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  1. Thanks for the support and interest everyone, it's really great to see that people are actually interested in this. With any luck I'll post a part two to this thread sometime in the next 48 hours.
  2. As of the current situation, the connection between Lovecraftian horror and Shadows of Evil cannot be denied. However, though many are familiar to the pop culture icon that legendary creatures like the great Cthulhu and the Deep Ones of Innsmouth, several other lesser known races have fallen by the wayside in the public eye. Chief among those being the ancient evil Nyarlathotep. It was my original intent to create a much more detailed and elegant follow up to help paint this very complex and living world that I absolutely love and have come to adopt as my own. Lovecraft has always been my favorite author, and I have been absolutely fixated with him ever since I read The Lurking Fear in the sixth grade. As per usual however, it seems obvious to me that large and important Youtube gaming sensations are far too eager to jump in with inside information and appear as the messiah of gaming theories. God, I hate them so very very much. So, as things go, I’m going to forsake the usual go around where I attempt to create an atmosphere with the inclusion of images and just lay the cards down on the table for all to see. I can’t possibly know EXACTLY what is going to happen in Shadows of the Evil, but as someone who knows their Lovecraft by heart I’m willing to bet I am one of the forward authorities on this web forum. First of all, given what I have seen in comparison to what we have experienced in Mob of the Dead it’s unlikely that we will be facing Cthulhu as our major enemy. If we are, then in my opinion Treyarch would have failed catastrophically in both researching and understand the world that they have granted themselves access to. Though Cthulhu does pose a massive threat to humanity, he’s but a drop in a sea of insanity that threatens our way of life. More than likely, we’ll be facing the incursion of the much more powerful outer god Nylarlathotep for reasons that will follow. I'm bound to omit quite a bit of knowledge due to time constraints, but here is what I believe is most critical to know. First of all, Nylarlathotep is the original avatar of chaos and evil in the universe. He has taken many shapes in the existence of humanity, from an Egyptian pharaoh to AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART an a shadowy figure known as the Black Man in areas of Massachusetts. In other words, we have our Shadow Man.The Black Man is frequently used as a substituted for Satan, tempting mortals with the knowledge of the ancients through used of the Necronomicon. Yes, the very same Necronomicon in the Evil Dead that granted massive amounts of esoteric knowledge and began to raise the dead. In all likelihood, the Necronomicon is the very same book we see in the trailer for Shadows of Evil, with all of the supposedly satanic paraphernalia. Now comes the matter of Nylarlathotep’s major servants, the Mi Go. The Mi Go are a race of celestial fungus from the planet Yoggoth, and are a flying multi-dimensional creature that appear to us in the form of… Well, this. Look familiar at all? I should hope so. The Mi Go are a hyper advanced race, typically moving from one planet to the next like galactic locus spreading chaos and evil in the name of their god as they fiddle around with all manners of electronic weaponry. Normally, humans are so low on the evolutionary chain that they are just barely paid any notice by these creatures at all. However, the human mind has one critical advantage over the Mi Go that they can never hope to attain; the ability to make irrational decisions based on guessing and heuristics. The Mi Go brain operates entirely on a system of logic rather than perception, with nearly every outcome of an event being run through a series of algorithms that the Mi Go can replicate with impunity. However in a purely algorithmic though process one must assumed that all information critical to the situation is available before a decision can be made. A human’s ability to make judgement calls, to them, is tantamount to psychic ability. Therefore, the Mi Go began a rather long and lengthy process of invading cities in the middle of the night so they could scoop out there brains of a test subject, study the human brain, and reanimate their corpse. These abductions were more scientific than they were destructive, with the exception of a series of unchecked experiments in London that would be remembered by history as the acts of an assumed serial kill nicknamed Jack the Ripper. From here on out, things only get more insane. I can keep talking about the Mi Go and fascinating aspects of Nyarlathotep, but every moment I delay is another moment some English bastard may come forward and claim responsibility and knowledge of all that I hope to very rapidly discus. (Hint: He’s not Alpha Snake or Milo.) While the works of H. P. Lovecraft mostly end here as far as I am concerned (with the rather massive exception of several books and gods closely associated with Hollow Earth and the Elder Things) and more recent works begin. Instead, I find it far more important to address the works of another incredibly influential member of the Lovecraft Mythos, Delta Green. Where to even begin with Delta Green without robbing you of critical information… Well to keep it short, Delta Green is a modern adaptation that is set to take place in the years between the 1930s and the 1990s. Essentially, the OSS and eventually the CIA has created two task forces pivotal in the defense of America from the supernatural; Delta Green and Majestic 12. Delta Green began life as a rapid mobilization task force after a high profile raid on Deep Ones in Innsmouth before moving on in World War II to combat the Nazi Thule and Vril Societies. Majestic 12, meanwhile, was tasked with studying the paranormal and using it to advance the cause of the US Government. The two factions had a rather large falling out, culminating in all Delta Green operatives becoming disavowed when they attempted to start a war with a race of Grey Aliens rather than working with Majestic 12 to secure an alliance between the two species. What Majestic 12 could never have known of course is that they were being played by the Grey Aliens the whole time. The Greys (and if you aren’t familiar with Grey aliens then either change forums or initiate a Google search, they’re kind of important as far as CoDz and element 115 are concerned) where really just a puppet race engineered by the Mi Go to ensure that human testing could continue at a faster rate, unhindered by the American government in exchange for advanced alien technology and weapons. The simple fact is that the Mi Go could sense that the time of their god and the rising of Cthulhu was soon to be upon the Earth, and they needed to complete human experimentation as quickly as possible before the world fell into everlasting madness and the human race was made extinct. I’m sure barely any of this was retained by you, reader, but you have to understand that I am under a MASSIVE amount of stress to push this out as quickly as possible. I only beg that you forgive me, and do some research of your own to verify my claims. The knowledge is out there, and the lore is long since written. The eyes of the Outer Gods are upon us all now.... Good Luck, F
  3. I've reviewed a few things over and over in my head and I'll definitely have to post a follow up thread. The problem is now that I've had a lot of time to sit and think everything really starts to come together. This all runs pretty deep, and figuring out where to even begin is a trial in itself. Expect a post in the coming week.
  4. Likewise old friend. Needless to say it looks like a lots changed since I've been gone.
  5. SHOGOTHS. SHODOWS OF EVIL HAS GOD DAMN SHOGOTHS. DO YOU GUYS NO WHAT THIS MEANS? I'VE BEEN ROLLING AROUND IN MANIC LAUGHTER FOR THE LAST FORTY MINUTES. Ever since Moon came out I've been looking for an HP Lovecraft connection in the zombies story, and I think we finally have it. I... I swore I would never play zombies again, but I'M BACK!
  6. Six miles outside of Arkham, Massachusetts 1927 Not far beyond the crumbling relics of New England’s gables stood a single, isolated manor. While the decaying husk of what was once some colonist’s treasured fortress had slowly given way to the woods that surrounded it, the household seemed to retain a certain degree of dignity and grace. In that moment it was both a bygone of a past age and a monolith to the present. For that bastion was just as solitary and aging as Massachusetts itself, fleeting before the coming of a new generation eager to overtake the old. The forest that encircled it was not lush, green woodland but a grey, thorny bramble that seemed to snake its way over the surrounding hillsides. Wooden tendrils sporting endless columns of spines crept their way over the iron gates of the grounds and pushed on ever further into the property before at last reaching their way to the edifice were they were left to claw rabidly up the walls, endeavoring to completely overtake what arrogant settlers had sought to make their own. There before the monument of timeless strife he stood, taking care to adjust his coat as he eyed the door for anything resembling a latch. “Damn damn damn!” he huffed several times as he gently plucked at a chestnut shell that had snagged itself on his wool pea coat, “It isn’t enough that the man is a recluse! And here I was assuming that a hermit would be even marginally interested in tending to his lawn.” The minor breach in composure only distracted him for a instant or two before he was able to recollect his thoughts and directive. Exhaling hastily he struck a commanding stance, hurled his chest into the air, and pounded persistently at the enormous oak doors. There was a minor echo in the woods around him, and then silence. The Man at the Door glanced around nervously, dearly wishing that the home’s occupant might greet him soon. The light was quickly fading and he had no intention of remaining there through a long autumn’s night. He ran his fingers through his matted, dark hair and over his sunken eyes before checking his pocket watch impatiently. There were several more moments of stillness, then several heavy thumps on the opposite side of the door. They grew closer and closer as the host approached, each footstep resonating more and more with the Man at the Door. “Well now!” he spoke aloud to no one in particular, “It seems the man is still sociable after all!” Three tumbles and clangs followed as the door unlatched. The Man at the Door could barely contain his smile as the host stepped forwards to great him. “Well?” Benny roared in a cockney grumble that could only be described as ‘wet’, “The hell are you ‘ere for ‘en? Y’ just gonna fakin’ stand there grinning like the God damn Cheshire cat or you got somethin’t say?” The Man couldn’t bring himself to do anything but grin, and the more he looked his smile grew wider and wider. He laughed (just twice) as he eyed Benny from head to toe before at last making eye contact. “You are Mister Benny Barefield, correct?” “Who wants to know?” Benny retorted, withdrawing slightly back into his home, “Blokes come ‘round here every now and again asking for Mister Barefield all the time. Makes no difference to me if they leave satisfied or not.” The Man at the Door felt his smile grow ever wider, threatening to split his face asunder if he didn’t find some way to contain his thrill as he stood before his objective. He was far grander than he had anticipated, easily towering above six feet high and filling the entirety of the threshold. Though adorned in a dapper suit and tucked beneath a well fit bowler hat, there was no mistaking the hideous abomination that stood before him. The photos in his dossier were one thing, but there was nothing on hell or earth that could prepare a man to stand face to face with Barefield himself. His face, rounded and hideously contorted, was all that was needed to tell that if he ever was a man those days had long since passed. While still damnably human in nature, it resembled more a coelacanth or some other debased sea creature of the Triassic era. Barefield slowly lowered himself until the two were at eye level, revealing an iris pattern that must have surely predated any Paleolithic creature. As he hunched over he lowered himself onto his forearms into a gargoyle-like stance that appeared oddly more comfortable to him than simply standing on two legs. His jaw—Oh God, his jaw. Try as he might to force his jaw as far back as he could, it still sat forward just enough to display seemingly endless teeth that protruded from his lips. It was the most beautiful thing the Man at the Door had ever seen. “So is this it then… Is this why you’ve come ‘ere?” Benny leaned in closer, his temper and patience wearing thin. The Man before him remained silent. “Is this all you fucking wanted? You’ve come to gawk at The Blowfish, ‘ave you? Those damn yanks over in their towns and villages thinking they are so beautiful and superior to anyone who doesn’t have their good fortune… To peg the man beset by a minor skin condition as ‘The Blowfish’ and condemn him to a life of shame and seclusion! I’d kill every last one of them if given good reason, and that’s how most find their way to me! To give me good reason!” The Man at the Door continued to smile. “Yeaaaaah, that’s right mate. That’s what I do, savvy? You think a guy what looks like me can just march into town and get a normal job to pay for a home like this. No. No no no no no no no… Lot’sa blokes out there lookin’ for an ex-Pinkerton to do their dirty work. But you ain’t come for that, ‘ave ya? ‘Ave yeah? Because with you just sitting there smiling at me, I’m thinking I might not even need much of a reason to go grab my Webley and pop a cap in your pathetic guts!” Benny eyed The Man as well, his throat resonating a deep oscillating tone that seemed eerily similar to… A growl? No. Maybe a hiss? Yes, a hiss… But if a hiss were underwater. Or would that just be the sound a whale makes? Certainly not a dolphin by any means! The Man fancied all these thoughts for a brief while before blinking the wonder from his eyes and nodding politely. “Mister Benny,” The Man at the Door finally spoke with a polite charm, “Blowfish Benny that is... I am with Research Group 935. My organization would like very much— So very, very much… To hire your services for a… very special assignment! We bring currency in good faith!” The Man at the Door lifted a deer skin suitcase and unbuckled its straps to unveil endless stacks of deutschmarks all bound together in tight paper seals. “Oh wonderful!” Benny spat fantastically, “Deutschmarks! I fancy I could use those should I need something to wipe my ass with or plaster my walls! I might not get out lad, but I know enough to know that those scraps ain’t worth a damn!” The Man at the Door adjusted his stance, slightly offended as he withdrew his satchel. “Mister Barefield, I can assure you that the reward my associates offer for completion of this contract is something far greater than any monetary value. I merely ask that I use this to buy your time, sort of speak. That you might invite me in so we can discuss the whos, wheres, whats, and whens. But… Preferably not the hows. I know your kind tend to shy away from those particulars anyway! Part of the business as I understand it, no? I truly do admire that work ethic by the way!” Several awkward seconds passed as Benny peeled back his horrible lips to convey the closest thing to a smile he could. He extended a scaled grey claw forward, revealing a set of slimy, wet fingers that dangled in the air between them. The Man at the Door lunged forward and shook it without any hesitation, his smile growing even wider in awe of the texture of Benny’s skin. Perfectly jubilant to make each other’s’ acquaintance, the two merrily disappeared into the shadows of the mansion. Even after the door slammed shut one might have even been able to hear the beginning of a delightful conversation about which kind of tea should be placed on the kettle for their meeting that evening.
  7. First time I read this (thank the Lord it was on my summer off and I wasn't going anywhere in the morning) I didn't sleep for two nights... Which only made me more terrified about the fact that I wasn't falling asleep. Memories~
  8. People have been requesting an Atlantis map for, like... Forever and a half. It would be sweet if they did one. Hell, it would be stupid if they didn't. My big two guesses?: Atlantis or El Dorado viewtopic.php?f=103&t=19126
  9. In getting ready for college I have been paying attention to a lot of DARPA's projects in the last few months. The extent of what they can do is amazing. We are talking cameras that take 1 petabyte photos, AIs that can control an entire combat zones, and robotics right out of a SciFi film. They are pretty much the closest thing we have to mad scientists on Earth. Given some time, I would love to help in following up on this post. (As I last stated, my school work has been kicking my ass recently. Looking into what I really want to do, SATs and all that.)
  10. The more information is brought forward, the most confused I get with the time line in all of this. To me it is entirely possible that Die Rise and Tranzit does not take place in just ONE point in time, but EVERY point in time converging together in a massive rift in space time. Quantum physics is a funny thing.
  11. Certainly great work on this thread! I only wish you received a bit more attention than you do, you really are an interesting theorist! Please, keep up the good work! ^_^
  12. You have no idea. XD Also, what easter eggs there were remained open to theories, were as now it seems everything is painfully obvious.
  13. Words can not describe how happy this makes me. ;_;
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