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  1. Forgot I hadn't commented, but I am so glad this has finally released. It's the culmination of years of work, and it really was a journey. Now to look toward the future!
  2. I honestly think DOA3 needs FPS mode in general.
  3. I like the characters talking too us, but I must admit I really miss having four personalities to play as. I really need it to anchor me into the story. I am not so sure why they couldn't have 4 Main Characters and Operators as well, like WW2 sort of did, because right now it feels a bit empty. I am hoping that changes with DLC 1 or even DLC 2 though, hell I'd take a crew with Sam, Weaver, Doctor Grey and Doctor Strauss.
  4. Haha, it's funny because I tried to change the formula very minimally in this idea and only where I thought I really needed too because I am working on a series of maps that shake up the formula in big ways.
  5. The seven could include Victis and the Primis/Ultimis are one entity, perhaps?
  6. Completely agree about these features and noticed similar things, a few I wanted tweaking were: Let us keep earning Perks. Random Perks stop working after the 6th Elite Surge, even if you don't have 6 Perks due to downing. Very occasionally, the Megatons don't even drop weapons, which is baffling to me, they should guarantee drop a random weapon of random rarity that perhaps scales. Exfil. I wanna stop at some point without dying. Maybe every Elite Round the Exfil window opens and beating the Elite Round lets you leave. And lastly, just make thes
  7. I have a few little QOL things to recommend, and I may end up having more eventually: Zombie Counter on Mini Map If we have the ability to see Zombies on a Mini Map, and have a Zombie Counter appear during Exfil, then I think a Zombie Counter is really feasible. Resupply Crate Although I am not really sure how the Points refund works upon respawning after bleeding out, but basically you get a vast amount of Points back but none of your old items... which is really counterintuitive to BO4's innovations. However, the way I would do it is to have the Lost & F
  8. Thank you so much! I should've explained it better, but my idea is that this Zombies map works like Blackout's map where they add in two new areas: Construction Site (an American-based version of Die Rise that starts being built at some point in Hanford) and Ghost Town (Buried's location being misplaced to Hanford), with "Province 22" and "Primary Plates" being the name of the DLC Pack in general for the respective additions if that makes sense. I'll update the post with that now!
  9. Here is my contribution to redoing TranZit: I ended up going all out with it, trying to make an Open World Zombies.
  10. TranZition Story: Dimension: 12 Time: 13:15 PM Date: October 21st, 1964 Location: Hanford, Washington, U.S.A. Welcome to Green Run, a quaint slice of Americana located formerly bustling with life. At least, that is what the U.S. Government wants you to think… In actuality, there is no Green Run. The entirety of Hanford is a facade fabricated by Broken Arrow to conceal their experimentation and research as they work to win the Cold War. People went about their idyllic lives, not noticing the shady governmental activities, miss
  11. After discussing with a few members on the Discord about their ideas to improve TranZit should we ever see it again, I had the idea to make a thread for discussing potential ideas for a TranZit Remake. I wanna get whatever ideas people have and collate them here, whether they be big fully developed ideas or just a thought here and there. Later on I will be replying with my own idea for a remake, but for now I didn't want to weigh down the initial post and instead just open the field out to everyone to get the wheel rolling. So, CoDZ Community, how would you fix TranZit?
  12. Thank you all! @Lenne I've kept up with Zombies. For all of BO4 I basically knew nothing about what the community thought of anything other than the gameplay stuff but I'm caught up now.
  13. Hello, This is sort of a re-introduction post actually. I was an active member here a few years ago under the name "Nightmare Voyager" and then I left because I sorta got disgruntled with the Internet in general. I wasn't entirely sure I would come back, I didn't feel a need to for a long time because I very much distanced myself from the Zombies community by then. However, with the advent of the Dark Aether Story, and me slowly falling back into browsing the forum and watching the Podcast, I kind of had to come back. The Zombies community seems to always be overwhelme
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