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  1. Errrrrrmmmm.............. Nicely? Team-Player-ish? Pertty general question you've got there ;)
  2. You know what im talking about. Think of Highrise, then compare it to Arkaden or something like that. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy different. you can't get to half of the places that you'd probably be able to get if this was MW2. I personally think it was because they added Survival, and if you played it on Highrise (yes again), you'd probably never die because of all the awesome camping spots you can get to. BzmfNcB1MuQ
  3. Why would you want to find deadshot? Why would you not? Headshots kill zombitches faster so it easier to get higher rounds faster
  4. Watch the new inside Xbox Video, and go to 0:44. you see Speed Cola, Right?But in the GT4 video i think it was called, juggernog was there xjXhWuzpvb0
  5. Hello? i found like 4 8-) viewtopic.php?f=53&t=15854
  6. M95? Hell, there was a (From top of the shelf to bottom) Browning AA 12 it looks like Some sniper Scavenger AK 47 RPG M16 L96A1 And i just noticed- What does that box that the M16 and L96A1 are pointing at look like? THE MYSTERY BOX!
  7. Dint someone say something about 2 Boxes on Moon? [brains] to you
  8. On quick question: In yoteslaya's video, they did this in one step i think so y didnt u? (check it out here viewtopic.php?f=13&t=15554) Also, these 2 steps can be combined
  9. it IS Area 51. *PROOF* play through a map on Hangar 18. wait until it shows the scores. look RIGHT above the Hangar! You can see a big tower looking thing with many bars like the one in the picture
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