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  1. Der Eisendrache is pretty cool.

  2. this place looks different

  3. I've been around for almost three years, and I just recently got 1000 posts.
  4. Shapeshifter

    5th area?

    I personally had no idea that there WAS a shortcut. I have to check it out tomorrow. Is it well hidden?
  5. Shapeshifter

    5th area?

    It's really not, though. This is a quick map I conjured up in MSPAINT (a powerful image editing tool, mind you). Look at the area that I circled in orange... some may argue that the path that I have highlighted does NOT exist, but I beg to differ... even the BradyGames map begs to differ: (Note: make sure you rightclick, and then view the image in another tab. Also, the BradyGames map is upside-down compared to the map that is supplied ingame, at the menu.) I've been wondering about this path for a while, but I thought I was crazy. I haven't been able to search for it either.
  6. Excellent! I can't wait to get my hands on that 2 year Vet medal.... ;w;
  7. I'm really anxious, when is this launching?
  8. good god your username scares me :shock: I expect all of my tension from waiting to FADE away.....
  9. Hello, Carbonfish. Twas pretty damn good.
  10. Honestly, it's threads like these that make the admins hate us. >inb4 the lock
  11. If Activision were REALLY smart, they would release this for Western audiences, and port a F2P version to Western consoles too. In a perfect world, this would happen. But no, it won't. :cry:
  12. BVAuXcfsyLE I... really don't know what to make of this. Here's some intel. I don't understand. Still, it's relevant to this forum, so I thought I would post this. (Dwellers, PLEASE move this into an appropriate section, because I have NO idea where this belongs.)

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