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  1. Wish I got my Egypt map

  2. I kind of thought of it like they prepared four pods for the test subjects but the brother died before they could reach him. So one of them is empty. We didn't know about this brother until the next map, Zetsubou, so in a way Treyarch has given us an answer.
  3. There could be no one in the fourth chamber. I don't think we can make out anyone in it.
  4. I've edited the OP with a conclusion I've come up with which I think is the most logical explanation.
  5. Cool discussion guys. But different universes and stuff aside, just think about it in the context of this ONE universe. In this universe, Richtofen teleports Maxis and Samantha away in Der Riese. And seemingly at the same time, Takeo is prisoner in the Div 9 facility on Pohnpei. BUT, Takeo was at one point in a cryochamber just like Tank Dempsey as we can see in this photo in Der Eisendrache. Now the note from the emperor found in Zetsubou says not to let Takeo leave the island. Soooo we are left in an awkward position. Did Division 9 not listen to the emperor and just let 935 have Takeo? If so, what happened after that? After Der Riese fell, did they send Takeo BACK to Pohnpei to that cell? It's confusing.
  6. How the hell is Takeo Masaki being held here on Pohnpei when he is supposed to be in cryochamber in Siberia? Let me back up. Takeo along with the other test subjects were put into cryochambers by 935. It is assumed that Richtofen conditioned these test subjects and brainwashed them just like in the original timeline. But somehow Takeo is here in a cell on the island of Pohnpei. Furthermore, a note on the map from emperor says not to let Takeo leave the island alive. How could he have ever been in 935's possession if they never let him off the island? Discuss. EDIT: I have come to a conclusion after much deliberation. The only explanation that could be possible here.... is that Division 9, despite being ordered to keep Takeo on the island, gave him to Group 935. When the Origins characters teleported into Der Riese, they sent Takeo back to Pohnpei where he resided in his cell.
  7. So there is this character in the zombies universe who is being mentioned more and more through cryptic messages and we only know him by the letter M. We know that he has visited Maxis and that his presence, according to the radio on Zetsubou No Shima, "defied logic and reason". Now I believe that this M is Doctor Monty simply because his name is signed at the bottom of the Giant scraps here. You've already heard that before and you might even believe it. But I also think that this M character has also been referred to in previous games like Black Ops 1. Specifically this note in Kino Der Toten. "Be Wary of the Doctor. We are not sure how he arrived in this time and place." This is very similar to the way Maxis describes M's arrival in the radios. There isn't much else to say about this. NaBrZ Hunter has also suggested that this same Doctor could be the figure in the Nacht Der Untoten comic book loading screen which is an interesting idea. Maybe there has always been a mysterious time traveling Doctor who has followed us through out the games and this time the zombies team decided to give him a name and a story.
  8. I think Eternal is on the money. I think they're living with no electricity and sirens outside their door because they live in an actual zombie apocalypse. I dislike how Treyarch ended their story but all things have to end I suppose. At least now Treyarch can possibly start a new story about zombies. With the next gen consoles coming out soon, they can possibly up the amount of the shit they can do and possibly make a better story and game than ever.
  9. This story is much more beautifully written and informative than any tithes story I have ever read. Truly a great and accurate story.
  10. I think those are awesome endings. Specifically the Maxis one. It's something I'm particularly expecting because for some reason I feel the Maxis side may be the canon one in this game. Mostly because it's the more interesting side as opposed to Richtofen and even thoguh I do actually want the old crew to come back and be an option, I believe Treyarch will continue this to the next game. Unless they use the old crew and contine... Anyways, I feel like Maxis is doing all of this because he has been given this gift of omnipotence from something unknown and he intends to use it to reunite with his daughter. The original demonic announcer may come back as a result though. I kind of think Maxis was given this power to save Samantha and in return he switches places with the real announcer. A deal with the devil theory I've had.
  11. Strengthen the storyline? I mean... not really to be honest...
  12. Sacrificing an entire planet and it's people for one person is extremely selfish. Unless he plans to compensate for that.
  13. No man. We see where the MPD is on the map. It's in a room underneath the teleporter. On the loading screen, the pyramid is on the ground.
  14. I just don't understand how the pyramid is on the surface on the loading screen but is underground on the actual map.
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