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  1. *gasp* Woods broke out and he's alive? Sorry I had to I know it's more complex but it's pretty obvious he survived.
  2. If you can you should get oblivion before skyrim. Elder scrolls sets Tamrial in a timeline and you see little referances to Tamrialic history. I feel like Im back in time when I play oblivion and Im slowly understanding the referances (like why my spectral assissin is named lucian lechance.) so im doing it wrong. Dont get me wrong you can do it my way or not get oblivion at all and still understand it. Jus sayin...
  3. IF Oblivions graphics didn't suck, and there was no "repair equipment" crap, it would be better then Skyrim. Longer quests and guilds, and more of a challenge. I do wish you could duel weild though. Also I ended up being Kajit just cause they have night eye and you cant see crap in dungeons. I've got the master destruction spell for lightning (a long cannon that doesn't stop!!!) and daedric armor with 100% free destruction. Imma go stand on the dragon bridge bridge and scream POWEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!
  4. Angel. (I was really bored one day so I started playing this by myself on a peice of paper. I did it for an hour and had like 7 pages filled.)
  5. GOOD IDEA!! So I've dicided to just get oblivion on x-box, beat it dry, then do what this smart person above me said. For x-box the controls are the same, theres more access to x-box in my home, and I can rack some gamerpoints. Not to mention if theres a game of the year edition with the dlc and I can get that. Im gonna see if I can rent or borrow one of the games on PC and see if it lags my computer? Does it? And is installing/creating mods hard?
  6. @ blamco: The book of fate is the BEST FRIKIN READ EVER!! FIND IT IN CALEXOS HOUSE IN WINDHELm. (*cough*) I'm hoping that Bethesda is as clever with lore as Treyarch is with zombies. @Jake-Duck: can my assissin character do that? thats how I make moneh. kill someone and take their crap, or strip em' naked of valubles in public. @ Alter72: well Are the mods for Oblivion as good? better? Will it lag my computer?
  7. BAWLZ. Well at least there are multiple rumors of the dlc coming out this month. Wish it would come for spring break which started today. I plan On just getting Oblivion if yall say its good. Is it? Will it lag the crap out of my computer or should I get it for X-box? It's only 20 dollars so I'd get it if yall say its good. And I'm so bored with my games library I'm making a skyrim collection of books. FUCKING BOOKS!! Actully it's not so bad. some are fun and intresting reads. It leads me to belive that Bethesda are as good as hidden easter eggs as Treyarch.
  8. So I'm a total skyrim NERD. I've done just about everything possible to do at this point and I'm lookin for some more to do on my main profile. I've done all the sidequests according to the wiki. I would install mods for fun but I have it on X-box. Any ideas? These are the profiles I have atm: Me: well rounded guy with infinity gold, 650 carryweight, steed stone with daedra armor (so pretty much a Juggernaut), level 70-something, and done pretty much everything (really all I ever do here is kill guards. I don't like killing random people because they can be essential to a side quest or another important person.) Bob the councurer: A KAJIT WIZARD!! Willy the killer elf: Kill everyone in the game guy. and I may soon do A Kajit guy that uses only fists in combat (Heavy armor skill with the fists, kajit claws, and "gloves of the pulgist" enchantment make it work.) So questions: Can I get mods on my X-box? (I'm sick of watching the gamespot weekly thing and sighing longingly). Any fun way top orient a character that I havn't done? Any other things do do? (million dollar question. I will give you brains on your crappist post if you find something.)
  9. YOU SHALL NOT PASS Epic Rap Battles of History That rap battle thread from a while back.
  10. Well done good sir! I admire your commitment! And I have to agree. YES, the Catacombs are a tourist hotspot for Paris, but what people tend to forgot is the sheer size of the Catacombs! A very small amount of the Catacombs is actually open to the public, and the majority of them are actuaally completely unexplored! As I said in my thread, the possibilities are endless... Although if you want any more info, you'll have to go to the thread -Jolteon Thank you kind sir!! I mean Ive never heard of them outside of this website in america. Really the catacombs viewed in MW3 are very small. It's a lot of basement and sewage with only one section of dead bodies. But its still the catacombs. It's probably outside of tourist sites as Volk kept his super secret hideout there. But really the catacombs are the best thing we have right now as a clue to zombies. It's worth exploring espically on WII. Also has anyone else seen this picture? Theres a referance to Lev Kravchenko, Dragovitches (eh spelling) right hand man SUPPOSEDLY killed. thanks to ERich935 who showed me this.
  11. EXACTLY! The Catacombs referances are literally everywhere! I didn't bring it up when I played the MW3 campaign because I saw no Zombies relations to it, but now surely the Catacombs are the biggest lead for a new zombie map, and the continuation of the storyline? And I agree with you, Jimmy Z. WAS involved in the Wii version of MW3, so is it not possible that he snuck some zombies referances into the Wii version? Plus, if this is the case, surely this would create more sales because now we will all go out and buy the Wii version of the game to find the information Now THAT sounds very Activision I'm gonna follow this up, see if I can find some information, and will report back if I find anything... But for now, I call upon all Wii users, go out there and find the wonderous things we need! -Jolteon I have a wii but i have it for x-box so I'm not going to spend more cash on that. my friend I think uses the wii and ill have to borrow it from him and snoop around. I'd probably have to do every single thing again but ALL IN THE NAME OF ZOMBIES!!..... Ill at least do some of it if i can borrow it. Anyway guys theres no way you can dispute anything zombie related in MW3 at least in the wii version. And don't go all "But the catacombs are a main tourist attraction in Paris!" because it's not really. Oh and BTW i saw both the books frankinstien and the jungle book in MW2 so maybe MW2 is worth exploring a little as well. It's a case of reused graphics but really the books chosen still keep the meaning.
  12. OH DERP lets not forget the catacombs referance in MW3. And If Jimmy Z. didn't work on the x-box version and only the wii verson, then what did he do on the wii version? Lets check the wii version somehow and see if theres another thing similar to the radio message in Kino.

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