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  1. Is there a way to decode the encrypted words and codes?
  2. Nobody seems to realize this, but you can find the actual portrait un-blacked out in the mission Executive Order. After you blow up the rocket and go underground one of the tunnels has a side tunnel/room. The portrait is in this room. Here is a video: You can briefly see the portrait at around 8:41 syG16wcdjGM This means it was probably just a hint that the next map would be in Balknour Cosmodrome. If anyone can get a better video or a picture that'd be great.
  3. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Tufbrew http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Pronaide This has been found before along with another perk called Pronaide, I just guess it's never been posted here before. Well Tufbrew supposedly either reduces flinching when hit or gets rid of grenade damage. Pronaide makes you prone faster or dive to prone faster. When combined they have a similar effect as PHD Flopper, so they are probably an early version of PHD. :D
  4. Some interesting passages in the page about the Hollow Theory which relate to zombies. Vril craft? Zombies much? The Nazis wanted to go to Agartha. This could explain the sound of the elephant in COtD This meteor could have contained 115
  5. I searched for a topic about this but I couldn't find one. On the map that is on the loading screen in Shangri-La, I spotted a Black Sun, or a Schwarze Sonne, which is a Nazi occult sympol that was referenced in many of the zombie maps. However it was mainly mentioned in Der Riese. The Schwarze Sonne is where the tornado is. The tornado is touching down in the center of it. See the resemblance between the two symbols? What is really interesting is that the two maps where the Black Sun appears both have one thing in common... Solar Eclipses, which is the literal form of a Black Sun. I think this means that there was Nazi involvement in Shangri La, probably Group 935. I looked up the Black Sun and the Hollow Earth Theory to see if I could find any connections. I found a page which talked about the Hollow Earth Theory, the Black Sun, and the Prophecy of Shambhala. Shambhala supposedly inspired the story of Shangri-La. Also, after skimming the text on the page I found (the link is down below) I found that the prophecy says the Black Sun or Schwarze Sonne is what heats the inner Earth. Another interesting thing I found on this website is the city of Agartha, which Brock calls shangri La when he finds it, which is the city in the Earth. I don't know what exactly to make of all this, but it seems that Shangri La is actually Shambhala, a gateway to Agartha which is somehow activated and powered by the solar eclipse and the Schwarze Sonne. Leave your thoughts down below. Black Sun on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Sun_(occult_symbol) Hollow Earth Theory and the Prophecy of Shambhala (Shangri La) Part 1-4: http://mvpyimao.wordpress.com/2009/11/1 ... la-part-1/ http://mvpyimao.wordpress.com/2009/11/1 ... la-part-2/ http://mvpyimao.wordpress.com/2009/11/1 ... la-part-3/ http://mvpyimao.wordpress.com/2009/11/1 ... la-part-4/ Shambhala on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shambhala Tactical Insertion's thread about all radios: viewtopic.php?t=11929
  6. Just watched in 720p and that's definitely a dragonfly. The way it moves it's wings makes it look a lot like it's rotating, but they are actually just moving really fast. Plus if you look at some of them they go in front of trees which disproves them being large and far away. At 0:15 you can see them close and you can tell they are dragonflies. Also at 0:34 aand 0:39-0:41 you can see the dragonflies fly in front of trees that they couldn't have if they had been far away.
  7. It's Juggernogg. The reason why it doesn't look like Juggs is because it's the back of the machine. At exactly 0:59 in the "In The Jungle" trailer you can briefly see Juggernog. the back of the machine is exposed next to a ledge in about the mid level of the pyramid. So that's most likely Juggernog. I don't think they would add another perk anyway, eight seems like way too many perks when you can only buy four of them.
  8. I also noticed this and made a thread about it. Something else i noticed is that at night time when you can see the monkey around 0:46-0:49 you can see a shooting star. It could be a satellite or something since there are now helicopters flying around.
  9. Maybe a stupid observation, but I'll share it in the case that it becomes important. Several times during the trailer you can see falling or flying objects and shooting stars. Some of these could be birds but a couple of them do not appear to be flying but falling towards the ground. 0:26-0:29 In the top of the video you can see two white objects in the air. 0:32-0:34 You can briefly see two objects in the sky. These look like they are most likely birds though. 0:46-0:49 You can see a shooting star behind the monkey/zombie thing. I couldn't find anymore mainly because the rest of the trailer shows the carnage from above. This could just be some minor details in the map, but knowing zombies sometimes the smallest of things could be large clues. Leave your thoughts but please don't flame.
  10. It has never been proven that Lullaby of a Dead Man is about Samantha, and I personally think it is from a zombies point of view, hence the name Lullaby of a Dead Man. However in the case that it is from Samantha's point of view, I think that it is her praying. She could be meaning holy father. If I were a zombie or trapped in Aether I would be praying like nobody's business. However I still think that this song is from the point of view of a zombie. Just because it's a girl singing does not mean it's a girl being portrayed. As for whether or not Maxis is her father, she calls him father several times, and in the Black Ops Dataservant files Maxis talks about his daughter Samantha and her dog Fluffy, which he would not do if she was adopted because they are personal files. :D
  11. Wait... Why did you mention the tattoo? It has no relevance unless you are implying that Woods was broken out in between Operation 40 and Executive Order... Please don't flame I am simply confused :?:
  12. Actually he says "I feel like a capitalist hogging up all these kills," which fits in more being as he has always referenced communism and capitalism
  13. True, but why would they put that in the video directly after showing him purchasing the other new perk. It seems they must be trying to tell us something
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