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  1. Amidst the dark and eerie night
    A choice to make – to run or fight?
    The undead horde approaches fast
    Armed with weapons, till the very last

    In Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies
    The battle for survival never ceases
    A test of skill, courage and wits
    As waves of zombies just never quits

    Blood-soaked grounds and a burning sky
    The stakes are high, the danger nigh
    But in this game, we rise above
    To conquer the undead with brute, tough love

    With finger on the trigger and heart in hand
    We face the terror, and take a stand
    For in this game, we live or die

    With Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies, we must survive.

  2. and later released worldwide on December 14, 2011.

    The game features the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, with players fighting off waves of zombies as they try to survive for as long as possible. The game also includes a new storyline set in a Cold War-era Pentagon, with the characters from the original Zombies mode returning to fight off the undead.

    The game allows for up to four players to play together via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and also includes a single-player mode with a new leaderboard system to track high scores.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies received mixed reviews upon release, with critics praising the game's addictive gameplay and multiplayer functionality, but criticizing the graphics and lack of content compared to the console versions of the game. Despite this, the game was a commercial success, with over a million downloads in its first week of release.

  3. The games in this series are primarily first-person shooters that simulate real-world combat scenarios, with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer gameplay. Call of Duty has become one of the most successful and popular video game franchises in history, with millions of copies sold and numerous accolades and awards.

    Each Call of Duty game typically has a different setting and storyline, ranging from World War II to present day and beyond. The games often incorporate real-world events and locations, as well as fictionalized versions of historical battles and conflicts. Single-player campaigns usually revolve around a central protagonist or group of protagonists, while multiplayer modes offer a range of gameplay options and customization features.

    In addition to the video games, the Call of Duty franchise has expanded into other media, including books, comics, and a feature film. The games have also spawned a vibrant esports community, with professional players and teams competing in tournaments and leagues all over the world.

  4. Dr Maxis is alive, the Maxis Drone is a buildable drone that helps kills zombies, revives players and even grabs power-ups. The Maxis Drone consists of a Brain, Frame and Rotors. The Drones weapon is a MG08/15 and shoots for 90 seconds before needing to recharge.zombiesoriginsdrone.webp


    The new Wonder Weapon G-Strike is a tactical Grenade that is an upgraded version of the Monkey Bomb and when activated attracts zombies and becomes the target of a single napalm missile, however, if there is a Giant Robot on the map, the robot will fire several more missiles at the target.zombiesoriginsgstrike.webp


    The One Inch Punch can be unlocked by charging four chests, each chest will require 30 zombies to be killed near it to fully charge and will be reset is a giant robot steps on it. The first chest is located in the footprint just west of Generator 5 and the Stamin-Up machine, another just east of the Church, or west of the Excavation site, the third on is located in the footprint just east of the Excavation Site and is stepped on by Odin’s left foot and the final one is located just west of Generator 4 and the Juggernog machine. The One Inch Punch can also be upgraded to the Iron Fist that kills zombies with one hit up to round 36, it is unlocked Little Lost Girl Easter Eggzombiesoriginspunch.webp

  7. The Zombie Shield is a buildable Melee weapon that can also protect players, use it to smack zombies, and put it on your back to stop zombie attacks from behind. The Zombie Shield requires three parts, a Face Screen, Handles, and a Shield Frame.zombiesoriginsshield.webp


    Elemental Staffs are buildable Wonder Weapons found on Origins. Staff of lightning shoots lightning bolts and the parts can be found inside secret areas of the map with the Mark IV Tank, Staff of Wind blasts wind at zombies and parts are located inside the three giant robots, Staff of Ice shoots ice at enemies and its parts are found by using the shovel, Staff of Fire shoots three balls of molten rock at zombies and the parts are obtained by activating the 6th 115 Generator, shooting down the glowing plane, and defeating the first Panzer Soldat, which appears on round 8. Each of the Elemental Staffs can be upgraded by solving riddles inside the Crazy Place.zombiesoriginsstaff.webp

  9. The Mark IV Tank is a ridable tank the goes to Generator 2 and back to the church, it cost 500 points to activate and can be found under the church. At each stop, the Tank will take about 2 minutes to cool down. The Tank will run over zombies but can also get overrun by zombies jumping on to attack the players, the Tank does feature flamethrowers that active at random times and killing nearby zombies.zombiesorihinstank.webp

  10. Six generators are found across the map, acting as replacements for the classic Power Switch, and only power the area around it. Once all generators have been activated, a reskinned Pack-a-Punch Machine will activate. For the first time, the Mystery Box requires power to be used.zombiesoriginspower.webp

  11. The Shovel is a utility that allows the players to dig up many different items, these items include mystery box weapons, power-ups, equipment, a live zombie, and sometimes a live grenade so play safe. The shovel can also be upgraded to the Golden Shovel, it makes the items that are dug up to be better, such as powerful weapons, empty perk bottles and a golden helmet that protects the player from being downed by the Giant Robots’ feet.zombiesoriginsdig.webp

  12. Mystery Box Weapons include the new G-Strike along with a few wonder weapons. The other weapons are the Five-Seven Dual Wield, B23R with Extended Clip, Kap-40, Python, Chicom CQB, AK74u with Extended Clip, Mp40 with Adjustable Stock, PDW-57, Skorpion EVO, M1927, FAL, Type 25, SCAR-H, Galil, M1216, KSG, DSR-50, HAMR, MG08/15, and the War Machine.zombiesoriginsbox.webp

  13. Wall Weapons on Origins include the Five-Seven, B23R, M14, Ballista, AK74u, STG-44, Remington 870 MCS, Semtex Grenades, Claymore and the fan-favorite MP40.zombiesoriginswallweapons.webp

  14. Power-Ups on Origins include Zombie Blood that causes the player to be masked in a red fog and disguised as a zombie, Random Perk Bottle will give the players a random perk from one of the maps perks machines, Blood Money that player dig up to get a random amount of points, Fire Sale will spawn all Mystery Box locations and change the cost from 950 points to 10 points, Carpenter rebuilds all the barriers across the map, Max Ammo will give all teammates full ammo, Double Points will grant every player with double the points fill kills and boarding up windows, Insta-Kill will instantly kill zombies with any bullet type for a limited time and Nuke will kill every zombie on the map including zombies that just spawn outside the map area.zombiesoriginspowerups.webp

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