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  1. Here's my 2 cents (and correct me if I'm wrong) Griffin station was created by The Nazis Hitler wanted to racially cleanse Europe (and probably the world) Area 51 takes us to Griffin station So what I think that Griffin station has missiles, which could eliminate a third of the world, so that Hitler could do his evil, and the Americans used the stolen teleporter technology to go to the moon and destroy The base. However, the 115 stored at Area 51 to power the Teleporter was somehow released, causing the zombies to be created there. And we know the rest from there!
  2. I would very much like it if they brought back War!
  3. Hmmm... I'm intrigued. Something I noticed is the sky gets darkish if you stay in Area 51 long enough, so maybe that's something worthy of noting?
  4. I was camping on the lander by PhD on Ascension, and I had less-than-great guns, but I Gersch Devices. Once I became overwhelmed,I threw one, and it must've fallen through the floor or something, because i heard a Sam laugh, as if I threw it out of the map.
  5. Again? Explain please. When did they first uproar? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_name_Geronimo_controversy I guess that some Navajo Indians were mad that he(Osama bin Laden) was codenamed "Geronimo".
  6. That's probably the case then. I've actually never killed George so I don't know.
  7. YES! And the helicopter would crash in the beginning, It would be amazing, but sadly, It would probably cause an uproar in the Native American community again.
  8. Did you do the OCT solo or coop? I'm not sure, but I heard that you have to do the EE solo to get the DG2 solo after you kill George.
  9. So, is the new dlc basically the hardened maps with one new map, or are the classic maps significantly changed?
  10. there u go, hope it helps, (help me help you) haha [brains] Thanks!
  11. This month of June has been quite busy, finals, family trip, camp, you know... I get home yesterday to learn there is the new Map Pack announced, released, the easter egg finished and double xp AND update for Black Ops! AHHHHH BRAIN OVERLOAD! Can someone catch me up on everything that happened the last 2 weeks in the world of CoD?
  12. BF2 special forces. I'd grab the Rail Gun from MGS4 or the Barret M82A1 .50 caliber.
  13. LOL Do I detect a Monty Python reference?! When entering a New room... Why don't they just close the doors behind them? Or in FIVE... Close the elevator doors and just wait in there. " What'd she do to you?" "She turned me into a NEWT!" *everyone stares* "i got better" Best movie ever! The british seem to have such a good sense of humor. On CotD, The Olympia and M14 are on a piece of plywood. Where do the guns come from?
  14. this kinda reminds me of the box that was found outside Der Riese. When you teleported, you would go into the box for a few seconds then show up at the mainframe. Only thing is that you can't teleport in this map maybe you were originally going to be able to.
  15. Well, the reason you do poorly (imo) is you buy The m14 and QR. Try and knife only on round 1 and 2, pistol and grenades 3-4 without buying doors. than, you should have enough to get downstairs and buy an MP5k. Then, get enough money to buy the barrier to the bottom of the war room. Try and get to the lab ASAP. Hit the power, usually the box is down stairs, find out which room its in, go in there and hit the box when you have enough money. THEN you go to the top floor, and get QR, then nog, SC, then double tap, all while killing zombies! i've gotten to round 17 solo doing this
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