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  1. I'd say go for supply.. slowly, and watching the place for trap, thinking "plan B" etc. But, go for it :D
  2. Yeah, it did go to there at here too lol did they stole our ip? o.0
  3. Just played there first time, it was nice server but spawn is pretty empty... i spawned to water ft. dozen sheep.. but, when i found your buildings, my computer crashed badly so, when i get my computer back on, ill play there more, and build my house (+something cool)
  4. Investigate it immediately. (and REMEMBER to press every button!)
  5. ok good luck. and if someone makes picture like my drawing, there must read somewhere that original picture is from me (just keeping up my rights).
  6. That would be awesome, but only program it would work is photoshop. So now need someone who can use photoshop. Ps.I'll try. (with programs I have) :twisted:
  7. so I should scan it :?: :D
  8. I did draw it last night, it took almost 3 hours, but its pretty good i think, what you think? : here is the little one: My scanner was not in use, so I toke picture with camera. Say if you want better quality, I can scan it.
  9. I Wanted to help somehow with your awesome "mini-movie". now i found something I could do. I'll try to draw something cool. What it should contain? Or am i late?
  10. Its my first zombievideo, and thanks, this contest made me to make this video. And it was fun! Also notice: I have only World At War, So this is video about Classic maps! =DD 5Nd2ehXLea0

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