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  1. "The Ruby Rabbit, each of you knows this place... What does it mean to you?" Seeing as it's the Cop ritual area There are many other quotes that we never hear ingame as far as I can tell. They talk about reversing the rituals and stuff like that... Pretty interesting.
  2. Btw I just checked. The tablet appears on all but one of the other ritual tables. The ruby rabbit is the only one missing it. It's probably significant seeing as the ruby rabbit has the ritual knife stabbed into some, flesh? Maybe a spleen? lol (bottom right image)
  3. Ah yeah I see what you mean. It's possible the steps changed after the quotes were recorded? "You must place your hand upon the stone" doesn't make too much sense in context of the ee idk. I'll record video and add to this post in a min. There is a gravestone in each of the vertical metal support beams. There is one in each corner of the room. Video is dark because I play rec.709 not sRGB and it didn't adjust for the video. But you can see the locations and the first ones are very clear. They are easy to find/see ingame.
  4. Yeah you're right about the tablet remaining etc, I was mistaken. But I think it IS the Apothicon Rift Stone. Because the Shadowman Quote is :"You must place your hand upon the stone". And we do not place our hand on PaP... We use the ritual table, which has a stone on it to begin the assimilation (PaP) ritual. And the PaP ritual is what the Shadowman is trying to get you to do. Imo it is very likely some kind of invocation that allows an entire dimension to be "assimilated" during the PaP ritual. But imo I need to just sit down and work out the abbreviations, we can speculate all day but it's not much use. Hopefully we can work it out, I'll have another look at it soon. Just a last little tidbit about the graves you guys might find curious. Funny how there are 4 gravestones hidden in the SoE PaP room.... Curious unaccounted for graves on every map could be important in a time travel story. Paradoxes and whatnot...
  5. The glyphs are from the base of the Octopus statues. This screenshot is from the glitching queen video but some of the translations are INCORRECT. The bottom "altar" (not alter lmao) is NOT the symbol for altar... And notice the zombie glyph is missing an arm............ In my opinion these symbols are instructions for something.... They looks like they instruct us on a specific series of actions however. And some of the glyphs do not appear on the translation sheet we have. But we have similar ones and the meaning of the parts that make the glyphs upl. So a bit of logical deduction can probably translate this fully.. The order will just depend on if the "complete" in the top right is the final glyph follwed by that crack as the fullstop (reading backwards) Or if it is left to right indicating a step to be completed mid another step (aka do ritual, dont pickup gateworm, "complete pod gather"(possibly get tentacle from the pod by ruby mist while completed egg is in statue?) etc etc?) There are a few things to try that I don't think anyone will have done before, simply because (as you say) people just pick stuff up whenever they see it.
  6. Just another interesting SoE feature. The steam/mist under the Ruby Rabbit stairs turns blue when the gateworm is waiting to be collected. It is directly next to a pod. It is also right next to one of the Cthulhu statues, the unresolved glyph hints on the statues mention opening pods. Just an observation, might help anyone still searching for EEs.
  7. I think the ingame prompt calls it the "Apothicon Rift Stone", and it disappears from each ritual table once the ritual is complete. The Shadowman even specifically says: "You must place your hand upon the stone". There is clearly some major significance to the stone and the text on it. And like you say there are a lot of loose ends around SoE.... One other possibility is that it ties into the gravestones on Rev and the graves on GK. Did we ever find out who was in the graves in the spawn of GK? It's possible there is some paradox created by seeing the grave of someone you meet in the future in your own past. Or by seeing your own grave I think there is some point about graves and timetravel they were trying to make. I need to research paradox logic some more.
  8. If you're camping Dingo or RPK are both pretty god tier Or for training pair any wallbuy double pap with Thunder Gun; Or for trap strategy this one is pretty fun!
  9. Honestly I recon it's a curse tablet. They were very popular with the romans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_curse_tablets Notice the top character is an upside down horseshoe. Phoerio - Welsh for "spit" Conniveo - Latin for "close the eyes" aka: spit in the eye of Just some rough translation to show there is definitely some potential romance language based words in there. I wouldn't hold that as the accurate translation DM could well be Doctor Monty, that was a name we had no way of knowing during Launch and would qualify as "impossible". Also the reverse letters could indicate some form of boustrophedon script which I think is what threw people off before. https://scriptsource.org/cms/scripts/page.php?item_id=entry_detail&uid=r722vdatzf#:~:text=It's%20a%20Greek%20word%20derived,face%20the%20direction%20of%20writing. Hopefully you guys have some luck. I'll have another look at this soon
  10. Did we ever manage to translate this? I looked online and couldn't find anything about it. Text as far as I can read it: O DM IVIINED (or possibly IVIIIVED) RFSTEVNI VSPHOERIO GONIVGI DC????IN Anyone know more about this? EDIT:Found 1x previous thread https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/181859-examining-the-roman-latin-tombstone-in-pap-room/ But it was inconclusive and pretty old.
  11. Going to try it again tonight! Will setup the video record path before I start this time.
  12. Normally when a trap hits a Margwa they put their heads down, fold in their arms and just teleport to somewhere instantly. But this one bacame a large solid ball object (hard to see from the ss) It sits directly in the middle of the trap like you need to feed it with trap kills or something. Going to test it again if I have some time.
  13. Was doing some test runs on Shadows and I managed to trap a Margwa in its teleporting ghost form. Opened everything on the map except the Rift. Completed shield. Collected all Civil Protector pieces. DO NOT PICKUP SUMMONING KEY or RITUAL ITEMS or LAUNDRY TICKET (idk if these are required, but it's what I was testing when this happened) DO NOT COMPLETE ANY RITUALS, you can open the rift doors in beast mode but I didnt open the rift itself to open the portal First Margwa you can kill and grab the heart. Second Margwa I decided to leave 1x head intact and run him through traps. The key is timing, Activate the trap when the Margwa is INSIDE the trap not before. I hit him with these traps in this order. Waterfront > Footlight > Canals > Waterfront But after the fourth trap I went and immediately built the AS at the Waterfront bench. Returned and the Margwa was just stuck like this making some weird ambient noise EDIT: trap still functioning in this state
  14. Cheers, I'll check that out! Using the info we now have on the setup of the MOTD pocket to inform the setup for the Shadows pocket is a great idea as well. I'm going to take your advice and look at the entire underground area and see what I can find. I'll probably start a new thread about it soon if the roof laundry doesn't distract me again.
  15. I don't see any quotes/evidence referencing "Vril Energy". I see the Vril Device, with Focusing Stone inserted, using the Casamir Mechanism to fill with "energy". As far as I can tell most of this stuff about Vril liquid etc comes from sources outside of the games. Aka the Vril wikipedia page. It's interesting speculation, but seems extremely unlikely now. Especially with the Vril being essentially replaced with the Keepers. And the Keepers being associated so heavily with the Aether. The first line of the timeline even says: IN THE BEGINNING There was only the Aether and the Keepers. If someone can find anything to show that Vril are not just Keepers since the retcons then it's a fair argument to make. But if the Vril is just another name for the Keepers now, then it's clear that "Vril Energy" is just another word for "Aethereal Energy"

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