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  1. oh right, i never actually heard him say that quote.
  2. Well, earlier today i was playing on Natch-der-Untoten with 2 friends (split screen on my end and another friend) and when the person playing as Nicolai knifed a zombie Nicolai said one of richtofens quotes "blood, gore, guts, bones, sinew, liver etc." and it didn't happen just the once on that one game, we played that map several times (my friend only had that map for [email protected]) and alot of the time Nicolai said that quote. I can't have been mistaking it as for the first game richtofen was there and he said it, but for the rest richtofen wasn't there. Since the quotes are pre-recorded i don't know how that could have happened, has it happened to anyone else?
  3. Sorry to say this but we get random people, i've been in a 3 person game on kino and there was no takeo.... Even if we were able to choose our characters it wouldn't really work, because there would be silly arguements about who would be who and then people would rage quit because of it.....
  4. in shangri-la if you did the COTD easter egg the golden rod shows up in richtofens inventory but if you dont the its not there so im assuming that you need to finish the previous easter egg in order for moon's to work... so i'd recommend you get COTD.. also just cause richtofen isn't a playable character doesn't mean it's not worth it.. it a very fun map to play and you have the Scavanger :twisted: !!! not true, it's there regardless, i've got a friend who didn't do that CoTD EE and he was richtoffen and asked what it was so it's always there...
  5. I get that I was just wondering if there was a reason you had to take it off at all once you had. Maybe the suit decreases your mobility but gives you protection against the nova gas from the gas crawlers? I beleive that we go into areas with 0 air, like go outside of the buildings so you need to breath and perhaps it has a limited amount of oxygen in it so you have2 to take it off every now and again to recharge the air supply
  6. when i saw the title of this thread i automatically started singing the original pokemon theme in my head i think he can now control the zombies and still has slight control over tank, nicolai and takeo so now he has the ultimate army, waves of undead and 3 badass people to back up the zombags
  7. not nessasarily, on xbox, me and my friends managed to keep the napalm zombie alive for 3 rounds, as we needed a max ammo we went to the next round (once was an accident) and it didn't run at us at all, i suppose if it did run it would make the gas step easier, and the next step with the glory holes and the spikemore don't effect it (a little helper for you there )
  8. Ok, i've spent the last couple of days trawling through lyric webpage after lyric webpage and lyirc youtube vids and they all say the same thing "controlling every fight" so i don't know.... but really controlling every fight would work in the story line aswell because if richtofen is going to control the zombies then he can control where they attack and if tank and co are under his control still they can fight with the zombies too....
  9. i've never gotten that far before, but something did happen the other day when i played it, i went into a bonus room and there was about 6 chickens in there, i was on solo too. i also got a flamethrower, so i couldn't see anything when i went into the next room.... i failed on that round as i had no lives and couldn't see :cry:
  10. i report alot of people, mainly for 2 different reasons: 1) if they have hacked the game, the amount of times i've gone into a lobby on [email protected] and seen people with rainbow gamertags or gone into a game to find a person on 61 to 0 since he can't be killed or someone flying is unbeleiveable i just report them the moment i see them. 2) the other is if, on BO especially, they have an offensive clan tag (like KKK or similar) or a "s**ual" emblem, mainly of women in nothing at all.... I do sometimes report glitchers, if they do the glitch to benefit theselves, most of the time though the glitches fail and they get killed (zombies mainly) I have yet to see a racist emblem though, i'll keep my eye out for them though and report them :D
  11. yeah.... they are strangely similar i tried looking on avenge sevenfolds website for the lyrics for the song.... it doesn't look like they are on there i'll have a look again and post if i find them
  12. can it be from both cod zombies games, because i think i have gotten to early 30's on verrukt and der riese.......
  13. If you or your team manages to kill the thief before he steals anyone's weapons, he'll drop a Pack a Punch Sale. The PaP will appear automatically in the Defcon room, and the cost will only be 1000 points to upgrade. The achievemen will only count for the person that actually kills the thief. well we only got a firesale, we didn't get a pack-a-punch sale that also explains why only i got it then [brains] for clearing that up
  14. If you kill the thief while Insta-Kill is on, you don't get Bonfire sale. As for the acheivement, you shouldn't have gotten it. ok, that would explain why my teamate didn't get it, yet i did....
  15. i managed to kill the theif with the death machine and insta kill, i got it the round before and knew he was going to spawn, went to the power since we were on that floor the dm was about to run out so when he spawned i pretty much hit him with one shot and he died since it ran out, we got a firesale NOT a bonfire and only i got the achievement not my friend who didn't have it.... has this happened before?? *edit* i also forgot to mention that the warning siren that tells you that it's the theif round didn't stop afterwards which got annoying and we died 2 rounds after since we couldn't hear the zombies appearing behind us :evil:
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