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  1. Nice job, tac! It's nice to have them written out.
  2. I use a plug in for Windows Media Player, it's called "Analyzed". Here's a link -- http://free-kr.t-com.hr/mihasoftware/
  3. Marlton Misty Russman Samuel's Quotes Bonus! Here's ol' R1ichtofen's quotes, too!
  4. cjdog23


    Sorry i guess i could have been a bit more obvious about it just being a trailer I wanted to keep it a bit "secretive" so i didnt release too many details haha.. Alpha - Yep! I'm not goin anywhere. I just hope 3arch didnt decide to encrypt the voice over files....
  5. cjdog23


    That's great to hear! It's what I'm here for ;)
  6. Coming up on my post count? Time to start padding my list! ;)
  7. Every link on the homepage reports: http://callofdutyzombies.com/wordpress/ [an error occurred while processing this directive] Any idea what's wrong? Looks awesome tho!
  8. Thanks! I deleted that post.. I'm resigned to this forum now :P
  9. Hey guys, it's been awhile but my YouTube channel recently hit 1,000,000 total views! In celebration, I am giving away my old DXG-587v HD camcorder! I'm getting a new T4i at the end of the month so I won't miss it too much Anyway, since you have to comment/subscribe and like or favorite (if you want to enter I'll post a link as well as embeded version, good luck! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b1o4qLlr78
  10. Can you PM me a list and/or specific locations of what you want? Also, BO or WaW or both? And will textures work better or is in-game preferred.... or both :P
  11. "CoDz? CoDz is already dead. But that didn't stop the zombies and it damn well won't stop us."
  12. Damn European house voltages... In all seriousness, glad to hear you're alright Alpha, I've only had minor shocks before so I can not imagine anthing near a shock from house voltage..
  13. Happy Birthday Cov! I still get you confused with strwsbob on Skype... :facepalm:

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