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  1. I still only play the old black ops 1 zombies on the PC version (steam), anyone interested in joining a round? Playing with randos is getting a bit dull
  2. aegisknight

    aegisknight, back and gone again

    Its been about 5 years since I last dropped by, but I decided to fire up black ops zombies this weekend for old time's sake. I used to be here a lot, but I never actually got black ops 2, so kinda just fell off the map. First game in about 4 years, and set a new record! I never bothered to go past 50 before, so I did one extra level just to say I did it. Unfortunately, zombies just takes too much time nowadays, it was great when I was a student, but game length just doesn't jive with work/wife/travel. I really enjoyed it while it lasted, but I think this is the end! Thanks for the good times, COD zombies, I had some really great games with people I met through these forums.
  3. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I had stopped getting topic reply notifications for this topic, so I stopped checking it. I gave an exhaustive list of what I thought was wrong with it when asked for it, and several others have done the same. I don't know why you're putting it out as a definitive list if there is still some controversy over many points.
  4. aegisknight

    Where did Maxis Teleport?

    well richtofen already had materials and staff on-site that it would be possible for him to commandeer, I personally believe he contacted and enlisted the help of the Soviets.
  5. aegisknight

    Where did Maxis Teleport?

  6. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    gjZX3tEM0EY my partner has a capture card, when the game ends he's gonna send it to me so.... mystery solved
  7. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Was it forced? It seemed to me that Maxis had been heading in a weapons development direction before contact with the nazis was made. In fact, I get the impression that Richthofen was able to gain such a following specifically for opposing that trend
  8. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I have agreed with the Tesla shield theory since you first posted it, but the Blome information throws a wrench into my gears. The development of Nova6 just doesn't fit into how I see 935 operating. It was founded with peaceful purposes in mind, and chemical warfare just doesn't mesh. For now, what I can figure is that when Maxis contacted the Nazis for funding with the development of the undead army as his primary bargaining chip, the Reichstag also supplied him with highly skilled Nazi scientists to help further the research. Steiner and Blome would have been part of this contingent due to their medical expertise; Blome for his experience in human experimentation (leading me to believe that Blome is directly responsible for the nova crawlers) and Steiner specializing more directly in the mind control experimentation at Kino der Toten (hence him appearing in the Kino reels). However, Steiner had very little work done with 115, which would explain the lack of it in the Ascension group's work until apparently just before the zombie outbreak.
  9. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I dunno about that last part, the Nova gas seems to be very little of what 935 did (I haven't seen any research in any bases dealing with its invention), it seems to be something that Steiner brought with him from working with the Nazis. It seems more likely he was invited into the group to assist with the mind control experimentation, his Nova gas was integrated into the crawler designs as a stable delivery system. Either way, its ambiguous, but I don't see much suggesting that 935 worked on the gas. Further along the lines of the earth being destroyed, the OP puts the events of Moon happening in the 60's, a point I agree with. However, we have emails in the terminal dating into the 70's, which would be impossible if Earth was destroyed.
  10. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I retracted this a couple posts up in the thread. First, what is the source for calling him such? Second, having a clinic would not necessarily make one any less "back alley", so long as he did not have the proper licensing. 935 would have recruited someone who knew what they were doing, yes, but where exactly would they have learned about Richtofen to know that he had such skills? There was no shortage of skilled surgeons and scientists in 1920's and 30's Germany. It was not a "German" organization, it was an organization that happened to have some offices in Germany. Everything about the Der Reise quotes point to it specifically NOT being an organization affiliated with any one country, and 935 presence outside Germany, specifically in the Soviet Union (COTD) and Shi no Numa would strongly indicate otherwise. Like I said, it seems more likely to have stemmed from the League of Nations (which would explain their funding before affiliating with the Nazi party) based on their mission statement and the Der Reise radios. Why would it have gotten more attention? If it were an organization set up under the League's aegis, it would have gotten a lot LESS attention from everyone, since it would only answer to the League, rather than any individual government. This would allow it to have its operations much more covert than otherwise while still being able to secure considerable funding. I cannot think of any other explanation of why they were able to get their resources. Of course, several signs point to Maxis being of Scandinavian decent, rather than German, as well (specifically the spelling of his name). Just because he was a 935 scientist does not mean 935 did any work in the development of Nova gas. The gas was developed independently of 935's work, and only was incorporated later when he brought his research with him. The labs and scientists working on Nova were not affiliated with 935 in any noticable way, simply their lead man was working for two organizations. If they do not care about Canon, this entire thread serves no purpose. the Labs do not fit in with the storyline at all, if it is not made by Treyarch then it serves no purpose in this discussion. COD approved means it was approved by the publisher, not the people who make the story. Several other posters here agree with me. As for Americans at Griffin Station, I have seen no evidence that they even actually used the teleporter. For all we know, they imported it from Richtofen's labs (since it is his design used in Der Reise and elsewhere, not the American portal-based technology, and his would already be linked to the station) and the 115 used to power the device triggered a zombie outbreak from the Soviet and American troops dead from their covert skirmish before an exploration team was ever sent through. I do not see American evidence in the station, and I do not see any Griffin evidence in No Mans Land. viewtopic.php?f=53&t=20176&hilit=howl viewtopic.php?f=67&t=20173&p=192654#p189884 This one is very well documented. viewtopic.php?f=72&t=18931&p=189825&hilit=earth+totally+not+destroyed#p189825 This one is more controversial, but I am sticking to my guns on this. It makes zero sense for the Earth to have been destroyed. I don't claim it to be a bulletproof theory, but there are too many holes in the status quo to be followed lightly. Then you didn't look. I cannot find any videos that look at the rocket right now since it seems youtubers don't really care about it, but I would bet my round 50 SNN game that its there, and you'll feel silly for having missed it.
  11. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I don't know if he was ever in the army. That part of his past seems to have been retconned out or otherwise explained away by the time we get to Black Ops. Either way, it would make more sense for SSN to either have been working cooperatively with 935 or for 935 to have set up shop there once they "evacuated" the Japanese researchers. I believe Richtofen was doing research there along with a small 935 contingent either with or after the Japanese
  12. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Richtofen comes off as asexual to me, noting such things would be because he gets his kicks out of masochism. But in light of that quote, I consider it enough evidence to make the note (however, it would be nice if such things were cited in the OP). It is unclear where the Illuminati fit into this, and while I know Maxis invited Richtofen to the group, I do not know how he would have met him. From what I understand, Maxis had no connection to the illuminati. I believe it makes MUCH more sense for Richtofen to have set up the medical clinic and have his brilliance made known through that venue, attracting Maxis's attention. Opening the clinic as suggested in the OP only draws attention to Richtofen and his dealings when he is working the hardest to keep them secret; it makes no sense. As for Maxis, one of Richtofen's quotes when getting the shrink ray is:
  13. aegisknight

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    a: I think claiming Richtofen to be homosexual is a pretty big leap. I would like to see more evidence before such a claim. b: The Richtofen clinic would make more sense to have been founded during the Weimar Republic, which is where he conceivably would have gained much of his medical experience. This would be necessary in regards to the storyline; there is no reason 935 would have recruited a guy who just did back-alley surgury. He would have had needed "legitimate" connections to solidify his affiliation. c: I do no believe it makes any sense for 935 to be a German organization. The Der Reise radio asks all members to leave behind national affiliation, which would include German. The fact that they later "make a deal" with the Nazis goes farther to point this out; they would have had no reason to make such a deal if they were already part of the German state. It makes more sense for Maxis to contact the Reichstag later to seek additional funding. Actually, it would make the most sense for 935 to have been set up by the League of Nations as a multinational effort, and the aversion to Americans regardless of brilliance (since America was not a member state). It would also explain the lack of funding at the outbreak of war, and their mission statement. d: I also do not believe Nova 6 was a 935 invention. However, I do believe Steiner was a 935 scientist, and a spy for the group within the German scientific circles. The complete lack of 935 terminologies and markings in the game storyline (and the fact that Nova 6 was specifically sought after by the Brits, but they had no knowledge of other 935 projects) lead me to believe there was no official connection between the two, but the fact that 935 had access to Nova gas and Steiner had access to 935's mind control techniques leads me to believe HE was (if Richtofen led his Griffin Station group while in 935, I do not think it out of the realm of possibility). e: The tunnels Maxis was transported to were likely those in Shangri-La, hence the development of the Shrink Ray. He could have been in contact with the Soviets to gain more funding, which would also have explained much of the Ascension work. But thats my personal guess. f: I think Kustover Posten may be mis-transcribed. I do not know what would he correct, but it seems that it should be a place, not a person. g: I absolutely do not think that the Call of Duty Zombie Labs are part of the game Canon at all. From what I can tell, they were produced by IGN, not Treyarch, as promotional material. Nothing in the videos makes sense from storyline perspective. h: I have posted elsewhere that I believe the Winter's Howl is a prototype of the left Zap Gun, while the Ray Gun serves as a prototype for the Right. I base this on sound effects, aesthetics, and the mechanics of how the weapons function. I have a full thread about these similarities somewhere. i: I find it a bit strange you don't mention the CIA presence at Verruct as viewed through Kino der Toten j: I maintain that the Earth was not destroyed at the end of Moon, it was simply an explosive cloud of 935 released into the upper atmosphere. The destruction of Earth makes no sense from a storyline standpoint or any other angle. The graphic of earth is undamaged, there is simply an explosive cloud overlaid. k: The Egg is not transported to an unknown location. If you look at the rocket nearest the Sam Says terminals, you can clearly see the "exit gate" popping the egg out into the warhead when you toss the device.
  14. aegisknight

    You odd little astronaut...

    the astronaut has the same health and movement as the napalm zombies. He teleports in using the same means as a hellhound He can grab and steal the same as the Thief. These are observations I have made, something to build upon.
  15. aegisknight

    What should the prestige addition include?

    I can build a thundergun, and I am considering doing just that when I have the time

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