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As many of you know, Superhands created this awesome 90s solo PAP. It turned out to be one of the safest and easiest way to do it, especially for inexperienced players. So he extended this strategy for a very easy, almost every time working 2ppl Jug strategy, seen here.

We then started to try a 2ppl PAP based on the 2ppl Jug strategy. Our first tries didn't deliver proper results in speed, safety and reliability.

So I asked myself, how a proper double PAP strategy could look. The main ideas were very basic, such as knifing crawlers is easy and gives you lots of points. So I did some testing, how the crawler amount can be maximized. I found a proper way, and created an exact plan, what we would do in which round. Actually still being at the testing and fine tuning stage, we had a pretty epic run, that we would like to show you.

We will still work on it and finish the fine tuning then come up with a split screen video with commentary.


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That counter is awesome :D This is definitely a 2 player PaP speed world record by the way ;)

As Tom mentioned, we'll also try getting a strategy guide out to you guys at some point. Hopefully we'll also get Juggs after the PaP - with this attempt we were pretty much solely concentrated on getting the PaP, went for Jugg afterwards on a whim, and got as close as it's possible to us both getting it but fell so slightly short :lol: with a bit of discussion on the strategy there we should be able to achieve 2 Juggs after the PaPs no problem.

I think the reason we managed this so fast, is teamwork. You can have one player do a 90 second PaP and leave the other player to knife away at the higher-zombies, but this will take over 10 minutes in most cases. As you see in the video, we we're working together and got our 5k within 2 seconds of each other.

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Wow, simply amazing. Great work guys! Your teamwork is awesome. The strategy is indeed sound. I would go as far to call this a revolutionary strategy for NML co-op.

Some incentive for world record breaking as well I'd say. Hey Chopper, perhaps you and me could attempt this? 8-)

Some friendly competition between PC's 309 and 290, and PS3's 323 and 295, eh? :twisted:

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Thanks Ehj

I have some ideas how to improve maybe. But since this is going into a battle, it's top secret, hehe.

I tried to throw the 2.22 nade so that it takes out the runners, bu not the crawlers. Sad that it blew all zombies away.

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That last nade that Tom threw yeah, it wasn't significant as we'd already gotten the points, so he just threw it randomly and it caught the back of the train ;) Hope you enjoyed the vid :D

Must say I'm surprised and a little disappointed in the lack of interest in this thread.

Tom, maybe if you spruce up the title a little to something like No Man's Land 2 Player PaP World Record, people may have a look mate ;)

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People need to watch this. The times especially when they are alternating stabbing zombies is teamwork to the extreme. It's a very high level co-op tactic for point maximising when you have no Jugg, or when insta kill comes and you have a pretty crazy hoard.

If you alternate like this much less can go wrong.

Good job guys.

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