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  1. Umm hello new person on the forums! Generally small posts like this are a no-go. What you should do is explain what you think about it and then ask what the forums think about it. One sentence posts anywhere here are usually frowned upon. There is an edit button if you wish to revise in any way. But an interesting question that is.
  2. Dear lord I certainly underthink brains. I... I don't even know.
  3. I know what you mean. For me in general Bowie/Sickle > Jugg. A lot of my friends however do Jugg first thing and end up skipping the Bowie knife because they don't have enough points for both and argue that it's too dangerous to melee without jugg past round 3. So you will do a lot better in multiplayer if you got the skills to pay the bills. -if you know what I mean.
  4. It's a solid bet that nuketown will be 4z4 considering it's bonus content. Your idea definitely makes sense and sounds fun, but even 20 minutes seems a little high for a multi-player match even if it is zombies. A race for points would definitely be a great game-mode, and take lots of strategy. For instance, Players have to decide whether or not to pack-a-punch, get a perk, etc. or keep their points as part of the point count. However you also run the risk of dying for not getting these out of being too under-powered. Also we've heard about how buying a door may block off the other team which would be another way to use your points blocking off other teams points getting their point capabilities stunted. Pro zombie players would conserve their points toward their competitive point counter as they can survive higher rounds without jugg, etc. Great idea mate. Brains on you. Great idea brains on you. EDIT: forgot about technical difficulties of forums. sorry about the empty promises :lol:
  5. Well next time I saw him it was like nothing ever happened again. This is good but i'm really getting tired of it. Its not that I ever get offended or overly angry and are fights are usually very calm. The thing is I don't like fighting, even calm fighting. Iv'e had a phobia of arguments ever since my parents divorced so I REALLY don't like arguments no matter how calm. And the thing that gets me is that he LOVES it. He purposely starts fights about the smallest things. It's no coincidence that our arguments only happen over the phone or on x-box. They only happen when we aren't communicating in person so when we part it's easier to forget about it. I guess I don't know how to ask him to do his part in preventing arguments. Also, When He commented on how I was "Brainwashed" it made me almost swell up with rage, and I never get angry. But why? Why did that comment anger me so much? I don't think you understood. our arguments are usually intelligent and usually no-one ever ragequits. The main issue I had was that he said I was brainwashed and it was sad. Iv'e never ragequit anything and I wasn't sure what would happen next so I came here. The jeering doesn't really happen anymore. I think after this incident it's an unspoken rule that we try to stop bringing each other down in arguments which is good. Also what do you mean calling somebody something? Like insults? our arguments are usually intelligent. The name calling rarely happens and really usually comes right before an intelligent counterpoint.
  6. Thanks for that. It's fine that your not Ehjookayted, it's still great advice Im friends with him IRL and we go to the same high school. Its still early in the morning so I don't expect him to be awake yet, but we'll see what happens.
  7. (Got really pissed because I took too long to type the post so it logged me out so your kind of getting a tl:dr version. any Q's are welcome.) Basically me and my friend have a lot of small fights that usually are forgoten the next day. But tonight while playing der reise we were arguing about the difficulty of the map. I said it was too easy. We were arguing and he said "You know if people in the community didn't think that than you wouldn't either. It's so easy to brainwash you its kind of sad really." This pushed me over the edge. I disconnected from x-box for a while. When I reconnected he was still on. I invited him to chat but he ignored me. Suspiciously 30 seconds later he was offline (or appeared offline.) He's ignoring me apparently? I admit it was kind of childish to rage quit but he just picks these fights all the time and then always has to be right. Often in this process he likes to insult me like "Your a tard." and similar jeers, and frankly the brainwash comment put me over the edge. I mean usually at least with him those comments are standard but the brainwash comment pulled me over with that shit. I guess I want to know what should I do now? this went down around an hour and I haven't talked to him since. I guess is there any reason for me to apologize? What should I do to make amends? How do we stop fighting? Don't get me wrong we have always been best friends and usually are not that mad with each other and VERY MATURE, but these arguments been progressing and I really dont want to lose my best friend :cry: . please help.
  8. This concept reminds me of the game "Shadow the Hedgehog" that I played on the nintendo gamecube when I was a pipsqueak. The game has 24 levels in all, but only 6 missions in the campagin. There is a grid of missions on the main selection screen that you can do that looks like this: [brains] = mission [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] Starts campagin here. [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] Each mission has a good, evil, and neautral objective. The neautral mission elevates you straight to the left mission, while the good or evil will elevate you to the upper or lower left. At the end of each campagin, the main character is usually kneeling over a main character, be it good or evil. He describes what he has learned about himself based on the players decisions, and then says "THIS IS WHO I AM!!" and kills the other character. there are 24 missions but hundreads of outcomes. They all end differently. Really after you are like an uber player (got perfect on every singal mission) all the outcomes result in the same epical ending mission number 25. The point is you can be either really good or really evil and have extreamly different endings, and it's enjoyable to do it all over again differently. So the blops2 choices could be a little like that, all leading to the same ending under extreamly different circumstances. Your character could either stay with his team or go rouge or something. The premise of "Shadow the hedgehog" was very good in terms of open-endedness and playability, so the blops 2 system may be similar.
  9. So just tonight I came on the site and noticed the long awated update with medals. I wanted to know what medals were awarded to me at this point, so I checked and it turns out I have none. I tried to manage medals, check medal list and nom-nom-nominations but it says I do not have permission, and todays my birthday! *tear* Can you tell my why, if it's a glitch, and if it's not can you let me anyway cause it's my Birfdaie?
  10. That my friend is really damn frightening. All the ghosts and the spirits and the satan are quite haunting, or are you sure its not just your PARADOLIA!? Note: (It is advisible to read this next text aloud like a spastic scotish person. This would be identical to sheogoraths voice in the elder scrolls.) Thats indeed a plausable place, unless it isn't. I don't think we will be going a castle where we would be haunted by unimaginable creatures that could render a mere mortal insane! Not to mention the huge gaping "hellhole" where the deamons would spawn by the hundreads. The deamons would rip our flesh, chew on our bones, and suck out our eyeballs! But what if we do it... to them? What if we blast the hellspawn to bits, rip out their intestines, and skip rope with em'? AYE that would make my day! Impression over. you may read normally now. This could also be one of the seperate 8-player zombie modes. Take this group of 8 random people and defend the world from the deamons springing out of the hole. These creatures would be extreamly tough and fast. There would be lots of barriars for the deamons to get past. you lose if all the players die, naturally. As for a real map, it seems a little too cheesy, and real arcetecture is a zombie slayers nightmare.
  11. I KNEW I WASN'T CRAZY! HAHA!!!! Sexy? Really? :| LOL. Well more or less, just don't think in terms of small child. Examples: "hahahaha stop that! it tickles!" "HeHEHEHE! samanthas been a NAUGHTY little girl!" Im not crazy or a pedobear. And who wants a little girl when you can have a badass big girl?!
  12. *gasp* Woods broke out and he's alive? Sorry I had to I know it's more complex but it's pretty obvious he survived.
  13. How the cuss is that light reflection. Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? It's a bright purple light to the sky! And who said that guy was on the map? Don't be to critical in terms of demintions. I don't think were gonna put attacking zombies in the trailer for the game in general. And keep in mind that were already back to the future in at least 2013 in C.O.T.D. and further in moon. Who knows? in terms of time, we may already be there.
  14. I think its more then possible. In moon they definatly made samantha really sound playfull and sexy even though shes a small child. I should think that we dont want a playfull, sexy girl with a penis, so I do support the body possesion theroy, though I wonder 2 things: Where did she get the energy to transfer bodies and where did she get the body? On the bottom right there is what looks like a fire hydrant, I'm pretty sure that here in the UK I've never seen a fire hydrant (correct me if i'm wrong), although I do in US cartoons, it could be possibly that this person is in the US. For me first place that comes to mind is New York (not sure why). Lol that is so frikin funny. O BRITISH PEOPLE! New york is where all the dogs piss on fire hydrants btw. I hope Im not offending you btw. obnoxious sentence endings btw.

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