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  1. I've noticed that too, it's been a bug for a couple of months now and since treyarch keeps messing with xp it seems to only get worse.
  2. 1. 115 2. Ace of Spades 3. Archangel 4. Where are We going 5. Mystery 6. Dead again 7. Lost 8. Stormbound
  3. 1. Alone 2. Dead flowers 3. I Am The Well 4. Shepard of Fire - headbanging intensifies 5. The gift 6. Dead Ended 7. Abrecadavre 8. Mad Hatter
  4. After listening to all of the choices I'm editing my post 1. Beauty of Annihilation 2. Remember Forever 3. Nightmare 4. 115 5. Cold Hard Cash 6. Shockwave
  5. It's such a tedious task, also congrats on getting all of the challenges done.
  6. That's the get kills with weapons from crates challenge right?
  7. I've maxed out both bps with 30 days to go for both, just don't have the funds to be buying the bps at the moment. Plus all of the bundles that are cool are all 20 bucks for each, there's no way I can justify to myself buying 20-30 bucks for a weapon skin when I could using it for something else.
  8. Well that's good that you're enjoying it, I only have the 3 free blueprints you got from the free bundles so I don't see myself using it much since all 3 free bundles were for the m16.
  9. I'm Fib and I've been part of this community for just over a month, funny enough I found this amazing community while looking for a Firebase Z easter egg guide. I've been playing CoD zombies ever since BO2 when my dad got it for father's day when it first came out (one of the first games I ever played on the 360), we've been playing together ever since. I like most of the zombie maps I've played so I'll put my favorites from each CoD: Kino der Toten, Tranzit, Descent, Shadows of Evil, IX and Firebase Z. I used to play zombies just to kill zombies and explore the maps until the last year I sta
  10. I'd be down for some outbreak with you in like 6-7 hours, my id is Fibroidkey#7469247 if you wanna add me
  11. Whichever gen has the box in it and then go around. I usually like to hit the control room then the data center because you can save 1k points.
  12. Not sure how long these codes will last so enter them asap, also I will update this post if I find anymore. 5 mountain dew/doritio comestics: GZ28-T7TY5-L618 Another pawn down calling card: DGKD-VHQ11-S2Z4 Calling card: M53TJGB2W7647 Enter the codes by following this link /resources/cod/images/shared-logo.jpg Log in - CALL OF DUTY® PROFILE.CALLOFDUTY.COM Activision login page
  13. Honestly your best bet for defeating orda is upgrading your RoF to tier V since there's an increased chance you get insta killed applied to you, use a pap tier 3 legendary lmg or rai k and it shouldn't be an issue. Also you can start hitting orda as soon as he comes out of the pod thing which is like 5-10 seconds before all of the zombies start coming out of the portal. Hopefully this helps you
  14. I totally agree, I'm so glad I defeated the easter egg before the first orda buff for this very reason. Even on some of the earlier assault waves he's still hard to kill.
  15. If the rai k with RoF or an lmg isn't working then I doubt anything will work.
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