needs to return. Allowing to swap grenade types midgame and without having to do much outside of general gameplay was genius. It puts as much of the "pre-game" loadout stuff you had to selec
  11. Yes I know. The TG quote is different... Notice how the TG quote mentions radios? And the Origins one doesn't? It is not the same quote. It only appears similar as a red herring. It is sometimes important to look past the obvious connection... (EDIT: new piece of STRONG evidence for the "Primis fly the plane" theory found.) Remember the first line from the BOTD intro? "You give us the fire, we'll give 'em hell" - Dempsey It's a line from WW2 airforce propaganda.... Case closed?
  12. Wait a second... That circle with a door in the side and all the rings running through it. Is that supposed to be a child's perception of the summoning key? Is Ultimis Richtofen collecting Maxis' soul? Remember "The vessel for Maxis" quote... And Richtofen calls the summoning key "A vessel for our immortal souls". We know Maxis and Richtofen are friends. If he learned post-Origins that he had only rescued Maxis' body, would he not go back for the soul? Especially if Samantha is in the house, living with a soulless husk of her father... Could that be the "promise" he ma
  13. Dempsey: "You took us on a little whistle stop tour of some other locations. Said we all needed the blood vials." Surely this one quote dispells the notion that they only went to the lab? Ofc it's not confirmed it was Primis who flew Icarus..! That's just a possibility like you say. However, what you said here is not supported by the Dempsey quote from GK... They went to multiple locations.
  14. ((( In Shadows of Evil, the plane flies overhead after you complete the PaP ritual. Not after the main EE completion, it's an important difference! ))) But I think the plane is more conspicuous by it's absence... It doesn't appear in Der Eisendrache, because they are in the same fracture as The Giant where the plane has already landed. But it does appear in Zetsubo and Shadows. Logic would dictate the following order of events for the plane crew. (Assuming it's a Primis crew member/s) Alcatraz -> fly through Shadows and Zetsubo -> Land in The Giant -> Der Eisendrach
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