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  1. At least through Black Ops, there were always better guns than raygun. I generally preferred a PAP'd wall weapon, what they lacked in damage was made up for with the infinite ammo and lack of crawlers everywhere (and in the early rounds, many more points). A second gun was always best to have a wonder weapon if you could get it, or mustang/sally if you couldn't. If flopper wasn't on the map, I'd kill myself with the ray gun more often than I would panic fire with the mustang almost always. With mule kick I would occasionally pick up ol' ray, but a second wall gun (less need to run to the wall) or a special (ballistic knife or awful lawton if I was with those needing frequent revives) still usually had more use to them. But I've never played this game mode, so it would depend on how the rules work
  2. looks more near sci-fi shooter than "gritty realism" that has been forced down my throat for the past few years with just about every FPS. I wasn't looking too much forward to it before, but I am a bit now
  3. well richtofen already had materials and staff on-site that it would be possible for him to commandeer, I personally believe he contacted and enlisted the help of the Soviets.
  4. well richtofen already had materials and staff on-site that it would be possible for him to commandeer, I personally believe he contacted and enlisted the help of the Soviets.
  5. jpop. there is a difference between the kind of "metal" previous songs were and "Coming Home". I have listened to metal outside zombies as well, the screaming in Coming Home sounds forced and out of place anyway, improperly done.
  6. I don't have the PC version so I wouldn't be able to do it anyway, I am just curious
  7. so I know there are a lot of people who play PC mod zombies with custom maps, so here's my question: can you change the spawn limit? As in increase the cap to near infinite? This would bog down nearly any computer set up, of course, but I think it would be a really interesting way to play, the way it would "actually" work in a zombie breakout that we seem to all so enjoy. I think it would make a great stand-alone game mode, like speed zombies (since the rounds are both faster and you will not last very long anyway). Some things would have to change, of course; I think maybe combining nuke with fire sale, with having no spawn for 30 seconds after they all die off would make it marginally possible, and probably a completely different approach to level design, but it would be awesome.
  8. Thats not really how it worked. Richard Nixon was in charge during the moon landing, and the rest of the Apollo missions. In terms of international relations, he is a rock star; he broke up the Shino-Soviet bloc (meaning Communism lost its most populous country and Russia could not even theoretically go to war with capitalism), and since the chance of the Cold War ever going "hot" were reduced basically to zero, he also created the first SALT program (strategic arms limitation treaty) and ABMT (anti-ballistic missile treaty), both of which froze nuclear (and in some cases conventional) weapons levels and outlawed some forms of weapons entirely. It was under Nixon, and around the time the Apollo missions drew to a close, that we actually went in the opposite direction with Cold War policy; the United States and Soviet Union entered a period of mutual "toleration" instead of constantly itching their nuclear trigger finger. The missile gap myth was exposed, MAD (mutually-assured destruction) was no longer necessary, and budgets to the military and NASA (NASA funding and the space race was unpopular and seen as a waste of money that could be going to social programs by the american people) were cut. We did not go back to the moon because it was not popular to do so, and without the "space race" as justification in the first place, it was hugely unpopular to continue pumping money into it.
  9. Okay, so I tested it out, and you indeed cannot get another Quick Revive after the machine disappears through the perk bottle drop. I do know that you can get quick revive from the bottle BEFORE the machine disappears, but I do not know if you can get 4+ drops if you just never touch the machine.
  10. For Kino, the best usage would be to replace it with the thundergun. If that is not an option, just run pretty far out, then mow down your group. You can't use them very effectively as defense without flopper; I personally always take at least 1 hit before my panic response kicks in, which is too late for M&S sans flopper.
  11. I have not confirmed that yet, its my biggest question with all this. Right now I'm playing Call of the Dead solo going for a personal record, but I'm on my last "purchased" quick revive. I am hoping to survive well enough (but just poorly enough) to have the machine disappear but kill him until I have full perks again so I can confirm this or reject it. If you indeed cannot get QR beyond the 4th in solo, then this theory would not be especially helpful. It isn't too much of a challenge to build up the zombies behind you to safely purchase your preferred perks on Ascension.
  12. I mentioned an Atlantis level in a guide I made several months ago as a bit of a joke, but honestly I am about 90% sure we will see an underwater ruins/city level in our next installment. It wouldn't really be all that different from Moon really, even the PES/low gravity mechanics could easily be re-used. It would more or less be a hybrid design of Moon and Shangri-La.
  13. the study of nuclear propulsion engines is still alive and well, there is much promise still to be found in that field. Long-range spacecraft would need to be powered through means beyond chemical and battery equipment, it is generally accepted this would be accomplished with some sort of combination of NERVA-style nuclear rockets and ion thrusters (which could most easily be powered with nuclear engines). Kennedy did push forward the plan to go to the Moon, his famous speech was given in 1961. However, he died in 1963. We did not actually land on the moon until 1969, under Nixon. Nixon ended up cancelling the remainder of the Apollo missions and other deep cuts to NASA's budget because the Space Race was never especially popular with the American public to begin with. Even after the moon landing, only 53 percent of Americans believed the achievement was worth the cost, most believing the money should have been put towards programs at home http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-n ... ogram.html http://www.gallup.com/poll/3712/landing ... -view.aspx The Space Nuclear Propulsion Office was mostly during the Mercury space program, we thought just dropping nukes out the back of a spacecraft and riding the resulting explosion was a cheap and efficient way to get a man into space. The nuclear test ban treaty made this illegal, which shut down that office and that program. The NERVA nuclear rocket program was set up not to get around this, but to provide a much better solution. Its proposition was to be a successor of the Saturn rockets we used to get the Apollo missions to the moon; the next target of NASA after landing on the moon was a manned mission to Mars using NERVA equipment. It was the cuts in funding due to popular pressure that ended this.
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