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  1. Good job on the intro chopper! But the typewriter sound effect is.. off.. I don't know how to explain it, it just doesn't sound right to me for some reason... but the rest is awesome!
  2. It's also $80 for decent quality.... lol, also the CG involved in forming the words would be almost impossible to get to look right, or at least kind of natural/super-natural looking.. The blood splatter wouldn't be forming the words. The words would already be there, but hidden until the blood splatter hits the window. The blood would then flow around the words, thus showing their existence. And yes, the footage does cost a bit of money, but it would be worth it. Hmm... I'm not sure I understand, but you seem to and I'm sure you'll be able to do it lol!
  3. It's also $80 for decent quality.... lol, also the CG involved in forming the words would be almost impossible to get to look right, or at least kind of natural/super-natural looking..
  4. Thanks! I think chopper is working on a way to get it to segue into CMM's codz intro for better branding!
  5. Eh here is my shot at some bg.. comes off '90's-ish to me tho, might just be the crappy recording quality my integrated sound card is though... It sounds perfectly fine when I moniter it through the comp but recording always sounds like crap no matter what quality settings i use.... P.S. i've never taken piano lessons, and I probably have less then 2 hours of experience on one in my life (and that's just messing around), so please don't judge too harsh haha (jk, judge away! it's how you get better )
  6. Hey cov, could you PM me the AE project file for that intro? I'd like to take a look at it EDIT - thanks! Here's what I came up with based on that default template, feel free to add audio :/ lol Unfortuntaly the project file was created in CS5.5 so you wouldn't be able to open it if I PM'ed it to you Cov :/ I'll work on converting it to CS4
  7. Nice! Although, 21 seconds is a bit long for an intro Maybe a condensed version?
  8. What about me, Waffles and Strwrsbob? I'd say our channels are pretty popular My channel is kind of popular :cry: I just can't hold on to a subscriber base, but I think the reasons for that are fairly obvious haha
  9. Maybe like a teleport effect like on der reise except it teleports you to an area with the CoDz logo...? just throwing out ideas
  10. Hey I've got AE... doesn't anybody know this?? I dl'ed one of those "pro" intro presets but I have to dl CS5.5 to use it... I'll see what I can do in a bit btw, good job getting partner at only 400,000 views cm ;)
  11. Hey... i enjoy anonymity, also I don't have any recent pics of myself (imagine that, I'm into photography but I hate seeing myself in pics lol) P.S. and if you REALLY want to know what I look like you'll have to check out my youtube channel (some of my old concept videos 'feature' me)
  12. Oh really? What about the community? Don't we get the right to choose the person who is going to lead us and represent the site? No, it's like Facebook, this website is provided free of charge, Carbon doesn't technically have to listen to any of us because none of us have any share of the site..
  13. Well it was limited to the dwelling (probably so it wouldn't cause a thread like this.. >. And i guess the topic of ads has proven popular vote doesn't always mean it will happen :lol:
  14. $80 a month in the first place is insane AFAIK. I know we're running of a dedi server but hell there has to be a better way. I only just found this site and havent had a chance to look through it, but could somebody take a look at it and tell me if it sounds like a good deal? http://www.bluehost.com/ I found that list from a top 10 independent hosts here http://www.upperhost.com/ The only thing i can see right away is no mention of speed caps... If anything, we can always host pics offsite and just have text and site coding (which could be optimized immencely from what i've heard)... at most that's be about 1mb per page of a full thread.. Idk, just my two cents.. Or else, ya kno, get Google Adsense Ads on the site.... it's quiet literally 1 cent for every view, and I'm fairly sure we got 8,000 views a month... and God knows any user that knows the money from said ads goes straight to the support of the site wont mind them...

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