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  1. Well all be damn, your right as usually. So yeah its good but still without some ee then we get confused. So some parts of the ee are good while sometimes it's not. bro the confusion and speculation of not having the story thrown in our faces blatantly is what made shi no numa, five, der reise, kino, and ascension such good maps. they all had so many little details that we could speculate and come up with our own theories that treyarch would read and incorporate into their maps. plus the little easter eggs add more atmosphere than the large ones you know?
  2. if you mess with the ionosphere you are messing with the magnetic field of the earth. do that, and yes, you can move tectonic plates. as for weather control, if you drop plenty of metal oxides into the atmosphere, then excite them with some kind of waves, possibly from HAARP, you can change condensation and evaporation patterns, creating droughts in one area and intense storms in another. look up chemtrails, particularly the documentary "what in the world are they spraying" sounds and is ridiculous, but if anything it deserves consideration rather than to be laughed at for being too stere
  3. Okay i dont know who else has felt like this lately, but since black ops was released, zombies has taken a direction that i can only describe as lackluster and gimmicky. First of all, i am not saying i dont like Moon or Shangri-La or COTD, but i can say firmly that i do not like them nearly as much as the [email protected] maps. Why is this? the Easter Eggs are more over-the-top, the guns are insane, there have been new perks and creative bosses, challenging map mechanics, and so on. This is what i have been thinking. Maybe i have lost interest? but that doesnt explain why Der Riese is so fun after three ye
  4. welp i honestly am sick of the whole format for easter eggs since ascension. i think the gold standards for map easter eggs are the classic maps (except NDU), kino, and five. this is because instead of making an obvious multi-step thing that is solved once and leaves almost no speculation, these maps are full of little visual and audio easter eggs that can mean scores of things. Hanging men, documents scattered on the ground (at least ascension had this...) chalk/blood writing, cork boards, more cryptic radios, number sequences, creepy shadows and sounds, all sorts of things!! now the story ha
  5. the only problem the new maps have is a lack or ambient creepiness. there have been no little easter eggs since ascension, and those were nothing new really. so that is why i am slowly losing interest. they just need to make the maps creepier with more small easter eggs i suppose.
  6. They need to kick the pace up a bit from Black Ops, not slow it down... let me rephrase that. there needs to be a balance of fast-pace and large-scale.
  7. i dont like how sniping was handled in black ops, i think it should be just like cod4/[email protected], and no extra effect from sleight of hand pro. and as much as i loved scopeless snipers in [email protected], i must admit they were a bit overpowered, especially with the bayonet. just bring back the ACOG and keep sniping at long range. and the damage for snipers in black ops was almost perfect, but the recoil for semi-auto snipers should be cut in half, because the dragunov was almost useless if you got a hitmarker. with regards to panic knifing, i see no real problem with it. i use it as a good defensive tool a
  8. what is wrong with hit markers? i mean if you didnt get the upper-body shot with a sniper you dont deserve the kill. and no shit we want gun balance. every call of duty needs balance.
  9. i have not played modern warfare 3, so my opinion is not entirely valid, but honestly i do not like the idea of strike packages. i want to be able to set up my killstreaks however i like. with both support and assault killstreaks. i thought black ops had the best killstreak system call of duty has ever had, even if some were overpowered they were lijit hard to get unlike MW2 killstreaks, but offered the same freedom MW2 did. with regard to vehicles: YES YES YES YES YES DO WANT!!!!!!! machine pistols: no no no no no just put them in SMG category shotguns: they are good enough to
  10. it is actually supposed to be a cold war with china over rare earth elements, not against terrorists. terrorists are a boring enemy.
  11. in full honesty i am completely excited and have no worries for this. here is why: like in Black Ops 1, they can go back in time for some missions in the late cold war if it is needed. here is a possibility: you notice the middle eastern rebels at one point, well maybe this could have to do with the PLO stealing the control of the robots. this could send us on a flashback mission to some counter-terrorist OP of the 70s in Israel with Mossad. and on top of that, people were VERY pessimistic about CoD4, and that was the biggest game-changer in shooters, throwing halo off the throne as t
  12. that is a good point, i guess they decided there was no reason to have a facility in england, so they changed to siberia. but the point is that we saw a lighthouse/shipwreck and got it. we also saw a nazi theater and got it. so when we see the eiffel tower and parisian skyline, along with allegations toward HAARP and tesla tech (which the eiffel tower could be a conductor for), we should expect a zombie map in paris.
  13. yeah the new stuff they added just makes it all seem.... silly.... its not creepy enough.
  14. i want all of them, but there is too much emphasis on large easter eggs. one thing about [email protected] is that the maps were full of questionable details, like notes in some encrypted language, moving bricks, hangmen, odd sounds, writings on walls, and small interactive devices. This was all over Der Riese and SNN, and some in Verruckt. I especially like ones outside of the map, like the meteor in SNN or the Fly trap. KDT did this well, and so did five, and ascension barely did it. and many people might ask why i prefer these to major easter eggs, and that's because the major easter eggs
  15. my mind is now splattered on the surrounding surfaces in my room. i believe i shall collect this brain matter and transfer it to you. (tl;dr, mind=blown. brainz 4 u!!)
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