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  1. Whats up guys deadshock here! I haven't been that active on the site as of late but with BO2 on the horizon I'll going to try to step up my game! I hope... Anyway what you need to know about me: Been part of CoDZ since the Verruckt back on WaW. Tend to haunt the off topic section when things are slow or I'm bored but if you feel im not adding constructively feel free to call me out on it! Been gaming since the N64 but played some SNES before that I enjoy RPGs mostly and I find that zombies is the only shooter I can sink more than 2 hours into at a time The Shin Megami Tensei Thread over in off topic is my pride and joy on the site and reached six pages between just me and my demon slaying buddy Blamco with no post boosting or spamming... check it out if your interested in JRPGs or the series in general! http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=12759 Or if you want to laugh at two guys carrying a thread by themselves I still totally prefer playing WaW zombies than BO... the guns and atmosphere are just better to me than in Black Ops where I feel it got TOO science-fictiony and lost the horror/survival aspect that drew it too me in the first place. Anyway thats about it about me... I hope to be more active on the site and contribute to the CoDZ scene once again
  2. Deadshock


    Two of my threads were locked. The one adressing people who wanted to create new teams, and the other was proposition to the mods. I don't think it was necessary to lock them, considering they weren't even in the Teammate finder section. Right now, at this point, I still can't see the reason for the closure of the teams. First, you guys said that it was because they caused division. Then, it was because of the whole empire business, and now it's because of elitism. These uncertainties about your actions just make me think that the mods really were just tired of the teams and closed them because they felt like it. The whole empire business had a solution, and the other two things are still going to be present, even without the teams. Even Nick confessed the real reason: You see? I really don't know who to believe anymore. Come on man, the staff has already stated MULTIPLE TIMES that its not a personal attack and that there's not some big conspiracy or power play behind the scenes to "totally annihilate the teams" or whatever. The staff already said they are meeting to talk about this over the weekend, by pushing this issue now before they've had the meeting your only straining their good will. Just let it go and if you have a problem with the restructered plan for the teams, wait until AFTER you've seen what they plan to do instead of pointlessly causing us to go in circles by bringing up arguements again and again. Just relax and wait and see what happens on sunday.
  3. Deadshock


    As usual you guys got my full support. This sites been around for the past 2 years under your (plus carbons) general direction and you've directed it very well. So come on guys keep the faith and let them sort this out! Its what we pay them the big bucks for! :lol:
  4. Deadshock


    Welcome to CoDZ! Enjoy your stay here, we're one of the best forums around!
  5. Welcome to the site! Glad to see some of our hard, thought out theories aren't going to waste MegaAfro's guide can probably field most of your questions. But feel free to ask either of us if you have any questions!
  6. Welcome to the site man! If your looking for people to play zombies with the well named "teammate finder" section of the forum is for you! Enjoy your stay on CoDZ!
  7. Welcome to the forum! We're going through a bit of a rough spot... But never the less enjoy your stay, make some zombie connections, and have fun!
  8. Heya there! Welcome to the site man! Feel free to ask me or any of the others vets/mods/dwellers, if you have any questions or need help getting "settled in". Don't worry most of the time we're great people! See that part about the veterans, is what Faust forgets to add everytime he posts his little "welcome to the forum! my name is Faust" post. :x
  9. Yeah, sorry that that came out harsher than I intended. and I agree 90% of memes are a waste of time and kill brain cells. Plus your welcome for the answer :)
  10. Dude... Did you really just ask that question??? You must not be very familiar with internet memes. The girls name is boxxy. And theres a long story that I'm really not going to explain. Short version: She made some videos... Dropped off the internet... became a meme. There ya go.
  11. Covert or Covy. Hmmmm.... Haha its been a while so I forgot which one I used to call you. Anyhow, good to see your still alive and well as well as active on the site. I hope University is going well man. Maybe I should make a "re-introduction" thread too? :lol:
  12. Am I the only one who is having the password input stopping me from accessing the rest of the site, not just the terminal? For example, I'll go to the Codz homepage but I can't open up any of the forums without it demanding the user name and password. Did you design it like this carbon? Sorry if it sounds stupid but I just want to make sure that its the site not my computer or something.
  13. Deadshock


    It really is a shame about the amount of good brains we've lost over the past year... MRSshr00ms myerstep DEMON xMYQx (I don't see demon around as much but I'm sure he's still kicking somewhere ) Homicidal_llama2 KNO1ATALL XxCrazzyxX Whetstone Zieghail Well theres a little monument to you guys... Although I'm sure some of you still visit the site occasionally. On another note, I have to admit for some reason my post quality in terms of theories and such has declined since the move to the new forum, guess I don't feel it as much as I use to . Anyway, happy belated anniversity Carbon and Codz!
  14. Yea this was already posted... and I'd change the topic title since I (and im assuming other people) read it and thought that Elena has posted the new song that she did for shangri-la.
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