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  1. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    oof. Board updated.
  2. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    A legend returns and makes a great guess! Updated.
  3. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    This is the type of stuff I’ve wanted to see happen, and I’m immensely proud that we’re actually actively looking for (and pursuing) all these things. (should probably add, welcome to CoDz) (I know this isn’t a sizable comment but still)
  4. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    A T is good. Updated.
  5. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  6. Happy 115 Day, guys!

  7. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  8. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Some good guesses so far. Updated.
  9. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  10. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    ~Zombies Hangman~  Test your might! _ O _ U M / _ _ _ O T U M  Incorrect Guesses (5/6) : S, E, R, B, P  Hint #1: They can hide no longer! Hint #2: They were never granted clemency... Scoreboard: Reigning Champ: Lenne - 246 2nd: Slade - 238 3rd: way2good - 201 Electric Jesus - 150 Nightmare Voyager (ripperino) - 134  The Meh - 118 ETEl2NAL407 - 100 Tasha the noob - 93 Delta - 68 Naitrax - 58 Rissole25 - 48 MurderMachineX - 46 Undead - 44 Chopper - 34 Cheesegrater28 - 32 Tac - 30 PortlyLlama80 - 22 Reddonkeyham - 20 Requix Eclipse - 18 Jake Duck - 16 wesleykg00 - 16 Silv3r Energy - 16 Anonymous - 14 83457 - 12 zombieman9 - 10 XAvengedLullabyX - 10 OverWater17 - 10 RaidDzn - 10 PINNAZ - 8 nayrc - 6 jiipee95 - 6 unlawfully inacurate - 4 Ooka - 2 RiftRunner001 - 2 ZombieDreamerDan - 2 CrubZee - 2 BriggzyJ97 - 2 TheNathanNS - 2 Mr Swifty - 2 RZArazorSHARP20 - 2 Señor Festo Lithium - 2 JJMFP - 1   Rules:  Guess the word/phrase correctlywithout any letters = 10 points Guess the word/phrase correctly = 2 points Stump the field (6 incorrect guesses) = 6 points One incorrect letter = 1 incorrect guess One incorrect word(s) = 2 incorrect guesses You may only guess up to 2 consonants or 1 vowel at a time Host adds hint after 4 incorrect guesses Numbers must be spelled out  After 6 wrong guesses the person who didmake the last guess gets the board  If after two weeks, the person who is meant to be posting a board doesn't, another person isallowed to take their board and continue the game.
  11. The Meh

    You're Banned!

    Banned for hanging so many men! (this might be edgy, my bad. been watching too much Hellsing Abridged lately)
  12. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    If anything, I would definitely like to help assist that in whatever way I can. I’d certainly like to see some Weapon Guides pop up if possible (I could help script stuff for it if you would like). Other sort of things we can bring to the table, like theories and news and stuff wouldn’t be too bad, either. Hell, revisiting old Asylum posts sounds fun already! Just trying to spin those cogs, though.
  13. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    Goddamn you are such a poet. The soccerteam part was weird, but I got what you meant the rest of the way.
  14. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    I know this is a months-old post, and... believe me, I'm sorry for reviving it out of the blue, but I've been trying to formulate a good response to this reply for some time now (and my laptop nearly breaking apart by the seams doesn't quite help that). So... yeah. I'm just kind of going to say what I will here, I suppose. Sorry that this took so long. I've probably met some of the best people I know here. Voyager, chiefly, but... a lot of you guys as well. @Lenne, @InfestLithium , @anonymous and @RequixEclipse are four I can think of in particular that I think have helped me along my path both outside this site and inside it. The wisdom I've gained being a part of this community is surprising and I'm just glad I could have it. (In regards to actually meeting people and all, I'd love to do the same... although I suppose being at a good place in my life would definitely help that.) Seeing this community change, or... rather, seeing this forum change for it, is a logical step forward, and I completely agree with doing that. Personally, all I want of it is to see this community become more involved, interwoven and the like. I want to know I can log on and start a dialogue I know will grow past me. If that means we need to change the current formula to adapt to such a sight, I'd like that. If it keeps the heart and philosophy of CoDz in mind, I'd like that even more. I guess part of my statement here is me saying that... well, maybe we need more than a forum to support all this. (That's a grandiose thing to say, but... still.) Like, supplemental materials. A working YT channel with deep-dive weapon guides and story theories, be it through one game's story or the main Zombies story. A much more elaborate and sorted Zombies Library and Wiki, perhaps (although, for the sake of it, I do believe the Zombies Library is very well put together the way it is too)? Podcast der Toten, migrated to Twitch with a slightly updated crew to run it (and guests every now and again)? Charity streams and/or tournaments every now and again? I'm just spewing the ideas here, but... you get the idea. Moreover... yeah, a lot of us should take on those mantles and help that. If I'm being honest, I've seen you do tons of work for this forum, Hells, and it's a humbling thing to know how well it's been managed all this time. So... I'm sure it would be good if others took it on in stead as well. That's just my thoughts, though. I hope some of this made good sense. ...also, if this is me just sort of spouting off the same stuff I've done before, I'm sorry for that too. Could be me getting one-track minded on all this.
  15. The Meh

    Favorite BO4 Zombies Song So Far

    Is "Mad Hatter" cheating?

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