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  1. PC: If you have more than 40 friends or something like that, learderboards will crash the game every time you try and open them. PC: The game crashes about 50% of the time I try loading any map... PC: The game has crashed multiple times randomly while going for high rounds... (not including steam DC's) PC: The game makes me want my 60 bucks back.. :(
  2. For some reason once you get 17 revives on TranZit you will be granted a drop. This drop gives you quick revive but does not take a perk slot. Instead It will change the color of the "reviving ..." text to blue. If you buy quick revive after doing this you will revive people 4x as fast! Also this CARRIES OVER to the next time you play TrainZit! One last thing to all you story line experts, why the number 17, what does 17 have to do with anything? Video Proof: Z8gnUC4ISKI
  3. First I would like to say 50 in 2 hours co op, I don't think that's possible. I've done in 2 and a half though. Anyways back to the matter in hand. I believe that aditude is they most important in the long run. Since every thing you have listed can far improved on if looked at with the right aditude. For exmaple: Luck: You can not rational luck to be the solo factor in why certain people can do amazing thing and you can't. You have to have the aditude in were luck isn't a factor in your play. You have to think that you can make your own luck. Concentration: This may be the most effected by aditude. To keep concentrated for a long period of time is very hard and almost impossible in a bad state of mind. If your aditude is, no mistakes till I reach my goal. You are far more likely to succeeded than if your attitude is, hopefully I don't mess up before I get my to my goal. Decision making: Your aditute on decision making has to be very strict. The best way and one of the only ways to improve decision making is learn from your mistakes. 99% of the time a down is caused by bad decision makin. So instead of getting furstarted that you down, calmly think back to what happend and try and pin point exactly why you downed and more importantly make sure to not make the same decision the next time. The worse thing you can do is thinking that there was nothing that you could have done, since that is never the case there is always something that you could of done! Instinct: You must trust your instincts. If you do not then you have to improve them. How you may ask, well the same way you get better at any thing practice. The best way of improving instinct is by playing challenges such as nml. Maybe, I change to topic from what is most important to how to improve but.. Meh. Here is my two cents.
  4. I was in the stream while you playing this. All I remember thinking to my self was.. the thunder gun its going to fail this time. No, well this time... No, come on this time! Sorry :lol:
  5. This strategy actually would work in co op. The spot by the help door or as some call it the "super spot" is big enough to fit 3 players maybe even 4 never tested that though. The strat does not rely on any door set up, so I would recommend leaving the help door closed till 30. starting every round in tommy then going to spawn to hoard the zombies. I believe Super has video of this some were on here. Zombies will respawn on every map if you run then around for too long. Shooting then will cancel new area respawn (Nacht is to small for this). But maps like COTD will make the zombies respawn if you run to far from the horde if you do not damage the zombies first.
  6. Hey CoDz, its 5and5 here with a new strategy for Nacht Der Untoten. I know 95% of you guys don't care about new strategy's since Blops 2 is so close but still I thought I would post this here for that 5% that still might care. yDrpbXAxmBU So, here is the safest and fastest strategy for this map solo (No ifs, buts or maybes, it just is ). This strategy abuse a mechanic I call a "zone inside a zone". Which means, all the zombies will ONLY spawn in the zone you are in, instead of spawning in the zone you are in as well as the zone(s) next to you. Another example of this mechanic is on ascension, when you are on the catwalk in the first room, zombies will not spawn anywhere but in the first room even with both doors open. After understanding this, the strategy become pretty simple. Sit in the corner to cause the zombies to not to spawn in tommy or up stairs, then run to the Kar as soon as you see a zombie jumps out of either windows next to it the Kar (this isnt 100% necessarily in the higher rounds but still helps). What this does is buy you a little time before you going into tommy, so that you arent foruced in there too early. Then once you are in tommy just buy more time till the zombies from mulekick windows have time to catch up and then run by all the zombies. Ok, having that said this strategy should take about about 30-35 seconds per horde past round 50 and never more than 40 seconds at round 30. I would also like to note that I didnt get hit once while running this strat (not hitting the box) from 30 all the way to 57. Not trying to brag, just trying to reiterate how insanely safe this strategy really is. I believe that anyone half descent at zombies that ALSO has a fair amount of patience to hit the box without taking shortcuts (going only half way to tommy then doing a cutback to hit the box faster) can achieve 60+ on this map without to much trouble. hopefully you guys enjoyed this.
  7. This is great! You didn't miss anything. I just added a link to this thread on both my videos :)
  8. Finally reached my goal of a true avg of 55 Kino Der Toten....... 73 Five........................ 48 Ascension.............. 75 Call of the Dead...... 40 Shangri La.............. 50 Moon...................... 51 Nacht Der Untoten.. 52 Verruckt................. 50 Shi No Numa.......... 50 Der Reise............... 64 and my Way2g00 avg would be, 49
  9. Hey guys, I noticed that I haven't posted anything or even check CoDz as of late Well this mainly has to do with the fact that the Tapatalk app on my phone seems to not work with CoDz anymore... Im not sure if this is a problem with the site or my phone either way I normal spend 90% of my time here on my phone not my computer, so ya. Anyways I'm here now with a new strategy on Shino. I wont explain the strategy to much here since its all in the video. But I will say that this is the only solo strategy that I know of, that allows you to kill hordes in under one minute. while still being safe enough to get you to high round, hopefully without a down That's really all I have to say so.. here's the video. 90mq5rPAbmM
  10. Great job dude! Enjoy the WR while you still can, KingJaq wants it back.
  11. The M&S fails have nothing to do with NML, they are just part of the game. Every signal weapon on Black Ops zombies can fail, even spray gun though you almost never notice it. Now to the invisible wall you are talking about, this is caused by a dog spawning some were on the map. When a dog spawns it will created a invisible wall at all other dog spawns. So the only way to deal with this is to learn the spawns and try to avoid them when you hear a dog spawning. Hope this helped :D
  12. Fun challenge man! And the pc team was Pish, Moon, XsilenceR and myself, Just saying.
  13. I don't think you watched Pish's video. It's him running verruckt's biggest room on round 4 with jugg It was a joke making fun of the train that train series. Properly named "find dat train".

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