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  1. 1. I Am The Well (It's awesome) 2. 115 (It's a classic, and while I love Shockwave, I love 115 just a little bit more)
  2. 1. I Am The Well 2. Abracadavre 3. 115 4. Shockwave I am sorry, I am too based to explain anything
  3. 1. Alone: It's just great and one of the best songs made for the mode overall. 2. Dead Flowers: Malukah is fantastic in this, a really hauntingly beautiful song. 3. I Am The Well: The greatest song in this contest 4. Carrion: Underrated as hell and probably the best part about Tranzit. 5. The Gift: It wins by a centimeter 6. Dead Ended: It's one of those songs that fits so perfectly with it's map that I can't help but love it. 7. Abracadavre: Not even a competition there, it's one of the all time greats. 8. A Light From The Shore: Also one of the best of the best. On a side note, man did BO4 had some of the best EE songs ever.
  4. 1. Alone (I love BoA but Alone is just too good) 2. Remember Forever (Beautiful song) 3. Abracadavre (Absolute classic) 4. 115 (As much as I love Where are we going, 115 Is just the song I think about when I think of Zombies) 5. Cold Hard Cash (It's just my type of song tbh) 6. Shockwave (Really tough decision but It wins by an inch)
  5. Interestingly enough, they got the Zombie's orange eye color right in the Haunting of Verdansk event, so it was deliberate to make the color of their eyes white. (Or maybe it could just be an extremely pale shade of yellow lol) Here are a couple of images for comparison. (Haunting of Verdansk up and Outbreak down)
  6. No only one person can get the weapon by building it. But you can obtain it by doing reaching legendary on the trial machine or hitting the box!
  7. I'm 100% in, let's do it, this sounds fun
  8. Man this one threw me off, didn't see it coming. I would have to go with Primis Nikolai, especially during Black Ops 4, it was almost a shock to me see him become to leader of Primis, and actually bear the pain in his heart to do what had to be done.
  9. I felt compelled to finally join the forums after lurking for a long time, I've read some of your wonderful theories and compilations of information and I am super happy of finally remembering to make an account. It's a pleasure to meet you all and hope we can become friends in the future!
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