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  1. PC: If you have more than 40 friends or something like that, learderboards will crash the game every time you try and open them. PC: The game crashes about 50% of the time I try loading any map... PC: The game has crashed multiple times randomly while going for high rounds... (not including steam DC's) PC: The game makes me want my 60 bucks back.. :(
  2. Great job krazy! You really got talent.
  3. That's pretty much how I played this map co op but we only got jug in nml.
  4. The STG can be very difficult to run. What it comes down to is do you do a cut back or try finishing the circle. The problem with this you have to make the decision before you turn the corner and see that you should of done. Therefore there is a little luck involved but with enough practice you can kind of get the feel for when to do what.
  5. The worst glitch on moon is the fact that you can round skip. People can get to 99 in under 4 hours... But for other glitches that just happen. I would say the invisible excavator's. I've lost two different game because of them and still don't know what causes it. The moon walking astro is annoy too but lately I've been getting rid of him. The easiest way of make sure he wouldn't glitch is to glitch him first ;)
  6. Ascension is probably your best bet. I would try getting to at least 60 the first day. Then plan out how much your going to play for next couple days for example 60-80 80-90 90-100. In my opinion its 70 to 90 are worst so you may want to split them up into two different days. That or you just try to 70+ first day and then finish the next ;)
  7. This is an awesome thread I just look through the whole thing! I just got to say Way2g00 and MixMasterNut both look just as I picture them. Its to bad that Toms picture isn't there any more. And Im still wondering what SuperHands the legend him self looks like. Anyway here's me from my trip to Africa last summer.
  8. Old hip hop and old rock. I haven't found any new artists that I have truly in joyed...
  9. If you want to practice cut backs. Ascension mpl room solo is very good place to start. If that's too easy than try the back corner of the alley on Kino. If you want to practice circles. Try by speed cola on five as Tom said. If you think that's to easy which it shouldn't be try the double barrel room on Der riese. If you can do all of that then try the pap room on Ascension solo, you will not survie :twisted:
  10. I just made it to Round 100 yesterday Here's a video of the last round if you guys want to see. qYkqJm1HiCQ
  11. 5and5

    Non Crown Club

    I want 100 solo SOOOO bad :evil: , I've tried multiple times on moon failed badly every time... But now i found a new strat on kino so im going to give it a try this weekend :D
  12. I got 44 split screen with my buddy way back when before black ops. All I remember about the game was how OP the upgraded flame thrower was and the tele failing at the end...

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