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  1. im trying to join wwk and remember to vote thanks thanks for reading. i finally got my WWK membership
  2. im trying to join wwk and remember to vote thanks
  3. im trying to join wwk and remember to vote
  4. Hear is the info on FIVE Characters "Five" features four significant real-life figures from the Cold War era: John F. Kennedy - 35th President of the United States (1961 – 1963) Robert McNamara - U.S. Secretary of Defense (1961 – 1968) Richard Nixon - U.S. Presidential Candidate (1960), 37th President of the United States (1969 – 1974) Fidel Castro - Prime Minister of Cuba (1959 – 1976), President of Cuba (1976 – 2008 Map Layout Boardroom (Starting room) 1st Floor This room contains 4 windows and two sections of wall that can be broken down. It contains the Quick Revive machine and a telephone required for the musical Easter egg. It also contains a teleporter (active only after the power has been turned on), the Olympia, and M14 available for purchase off the wall, both for 500 points. In solo the Quick Revive will disappear after three uses, effectively giving the player four "lives" as long as the player keeps returning to the machine. When the power is turned on, this room gets very dark, and the lights are either dimmed or flickering. Of the 6 spawns, in the very first room, only 4 spawns are used; however, these spawn points change when the power is turned on. This room also features on of two traps, which can become accessible after finding the operating mechanism, for 1000 points. Hallway This room is the only one that connects to the starting room. There are two doors that lead to this room; both will open when one is bought. It contains two windows and two sections of wall that can be broken down. It also contains the first elevator which takes the player down to the war room. This room also has Speed Cola and anMPL available for purchase from the wall for 1000 points. This room features the second of two traps, which like the first one, the operating mechanism must be found and placed. First Elevator To access it, one must remove a barricade blocking it (costing 1000 points). Trips cost 250 points (both up and down). Zombies can get into the elevator to attack the players. There is little room to navigate in the elevator, so even a few zombies getting in can be devastating. Because it is small, when a zombie attacks it may trap the player into a corner, glitch inside the player, and kill the player. The flames that appear are getting rid of the already killed zombies inside the elevator. War Room This room is the biggest actual room in the level, split into different sections. The first elevator takes the player to the top floor of the War Room which contains four windows, an MP5K and PM63 (1000 points each), and theDouble Tap Root Beer machine. The player must then buy War Room - Topaccess to the bottom floor of the war room for 1000 points. The bottom floor is divided by two barriers that must be bought for 1250 points each. It also contains theJuggernog machine, a Stakeout (1500 points), and the second elevator that takes the player down to the lab area. This room is connected to the bunker and contains the four switches that must be flipped to decrease the DEFCON level to DEFCON 5, which makes all teleporters go to the Pack-A-Punch room/Panic Room. It also contains a teleporter. It also War Room - Downcontains the trap box that can be placed in the player's inventory and later used in the top floor metal detectors. The top level of the War Room is the room where players are usually killed because occasionally someone will not guard a window, which will result in a break-in. The bottom level of the war room can be taken care of easily if the players stay together. Cargo Elevator This elevator is much larger than the first and has a window on each level to make camping in the elevator more difficult. It also faces different ways depending on which level it's on. This elevator, like the first, cost 250 points to use between trips. Zombies can swarm players in this elevator easily as well. If several zombies become trapped in the elevator between floors it is possible to run around them in circles until the doors open again, assuming the player has Juggernog. Lab Area This area is made up of hallways and rooms and is accessed by the elevator from the War Room. It contains the power switch and a telephone required for the musical Easter egg. Once the Lab Area is accessed, gas zombies will spawn (only while a player is in the Lab Area), teleporters and Perk-a-Cola machines will be activated, the DEFCON level can be changed, and the path to the Bunker is available. The area itself contains several teleporters. The M16 and the AK74u (1200 points each) can also be purchased in the Lab Area. Testing Room This room seems to have been a testing room as there is a live pig hanging from a crane which can be killed and some human corpses Claymores and a Mystery Box spawn are located here. It also contains two windows, and several doors. Also, one of the bodies in the room is confirmed as Sgt. Roebuck from Call of Duty: World at War, possibly hinting he ended his life as a test subject. Weapons Testing Room This room seems to be used for testing, as there is an unusable Winter's Howl, Thundergun, and a Death Machine. There is one Mystery Box spawn and the Bowie Knife is located in there. This room is closer to the Teleporters that return them to the same floor level of the Labs, albeit on the other side of the Labs. One of the trap pieces can be found in a locker in this room. Small Lab Room This room isn't very big and contains a Mystery Box spawn. "Panic Room" The 115 Clearance Room is attached to the War Room and can be accessed once the power is turned on and DEFCON switches are decreased to 5. It contains the Pack-a-Punch Machine. It also contains two windows and a teleporter. Pack-a-Punch To activate the Pack-a-punch you need to hit all the defcon switches. There are 4 defcon switches around the war room, 2 on the upper floor and 2 on the lower floor. Once all these are all activated you need to run into the Teleporter and you will appear in this room all alone, but not for long. In the room there is a picture of Ritchtofen and a Pack-a-Punch machine but put you gun for an upgrade costing $5000 but do it while you can because the machine vanishes. Once the machine is gone zombies start to enter through a huge door with the defcon 1 or 2 ect. Once it reaches defcon 1 zombies will flood into the door but you can risk going through the random teleporters. Pentagon Thief In "Five", a thief round will occur some time after round six, as long as the power has been turned on. After the first appearance, the thief round will occur from then on every four-eight rounds. This is a special round with no regular zombies. Killing the thief after he steals a weapon will result in all weapons returned, Max Ammo, and a Fire Sale. Killing him before he steals anyone's weapons will result in a Max Ammo, and a Bonfire Sale, which links all teleporters to the Pack-a-Punch room and drops the price to 1000 points. Not killing the thief will only result in a Max Ammo. He will only appear after the power is turned on. It is best to find which player the thief is chasing so that player can run around on the middle floor. Other players that are not targeted can shoot him down without being at risk of any weapons being taken. Once a player has been targeted, he will be visible to that player until he either escapes or dies. The mystery song: To activate the song you need to find the three red phones around the map but ill help on the locations: There is one on the table next to the Quick revive. One on a table near the power switch. And one in the Pack-a-Punch room. The song is called Won’t back Down by Eminem Wonder Weapons: Ray Gun Winters howl
  5. ok have u got shangri la, call of the dead or acsension psn F34R_Th3_1D10T I only have Ascension :[ didn't want to spend a lot ill add u when im on
  6. ok have u got shangri la, call of the dead or acsension psn F34R_Th3_1D10T
  7. welcome and add F34R_Th3 1D10T on ps3
  8. garwin151

    Hey, All!

    hi and welcome add F34R_Th3_1D10T
  9. im not new 2 the site Either way, I felt like saying welcome thanks then r u on ps3
  10. Hi, i am a Ps3 zombie and multiplayer player that just enjoys playin' CoD i need some friends for my new account F34R_Th3_1D10T and i thought this would be the place to look. i also enjoy games like minecraft account is called acid_silence (i now this isnt the place to post that but i just thought i'd mention it) So add me if you what im not new or anything i just havnt been on the introduction thread So............Hi 8-)
  11. WOW i need this map but i have to wait till july beause im on ps3 :x
  12. 00VaWIDEo54 we have already had an inside xbox tralier guys and its only 30 secondes
  13. yes strange the cotd trailer was better than ascension but 3arc better start listening to us they should learn from the fail of the ascension trailer
  14. whats your psn ill add u at some point I have three accounts: LMW-YBC, LMW-STU, and LMW-HMFC. Just add LMW-YBC. ok
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