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  1. Wouldn't it be too straining on the system to show some a dozen or two zombies gradually becoming physically deformed? It's not like gibbing where the model suddenly changes into another and the blood covers it, here the flames wouldn't cover it and if a zombie suddenly turns into this very altered form without any slow changes in between would be bizarre. If they completely cover the zombie in flames to hide the transformation, then wouldn't that be demanding on the system too?
  2. Nope, getting Battlefield 3 instead.
  3. Maybe the room of the facility they were held in COTD had some cleaning/decontamination equipment?
  4. I hope for a map pack 4, it is plausible, the way they talked about Shangri-La seems to suggest that it won't be the last. They didn't mention any final plan or answer in the trailer. Who knows, maybe we could even get a Map Pack 5? Here is a possible timeline. June- Annihilation announced and released for Xbox 360. July- Annihilation released for PS3. It is too late to announce Map Pack 4 as July is almost over by the time it comes out for the PS3. August- Map Pack 4 is announced and released for Xbox 360. September- Map Pack 4 is released for the PS3. Map Pack 5 or possibly the Classic Maps could be announced as DLC and released for Xbox October- Map Pack 5 or Classic Maps is released for the PS3. November- Modern Warfare 3. I hope that they are not releasing Map Pack 3 early so they can release the classic maps as Map Pack 4 and spend the rest of the time drumming up hype for MW3. The last map pack for World at War was at July. I hope that will not be the case here.
  5. They have so much potential in this map for new creatures, I hope they do not just settle on primates. What about the elephant we heard in COTD? Or was that sound just because Elephants are seen as a staple of the jungle?
  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new zombie map name isn't "Zombies." That would certainly cause a lot of confusion.
  7. Uhh... that's the old picture we found yesterday, but brains anyway.
  8. This is a pretty common theory if I recall correctly, but brains to you anyway, Undead Nightmare. Hoping to see Viet Cong, Soviet and American zombies in "Paradise." It would be a fantastic mix.
  9. What... the... I'm sure that Hitler would have harnessed the power of the "vrill" to destroy his enemies as he was becoming more reckless and aggressive towards the end.
  10. WAW had 4 Zombies map so id expect atleast that from BO ( i know there is 4 bit i said ATLEAST ) these 3 maps have been released quick, i think we can expect at least anout 2-4 maybe because it is 18 months atleast till the next BO but you never know They actually will stop when MW3 comes out as Activision won't have them releasing DLCs as they might harm MW3's sales... and of course the DLC won't sell as much either. World at War came with one zombie map and the next three map packs raised that to four. Black Ops came with three zombie maps and we will have at least six maps at the end. If we're really lucky, we might have 7 maps but that is unlikely.
  11. Perhaps it is an early version of the poster? So maybe that would be why it says June 28th? I sincerely hope the new zombie map's name won't be "Zombies." Looking at the "Zombies" map's picture, I can see some blurry palm trees and a beach. Apparently, Hanger 18 was the largest building in Area 51. It's still the most famous. Interesting... Also, Escalation was due to be released for the PS3 on June 2nd, I think... just like the PC. Unfortunately, the hackers attacked PSN. Perhaps Sony wasn't prepared for the expected heavy traffic that would come from Escalation as they just rebuilt the network, perhaps they needed some more time to perfect and tweak it. They then convinced Activision to postpone it to June 10th. I managed to deduce some of the captions. "Invade Hanger 18" "Attack at the Drive-In"
  12. I could see a Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 or a more advanced version being used, (after all, this is a world where teleporters, wunderwaffens and zombies were used) but I doubt one of these helicopters could travel from Germany to Japan. A plane would be a much better idea.
  13. What the hell are you saying? You're accusing someone else of being mentally challenged when you're the one who can't spell for shit. Also, are you being racist? I'm Chinese so... :evil:
  14. I'm pretty sure you can, I purchased Map Pack 1 for WaW yesterday on PSN and now finally have all the zombie maps to ever have been released. (Apart from the Classic Map Pack for Black Ops.)
  15. Still play world at war from time to time, I miss the days of WaW when hundreds of thousands were playing at any time, now there are only a few thousand left. I play the old zombie maps, but rarely I might pop in a multiplayer war match. It feels sad for me, as WaW is dying and I remember its distant glory days.
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