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    Was the "115" song talking about Moon?

    Some verses of the song "115" sound like they are talking about the stuff that went down on Moon. But be warned, I only know about the Moon stuff from Youtube videos and the COD Wiki so some may be incorrect. VERSE 1 "No one can see me and I've lost all feeling and I know I won't die alone I'll stop you from breathing and all your deceiving and this house is not my home" No one can see her and she lost all feeling? Was this because she was in the MPD or whatever it was? All your deceiving? Was this when all the guys like Schuster and Groph(?) betrayed Maxis? This house is not my home.. Would this be reference the MPD again? CHORUS 2 - PART 1 "and everything dies look to the skies to see the end of all creation again" Everything dies, look to the skies. Is this referencing the rockets shot at Earth? "ending creation" so to speak? PART 2 "See with your eyes my army of flies when no one's alive bring me 115" Samantha could control the zombies, so it's her army and no ones alive because they are obviously zombies, or at least that's my interpretation. One other part of the song... "and everyone dies and everyone lies" Samantha was angry that the Group 935 had betrayed Maxis and so, because they lied (everyone lies), she took control of the zombies and killed them all (everyone dies). ---- Some stuff I've said may be incorrect, as I said, don't come down on me too hard about that! This is only my interpretation, because the lyrics now seem to make sense.
  2. Hydrorez

    New Perk Machine Pic

    Dont post leaked information its blatantly fake anyway How is it blatantly fake when: 1 - This guy has leaked LEGIT info about Ascension before that map came out. 2 - 3arc deleted the post this guy made on the forums, basically confirming what he said was true. 3 - If you read through the whole page you will see why it's not fake or at least shouldn't be. -- Guys, this is obviously a three gun perk. If you dual wield guns, that doesn't make them "thrice" the fun or thrice powerful... Plus, it has to be some sort of in real life beverage... Three gun tequila (spelling?) makes perfect sense. Be logical guys.
  3. Hydrorez

    Wall Weapons in Classic Maps

    In Der Riese, I would always recommend a Thompson and after Round 18 or so, get it upgraded. One of the best wall weapons in the whole game, but upgraded it's amazing and you'll never run out of ammo. Pair it with like a Ray Gun and you have an awesome weapon set!
  4. Hydrorez

    Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    That's wrong. I've never gotten a power-up from using the Wunderwaffe normally, nor the Scavenger/Hyena Infra-dead. It's the same as the Thundergun. I am on PS3 and I feel like testing some stuff out. I will get the Scavenger, get George to electrify some zombies and then see if I get drops. Maybe if this is true, electrified zombies give power-ups more often than normal zombies.

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