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  1. looks good im gonna have to give it a try. i can remember the first time i ever played this map on waw everyone used to camp on the other side of the power room window. i usually loop the whole map its pretty good because its a small map just dont stay in one place for to long.i have never tried but would of thought you could loop around the wall near mp40 anyone ever tried?
  2. i am surprised ps3 got it the same time as xbox. would of thought we would have to wait an extra 30 days
  3. yeah i still dont see a flamethrower you two are either tripping or really observant.
  4. well whatever its all opinions anyway nobodys seeing the facts. this site used to be good and somewhat still is but people used to do a google search about zombies and get directed to this site and find useful information then decide to stay. now they do a search and its just immature people calling each other names and they look elsewhere this site is just like the world its a good place but the people give it a bad name.
  5. so buying the hardened version just because i could afford it and it was available for my console makes me a selfish asshole? i do get it what im saying is if the game was advertised as the classic maps was exclusive for 9 months only. i would of waited and got the standard version but that was not the case the way it was advertised was the classic maps are exclusive to hardened/veteran version only so really it was trickery to get people to shell out more. i didnt want the maps so i could brag about having them and flash off a cheap ass medal i got it because i as did many people think it was the only way possible in the whole entire universe to get them on black ops im a patient man i have a ps3 lol i could of waited. so really it wasnt a privalige of time we thought we where buying. it was exclusivity i thought alot of people would of bought it aswell (excluding pc but in the end they get custom maps which is way better imo) but they didnt they got the normal version then when they thought the maps wasnt coming out whine about it when they had the same chance i did. in the uk sainsburys was selling blops for 27 quid asda/tesco was selling it for 35 at release look it up if you dont believe me. i can understand your on treyarch/activisions dick right now because you are over the "moon" about this map pack (which i would be to if i didnt have it) the people who already had it is not and blatantly got mislead. to make it fair they should double the price like they did for us atleast we agree on something
  6. nothing is "free" in this map pack let me explain. again standard version price of blops in uk range from 27-40 quid. roughly 10 pound each for a map pack and soon there is going to be 4 map packs thats 40 quid add all that up and it equals 67-80 now hardened version 60 quid everywhere in uk and 3 map packs a tenner each roughly. plus 1 "free" map is 90 pounds so all hardened buyers are down 10-23. this is where this "1 free map comes in" you see its not really "free" is it? because you paid for this map at the release of black ops. activision just think all of their fanbase is stupid and wouldnt realize they are milking extra money out of there most dedicated fans. by saying we will take your money and offer you 1 "free" map but they are laughing really because they know its not "free" you pay more for this 1 "free" map than what you did for 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 new zombie map. to the people who says yeah but you got a medal il let you buy it of me for 23 quid yeah exactly you wouldnt i wouldnt even sell it for that price because i will feel like a knob. the reason why everybody is thinking the op'er is whining is because they all have the standard version of blops and everybody who have the standard version is getting a good deal but if they were in our shoes im sure theyd have something to say about it. anyway about the thread tittle bad choice treyarch? as a business decision yes i think its a bad choice because the people who are smart enough to see what treyarch/activision have done here are either not going to buy one of there future games or only get a standard version of the game. which in the long run they are going to be losing money out of this and what is the thing actvi$ion love more than anything? but so far i have seen about 4 people who are wise to whats going on so maybe activision are right in thinking most of there fanbase are dumb and wont lose out on much money. im not getting mw3 if there is another zombie game out il pick it up secondhand so im not giving anymore of my money to these whores. fyi i am whining and i have every right to im out of pocket and you would complain to if the roles were reversed because its just unfair. people dont just lose money and think ah its alright after all money does grow on trees. talk about selfish to the person above boowho pc players didnt even get the chance to get [email protected] maps go get [email protected] on pc i heard its fun being able to download free custom maps obviously 5 new maps are better than 4 old ones most people have played already
  7. its nice that someone sees whats going on. to be honest on ps3 its hard to get a game on classic maps because nobody has the maps so im gutted really wish i bought the standard version would of saved money. its just the way it was advertised made it seem the only way to get classic maps was to get hardened or prestige versions then they do this and make it seem ok by giving 1 map for free when really your paying a tenner for it this kind of trickery should be illegal nobody is really interested in the music which you can probably get of the internet for free anyway same as people who bought prestige they wasn't interested in the the medal just wanted the maps i have learned from this tho always getting the standard version in future then il just as chuffed as everyone else
  8. its not really free for hardened and prestige owners they bought it in advance at blops release without knowing it so they paid twice for the classic maps and just get the moon map for free sucks if they bought all the [email protected] map packs to but thats how activision roll these days 15 dollars is a bargin really
  9. normal blops 40 quid add 4 map packs a tenner each equals 80 hardened blops 60 quid add 3 map packs a tenner each plus "a free one" equals 90 what should i be thanking them for? let me add this aswell most people paid between 30 and 35 for normal version some even got it for 27 hardened was 60 everywhere in uk
  10. this purely takes the piss so everyone who bought the hardened and prestige version of the game is getting ripped off. i didnt pay extra money for a [email protected]#ing medal i thought the only way to get the classic maps was to to pay atleast 20 quid extra then they release it with another map for a tenner so i could of saved a tenner buy getting the normal version. i know its only a tenner difference but thats not the point call of dutys most loyal fans buy the more expensive version of the game then actvision wipes there ass with that loyalty this is the thanks we get. cheers actvision for being money grabbing whores i know people are not going to agree with me(probably the people who bought the standard blops which this is exciting news for) but i dont care i got ripped off and it takes the p. see theres a lesson here for every body unless you want some pointless tat always buy the standard version of any actvision game that is all
  11. save your ammo just run past him make sure your close tho and he will explode.
  12. il get some pictures http://imageshack.us/g/37/youtubestreetfightervan.jpg/ it even have the same leaves on the cotd loading screen.
  13. i was watching the old movie street fighter last night and bisons temple really remind me of the new trailer. this is all i could find on youtube. you see the temple between 3 and 5 minutes. KiytiQZD3hw
  14. from the first time i played blops i have always said i wouldn't buy another cod game. releasing one every year is a bit much activision is milking it for every penny they can get now and cod is just going to get worse an worse each year imo.i mean how can they improve on it? better graphics its already been said its on the same engine the one from cod4. for them to make a new engine for it and a game in a year they would have to rush it that means the next one wouldn't be very good either. blops was rushed and hardly playable at release and they used the same engine for it. i do like spec ops tho hopefully they make it 2-4 players but im going to give this one a miss i will rent it tho if i like it i will get it next year when its cheaper
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