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  1. Your'e best option is probably to re-install it,
  2. Either its a codename for Blops 2 like the one they had for the first ones beta or its the PS Vita game.
  3. How dare they make a typo by ferreting an N!!!!
  4. After tue whole sickle thing, it's not that hard to believe Treyarch would reference what future DLC will have. Also it's about damn time a map doesn't mysteriously have it's power turned on. Of course zombies will still be survive as long as u can but it's time for a change. If they are using new characters then a new objective wouldn't be to odd.
  5. I started a game of solo zombies and was playing as Tank. When the guy says "please activate the power! She's coming" Tank responds by saying "Cmon treyarch! We need a new objective!" This adds suport to Call of the Dead having a new beginning objective. P.S I am on an IPhone so this may not have the best grammer
  6. I like how they didnt add anything exept modern guns. And would a couple of original phrases would have been nice. Like in nacht i can here Tank going "WAT? No powerswitch? Swweeeettt." Or on Veruckt If tanks with the dr him going "i dont trust this guy, better find the others quick" or sum shit like that. Couldnt have taken them that long and it would make it alot more then just putting the new guy in old maps.
  7. I do but i cant stand the hit detection. it sucks ass. half my meeles dont even hit.
  8. Just thinking that the manga one is real makes me laugh. But nice. They mentioned new character so u never know.
  9. Holy shit. I always thought it was a glitch that i needed a little more then 950 points to use the box. now i know i only got 25 instead of a full 30. Damn. All that anger
  10. Im sorry but from what Iv'e read you have obviously never played Bad Company 2. I went to the midnight release and played it for a long ass time. But not because its stragetical but because its a change of pace. At one time I played Bad Company 2/MW2/ and black ops at the same time. I got bored of Mw2/bad company 2 and traded them in. From my year and a half of playh Bad company 2 its not that much strategy. The reason I doubt u have played this game is because u say it has no 12 yr olds. Thats bullshit lol. The game is run by them. Half the games i used to join consisted of them shooting the
  11. Battlefield is much more tacticle and badcompany was Dice's premier next gen console game and became a much more just shoot ur enemy's to hell type game. Since Bf3 mp gameplay has not been shown I dont see how you could have a vote on wich is better. If its more tacticle then BC2 it will lose alot of CoD fans. If its less tactical then BC2 then it will be a prettier but also less experienced and perfected version of CoD.
  12. WMD from Black Ops/Highrise from MW2/and Crash and Overgrown from CoD4. I would name some Cod 12and 5 maps but I honostly cant rember any.
  13. Lol I hate when people compare CoD to Battlefield. They are very different games. And as for all this engine talk. I say look at CoD 2 and then MW2. VERY much improved. If infinity ward has been improving the already beautiful engine for 2 years then I don't think the next CoD will be graphically lacking. Also the Iw engine is really good at maintaining a good frame rate no matter how much shit is going down. As for battlefield, well I can't stand vehicles and camping. Nuff' said.
  14. Oh come on Alpha. And other guy claiming this is BS. I thought this would be common knowledge. There were posts about this all the way back in december. I understand the new guy may not know about this but come on alpha you have been here a while. If you guys want proof go to five on the CoD wiki
  15. I dont know about you but me and my team usually diie because someone gets a little to baly or bored and try to run and gun away from us at round 40. How are you going to get the ammo? Make a crawler? That means you would have to wait for the next round and the round after that to buy more ammo. If you can basicly survive 2 of the really high rounds and you have the money then why not be aloud to buy some. Though now that i think about it, it should cost more. Maybe about 10,000. So if you have 10k to spare on round 40, you have a crawler, and you can survive basicly 2 more rounds after that..
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