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CoDz Terminal BETA


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I am currently working on a CoDz terminal website. There you will have access to the terminal files found on Black Ops.

the web address is


HINT: Username and password are



just like the real terminal :)


remember this is in BETA form and I am still working on it, so please be patient. Feel free to follow along in the process as I create it. Use this thread to give me feedback or suggestions.

Also try not to publicize this too much.

The main reason why I am showing you this before it is done is because I want your feedback to make it awesome!

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Props to you Carbon for making the effort, if I could suggest one thing it would be to make the Terminal a flash based stand alone using screengrabs.

That way you would avoid having to type things out, the Terminal would better reflect the one we find in game and it would present the info as is without spelling mistakes ( apart from the ones Treyarch made) ;).

Using this method would also offer the end user the same navigation as is found in the OG Terminal.

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i think we should iFrame the actual terminal part inside the terminal screen as the background, so you can scroll through things and still have the moniter be centered on screen :D (ill send you an example HTML if you want me to lol)

also, pics should be titled so we kno what they are called (i.e. the pic of the lady is called 'cross', could it be 'X' thats in a few of these emails?)

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Am I the only one who is having the password input stopping me from accessing the rest of the site, not just the terminal? For example, I'll go to the Codz homepage but I can't open up any of the forums without it demanding the user name and password. Did you design it like this carbon?

Sorry if it sounds stupid but I just want to make sure that its the site not my computer or something.

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I'm thinking of making a App Emulation of the Terminal

(Just cutting huge chunks of C++ from the Game Coding,

And using a C - Python interface to program it).

I don't want to start anything however,

if it can't be integrated into a web browser (and hosted on the site).

I'm looking into web2py, but I think I'll have to resort to Java instead.

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