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  1. I find Die Rise really interesting but I don't have the time or the people to help me do the Easter Egg, so I'm a bit confused. Can someone re-cap what happens during the Easter Egg for me, and also answer a few questions? 1) Why did Stuhlinger eat the flesh? 2) Who is the person in the opening cutscene talking to him? 3) Do these people (the 4 characters) keep dying and getting resurrected, because in the cutscene, they die but obviously come back. That's all I can think of for now. Just trying to wrap my head around this whole story stuff. o_O
  2. I've always loved the zombies story, it's so good. I kind of lost interest during Ascension when they decided if you wanted to experience the story you had to spend hours fiddling around with stuff to do some anti-climatic easter egg. Ever since, from Ascension to TranZit, I've been kind of lacking in my story knowledge. I know up to about TranZit, and I recently played Die Rise. The cutscene and stuff had really made me interested, and I want to try and catch up on the story. So, could someone, in as much or as little detail as you are willing, explain the TranZit story to me?
  3. Nope, this was all done in Solo, online play!
  4. I spent ages getting to Round 35+ on each map, and I check the leaderboards today to a huge shock. My general stats (kills, etc) are all the same, but my position has been RAMPED UP! I went from 8000th in the world in kills to around 2200! This happens across the board with all stats. I then checked the highest round for maps... All of my data, gone. All of the Round 35s I spent ages getting to weren't there. Restarted my XBOX, my internet, but nothing. Not an error on my part. I changed the filter to not just include my friends... I was looking at Nuketown, which I achieved Round 35 on last night before dying. I remember it placing me somewhere in the 400s... and now I look and people with Round 35 are right up in the 30-40s! I checked other maps, and the same kind of pattern occurs. So to me, everyone's map round records have been wiped out, but it seems some people still have their kills/downs/hits/doors opened etc. What the hell is going on? Anyone else noticed this? In the meantime... I will take advantage of the leaderboard reset and get myself some high ranks! :p
  5. Damn. I guess it just blended so well with the map I never noticed it. It seems surreal! :geek: But, apart from the BAR, is there anything else, maybe EE related, of importance in that room?
  6. I also thought it was the artist who painted them, but here's two quotes. Nikolai: "They do say the CAMERA adds 10 lbs!" Richtofen: "This one didn't PHOTOGRAPH so well."
  7. It's a good theory but I believe one of Richtofen's quotes was: "This one didn't photograph so well."
  8. I was playing Verruckt today, and I spawned on the QR side. After buying QR and hopping around waiting for the first few zombies to come in, I noticed something; a door. I went over to the door and it said "Open for 750" or something like that. I quickly racked up those points and opened the door. Turns out it houses a Deployable Bar + Bipod and has a sign, "Liechenschauhas". It's just a tiny room but I never noticed it being there before and I played this map A LOT. Has it just been recently added or was it there all along?
  9. 5 hours for Round 29 on a 3 player game? ...
  10. This is the second thread I've seen from you of a really old theory. Don't worry, this could help some newer players. Just check around a bit more before you post something. :)
  11. Shi No Numa is the easiest. If only it had PaP.
  12. I heard it again today. It was "Honor... in Space!"
  13. Wave Gun is definitely my favorite WW. It's like the Thundergun DG-2, imo.
  14. I made the mistake of having a Wunderwaffe as my 3rd gun earlier on Der Riese. I got downed on Round 33 and when I got back up, I had no weapon to "clear the way" back to Juggernog. I died.
  15. I have played Der Riese hundreds of times (on WaW and BO) and have never recalled anything like this.
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