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  1. This is the longest sentence I think I've ever read. Also, it's kinda clear that you didn't read most of the intel before starting this map, becuase the "device" is actually a trap for the Forsaken that was built by Omega Group. Peck wouldn't use it, because it's currently under the CIA's possession in Langley (their HQ). Eddie is also not bad, inherently, he's just doing everything to leave himself out on top.
  2. Gonna make a final addendum to this, and honestly, Cold War is unironically gameplay meta-wise, the BEST Zombies game to date. It's hard to get into if you don't have crystal upgrades, but it's very fun to still experience. Tier V perks, along with a simple map to set up on (Forsaken) makes the game very easy to get into a game and get set up for high rounds while still providing difficulty through the multitudes of varieties of Zombies from Outbreak (having now 7 different zombie types you have to watch out for, and 8 total regions that were added over 4 seasons) to allow for more variety in the gameplay. QOL changes like the D.I.E Shockwave and its variants being PaPable along with the buff to the RAI-K to make high rounds viable again for Die Maschine and Firebase Z.
  3. This man must be happy right now. He can finally pack a punch his D.I.E at the machine
  4. Unironically, just go for Elite drops. They have the better chances of dropping wonder weapons (I've seen Orda drop D.I.E's with upgrades at least two or three times in a playthrough)
  5. Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it? I remember maybe... 2012? I was 10, I got Black Ops 2 for Christmas on the Wii U and played Town, not knowing anything about the story and what I was getting myself into. What was the first map you ever played? Town. Scared the shit out of me. What was the first "strategy" you ran? Unironically, staying on the Town bar upstairs for camping with a ray gun. When did you know you were hooked? When I started playing Shadows of Evil and going, "Damn, this shit's hard" in 2015. What was you favorite weapon in WaW? Unironically the PTRS. Isn't in many games. Do you remember your first down? Nada. I think I didn't know what Quick Revive was and ate shit First ever Easter Egg Discovery? Not that I can remember. What was your first Easter Egg Song? For me it was most likely either Carrion or Dead Ended. Clark S. Nova is bomb.
  6. A bit of an update to my review - Outbreak's Easter Egg has a bit of decent difficulty to it, as it actually has a bit of difficulty mostly from having to deal with a lot of one enemy type (Mimics) The story implications behind the Easter Egg, I'm not gonna spoil, but it sets up some REALLY interesting stuff for the future. Still very good as is, Die Maschine is a very good starter map but is lackluster in some areas. Firebase Z is also a welcome addition, however, it being a bit of either a "loved" map or a "hated" map. People are also complaining of course that it isn't Black Ops III with the DLC cycle, but Outbreak is a genuinely enjoyable experience that has both it's perks and it's downsides, along with Onslaught getting decent support and a retune to make it even more enjoyable. Along with the fact that you can now do weapon challenges in Zombies. I give Zombies this year so far about a solid 7 or an 8, there's some stuff I don't like, for instance, the weapon tuning updates changing the meta every once in a while, but it's still great nonetheless.
  7. The T.O.T has two different conditions at least, depending on what you're playing. On Die Maschine, you have to do small quests to get each one for the 4 elemental ammo types and on Outbreak, you simply need to find each of the upgrade boxes around 4 of the maps. I believe the locations are. Duga, on the Radar Array - Electrobolt Alpine, on the bottom right of the map near the Highway - Cryofreeze Ruka, in the burned forest - Thermophasic Golova, at Train Loading - Nova 5
  8. Cold War to be honest, is one of the generally easier games we've had in the while. Personally, I like it better then Black Ops 2 and that's saying a lot. Most of the "difficulty" comes from an essentially new meta with the points system (which makes SMG's and other guns less viable, since you can't farm points) but allows for some creativity with the attachement system, killstreaks that are not necessarily needed but reccomended, and a fun way to do specialist weapons that aren't too overpowered. Though the only problem is that to grind out Aetherium Crystals, you either go for high rounds (which idealistically isn't reccomended due to method #2), or play Outbreak which gives you a metric ton of crystals if you manage to get to higher "warps" and do objectives. Lore is also mostly accessible to everyone, and the Easter Egg Difficulty is around Black Ops 1 level again. But, it's all up to you in honesty. Buy it if you want
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