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  1. I searched and did not see this posted anywhere, so forgive me if it was. We all know that the perks in MotD do not belong there, they flicker constantly because of this, they had not been made yet in this time period. All, that is, but Electric Cherry. Unlike the other perks it does not, so we can safely assume that it was meant to be there, possibly the first perk to ever be invented. If it was the first perk to be made though, would they have not tested it first before mass producing it? Testing it on the prisoners quite possibly? This could be the reason why Electric Cherry currently has a lack of song, it was a test. Why make a song for a experiment that could fail? I do not know if this was just some stupid theory I made up, so please correct me if I got anything wrong. Even if I did get something wrong, there is a reason Electric Cherry does not have a song.
  2. I prefer the bigger maps, but not as big as Green Run.
  3. I feel like it would be nice, as I hate it when people leave mid-game, but if it is like the multiplayer timeouts it may count disconnecting as a left game. This could be troublesome for some players.
  4. I find Turned to be very enjoyable actually, it is a fun mode to just chill on after a regular zombie run. At one time I was ranked in the top 200's I played it so much..... I was pretty proud of that :lol:
  5. I prefer training in the cafeteria, though I do like to try running a very tight train down at the docks around the sniper tower, though it can get kind of risky in later rounds.
  6. That is why I try not to play with randoms anymore. I find it hard not to get mad when they purposely do annoying things like this, and I do not get mad at video games, it just doesn't happen.
  7. I only got two: 1. Thou can not leave the game after it has started. Once the game has begun, it is written in stone, you are stuck in the game until all players die. 2. Thou shalt not spam all thy points on the box. You may use it a time or two, but after that contribute to the cause and buy some doors.
  8. Has this gone anywhere recently? If the only thing holding the channel back is a intro, I say just start and work on an intro as the channel goes along. Also, who all would be able to upload on this channel, a certain group of people? How would one get into this group of people? I hope the idea to start the youtube back up becomes a reality and doesnt just sit here.
  9. I would rather just use my nades on a train of zombies I have going, I am positive you would get more points from that.
  10. I try to plan out my goals or strategy before I even start the game, maybe thats just me tho :lol:
  11. Those posters InfestLitium made look amazing! I want them to hang up! :lol:
  12. Same here. I was a HUGE zombie fan, then came Tranzit..... I cannot stand to play it. Even thought the love for zombies is still in me, it was hard to show after they made the map whose name I shall not speak of. Then came Die Rise, meh, better, not as good though. Finally, Mob of of the Dead, the best one of Black Ops 2 yet, I can play it and enjoy it, thats a plus. I sincerely hope that the next maps are amazing, maybe restore my love for zombies altogether.
  13. Of course you do! We talked earlier today!
  14. Whats going on everyone. I am not new, just haven't been on the forums for about a year. I am looking at getting active again in the forums and playing zombies together. Anyone remember me? No? Well, OK then! :cry:
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