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  1. Umm hello new person on the forums! Generally small posts like this are a no-go. What you should do is explain what you think about it and then ask what the forums think about it. One sentence posts anywhere here are usually frowned upon. There is an edit button if you wish to revise in any way. But an interesting question that is.
  2. Dear lord I certainly underthink brains. I... I don't even know.
  3. I know what you mean. For me in general Bowie/Sickle > Jugg. A lot of my friends however do Jugg first thing and end up skipping the Bowie knife because they don't have enough points for both and argue that it's too dangerous to melee without jugg past round 3. So you will do a lot better in multiplayer if you got the skills to pay the bills. -if you know what I mean.
  4. It's a solid bet that nuketown will be 4z4 considering it's bonus content. Your idea definitely makes sense and sounds fun, but even 20 minutes seems a little high for a multi-player match even if it is zombies. A race for points would definitely be a great game-mode, and take lots of strategy. For instance, Players have to decide whether or not to pack-a-punch, get a perk, etc. or keep their points as part of the point count. However you also run the risk of dying for not getting these out of being too under-powered. Also we've heard about how buying a door may block off the other team which would be another way to use your points blocking off other teams points getting their point capabilities stunted. Pro zombie players would conserve their points toward their competitive point counter as they can survive higher rounds without jugg, etc. Great idea mate. Brains on you. Great idea brains on you. EDIT: forgot about technical difficulties of forums. sorry about the empty promises :lol:
  5. This concept reminds me of the game "Shadow the Hedgehog" that I played on the nintendo gamecube when I was a pipsqueak. The game has 24 levels in all, but only 6 missions in the campagin. There is a grid of missions on the main selection screen that you can do that looks like this: [brains] = mission [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] Starts campagin here. [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] Each mission has a good, evil, and neautral objective. The neautral mission elevates you straight to the left mission, while the good or evil will elevate you to the upper or lower left. At the end of each campagin, the main character is usually kneeling over a main character, be it good or evil. He describes what he has learned about himself based on the players decisions, and then says "THIS IS WHO I AM!!" and kills the other character. there are 24 missions but hundreads of outcomes. They all end differently. Really after you are like an uber player (got perfect on every singal mission) all the outcomes result in the same epical ending mission number 25. The point is you can be either really good or really evil and have extreamly different endings, and it's enjoyable to do it all over again differently. So the blops2 choices could be a little like that, all leading to the same ending under extreamly different circumstances. Your character could either stay with his team or go rouge or something. The premise of "Shadow the hedgehog" was very good in terms of open-endedness and playability, so the blops 2 system may be similar.
  6. I KNEW I WASN'T CRAZY! HAHA!!!! Sexy? Really? :| LOL. Well more or less, just don't think in terms of small child. Examples: "hahahaha stop that! it tickles!" "HeHEHEHE! samanthas been a NAUGHTY little girl!" Im not crazy or a pedobear. And who wants a little girl when you can have a badass big girl?!
  7. *gasp* Woods broke out and he's alive? Sorry I had to I know it's more complex but it's pretty obvious he survived.
  8. How the cuss is that light reflection. Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? It's a bright purple light to the sky! And who said that guy was on the map? Don't be to critical in terms of demintions. I don't think were gonna put attacking zombies in the trailer for the game in general. And keep in mind that were already back to the future in at least 2013 in C.O.T.D. and further in moon. Who knows? in terms of time, we may already be there.
  9. I think its more then possible. In moon they definatly made samantha really sound playfull and sexy even though shes a small child. I should think that we dont want a playfull, sexy girl with a penis, so I do support the body possesion theroy, though I wonder 2 things: Where did she get the energy to transfer bodies and where did she get the body? On the bottom right there is what looks like a fire hydrant, I'm pretty sure that here in the UK I've never seen a fire hydrant (correct me if i'm wrong), although I do in US cartoons, it could be possibly that this person is in the US. For me first place that comes to mind is New York (not sure why). Lol that is so frikin funny. O BRITISH PEOPLE! New york is where all the dogs piss on fire hydrants btw. I hope Im not offending you btw. obnoxious sentence endings btw.
  10. When Takeo goes into the Bio-dome: "Reminds me of Shangri-la!" So no. Espically because you have the rod in shangri la and the device in moon.
  11. Yes they are. x3tedlWs1XY At 1:18 you can see the mystery box light behind the guy Tebowing. Theres a ruined building in the background emmiting smoke. also judging by the heavy armor that Mr. Tebows sporting I'd say it's the future with the game. YAY FUTURE WARFARE!! And also how would it be the most expansive zombie edition ever if there were no futuristic toys?
  12. Just do it!! Imagine all the boy toys we're gonna get to steal kills!! Robots, rc choppers, oh MIE NERDGAZIM!! any ideas. It seems the sky is the limit!
  13. Well done good sir! I admire your commitment! And I have to agree. YES, the Catacombs are a tourist hotspot for Paris, but what people tend to forgot is the sheer size of the Catacombs! A very small amount of the Catacombs is actually open to the public, and the majority of them are actuaally completely unexplored! As I said in my thread, the possibilities are endless... Although if you want any more info, you'll have to go to the thread -Jolteon Thank you kind sir!! I mean Ive never heard of them outside of this website in america. Really the catacombs viewed in MW3 are very small. It's a lot of basement and sewage with only one section of dead bodies. But its still the catacombs. It's probably outside of tourist sites as Volk kept his super secret hideout there. But really the catacombs are the best thing we have right now as a clue to zombies. It's worth exploring espically on WII. Also has anyone else seen this picture? Theres a referance to Lev Kravchenko, Dragovitches (eh spelling) right hand man SUPPOSEDLY killed. thanks to ERich935 who showed me this.
  14. Thanks buddie!!! I never did see the referance for Lev Kravchenko. Well if Kravchenko is (was) still alive he is in like an old folks home. :lol:
  15. EXACTLY! The Catacombs referances are literally everywhere! I didn't bring it up when I played the MW3 campaign because I saw no Zombies relations to it, but now surely the Catacombs are the biggest lead for a new zombie map, and the continuation of the storyline? And I agree with you, Jimmy Z. WAS involved in the Wii version of MW3, so is it not possible that he snuck some zombies referances into the Wii version? Plus, if this is the case, surely this would create more sales because now we will all go out and buy the Wii version of the game to find the information Now THAT sounds very Activision I'm gonna follow this up, see if I can find some information, and will report back if I find anything... But for now, I call upon all Wii users, go out there and find the wonderous things we need! -Jolteon I have a wii but i have it for x-box so I'm not going to spend more cash on that. my friend I think uses the wii and ill have to borrow it from him and snoop around. I'd probably have to do every single thing again but ALL IN THE NAME OF ZOMBIES!!..... Ill at least do some of it if i can borrow it. Anyway guys theres no way you can dispute anything zombie related in MW3 at least in the wii version. And don't go all "But the catacombs are a main tourist attraction in Paris!" because it's not really. Oh and BTW i saw both the books frankinstien and the jungle book in MW2 so maybe MW2 is worth exploring a little as well. It's a case of reused graphics but really the books chosen still keep the meaning.
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