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  1. Der Eisendrache is pretty cool.

  2. this place looks different

  3. Since I never got a reply on the Official Medal Request Thread, I wanted to know if the iPhone/mobile zombies counts towards the Four Guardians medals? Thanks
  4. I've been around for almost three years, and I just recently got 1000 posts.
  5. Lately, more than ever, I've been using the /center code more than ever... Almost every single post I've made recently has been /centered... Why? Dunno. So, it's high time I made a /center appreciation thread! For all the tines we want to look formal, and refined; /CENTER IS THERE. So, take note of the little things in life... they're precious, like the /center button.
  6. Heh... You have to Gold EVERY weapon. Primary, Secondary, AND the Combat Knife. Good luck.
  7. NGT is great... but they're still morons. Oh, and that is SO not true about the EE's being only in visible spots... been plenty a times where we had to noclip to find Easter eggs. Legitimately IS a word, and you did spell it correctly. But seriously, stop being silly.
  8. So, I recently got 1000 posts, guys (and girls)! 8-) So, with that being said, I've decided to do a little profile makeover... a new avatar, signature, and username. I think we've established that's there's only ONE Shapeshifter on this site... that shifter is me. Well, that's mainly all I wanted to discuss... oh, and in a little less than 5 months, I would be on CoDz for over THREE YEARS. Wow. Time flies when you're slaying meatsacks. Well, cya around!
  9. It would truly change what we know about TranZit, and what's possible.

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