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  1. Alone We All Fall Down I Am The Well Carrion Remember Forever Dead Ended Abrecadavre Mad Hatter
  2. 1. Alone 2. Remember Forever 3. Abracadavre 4. 115 5, Cold Hard Cash 6. Paredolia
  3. PART 2 - LAUNCH MAPS It's been a while, huh? College and life get to you fast, but instead I decided I would make a shorter addition rather then go into the intricacies of the menu design and gameplay mechanics just yet while I work on them still. Enjoyable nonetheless, here's Part Two! At launch of this game, there would be 2 new maps, accompanying the original Aether and Dark Aether maps with a new expansion into the Dark Aether story. Both are remakes, but take the general gist of the map in a completely different way. REBIRTH OF THE D
  4. Cold War to be honest, is one of the generally easier games we've had in the while. Personally, I like it better then Black Ops 2 and that's saying a lot. Most of the "difficulty" comes from an essentially new meta with the points system (which makes SMG's and other guns less viable, since you can't farm points) but allows for some creativity with the attachement system, killstreaks that are not necessarily needed but reccomended, and a fun way to do specialist weapons that aren't too overpowered. Though the only problem is that to grind out Aetherium Crystals, you either go for hi
  5. Stay strong, homie. You helped me through some tough shit with some wise words of wisdom, and I'll always be here if you need to talk privately at all through Discord or other means. From one poet to another, I give you my best regards.
  6. Humphrey


    The chad king, Zombiemaster 88 returns from his dorman slumber. The pure mystification of mortal man has graced us with the presence of "Fireball Z", one of the best in-jokes of the Discord by far. How are you doing today, king?
  7. Not to shill, but CodZ has a discord!
  8. Hell yeah, at least for Squads. Can't wait to gather up the bois.
  9. With the launch of Season 2, now we finally have the intel that I was talking about. https://twitter.com/discocrows/status/1364469213000302594
  10. Thanks, my man! I definitely appreciate it. Once I'm done with the full set I'll probably post them on the forum somewhere (if I can) for content purposes
  11. One of the Season 2 (Accidentally added early) intel for Firebase Z actually talks about an outbreak either in West Berlin or East Berlin, so it'll have some vital importance probably within either Season 3's map (technically DLC2) or Season 4 (DLC3)
  12. It is part of the update that Cold War got earlier today.
  13. Aight bro, I'm always down to meet new players! My discord is Humphrey#7215.
  14. The best advice I can give is to make sure that you're upgrading your perks and specialists with Aetherium Crystals as you're going along with playing the game. Once you unlock Ring of Fire and it's respective mods, use it. It makes the megatons look like a joke.
  15. CALL OF DUTY - ApocalypZ Hello everyone, and I decided to take on a very ambitious project for my first series of posts onto this forum, being the fact that I want to "pitch" a hypothetical Zombies-only experience that would be the "main" way to experience Zombies as if it was redone similar to the concept of Warzone being the evolution of Blackout after the end of the Black Ops Cold War season. First things first, I want to start by getting the technical stuff out of the way before I can get to the fun stuff. WARNING: This first part is probabl
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