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  1. Not bad. Not bad at all. You guys make the zombie community proud.
  2. don't the landers have "wings". They are little edges that jut out a bit. Plus, i f you look at the picture of them when you are walking up to the area, it seems as if they have "wings". Perhaps you have to skewer the landers?
  3. I normally just chill by the B lander with a bunch of people (i believe that is by PHD Flopper). We get 1 guy on each window and 2 guys watching the stairs. It normally gets us really far. Great videos by the way! I really enjoyed the quality of your commentary and video.
  4. Hey! So I've been playing Ascension a lot recently and I've noticed a strange find. When you shoot the fire extinguishers scattered around the map with any gun, they explode causing white gas to come out. Also, when I get nukes, the white gas seems to come out again. I'm not sure if this means anything or not, but when you really get down to it, most of the things in the map serve some function if they are given an animation.... I also wanted to bring up a point regarding the end of the easter egg. If you think it's over, please don't even bother responding to this. I don't want this post to turn into a flame war. Anyway..... Has anyone gone to the power switch after Kasmir is freed? It seems so obvious, but the power goes out. Maybe something is happening by the switch.... Technically speaking, it only takes 2 people to free Kasmir. All you need are 5 weapons which 2 people can easily hold. Maybe the other 2 people are needed for something else. Can anyone explain to me why the numbers 3 & 4 are on a garage by stamin-up as well. I was possibly thinking that there could be doors labelled 1 & 2 as well, in which case we have found a use for the death machines. Let me know what you all think. Just some ideas I'm throwing out there.
  5. sooooo...I haven't been here in a while, but ascension has sparked my interest again. Anyone ever notice how the olympia is right behind the PAP? Is that hinting at something. Step 7 = Raise hell right? Upgraded Olympia = Hades Just a thought...
  6. You're not crazy. I was just watching a youtube video from a zombie player called Corey (his channel is Gam3vidz). The exact same glitch happened at the exact same round. It's proabably just a small bug.
  7. Do you think you could do it again and post some 8th radio audio up here?
  8. I feel like there is so much to be discovered in this game. When mw2 came out almost everyone forgot about [email protected] Well I didn't. I want to make this topic known. We need to get a team together to investigate every little thing about ALL of the zombie maps. Especially Der Reise. the release of mw2 seemed to overshadow the undiscovered mystery of Der Reise. Heck maybe they even left stuff in there about Black Ops. Who knows??
  9. zom B you can't be saying MODDED stuff like that. You gotta have some MODDED respect dude. Especially for the MODDED mods who work so hard trying to keep these forums clean from MODDED language. MODDED ;)
  10. My killstreak would be a Death streak. After you die by a noobtube in you match, the enemy that killde you with it explodes next time he/she uses it. A killstreak would be at 2 kills. It stops any nukes from being used in the game.
  11. I'm one of the heads of the Stopcampingcrew. We proudly support the Nuke Booster Hunters. Go watch our videos on youtube.
  12. the rc car probably has a very limited explosive range though. I don't think they'd make it overpowered, especially if it's a 3 killstreak.
  13. if you could send a message to that adress, I would just ask 1 question: How's your wife?
  14. when you go to the site and enter in the passcode, you go to that main station with a ton of tvs. Has anyone else noticed that if you hit the enter key the whole station goes black? This has probably been posted already, so if it has can someone tell me please? Thanks
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