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  1. I doubt Dempsey would be the type of guy who would blame himself like that. Even in the end of the Moon Easter Egg he says "That's it? Seriously? All that work and all we did was blow up the earth. What the Fuck." He said it very casually, also, Richtofen hated Dempsey, why would Richotfen try to help him, and vice versa. Nothing else to say as in this was out of nowhere :| Regards Yellow-card8
  2. Welcome back to the site fellow zombie killer Regards Yellow-card8
  3. Why did you put * in hellhounds ? Regards Yellow-card8
  4. It also doesn't take up double the ammo so its a good perk. Treyarc realised noone was picking up double tap anymore and did something to make it more wantable and now people want to pick it up more. This guy pretty much has it spot on. Thats mainly what it does. I always picked up Double Tap, was great with Shotguns and Assaults Rifles for killing faster Regards Yellow-card8
  5. I have only turned on "Carrion" which I perfer WAY more than the Skrillex one. But what I have been reading is that it depends who you are and which order you get them, what are those orders? I don't know, just try different characters in different orders. Regards Yellow-card8
  6. Really? Wow, if you can do better than this than do it, if you don't like it then just don't comment or give a mature opinion. For Murder Machine, this post was awesome I just started using this with Executioner than PAP with Double Tap and was a one hit kill up to like 25 Regards Yellow-card8
  7. PhD Flopper, bring back the old crew, and some better guns on wall and box, or better shotguns please Apart from that, I think we can trust treyarch on their decesions on things, just have faith on them everyone Regards Yellow-card8
  8. You have to build the wonder weapon on TranZit, you have to find 3 pieces, A jet engine, String and some handel thing Regards Yellow-card8
  9. Hey Guys, I wanted to give you guys some of my thoughts on TranZit I love TranZit. I believe everyone needs to calm down and I will tough upon somethings. The Fog: I really liked the concept of this, and some people complain that you can't see 3 feet infront of you, but that was the whole point. Really makes more suspense into it not knowing if "Omg will there be zombie there :shock: " Bus: A great way for transportation, but could have some work, leaves when you don't wnat it to and doesn't leave when you want it to. But was a bit of a consiquence if you take to long. Personal opinion, wish the driver said more lines, maybe some funny ones or could be a little of a smart ass Lave: One of the most complained things, they do get annoying but it's a post apocoliptic world, what did you expect? My Likes: I enjoy the whole looking for parts for bus, and I hope the inpliment more on things like this, they helped a lot with sticky situations. The new zombies that are in the fog are creepy as hell, and grap you all over the face, really enjoyed, good thing they are easy to kill so you can look back shoot run, and repeat the process. I think I am the only person to say this but I loved Carrion, I liked Carry On aswell and wished they added both except of skrillex :| But yeah I did enojoy this song, but (IMO so don't hate) I think some parts needed a little of screamo parts, not too much though. I have yet to get the new Wonder Weapon so i can't judge that. Dislikes: I did not like the choice of weapons on the walls, some get weak pretty fast and than you will have to rely on box which I don't like doing. The new boss was a bit of a let down and kind of sad that they only have Hellhounds on survival. CIA and the CDC guys, I wish they had lines too, except of hearing "HRGG" HRUH" wish they had witty lines relating with the orginazation like "Murica bitches !!" I don't know Thats all since I mostly been playing Solo Overall: I really enjoyed the map, problems here and there but every map has that. The characters I really liked, Misty and and the guy with the glasses are my favorite. People should not complain about something that has just come out for a few days, than need to let it settle for a while. I of course need to play a little more like try the Wonder Weapons and try for the EE. Thats ends it here guys thanks for reading, if I missed something then I either forgot or haven't experienced it yet. Regards Yellow-card8
  10. I personally enjoyed the song, I would perferred Carry On but atleast we got a zombie song that mixes well with zombies IMO Regards Yellow-card8
  11. Hey guys, Recently been playing Black Ops 2 and ,of course, zombies, and came thinking about Nuketown and I have some theories. Nukestown is taking in the same time as moon, you can tell from the live feed from radios of Richtofen talking, and the zombies eyes changing mid game with an explosion. Now how did the zombies get there? Well I got to thinking, and I think it might of been Miscalculation, the radiation must of spread farther than they expected, and got them. And now for the comic, It shows a big crater with a machine, this is probably post the explosion and it seems like someone is extracting something into some machine, powering it, what it is, time will probably tell. This is my theory after playing a few hours on Nuketown Hope you enjoyed Regards Yellow-card8
  12. I can't say I do for you :cry: But like I said, welcome back Regards Yellow-card8
  13. Welcome to the site Point of advise, don't swear too much (one little fuck won't hurt anybody though ) But all in all, hope you have a nice stay here Regards Yellow-card8
  14. Hello Welcome back Regards Yellow-card8
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