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  1. 1. Alone - Great track, mysterious lyrics. This one has it all. 2. Dead Flowers - Perfect tone, fits Zetsubo so perfectly. 3. Always Running - Again for tone this one absolutely nails something I can't quite express. 4. Shephard of Fire - I'm a huge A7x fan have been for years. This is one of their best tracks and gets my blood pumping every time I hear it. 5. The Gift - While I prefer the theatrical cut of this song, it's still a winner for me. The melody of the "Your pain is the one thing" section is hauntingly beautiful. 6. Dead Ended - I used to not like this son
  2. 1. Beauty of Annihilation (Looks like your prophet was mistaken. Is life really gone on just been wasted? DEATH SO CLOSE THAT I CAN TASTE IT) Absolute all time classic song. 2. Remember Forever Just beautiful 3. Abracadavre. I love A7x but the Kevin tone just fits better in this case specifically 4. Where Are We Going? One of my favorites of all time. Especially with that directors cut video. 5. Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant) I know it's controversial but I prefer the remaster to the original. 6. Shoc
  3. Rapt


    Yeah last I checked you couldn't upgrade the gun in any way, reroll attachments or change it to a blueprint for the kills to count.
  4. Rapt


    Yeah that's the one
  5. Rapt


    PS: Whoever came up with the 5k kills for the "Treasured Weapons" challenge needs a one way trip to the dark aether.
  6. Rapt

    I need a break.

    Wishing you all the best. I really hope things work out for you mate.
  7. Same here I'm just saving up all of my Cod Points for the next zombies themed bundle. But now it seems like Eddie might be dead from the new intel so maybe not
  8. Ah fair enough! I maxed out both battlepasses so multiple blueprints for every gun. Would highly recommend, but I guess if you don't play many hours or any MP it's hard to max it out and actually get all those rewards.
  9. As the title states. I jumped into Outbreak today to collect the new intel and for the first time since the mode released I found myself using box weapons. Normally I start with the Hauer and use that all the way through. But now I can apply the cool looking blueprints and useful attachment combos they come with it's completely changed my gameplay experience. Shock horror; I even dropped my Hauer for a DMR and and LMG just to try out the sick blueprints. Thank you Treyarch! Great addition.
  10. No, I just want a reason to use something other than the Hauer
  11. I got the crossbow today and was trying it out. And damn is that thing fun to use when you get it paped. Just amazing, really love it. But using it before Pap is just painful. It takes so long to reload and you have to hit a headshot to one shot zombies. It takes longer to rechamber than a shotgun but yet it can't one shot to the body like a shotgun can? I really wish they could give it a bodyshot buff so it one shots until say round 6 or 7. It doesn't even have piercing until you pap it so it wouldn't be overpowered at all and would still be slower to kill than the haue
  12. Thought I would throw together some quick tips to help solo players complete "Breakthrough" (complete 10 objectives and exfil). Bear in mind there are some players who have got far higher than round 10, these tips might not be the best but they helped me. Weapons The Hauer is the best starting weapon in the game hands down. Kit it out with the Task Force barrel and chuck Dead Wire on it and you're good to go. Shotguns V and Dead Wire V are great options and really help taking down bosses and hoards of zombies. Late game I would recommend picking up the Ray-K. The Ray
  13. I had some positive thoughts about Firebase Z and the improvements it made on Die Machine so thought I would share them here. Gameplay In Die Machine the early game perk choice was Quick Revive (via one path from spawn) vs Staminup + Jugg (the other path). This really wasn't much of a choice for most players. Staminup + Jugg takes the win every time. In Firebase Z Quick Revive is left as an option in the spawn to collect or skip. Then Jugg, Staminup and Speed Cola are left as a three way choice when turning on the generators. This design decision left far more choice and lead to
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