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  1. hi, long time no talk

  2. play with a lower brightness setting... not to the point where you cant see, but just ever so to the point to where you can. ;)
  3. Amen brother, we will not go silently into the night.
  4. My favorite is definately the scavenger, especially after PaP.
  5. ^^ agreed, the telepad is a good start to get used to NML you can typically average around 250 kills, after you've gotten the hang of it you can typically get around 270-280ish after you master it, i reccomend using it to get a PaP and jug but afterwards start using the side drop, which once you get used to that you can typically start shooting for a 300. I got screwed out of a 300 game last night, i had extremely week crawlers and 1/2/0 but new spawners decided to corner me and make me break a window.
  6. Hi guys, I've been thinking lately about how everyone's talking about 8P Zombies in Black Ops 2, while this is definitely made possible by the fact that treyarch is running zombies on the MP engine, I don't see how it would work considering a variety of factors. #1 Map Size: I've heard that with 8p zombies the maps will be BF3 sized maps, I could see this but at the same time, that's still a very large map for 8 people to be playing on, revives would definitely be an issue, I honestly haven't found a happy medium for 8P Zombies, i don't see how they would make it work with the map size. #2 Max Spawn: 24 Zombies isn't going to be enough for 8 people, double that would work, however the issue there is distribution of zombies, depending on where you're running in this theoretical map, you might get a third of the spawn or some leftover stragglers. #3 Running space: If training is taken out of the game, we're going to be pissed, we can all agree on this. Any-who, a concern for me is running space for 8 people, because your going to have to stop camping eventually (imagine the zombie health in an 8P zombie game). I can typically find about 4 good spots on any current zombies map that isn't suicide, i'm going to go back to map size here and point out that when they create this theoretical map, they need at least 8 good running spots, to achieve this you need a relatively sizable map(see no. 1) #4 Having Less than 8 people: So in this large theoretical map(see no. 1) your going to need A.)points to open everything and B.)sufficient force to do so without dying in the process. imagine having less than 8 people on this huge map(no. 1) Imagine playing solo, and having to build up enough points to get your perks, weapons, and Ideal running spot. #5 Frame-rate Lag: So in this server that's trying to support this huge map with 8 people with a max spawn of (in theory) 48 zombies, that, to me is already enough to cause a LOT of frame-rate, now imagine this very server, with ray guns, flopper, grenades(or any other explosive), and the WunderWeapon of the map. dear god, Imagine the frame-rate. Well this is all i have to say, I'm going to leave a poll up for you guys to tell me if you think 8P Zombies is possible. Thanks. -Vodstok (2.0)
  7. thanks my friend yah, i've never actually tried glitching the spawn but i have a feeling that it might actually slow things down because you have to wait for them to come to the window as opposed to killing them from two different areas which IMO speeds up the process tremendously.
  8. SIlFumftV20 I've decided not to do a commentary as it's already pretty self explanitory. I also wanna apologize for the framelag, (damn you pinnacle for not working) just one thing, is that this strategy typically favors those who start with NML You typically want enough points to get QR,. Flopper and the Bowie knife at round 1,and you also wanna be able to open the end of Tunnel 11(and NO OTHER PART.)
  9. Lemonade keeps telepathically stealing what i was about to say, regardless, I'd love to help out. Especially with my secret project. ;)
  10. 99.99999999999999% are lag .0000000000000001% are boredome,tiredness, and just spontaneous dicking around.
  11. Rtsbw8_-8L4 this video wasn't as laggy as my last one,or so it seemed, anywho, enjoy...
  12. Hands i applaud you, getting to 100 with no downs is certainly an achievement for the ages, but i must ask you, where do you find all of this time to do it all.
  13. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Dempsey Please...
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