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    Will you be buying MW3?

    Nope, getting Battlefield 3 instead.
  2. Imperator

    Map Pack 3: Map Names

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new zombie map name isn't "Zombies." That would certainly cause a lot of confusion.
  3. Imperator

    all zombies game: how it would work *HUGE UPDATE*

    I could see a Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 or a more advanced version being used, (after all, this is a world where teleporters, wunderwaffens and zombies were used) but I doubt one of these helicopters could travel from Germany to Japan. A plane would be a much better idea.
  4. Ahh, the good old CODs. One of the most memorable was from Call of Duty 2 where this British soldier bashes down the door and gets completely raped by a German MG just waiting for him. I also remember that crazy Russian sniper that was killing Germans and saying "this one is for my mother, this one is for my little sister that you killed, this one is for my dog, how do you like it you facist dogs, hahahaha---" or something like that and then he gets killed. I also felt sorry for the captured German in the beginning of COD2 when he gets executed by the commissar. In COD 1 it's a bit sad to see the guy dragging the wounded soldier get mowed down by the machine gun if you don't save him. Out of all the CODs the saddest for me was probably Chernov, since he never wanted to fight and hurt people but got killed anyway. (or at least permanently scarred for life.)

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