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Round Two: The Redefined Master Zombies Guide?

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Ah yes, we all know how much strategy has blown up in the past months. From December till now, things have changed in just about... every map, really.

I came back in August, with little credit to my name, asking for your help on the Master Zombies Guide. Now, it seems but another guide in the grand scheme.

Now I will ask you all, who will help me to redefine strategy as we know it? To elevate our existence to a level never before thought possible? The strategies are all here; I simply the need support system, a greater one than when I published the first incarnation of this beast. Who will help me in this second foray, this final foray into Black Ops strategy?

Lend me your ears, and hear me when I say that this guide will summarize everything we have ever known about zombie strategy and prepare us all for the second coming of Black Ops. A farewell to a game we knew so well.

The guide will be released on October 13, 2012. I know I can count on the original authors to aid me, but who else? Let's find out, and let's redefine the guide, let's leave our imprint on Black Ops, an imprint that will last until the undead are finished for good. 8-)


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This sounds brilliant mate. The great thing is, we both joined these forums at roughly the same time, and were completely unknown. Less than a year later, we've become legends. You are one of the most respected guys on this forum, always inspiring the community as well as putting in the work on big threads, very good player and strategist too. I swanned in, claiming all of these records that didn't mean shit without a rep, and one or two individuals even called bullshit. Now, I may not be as well known as a Mato or Relaxing, but most of those that do recognise me have labelled me as one of the very best in strategy creation and gameplay. We've both found our niches and honed them.

With that said, can't wait to work on this guide with you. As you know, when it comes to strategy I'm a master of all trades, jack of none (yes, I mixed that phrase up on purpose). So solo, co-op or No Man's Land or general nuances and tricks, gimme a shout on anything you need ;)

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The original master guide was awesome. One of my very favorites. Would love to see part 2.

If the master guide 2 is zombies in general then I am anxious to see what else could possibly be added to the original given it was so "complete."

If the master guide is map based meaning more extensive with each "current" map then the timing might be off. By Oct people will be focused on the new map with a lot less interest in the "older maps". Best to release the guide ASAP.

I like to see more of a collective effort from the top players on CODZ. It would be a great way to market CODZ to the world just how good and how deep this community is. Especially guys that do challenges like way and 5and5, pishifat. I've said it before and will say it again, this man is a beast and quite entertaining to listen to.

More tips on co-op, specifically different spots to train. If some random takes the middle floor on five, what are your options besides window hopping in the basement? Or if running Thompson on verruckt and campers go down near the double tap how to effectively revive them.

Very much interested in the master guide. Can't wait.

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I would love to help in any way I can with this. I have a vast knowledge of co op/solo strategy's on every map. From were to camp in the early round to make them go faster to safe and fast places to run trains on the later rounds. Or as Jay was saying if you need any information on challenges I'm your best bet, besides Boysta himself of course but he isn't as active on this site as me. So Eyes and Super if you need any thing remotely to do with this strategy guide don't hesitate a second to message me on Skype. ;)

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I will help, but in a similar vein to Jay am not quite sure what is required.

The 2 existing all encompassing guides are so complete I'm not sure what can be added.

I do realise that since the guide a few more strategies have been created, analysed and worked out.

I'm interested in doing a couple of specific things.

Point maximising guide for both solo and co-op utilising the coding and common sense. This may not apply to random games ;)

NML grenades, the first one. I don't know anyone who attempts most of the grenades I do for the first one, and they are very repeatable.

Advanced kiting methods.....let's ignore the dragouts, cutbacks etc and concentrate on zombie AI.

Apart from that, I'm not sure what else I can offer. All the current strategies have been covered somewhere now.

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Sorry if I come off rude or anything to you Eye, or anyone else involved. Just thought I'd share my thoughts.

What are your plans for the MZG 2.0? I mean, do you plan on copying the MZG over, than just adding in the new information? If so, I just don't see why you couldn't just post or edit in this new information into MZG.

If not, just ignore that. When I hear MZG 2.0, it sounds like it's going to be a completely new guide with fresh information that wasn't in the MZG, at about a similar length to the first one. But do you have enough information that it's going to be around the same length as the MZG? (Not saying it has to be, but the MZG should be a very long guide)

If you do, than that's great! But if you don't, I would really call it an add-on to the MZG (like DLC to the main game). Forgive me if I seem rude, but I just want whats best for the guide.

In simpler form, I don't think it should be called MZG 2.0 if it doesn't deliver the 'bang' of the original. It would seem more like an add-on that definitely requires a new thread, but just doesn't live up to it's name as the second MZG. However if you were to give it another name (I'm sure you could come up with something), than it would seem more...realistic I guess because it lives up to it's name.

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Well said, Rissole. It's going to be called the [REDEFINED] Master Zombies and will be completely brand new guides except for Solo Superhands' and How to be a Good Zombies Player.

So don't worry. :)

Brand spanking new guide.

Hey dude... did you get my email I sent you? It has all my guides and stuff. And I mean everything. :D

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Well said, Rissole. It's going to be called the [REDEFINED] Master Zombies and will be completely brand new guides except for Solo Superhands' and How to be a Good Zombies Player.

So don't worry. :)

Brand spanking new guide.

For example, my Dead Ops guide is nearly a year old so I am going to make a brand new one that is way different from the first. As time goes on we not only add on to old strategies but we make new ones which are far superior than the originals.

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Alas, This is not my realm of expertise, but, if you can give me a job, I will do my best to complete it, and you know what my best can be worth.

(on a side note, I have been absent for awhile, most of my projects died due to the lapse. I plan on trying to bypass the still present issues I have with my computer however, in order to contribute more to this wondrous site. Unfortunately I am well above Par right now ;) )

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