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  1. Back in my day we didnt have snapchat we had suitcases with tapes and decoder pencils
  2. so we can confirm that its not misty's garage across from the depot?
  3. Well shit, that happened. i enjoy the new characters. dat calculator watch, get da lady's wet. more info to come this week, hold onto your butts
  4. 1:bus depot (start) 2:town/power 3:farm ___________________ the bus is set on a timer, rotating between the 3 sites constantly, stopping for only a short period, allowing players to get on. for players to use the bus, they must pay a fee. they will be put inside the bus,unable to move, but able to have control over the window (i.e boarding it up). and much like the landers, it will need to refuel.
  5. worlds fair robotic bus driver? forever forced to drive in one area over and over.
  6. i have had it with the mother fucking zombies, on my mother fucking bus
  7. accolades for 4z4 most headshots most kills after being hit just sayin
  8. you know shits going down when i have to log in. im not sure of what to make of it..
  9. Dont know how to work this site anymore, good god its unorganized. dont know if this is posted yet, but it just went up on cod facebook OVER SEXUALIZED FEMALES IN MY CALL OF DUTY? OH BOY, THANKS! :facepalm:
  10. so, as you can see, i have returned from the grave. on that note, i have been playing moon solo runs alot, and i threw down a Q.E.D on Area 51, and got a commando, but i bring your attention to the fact that there was a voice, i was unable to understand, but it was a deep voice, overlayed with a childs voice.
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