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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. I've been playing a lot of Die Machine and I had a thought about the point system. Would like to hear other opinions and feedback! The new system means point guns are essentially useless. There is no need to use any automatic weapons. You get the same points for headshotting with a shotgun as you do for kills with automatic weapons. So there is no need to carry a second weapon. Even if you run out of ammo on your shotgun you just buy more from an ammo crate. This means that shotguns are the only weapon the player ever needs. With the old system you would carry a shotgu
  2. Welcome, hopefully we can play together some time!
  3. Round 44 with starting XM4 and the fire upgrade on the D.I.E. I hear there is a cool raygun strat everyone is using, got to give that a try!
  4. Really enjoying Die Machine so far! Beat it in "Die Machine Solo" mode and today managed it solo in standard "Die Machine" mode. (Playing it solo in the coop mode is a little more difficult as the heavy zombies have armor and some prices are a little higher) (EDIT: Heavy zombie armor is in solo now also, didn't realise it was a patch.) Mechanically I don't have any gripes, I love the mode and love that it's more solo friendly than previous titles. Although I do hope that the next maps don't have 4x WWs to build. In solo I dislike juggling 4x upgrades in my head at the same time. Li
  5. What we've seen in regards to voice actor changes gives me the same concerns as you. Hopefully they follow the Black Ops tradition. But, from what we've seen (and as you described) it's more likely to end up as a Black Ops skinned MW style campaign. Due to the VO downgrades I'll be pinning my enjoyment on the plot rather than the characters anyway. So as long as the plot is strong and complex enough the campaign should be enjoyable. It's a shame about the characters and dialogue writing. But as we can see from the VO changes that ship has aleady sailed. Just gonna head can
  6. Maybe drop a comment in this thread? I think they're actively looking for featured artwork for the YouTube channel. And I'm sure your talent could really add something!
  7. Really awesome! You should do a banner for the website or something. That full colour MOTD one looks really professional. Love the style.
  8. Good to see you, welcome! Hopefully we can get some lobbies going in CW, smash some EEs!
  9. Infinite Warfare did a lot of things right imo! 1) 5 perk limit for gameplay variation, also allowing for perk returns. 2) Weapon kits / variants system was finished and extensive. 3) Fate and fortune cards were the best MTX system from any zombies team. Unintrusive and less OP than gobbles. 4) Grenade variants that you can get off the ground essentially. The "ticket" system was amazing and needs to return. Allowing to swap grenade types midgame and without having to do much outside of general gameplay was genius. It puts as much of the "pre-game" loadout stuff you had to selec
  10. The operation notes on the home page seem to imply they have fixed the QA testing problems. Very good news!
  11. In the Gorod Krovi outro IGC when Nikolai says "I wish there was another way" he looks like this. In the Origins recap where Gorod happens before Shadows (no shadow man in the key) he looks like this when he says it. Notice how there is no green glow... This is because the Shadow Man wasn't in the summoning key at Der Eisendrache when the crew were all touched by its power. So he hasn't been corrupted. Notice another difference between the Origins Recap and the original IGC. Original DE outro Origins recap As you can see in the Origins Recap the
  12. I like your point about the green flashes from the SoE intro. We see the same green glow on Nikolai's face just before he kills his other self. The key point here is looking at what can be earned solo or not. The gateworms (green ones on the menu) can be earned playing solo. It means that the ending cutscenes are not the same canon as the gameplay. If Richtofen is not present, the souls cannot be collected etc. So obtaining the menu gateworms is not caused by the events of the ending cutscene. Imo this is all related to elements Treyarch were pushing in their music/story
  13. @anonymous Somethings that may be relevant, notice the normalmap and colourmap differ for the PaP entrance wall in shadows. Notice what it implies, the colourmap shows the contents of the normalmap. Each gateworm has a corrupted soul or sin within it. (The colourmap outer symbols for the sins) The Summoning Key has an Apothicon within it. (Middle symbol means apothicon) You also cannot "complete" this ritual without 4 players on Rev. Even if you have all the other maps beaten. All the symbols remain "greyed out" even after completing Rev and earning the RK5
  14. No link, and the https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/302-join-our-discord/ gives an error code.
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