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Anyone still play world at war?

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Still play world at war from time to time, I miss the days of WaW when hundreds of thousands were playing at any time, now there are only a few thousand left.

I play the old zombie maps, but rarely I might pop in a multiplayer war match.

It feels sad for me, as WaW is dying and I remember its distant glory days.

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well about a year ago my old ps3 broke... and i never got it replaced due to bad grades until Christmas, when i got black ops. last summer, though, i brought my controller and WaW disc three houses down the street to my best bro's house daily to play zombies. he didnt have the game itself, so i just left it there. well, his parents got divorced and their house foreclosed, and it was at his dad's house 45 minutes away. and then he intended to lend his bfbc2 disc to his older brother who lives waaayyyy outta town, but he accidentally gave my W@W disc. still havent got it back. and also since our old ps3 overheated twice, once with mw2, and once with cod4, those two games are in the electronic shop still. so BO is all i got, and no classic maps, as i was forced to be a christmas n00b.

tl;dr i cant.

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this may be a stupid question, but can you still purchase the map packs for WaW? thanks in advance

I'm pretty sure you can, I purchased Map Pack 1 for WaW yesterday on PSN and now finally have all the zombie maps to ever have been released. (Apart from the Classic Map Pack for Black Ops.)

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