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    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    well whatever its all opinions anyway nobodys seeing the facts. this site used to be good and somewhat still is but people used to do a google search about zombies and get directed to this site and find useful information then decide to stay. now they do a search and its just immature people calling each other names and they look elsewhere this site is just like the world its a good place but the people give it a bad name.
  2. brainz87

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    im fromuk true story
  3. brainz87

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    so buying the hardened version just because i could afford it and it was available for my console makes me a selfish asshole? i do get it what im saying is if the game was advertised as the classic maps was exclusive for 9 months only. i would of waited and got the standard version but that was not the case the way it was advertised was the classic maps are exclusive to hardened/veteran version only so really it was trickery to get people to shell out more. i didnt want the maps so i could brag about having them and flash off a cheap ass medal i got it because i as did many people think it was the only way possible in the whole entire universe to get them on black ops im a patient man i have a ps3 lol i could of waited. so really it wasnt a privalige of time we thought we where buying. it was exclusivity i thought alot of people would of bought it aswell (excluding pc but in the end they get custom maps which is way better imo) but they didnt they got the normal version then when they thought the maps wasnt coming out whine about it when they had the same chance i did. in the uk sainsburys was selling blops for 27 quid asda/tesco was selling it for 35 at release look it up if you dont believe me. i can understand your on treyarch/activisions dick right now because you are over the "moon" about this map pack (which i would be to if i didnt have it) the people who already had it is not and blatantly got mislead. to make it fair they should double the price like they did for us atleast we agree on something
  4. brainz87

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    nothing is "free" in this map pack let me explain. again standard version price of blops in uk range from 27-40 quid. roughly 10 pound each for a map pack and soon there is going to be 4 map packs thats 40 quid add all that up and it equals 67-80 now hardened version 60 quid everywhere in uk and 3 map packs a tenner each roughly. plus 1 "free" map is 90 pounds so all hardened buyers are down 10-23. this is where this "1 free map comes in" you see its not really "free" is it? because you paid for this map at the release of black ops. activision just think all of their fanbase is stupid and wouldnt realize they are milking extra money out of there most dedicated fans. by saying we will take your money and offer you 1 "free" map but they are laughing really because they know its not "free" you pay more for this 1 "free" map than what you did for 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 new zombie map. to the people who says yeah but you got a medal il let you buy it of me for 23 quid yeah exactly you wouldnt i wouldnt even sell it for that price because i will feel like a knob. the reason why everybody is thinking the op'er is whining is because they all have the standard version of blops and everybody who have the standard version is getting a good deal but if they were in our shoes im sure theyd have something to say about it. anyway about the thread tittle bad choice treyarch? as a business decision yes i think its a bad choice because the people who are smart enough to see what treyarch/activision have done here are either not going to buy one of there future games or only get a standard version of the game. which in the long run they are going to be losing money out of this and what is the thing actvi$ion love more than anything? but so far i have seen about 4 people who are wise to whats going on so maybe activision are right in thinking most of there fanbase are dumb and wont lose out on much money. im not getting mw3 if there is another zombie game out il pick it up secondhand so im not giving anymore of my money to these whores. fyi i am whining and i have every right to im out of pocket and you would complain to if the roles were reversed because its just unfair. people dont just lose money and think ah its alright after all money does grow on trees. talk about selfish to the person above boowho pc players didnt even get the chance to get w@w maps go get w@w on pc i heard its fun being able to download free custom maps obviously 5 new maps are better than 4 old ones most people have played already
  5. brainz87

    Multiplayer Preview Trailer. (Escalation)

    elevators seems like a really cool idea. apparently in mw2 highrise had them before release but where removed because they were a death trap. which makes me think maybe its not such a good idea but will just have to wait and see.
  6. brainz87

    Funny Zombies Quotes

    i dont know which characters say these but these are my favorite quotes. hes at crotch height dempsey dont get excited and im all out of ammo argh argh
  7. brainz87

    trailer? ):

    i got a feeling ooooooo ooooooo theres not going to be a trailer treyarch are probably going to say while you wait for the first strike map pack heres some gameplay of a multiplayer map or release a patch maybe even try sell us them black ops glasses so we can enjoy dlc while not having to worry about damaging are eyes seriously tho i hope there is a trailer us lot from uk will probably have to wait till past midnight for a trailer if it is going to be released ps sorry black eye peas was on tv while writing this
  8. brainz87


    wow dude if i knew how to give you these [brains] things i would.nobody believed me when i said it was fake i bet they feel fooled now.to the guy who replied about the simpsons map did it not come across your mind i was obviously taking the pee? i only did it to prove it was easy enough to get pictures and say it was a new map. i left a little bit of the hud in to show you why he cut the hud out on his pics.and btw i didnt goolge a thing i got the pictures from a youtube video.there you go boys and girls dont believe everything you read
  9. brainz87


    i really want to believe one of you guys. out of the 3 i do think dblocks is the most believable or fought through. but the guy who made this thread is blatantly lieing it just dont add up and the pictures was a mistake.dblock you have to understand the whole thing does seem a little far fetched but if you have a phone or any picture taking machinery have it on standby incase this happens again
  10. brainz87


    nah that aint a conveyor belt from radiation. it is a hallway of some sort i messed with the colours of the picture so i could see more clearly take a look the picture is from a modded waw map if he would of posted the full picture everyone would know he is lieing because where the ammo and everything is its different in black ops than it was in waw thats why he cropped it out
  11. brainz87

    weird glitch about cosmic silverback

    why cant people tell the truth? when something real does come out we would believe it if there was no lies
  12. brainz87


    omg people i have played a new map. i have pictures showing blood splatter points and round number to prove i am not lieing. it wasnt ascension it went by the name of nazi_zombie_map maybe its in dlc2. i dont know how this happened i started in an out door area there was no windows. except the ones to the building but zombies didnt enter through them the zombies spawned out of the ground. the zombies looked the same just different clothes they had a white top on and blue trousers there was a python on the wall. anyway i did a few rounds and got enough points to explore a bit so i opened a door that looked like a front door to a house. i went in to a hallway nothing special here i think there was a gun on the wall but dont know which one it was. i opened a door to the right this is where the magic box was and had another gun on the wall the room was a strange colour. like a pinkish purple with a familiar looking picture on the wall which is in the pictures below. i got the wonderwaffe out of the box first time lol. quick revive was in the next room but my crawler died and it was the dog round next they still drop max ammo. i killed a group of zombies that dropped a x2 i was then going to get the x2 and quick revive but when i got the x2 the game glitched with a black screen. then i was at the main menu screen i do not have a clue what happend here but heres some pictures discuss peeps picture 1 http://i53.tinypic.com/v7h0tc.jpg picture2 http://i51.tinypic.com/zxjpj8.jpg picture3 http://i54.tinypic.com/35220jp.jpg
  13. brainz87


    First of all smart ass mpg is a video/picture file used to usually bring a cutscene in. 2. They were glasswindows (broke myself). 3. if u look at the water pic there is the arrow pointing from all the cod zombie maps.. u shit head. if you look at my post i did say it could be a cutscene. the reason i said about the windows is because one of the other people who claimed to see ascension. said they where holes in the wall with the boards already on so i thought if 3 different people have played this map there stories should match up. unless theres two or 3 different maps called ascension which i doubt there is. anybody could get a picture of anything and photoshop anything into it they wanted. you could be telling the truth but out of you 3 people atleast one of you are not.im intrested in all this and i want to get to the bottom of it lol so what is the third picture off?and what was in the cutscene going into ascension?
  14. brainz87


    .Mpg is NOT a video extension. you are thinking of .Mpeg because .Mpg is a map file. .Mpeg is a common video file extension, where as I have seen plenty of map files in W@W that use the .Mpg extension. If there is 2 .Mpg file types, one being video and one being map file, then I guess we will never know... im sure .mpg is not a map file i could be wrong but i am sure it is a file extension for audio and video so might see it in the files of a game just google .mpg wont play and see what it say im only curious just like everybody else in this thread and trying to find out if its true or not
  15. brainz87


    i call bs if i am wrong then i apologize. but heres why, that bottom picture looks like its from resident evil when you go through a door. and the one above it looks like something from ps home when they had that xi thing going on. cant really make the top one out so could be anything. plus he said no zombies spawned notice how he said 'notice the 1000 points that is from repairing windows' how would he get to repair windows when theres no zombies to destroy them? you dont go into a map with the windows needing to be repaired. also zombies_ascension1.mpg mpg is a video file not a file needed for a map it may be a cut scene for solo but why would it say in the lobby the name of the map is zombies_ascension1.mpg it would be just zombies_ascension1 everybody should post this thread to jd2020s twitter asking if its true or not that way everyone can stop wasting time on this and get back to the great theorys everybody is thinking of

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