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  1. 1. The paintings inside of the corridor where Samantha's room is located change each time you play. Don't know if anybody noticed that, but it's happened to me twice already. 2. Players can only hold one of each Bow upgrade until you do... something with it? 3. Upon grabbing a bow upgrade, a tile starts glowing purple (with a similar effect to the Bow pieces) on the ground in the circular room a little bit past Mule Kick. Don't know what to do there. 4. Upon running across all of the tiles on the walls in the underground area, a "ka-ching" barrier repair sound effect is heard. I'm yet to discover what this actually does. These are just a few interesting things about the map I've noticed so far. You guys find anything worth noting?
  2. Der Eisendrache is pretty cool.

  3. I'm loving the map. Great atmosphere, pretty solid difficulty and a nice layout overall. The only thing I hate is the giant mech zombie, but maybe I'm not used to it because I never played Origins? Bah.
  4. this place looks different

  5. Shapeshifter


    What did I miss?
  6. Hello, Technical Support... I don't believe we've met!
  7. Hello CoDz! Many of the veterans on this site should know me as TheOnlyShapeshifter, (an almost 4 year veteran myself) but since it's been QUITE a while since my last login to CoDz, I thought it would be very fitting to do another introduction, as this new wave of members has little to no idea on who I am! Well, let's see... I joined in the wake of the brilliant viral campaign, GKNOVA6, and have seen the rise and fall of the Henry Langham fiasco. I've been around since CarbonFibah (or CarbonFish) got his job at Treyarch, and I've seen mods come and go. I've been through 3 or 4 forum redesigns, and (along with UndeadXP) came up with the original idea of a Prestige system here on CoDz! I also was around when CoDz went down for a WHILE and was one of the lead admins on CoDZL Forums, a small place for CoDz members to go to during a long CoDz hiatus, but was lead by AlphaSnake. I'd like to think of myself as an overall nice guy, who has DEFINITELY matured over the years into the man I am today. I also LOVE Zombie theories and such. So yeah. That's cool. Anyway, I still plan on peaking my head around CoDz for a bit... a large part of my absence was due to the fact that, well, I thought the site was completely dead! The last few times I tried to go on, the site was down! Anyway, i hope I'm welcomed back into open arms here... -Shapeshifter
  8. Hm... I'm pretty sure that the O4 weren't in NDU. (Not counting the Rezurrection version.)
  9. I already made a thread about it... doesn't seem to be connected to the letters. so I made a separate thread. :oops: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=34642
  10. These symbols look to me like Alchemical symbols/circles of transmutation. Here's an example of one Alchemy is often associated with satanism, occultism, magick spells. I've been seeing signs of possible alchemy connections in the game since at least Ascension. AlphaSnake should be stoked to see this addition in the game. I think it's either a validation of his past PAP texture theories, or another nod from Treyarch that they look at his work for storyline ideas. Either way I see it as a compliment to him. - Mix That's exactly where I got the inspiration from, and that's why I credited him in the disclaimer I seriously think this may be one of the best maps ever released, just by the trailers and teasers. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  11. -ihupDH8T-w (DISCLAIMER: I got all of my info in this post from ideas coined by AlphaSnake, a few other members of CoDz, and the video above, which was the first video of this trailer when I originally watched it.) Hey guys, Shapeshifter here... I'm pretty PO'd since I just had a HUGGEEEE post set up about 5 minutes ago, with at least 5-6 paragraphs of analysis... but I had closed my tab on CoDz by mistake. :oops: :evil: So, with that being said, I'm just going to summarize what I had. I hope you all enjoy, and remember to post what you think below. NEW PaP CAMO...? As you can see in the image above, that's the AK-74 that they've added into MoTD, but with a VERY satanic kinda vibe being output from that camo it has... it may just be the new gun's camo, but with the Hellhounds, red eyes, red box light, and "Hellaxe" (what I'm calling the Tomahawk), along with the "Afterlife" mode, one can safely assume what's going on here. Not gonna lie, that IS a pretty kickin' camo there. Fluffy, is that you? Now, before you instantly slander my name with the thought of Fluffy coming back, please note, it isn't too far fetched. This Hellhound is SIGNIFICANTLY larger, and WAY more detailed... plus, it's sticking it's head through a PORTAL(I'll get to that in a sec). Not to mention that Samantha/The Demonic Announcer is back (skip to 4:27 in the video and listen to the voice that is heard once he picks up the Max Ammo), it's REALLY not that far fetched... interesting... maybe the red eyes indicate that neither Sam, Richtofen, OR Maxis is in control of the zombies, and that The Demonic Announcer is an entity of his own caliber. :twisted: Oh yeah, and it looks like Fluffy is having a little snack! The Afterlife and Portals Alright, the only portals I've actually seen so far are the ones the Hellhounds come out of... which would indicate that you must go to where a Hellhound head is located in The Afterlife to do... something. Now, who would give you the power of being alive after death...? Guess. :twisted: Well, that's pretty much all I can say about this for now... I'll update this on things I find and what not as more information is revealed... Thanks, Shapehifter
  12. Can't wait to purchase this on PS3!
  13. I've been around for almost three years, and I just recently got 1000 posts.
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