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  1. I don't want a CoDz war of Religion to start. If you do, go ahead, but make another thread about it. From now on, we will not discuss religion in this thread. - Doggy II
  2. No, they were not valid questions nor thoughts. In the first statement, you were reducing God to an object from our imaginations. If you don't believe in God, cool, but don't go around saying that he's an imaginary friend. If you believe that, well then keep it to yourself as you will be offending many people, unless that is your true intention. In the second statement about Adam and Eve, you were just trying to bring up questions that have been already answered as an attempt to find another excuse to critisize religions. To answer your first question, you were unfairly critisizing my believes and those of many others, and I find that simply unjust. We all have the right to believe in anything we want to, but sometimes you must hesitate from publicly expressing your believes as you could be making others around you feel uncomfortable, and this could lead to people hating you for your believes. You're right, this isn't Nazi Germany. This is a community where we respect everyone's oppinions and believes, but you must realize that writing "Jesus Loves You" is completely irrelevant to any type of critisism. It's simply an expression used by all sorts of Christians reminding them that Jesus loves them all. If somebody felt offended with that statement, he might as well kindly ask the user to please remove it or change it into something less offensive. After writing this, I feel no type of hate towards both of you, and I hope you know that I did not write this out of hate but me deffending my believes when they were unfairly attacked. - Doggy II
  3. Mate, I find your signature rather offensive, so I kindly ask if you could please remove it or change it into something less offensive.
  4. I debated this in my mind and tried to think about, and I assume you are talking about a mentally or physically retarded/disabled child. I think that they are just as much a person as anyone else, they deserve to live like the rest of us, their condition shouldn't put a target on their back, so the speak. It does in nature. Anyway, the majority of the time, the people who make the decision to give up the child, 9 times out of 10, she can't raise it. You say that the child will grow up to flourish and do great things and such, but truthfully... it won't. Children will only flourish if they are raised in household that is willing to raise it. Prepared to raise it. Children take time. More than the 9 months. Rape kids will often be broken in one way or anther mentally, be it from being raised in a bad house, or learning how they were conceived. (that can do serious damage to the psyche.) Also, we have to free ourselves from that "Everyone is the best person ever" thing. People who grow up being raised wrong will more often than not, be unsuccessful, antisocial people who won't change the world. So what? You're just gonna kill it because you automatically arrived to the conclusion that the baby won't do good to society? I must agree that, as John Locke states, the behavior of a human being is influenced by the enviroment it was raised in. Nevertheless, exceptions always exist to this statement. As I have previously stated, every raped mother who decides to not abort the child will either put it to adoption or raise it herself. If she decides to do the latter, then she must be aware of the job it takes to raise a child and therefore will try to give it the best education available. Keep in mind that rape victims are always helped by their beloved beings, specially their family members, so most of the times they are no alone.
  5. Exactly! A raped woman uses the rape as an excuse to abort the child, but she must think that it wasn't the baby's fault. He is an innocent child that knows nothing about the world. As Tac said, he is a new seed that will flourish as something good if raised correctly. If you cannot take care of the child, you might as well put it into adoption, but aborting it is, believe it or not, murder.
  6. The answer to this question is no, and here is why. He is not asking if the expansionism had a positive result for the U.S., he's asking if it had a positive result in the islands. When Japan took over countries, they often set up outposts to run expirements on the citizens of that location, usually with the result of death to many. Because of that, the answer is simply no. I would say it is a yes and a no. The Japanese takeover of the islands expelled the European powers from the pacific that had been, for many years, exploiting the natural resources from their colonies. French and British policies on Indochina and Burma were brutal. On the other hand, the Japanese became another colonial power, and it exploited the natural resources for its war machine. Sure, they conquered those islands under the slogan "Asia for the Asiatics", but their intentions were the same as those of the European powers were: exploit resources and control the islands. The answer to the question would be more inclined to a negative result than to a positive.
  7. Let's continue the discussion, as this thread is very interesting. As you may have noticed, the title now includes World History. Aside from human life, we will also discuss different events in History that could have different points of views. Let us start, shall we? Do you think that the Japanese expansionism had a positive result in the different islands of the Pacific during World War II? Explain
  8. Let's start a new topic. Today, while I was at a restaurant with a friend, he saw a girl that he thought was pretty. I encouraged him to go talk with her, but he was simply embarrassed. Now, I ask this: why is it simple for men to talk with other men, but when they talk to women, they become shy?
  9. Can you give me a clue that about what movie it is?

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