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  1. Thanks for the help! I'll let you know if I have any questions.
  2. Hey guys! Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I'm a bit of a veteran. I haven't been active in a while because I'm not a huge fan of BO2 zombies. But, if anyone wants to play classic zombies, let me know!
  3. Actually, it's right between B and C, to be more specific
  4. This painting's back. Check the Multiplayer Map "Raid" in the house by C dom
  5. I didn't even know perks existed the first time I got to 20, I was that much of a noob. I would love to see this medal on the site.
  6. Nothing comes up when I type in those numbers... Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Oh, and we beat Cordis Die, they never upraised( I think that's the word I'm looking for..). Sorry, forgot to add that.
  8. I tried to kill Menendez and I got the good ending... It ended with me sliding down, killing Menendez's body guards, and jumping on Menendez. It asked me if I wanted to kill or capture Menendez, and I chose kill. Harper was severely injured, but we got him out safely. The last cutscene showed Mason reunited with Woods (I shot him in the leg instead of the head).
  9. Can someone post a link to Google Maps and the coordinates? If you don't mind, I don't have them on hand.
  10. Agreed. Teammates always screw me over with Engineer too. "Oh you got a Lodestar in your care package? Here, lemme change that to a Counter-UAV." Yeah, it's just too unpredictable. You might have a troll of a teammate, you might get something terrible, or you could get killed and have an enemy steal it.
  11. Just remembered that, I'll edit it real quick. Sorry for my ignorance. :lol:
  12. Hey guys, this is my guide for how to get yourself set for the rest of the game extremely quickly in TranZit mode. As you all know, the bank and fridge add an easy way to get weapons and perks early in a game. The next time you're on a high round with nothing to spend your points on, I suggest storing your M&S in the fridge, spamming the box for an LMG (or any other gun of your choice, I prefer LMGs) if you don't already have one and swapping it at the fridge for your Sallys. Then, once you have your weapon stored, put almost all of your money into the bank, leaving enough to buy perks if you go down. Now, next game, you can get your ray gun from the fridge and as many extra points from the bank as you need. You will now have all of your perks, an LMG, and an M1911 by round 3-4 if you use a turbine to get your perks instead of spending rounds turning on the power. You can then make your way back to the power, turn on the power, open up the PaP, and have M&S as well by round 5-6. If you have found the roof hatch, make your way over to the diner and grab yourself some galva knuckles. If you haven't found the roof hatch, save a zombie and go find it. Next, go look for the parts to the Model 23/ Jet Gun. Once you have that built, you will be set for the rest of the game, and it will only be round 7-8. That's my advice, I made this with co-op in mind, but I'm sure it's applicable to solo as well. Feel free to leave any criticism.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's called a prototype because 3arc wanted to see how people liked the game mode before making new maps. Or maybe they originally just made it as a bonus mode, but people liked it so much that 3arc decided to make new maps
  14. We need to get a game together, I haven't played zombies with you in FOREVER. I think we played one match of 4v4 on Town, but that was it. Man, I need to play more grief, I haven't lost a game yet! Then again, I've only played 3 games, but still.
  15. I've stopped using care packages for a while now. They take too long to come in, and even then I normally get them stolen.
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