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  1. I am MysteryBox, and I support this thread. but seriously, good idea.
  2. Has this gone anywhere recently? If the only thing holding the channel back is a intro, I say just start and work on an intro as the channel goes along. Also, who all would be able to upload on this channel, a certain group of people? How would one get into this group of people? I hope the idea to start the youtube back up becomes a reality and doesnt just sit here.
  3. With the Galvaknuckles you can basically stand 5-8 feet and knife them without getting hit.
  4. Would be pretty easy, but later in the game the ground breaks and fire/lava comes up out of it. So if a some zombies got out, could be a problem.
  5. Yep, after you pick up your turbine from buying a perk it won't come back unless: 1. You put the turbine back in front of it. 2. You turn on the power.
  6. MysteryBox


  7. I know you probably don't remember me that well, but I remember when you first joined the site and we played together once . Good luck in the future!
  8. Welcome to the Community! :)
  9. I don't have my avatar anymore, lost it with my old computer :o
  10. Just got to Co-op (2 players) 48 with no easter egg (we think the excavator glitched, it never drilled into 6).
  11. I get on about once every week..... so, no, not really.
  12. MysteryBox


    I dont use twitter alot.

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