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  1. Positives Soundtrack is great like always The Wild and Dungeon is easily the best edition and is fucking amazing The player model being your operator is a great touch The Crab is a great meme The amount of enemies from Chaos, Aether and Dark Aether is really nice Opening baskets and crates Other game references like the Mario machine in The Wild Negatives Early areas are way too small and compact Movement speed is way too slow Zombies can run faster then you (Easily noticed on the Graveyards Challenge Round) Not
  2. Probably should of mentioned this in the thread but thanks for reading and feel free to discuss, add on or tear apart this theory.
  3. October 13th, 1945 – Samantha Maxis is teleported to the moon, where in panic she runs into the MPD and becomes corrupted by its power. This is the beginning of a theory of mine which explains how the Primis timeline exists and the unfortunate fate of not only our heroes but the entirety of existence itself. The Origins outro cutscene is somewhat confusing still, 7 years later. The idea that Samantha is playing with model toys of the Ultimus crew has always intrigued me. We see that Eddie and Sam argue about who’s turn it is to take control of their game. This is oddly sy
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