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  1. 1. Alone. Only because I prefer the BOA remix and that is its own thing here. I feel no particular way about Alone, but I will say that I am not a fan of how grating the original BOA is with its rough sound. However, considering that song is a song I associate with being about Richtofen, I think that it makes sense thematically. 2. Remember Forever. No other song causes me to burst into a sobbing mess thinking of a certain character every time I hear it, and for that, it is very special to me. 3. Abracadavre. No contest ! The meanings of the title alone are perfection already, and the rest of it is just such a well-composed song. I could write an entire essay on this song alone and why it's fantastic, but I'll spare you all from that on this post. 4. Where Are We Going. I've never felt strongly about either of these two songs, but I do think they're both nice. I just prefer this one. 5. Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant). I think the moment I realized that the entire re-composition was based around Samantha's Lullaby is the moment that this version surpassed the original for me. That was such a nice motif switch that completely changed who the song is supposed to be for, which I think works with the way that Samantha was entwined with the original Der Riese. It's familiar, yet different, and a welcome change. 6. Pareidolia. This matchup was absolutely evil. I think the only way you could have made this more diabolical was putting either of them next to Abracadavre, honestly. However, Pareidolia is my favorite of these two, as I find it to be the more harrowing song of the lot of songs relating to Samantha. While Shockwave has a sense of power to it, Pareidolia is strictly harrowing in its exploration of how the Aether truly affects her, and for that, I think it stands out more.
  2. I'm Mari, and I guess I've literally been living under a rock, because I just found this forum today, by chance. I've been into CoDZ since Der Riese, and am here to stay for the foreseeable future as well. My main interest lies within the lore of this series, which I see gets discussed a lot around here. Nice to meet you all !
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