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  1. I think it's the p cipher which is the omega document, it gets dropped by mimics and it's not dropping. I also need like 6 dark aether Intel for firebase z which comes from the trial computer.
  2. I've noticed for maybe two days now that I'm not getting any Intel drops from mimics or manglers (even though I need only 1), as well the Intel trials seem to never complete enough to grant me the Intel even if I do good on the trial. I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this issue?
  3. Thank you both, I tried to write it in as much detail that it made sense.
  4. No problem, I think it's the same with the mimics too and also the fact that mimics only spawn once or twice during rounds 15-30
  5. The manglers are slower and will stop when they try to shoot you, to get the part from it you have to shoot off the cannon on it's arm without killing it first. Training the zombies can help as well as using things like monkeys, decoys and stun grenades and possibly aether shroud if you really need to. Also don't run off too far from the mangler when it spawns or it will despawn and not come back that round (found that out the hard way)
  6. Use monkey bombs if you can't get it because mimics and manglers aren't attracted to it so they will keep following you.
  7. It's best to aim for their legs, also training the zombies helps with that and climbing over railings can help guide zombies to a certain spot you want.
  8. You have to capture mimics with the essence trap in the colonel's office, the scientist's quarters in the village and the planning office then put them in the machine in the data center.
  9. Are you at the aetherium crystal part with the aethermeter?
  10. This easter egg is similar to the one on Gorod, you need to get 50 kills with the monkey bombs near the aether generator areas. Afterwards the monkey bombs will make the zombies break dance. Shoutout to Glitching Queen for finding this easter egg
  11. sorry to hear that, hopefully you can get it.
  12. Then you should have the firebase Z map
  13. When you're in the main menu of cold war with the 3 options to select campaign, multiplayer and zombies. Does the zombie screen turn into a mouth with a bunch of teeth when you go to that option?
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