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  1. I've seen some gameplay of the game of youtube videos, and overall it looks pretty, meh. I don't know if there's a difference between the actual videos I'm watching and actually playing it. Can someone give me some confimation? Because I was thinking of picking this up to fill up the gap until the release of a game I am completely hyped about (which rarely happens with me) Regards Yellow-card8
  2. I'll maybe try out the glitch. Does it still work? Regards Yellow-card8
  3. Are the holiday things already removed? I thought they were going to end it on sunday? Regards Yellow-card8
  4. Wow, I can not listen to things in full volume, I have pretty sensitive ears unless I am in a place that is loud.  Also I am at 90% on Metal Gear Solid V Grounds Zeroes, just have to get some more prisoners and find some trial records and I am done. And than I will have to wait for a year for the next game to come out.  Regards Yellow-card8
  5. Those new cars look nice. And I can not wait, time to go grind some money now to afford them.  Regards Yellow-card8
  6. Trust me, I feel you. In MGS4 I tried to get the Big Boss Rank since 2010. To get it you have to go through the game in the hardest difficulty without killing anyone, being spotted, using health regens or dying in less than 5 hours. One day, I swear, maybe I'll try again when I 100% MGSV.  Regards Yellow-card8
  7. I feel like telling you that's true now about my name.  But in reality it's a band that I like when I was younger and even today.  Regards Yellow-card8
  8. Well I would just say to not hype things too much. Even though it is hard and I'm a hypocrite at that (Watched the MGSV Trailer probably over 100 times). Speaking of which, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, in my opinion and speaking as a hardcore fan, is probably one of the greatest games I have ever played and the controls and game design is superb, only down side is length hopefully they do fix that in the next game since Kojima did say it's 200x bigger. Regards Yellow-card8
  9. Can we not turn this thread into a hipster fest please?  Regards Yellow-card8 
  10. Yes, you need to play MGS1 to understand 2, definitely play the games on how they came out. You can probably buy MGS1 on PSN store and buy the HD collection. It's $10 for MGS1.   Regards Yellow-card8
  11. One of my new favorite songs from Metal Gear Solid.  Regards Yellow-card8
  12. Git gud kid. That's key on not falling off.  And I really hope the multiple apartments/properties means I can double the space of amount of cars you can own, because I love collecting cars in the game.  Regards Yellow-card8
  13. 100% Totally, it has all the main games for an amazing deal. The games are amazing and really shows you the games that pretty much created what our games are now with cinematics for games and amazing voice acting and gameplay.  Regards Yellow-card8
  14. Tomorrow is going to be the most agonizing day of my life, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros comes out and I have testing in school. So it's pretty much me for almost 6 hours having a stare contest with the clock, it's Black Ops and Black Ops DLC all over again. Man I'm impatient. Regards Yellow-card8

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