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  1. I honestly think DOA3 needs FPS mode in general.
  2. I like the characters talking too us, but I must admit I really miss having four personalities to play as. I really need it to anchor me into the story. I am not so sure why they couldn't have 4 Main Characters and Operators as well, like WW2 sort of did, because right now it feels a bit empty. I am hoping that changes with DLC 1 or even DLC 2 though, hell I'd take a crew with Sam, Weaver, Doctor Grey and Doctor Strauss.
  3. Haha, it's funny because I tried to change the formula very minimally in this idea and only where I thought I really needed too because I am working on a series of maps that shake up the formula in big ways.
  4. The seven could include Victis and the Primis/Ultimis are one entity, perhaps?
  5. Completely agree about these features and noticed similar things, a few I wanted tweaking were: Let us keep earning Perks. Random Perks stop working after the 6th Elite Surge, even if you don't have 6 Perks due to downing. Very occasionally, the Megatons don't even drop weapons, which is baffling to me, they should guarantee drop a random weapon of random rarity that perhaps scales. Exfil. I wanna stop at some point without dying. Maybe every Elite Round the Exfil window opens and beating the Elite Round lets you leave. And lastly, just make these Survival maps too. I wanna just play Zombies on Miami, just throw in a Mystery Box, Wunderfizz, PaP, Arsenal, Exfil, Crafting Table and it'd be perfect.
  6. I have a few little QOL things to recommend, and I may end up having more eventually: Zombie Counter on Mini Map If we have the ability to see Zombies on a Mini Map, and have a Zombie Counter appear during Exfil, then I think a Zombie Counter is really feasible. Resupply Crate Although I am not really sure how the Points refund works upon respawning after bleeding out, but basically you get a vast amount of Points back but none of your old items... which is really counterintuitive to BO4's innovations. However, the way I would do it is to have the Lost & Found from IW and Resupply Crate from WW2 be in Yard. Essentially, you would have the choice to spend 75% of your Refund Points to get your old previous Loadout you bled out with back, or you can just keep the Points and set yourself up again. This would entirely negate losing the D.I.E. which can hinder your Easter Egg run massively. First Person Mode in DOA3 I know this is for Die Maschine but this is just a small note. First Person Emblems are few and far between in DOA3, and with them only applying to one player I feel they're basically non-existent. But if you are gonna have a First Person ability in DOA3 in the first place, I think they should just make it a different camera view you can choose like the other views. This would be big for DOA in general, I think.
  7. Thank you so much! I should've explained it better, but my idea is that this Zombies map works like Blackout's map where they add in two new areas: Construction Site (an American-based version of Die Rise that starts being built at some point in Hanford) and Ghost Town (Buried's location being misplaced to Hanford), with "Province 22" and "Primary Plates" being the name of the DLC Pack in general for the respective additions if that makes sense. I'll update the post with that now!
  8. Here is my contribution to redoing TranZit: I ended up going all out with it, trying to make an Open World Zombies.
  9. TranZition Story: Dimension: 12 Time: 13:15 PM Date: October 21st, 1964 Location: Hanford, Washington, U.S.A. Welcome to Green Run, a quaint slice of Americana located formerly bustling with life. At least, that is what the U.S. Government wants you to think… In actuality, there is no Green Run. The entirety of Hanford is a facade fabricated by Broken Arrow to conceal their experimentation and research as they work to win the Cold War. People went about their idyllic lives, not noticing the shady governmental activities, missing people, and strange environmental alterations to fauna and flora alike. They continued on like automatons, unaware that they were being controlled by Radio Waves emitted by the Pylon in the Cornfields. Over time, the effects of the Radio Waves began to have adverse effects on the populace and their mental faculties were regained. As they began to notice the lie they had been living for years, mass panic ensued. Viewing Hanford as a failure, Broken Arrow exacted their Contingency Plan to protect the secrets that lay within Green Run. Overnight, a chemically altered variant of Nova 6 Gas and Element 115 was released around Green Run to subdue the citizens permanently. But instead, a new breed of evil was unleashed upon the world as an uncontrollable Zombie plague resulting from the Virus 61-15 spread like wildfire across Washington. Now, as the last remaining survivors of a Zombie Outbreak, you must continue the fight against the undead and seek out the truth of what lies ahead… Characters: Abigail “Misty” Briarton Occupation: Farmhand Preferred Weapon: Shotgun Bio: “Misty” was raised on the Hanford Farmland at the Briarton Family Homestead, happy to lend a hand wherever she could to her family. Despite being content with the simple life, she always dreamed of doing more with her wildlife expertise, like nature conservation. Marlton Johnson Occupation: Engineer Preferred Weapon: Sniper Rifle Bio: Marlton was a child prodigy who created a great many inventions out of junk and scrap. His genius was wasted, however, as he was trapped in a dead end job at Sickle’s Garage with no hope of career advancement. Samuel J. Stuhlinger Occupation: Reporter Preferred Weapon: Pistol Bio: Stuhlinger was a prestigious news reporter who travelled America in search of the next big scoop, until he stumbled upon a conspiracy that drove him to the brink of madness.This lost him his job and caused him to spend a duration at the Hanford Sanitorium. Russman Occupation: Chef Preferred Weapon: Launcher Bio: Russman was a renowned chef at the North Highway Diner, cooking up a mean grill for any trucker who passed by. However, he had a taste for the sophisticated life and wanted to move up toward more esteemed clientele. Cornelius Pernell Occupation: Operations Director Bio: Pernell was formerly a simple Handler, working his way up the ranks until gaining control of his own Research Division with a simple goal: Opening New Worlds. In particular, Pernell was interested in a Fragment of an Elemental Shard that he had procured and altered with a sample of Apothicon Blood. Due to heavy exposure to Element 115, Pernell became obsessive in his goals and used himself in experimentation of the A.P.D., transforming into something beyond human comprehension. Modes: Core: Story Travel the open road and explore the Green Run. Visit any of the Points of Interest in your search to uncover the truth. Survival Survive in any Point Of Interest you choose. Tour Survive at each Point Of Interest for 10 Rounds before moving on to the next. Versus: War Compete in a fight with Teams of up to 8 Players each to see who can survive the longest on the entirety of Green Run. Grief Compete in a fight with Teams of up to 4 Players each to see who can survive the longest in a chosen Point Of Interest. Race Race against Teams of up to 4 Players each to see who can reach a random Point Of Interest first. Battle Royale Compete in a free-for-all with up to 8 Players to see who can survive the longest, but beware of the Smog surrounding the Map that gradually shrinks the playerspace around a random Point Of Interest until 30 Rounds have passed. Party: Turned Play as a Zombie and try to cure yourself in order to be the last man standing. Infected Eliminated Players become Zombies. Infect everyone, or survive to win. Escort Protect the Bus as it slowly traverses Green Run, picking up Survivors along the way. Map: Green Run is a sprawling Open World Map which contains: 8 Main Points Of Interest ("Green Run" Default Route) 2 Additional Unlockable Points Of Interest ("Green Run" Alternate Route) 1 Downloadable Content Points of Interest ("Great Leap Forward" DLC Pack) 1 Downloadable Content Points of Interest ("Resolution 1295" DLC Pack) Between the Points Of Interest are vast stretches of land which are hazardous to traverse due to the many Hazards. Your safest bet is to travel by Bus, which is now attached to a Hyperspeed Railway System that allows accelerated travel. If you want to explore the treacherous Green Run at your own pace, then make sure you are prepared for what lies hidden in wait… Points Of Interest: "Green Run" Default Bus Stops: A1. Bloodhound Bus Depot A2. North Highway Diner A3. Farmland A4. Cornfields A5. Power Plant A6. National Park A7. Town Center A8. Quarry "Green Run" Alternate Bus Stops: B1. Groom Lake B2. Nuketown "Great Leap Forward" Extra Bus Stop: C1. Construction Site "Resolution 1295" Extra Bus Stop: C2. Ghost Town Bus Route A: A1. Bloodhound Bus Depot Areas: Depot Parking Garage Buildable: Portable Power [Parts: Fan/Mannequin/Rudder] Perks: Quick Revive Soda [Cost: 500/1500 Points] Wall-Buys: 1911 [Cost: 250 Points] M14 [Cost: 500 Points] Olympia [Cost: 500 Points] Wrench [Cost: 500 Points] Frag [Cost: 250 Points] Utilities: Resupply Crate [Cost: 500 Points] Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] A2. North Highway Diner Areas: Tunnel Diner Gas Station Perks: Speed Cola [Cost: 3000 Points] Buildable: Riot Shield [Parts: Car Door/Trolley/Rope] Wall-Buys: M16 [Cost: 1200 Points] MP5 [Cost: 1000 Points] Skillet [Cost: 500 Points] Semtex [Cost: 500 Points] Utilities: Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] A3. Farmland Areas: Farmhouse Barn Stable Perks: Double Tap II Root Beer [Cost: 2000 Points] Buildable: Sentry Turret [Parts: Lawn Mower/Rifle Barrel/Ammo Belt] Wall-Buys: Remington 870 MCS [Cost: 750 Points] Pitchfork [Cost: 500 Points] Claymore [Cost: 1000 Points] Utilities: Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Fridge [Cost: 2500 Points] Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] A4. Cornfields Areas: Field Pylon Bunker Perks: Deadshot Daiquiri [Cost: 1500 Points] Death Perception [Cost: 2000 Points] Buildable: NAV Card Table [Parts: Meteor/Radio/Table] Wall-Buys: Scoped Kar98k [Cost: 1500 Points] Scythe [Cost: 500 Points] Stielhandgranate [Cost: 250 Points] Utilities: Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] Sniper Cabinet [Cost: 1500 Points] A5. Power Plant Areas: Generator Station Asylum Perks: Electric Cherry [Cost: 1500 Points] Widow’s Wine [Cost: 4000 Points] Buildable: Electric Trap [Parts: Car Battery/Metal Rod/TV Screen] Wall-Buys: AK-74u [Cost: 1200 Points] BAR+Bipod [Cost: 2500 Points] Galvaknuckles [Cost: 6000 Points] EMP [Cost: 500 Points] Utilities: Power Switch Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] Electro-Shock Defenses [Cost: 1000 Points] A6. National Park Areas: Camp Cabins Lumber Mill Swamp Perks: Ethereal Razor [Cost: 3000 Points] Blood Wolf Bite [Cost: 3000 Points] Buildable: Gas Mask [Parts: Bottle/Strap/Tube] Wall-Buys: MP-40 [Cost: 1300 Points] StG-447 [Cost: 1500 Points] Bowie Knife [Cost: 3000 Points] Tomahawk [Cost: 250 Points] Utilities: Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] Flogger [Cost: 750 Points] Electro-Shock Defenses [Cost: 1000 Points] A7. Town Center Areas: Downtown Highschool Hospital Perks: Jugger-Nog [Cost: 2500 Points] Stamin-Up [Cost: 2000 Points] Buildable: Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (A.K.A. “Jet Gun”) [Parts: Jet Engine/Pressure Gauge/Handbrake] Wall-Buys: Uzi [Cost: 1200 Points] M1927 [Cost: 1500 Points] Baseball Bat [Cost: 500 Points] Molotov Cocktail [Cost: 500 Points] Utilities: Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Bank [Interest: 100 Points] Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] Electro-Shock Defenses [Cost: 1000 Points] A8. Quarry Areas: Mine Bridge Factory Perks: Victorious Tortoise [Cost: 2500 Points] Stone Cold Stronghold [Cost: 2500 Points] Buildable: Lantern [Parts: Bulb/Lamp/Bucket] Wall-Buys: Thompson [Cost: 1000 Points] Trench Gun [Cost: 1000 Points] Pickaxe [Cost: 500 Points] Dynamite [Cost: 500 Points] Utilities: Mystery Box [Cost: 950 Points] Crafting Bench Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] Electro-Shock Defenses [Cost: 1000 Points] Bus Route B: B1. Groom Lake Areas: No Man’s Land Perks: Der Wunderfizz [Cost: 1500 Points] Buildable: Pack-A-Punch [Parts: Sign/Flag/Chassis - Cost: 5000 Points] Wall-Buys: Crossbow [Cost: 1500 Points] Sickle [Cost: 3000 Points] Hacker [Cost: 3000 Points] Utilities: Crafting Bench Fridge [Cost: 2500 Points] Bank [Interest: 100 Points] Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] B2. Nuketown Areas: Camp Edward Research Facility 115 Excavation Drill Perks: Zombshell [Cost: 4000 Points] Blaze Phase [2000 Points] Elemental Pop [Cost: 3000 Points] Buildables: Ray Gun Mark II Assembly Kit [Parts: Ray Gun/Frame/Element] Hazmat Suit [Parts: Mask/Material/Tape] Wall-Buys: M27 [Cost: 1200 Points] Mannequin Arm [Cost: 500 Points] Acid Bomb [Cost: 500 Points] Utilities: Resupply Crate [Cost: 500 Points] Rushmore Crafting Bench Fridge [Cost: 2500 Points] Bank [Interest: 100 Points] Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] Electro-Shock Defenses [Cost: 1000 Points] Bus Route C: C1. Construction Site Areas: Skyscraper A Skyscraper B Perks: PhD Flopper [2000 Points] Dying Wish [Cost: 4000 Points] Timeslip [Cost: 1500 Points] Buildables: Sliquifier [Parts: Soap Dispenser/Fire Extinguisher/Mannequin Foot] Trample Steam [Parts: Bellows/Motor/Wire] NAV Card Table [Parts: Meteor/Radio/Table] Wall-Buys: PDW-57 [Cost: 1000 Points] AN-94 [Cost: 1200 Points] SVU-AS [Cost: 1000 Points] Ballistic Knife [Cost: 1300 Points] Nova Gas [Cost: 500 Points] Utilities: Resupply Crate [Cost: 500 Points] Crafting Bench Fridge [Cost: 2500 Points] Bank [Interest: 100 Points] Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] C2. Ghost Town Areas: Processing Borough Perks: Vulture-Aid Elixir [Cost: 3000 Points] Mule Kick [Cost: 3000 Points] Bandolier Bandit [Cost: 1500 Points] Buildables: Paralyzer [Parts: Steam Engine/Train Wheel/Number Codex] Head Chopper [Parts: Saw Blade/Hinge Gear/Rotary Crank] Subsurface Resonator [Parts: Roulette Wheel/Audio Speaker/Motorized Mount] Golden Pack-A-Punch [Parts: Sign/Flag/Chassis - Cost: 5000 Points] NAV Card Table [Parts: Meteor/Radio/Table] Wall-Buys: LSAT [Cost: 4000 Points] War Machine [Cost: 2000 Points] Remington New Model Army [Cost: 1200 Points] Shovel [Cost: 500 Points] Time Bomb [Cost: 5000 Points] Utilities: Crafting Bench Fridge [Cost: 2500 Points] Bank [Interest: 100 Points] Bus Stop [Cost: 500 Points] Teleporter [Cost: 1500 Points] Transport: Bus Stop: Bus Stops are located at each Point Of Interest and can be used to call a Bus to the current location using the Callbox [500 Points]. Bus: The Bus is a defendable vehicle that traverses the entirety of Green Run by way of a Rail System. To make the Bus start, Players can pay for the Ticket Booth [500 Points]. Doing so will rapidly launch the Bus to the next Bus Stop at a Point of Interest on the Green Run Circuit. Looking up whilst inside the Bus will reveal the B23R [1000 Points]. Should the Bus run into a Cyclops, it will break down and have to reboot its systems for 115 Seconds. Whilst it does so, an Ambush will occur of a variety of Enemy types. Upgrades: To augment the Bus, Upgrades can be purchased on the relative areas. Snow Plough [Cost: 1000 Points] Purchased on the Bumper, allowing the Bus to drive through all Enemies. Open Hatch [Cost: 1000 Points] Purchased on the Roof, allowing access to the Roof from inside of the Bus. Climbable Ladder [Cost: 1000 Points] Purchased on the Left Side, allowing access to the Roof from outside of the Bus. Buildables: To further enhance the Bus, Buildables can be applied to the relative areas. Portable Power [Parts: Fan/Mannequin/Rudder] Found at the Bloodhound Bus Depot and applied to the Back, increases the velocity. Riot Shield [Parts: Car Door/Trolley/Rope] Found at the North Highway Diner and applied to the Right Side, protects the entryway. Sentry Turret [Parts: Lawn Mower/Rifle Barrel/Ammo Belt] Found at the Farmland and applied to the Front Roof, increases Bus velocity. Electric Trap [Parts: Car Battery/Metal Rod/TV Screen] Found at the Power Plant and applied to the Middle Roof, electrifies windows. Lantern [Parts: Bulb/Lamp/Bucket] Found at the Quarry and applied to the Front Headlights, disperses the Fog/Smog. T.E.D.D.: Don’t annoy the Bus Driver! Dealing damage to T.E.D.D. will cause his Prosthetic Skin to deteriorate and increase his Anger Meter. Causing his Anger Meter to reach 100% will cause his eyes to turn from Blue to Red, and for him to propel you to Nuketown - awakening all of the dormant A.D.A.M. and E.V.E. Mannequins in the area for Insanity Mode. If you manage to calm T.E.D.D., via a game of Simon on the Nuketown Sign, you will obtain free journeys for the duration of the match. Support: Cerebral U.F.O. Brain & Nervous System of Peter McCain stored within a Bio-Mass Processor, appears in random areas dropping Bonus Points Power-Ups. Kill to get a Perk Bottle Power-Up. Arthur Arthur was the Servant to and close counsel of the Wolf King, before being flung through time to Purgatory Point. His mind scattered and overwhelmed by the ensuing chaos, he hid in the Jail Cell. Now, he rests there in a deep slumber trying to recover from his trauma. But should he be given the right incentive, he will return the favor with a free random Power-Up. Hazards: Fog White Vapor Clouds dispersed between Points Of Interest, minimizing visibility and disorientating Zombies. Negated by Lantern. Smog Green Nova 6 Clouds which are released periodically between Points Of Interest, causes uncontrollable choking and can be lethal with prolonged exposure. Negated by Gas Mask. Toxic Waste Green Acid Pools spread throughout the entirety of Green Run, causes chemical burning and can be lethal with prolonged exposure. Negated by Hazmat Suit. Standard Enemies: Zombies Found: All Types: Civilians/Workers/Prisoners/Surgeons/Hospital Patients/Asylum Patients/Scientists Eye Color: White Description: Regular Variant of Zombies with Normal Health. Soldier Zombies Found: Cornfields/Power Plant/National Park/Quarry Eye Color: White Description: Armored Variant of Zombies with Extra Head/Body Protection. Creepy Crawlers Found: Power Plant/Nuketown Eye Color: N/A Description: Blind genetic abominations who crawl on the ground, expelling Nova 6 Gas when killed. Vermin Enemies: Hellhounds Found: All Eye Color: Yellow Description: Pack of Dogs which spawn every 5 Rounds. Denizens Found: Cornfields Eye Color: Yellow Description: Underground Dwellers who will latch onto Players heads and scratch them repeatedly. Sasquatches Found: National Park Eye Color: Yellow Description: The Missing Link between Human and Ape which patrol their habitat. Amphibians Found: National Park Eye Color: Yellow Description: Creatures from the murky depths who steal Power-Ups and bring them back to their Lagoon. Jumping Jacks Found: Construction Site Eye Color: N/A Description: Blind genetic abominations who leap into the air, expelling Nova 6 Gas when killed. Ghosts Found: Ghost Town Eye Color: Yellow Description: Spectral Wild Western Civilians who steal increments of 1000 Points from Players. Special Enemies: Napalm Chef Found: North Highway Diner Eye Color: Red Description: Walks around and emits fire near Players to burn them. Shrieker Waitress Found: North Highway Diner Eye Color: Red Description: Runs around and screams orders at Players to stun them. Marauding Farmer Found: Farmland/Cornfields Eye Color: Red Description: Monstrous Farmer who sprints around at high speeds, slashing Players with his scythe and pitchfork. Thrasher Ranger Found: National Park Eye Color: Red Description: Park Ranger consumed by vegetation who consumes Players and carries them in his stomach. Quarterback Brute Found: Town Center Eye Color: Red Description: Gargantuan Jock who charges at Players, hitting them with his Helmet if they pass by. Cheerleader Harpies Found: Town Center Eye Color: Red Description: Swarm who follow the Quarterback Brute and restore his Health when near enough. Cyclops Found: Fog/Smog Eye Color: N/A Description: Blinded Cyclops monstrosity who roams the streets, using soundwaves to perceive its surroundings and obstructing the Bus if possible. Avogadro Found: All Eye Color: N/A Description: An Electric Being who traverses Hanford and zaps Players with lightning, foreshadowed by a storm and killed via Melee Attack. Raid Bosses: Cerberus Found: Farmland Eye Color: Red Description: Vicious Three-Headed Dog who barks fire at Players to burn them. Jubokko Found: National Park Eye Color: Red Description: Lumbering Treeant who envelops Players in vines. Bosses: War Found: Cornfields Eye Color: White Description: The Corrupted Soul of Dempsey, War rides around raining blood to harm Players. Famine Found: Power Plant Eye Color: White Description: The Corrupted Soul of Nikolai, Famine rides around blazing fires to burn Players. Pestilence Found: National Park Eye Color: White Description: The Corrupted Soul of Takeo, Pestilence rides around emanating gas to choke Players. Death Found: Quarry Eye Color: White Description: The Corrupted Soul of Richtofen, Death rides around casting shadows to consume Players. Conquest Found: Nuketown Eye Color: White Description: The Avogadro Reborn, Conquest rides around striking storms to electrocute Players. "Green Run" Trophies/Achievements: Day of Reckoning (Silver Trophy/75G) In TranZition, obey “His” voice. In The Land Of The Blind (Bronze Trophy/30G) In TranZition, have all Doors opened without choking on Smog. The One-Eyed Man Is King (Bronze Trophy/5G) In TranZition, pacify a Cyclops without being noticed. Bus From The Beyond (Bronze Trophy/15G) In TranZition, complete all upgrades to the Bus in a single match. Tools Of The Trade (Bronze Trophy/25G) In TranZition, craft all 10 Buildables in a single match. Reign It In (Bronze Trophy/15G) In TranZition, defeat “Them” without being attacked by “Them”. Macabre Menagerie (Bronze Trophy/10G) In TranZition, slay one of each Cryptid in a single match. Carbon Footprint (Bronze Trophy/10G) In TranZition, travel to each POI without using the Bus. Put It On My Tab (Bronze Trophy/10G) In TranZition, buy 4 different Perk-a-Cola’s before turning on the Power. Lost And Found (Bronze Trophy/10G) In TranZition, reacquire your Loadout. "Green Run" Hidden Trophy/Achievement: Off The Rails (Gold Trophy/15G) In TranZition, venture down Bus Route B. “Great Leap Forward” DLC Pack Trophies/Achievements: Sky High (Silver Trophy/75G) In Great Leap Forward, be the architect of “His” destruction.. Dizzier (Bronze Trophy/10G) In Great Leap Forward, fling 10 Zombies at once. Crazy With Power (Bronze Trophy/30G) In Great Leap Forward, turn on the Power before reaching Round 10. Elevated (Bronze Trophy/35G) In Great Leap Forward, gain access to PhD Flopper. Cleaning In Progress (Bronze Trophy/15G) In Great Leap Forward, kill 10 Zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.. Awakening The Dragons (Bronze Trophy/10G) In Great Leap Forward, face the Dragons head-on before reaching Round 5. You’re A Lifesaver (Bronze Trophy/10G) In Great Leap Forward, revive a teammate from another Skyscraper. “Great Leap Forward” DLC Pack Hidden Trophy/Achievement: Eye Of Providence (Gold Trophy/15G) In Great Leap Forward, accept fate and begin anew. “Resolution 1295” DLC Pack Trophies/Achievements: Ground Low (Silver Trophy/75G) In Resolution 1295, be “His” pawn. Spectral Essence (Bronze Trophy/15G) In Resolution 1295, acquire a Perk-a-Cola for free. Lonely At The Bottom (Bronze Trophy/25G) In Resolution 1295, access all areas without the help of your old friend in one game. Bass Drop Down (Bronze Trophy/10G) In Resolution 1295, drop the beat on Zombies 100 times.. Sweet Tooth (Bronze Trophy/10G) In Resolution 1295, appease the Sleeping Giant’s appetite. Expose The Gazebo (Bronze Trophy/30G) In Resolution 1295, discover the Golden Pack-A-Punch Machine by Round 1. Blast From The Past (Bronze Trophy/10G) In Resolution 1295, overwrite history. Over The Hedge (Bronze Trophy/35G) In Resolution 1295, skip the Hedge Maze in three different ways in a single match. LSAT Against The Wall (Bronze Trophy/20G) In Resolution 1295, purchase the LSAT off the wall and Golden Pack-A-Punch it. When The Resolution Comes (Bronze Trophy/20G) In Resolution 1295, escape from Processing. “Resolution 1295” DLC Pack Hidden Trophy/Achievement: Shifting Plates (Gold Trophy/15G) In Resolution 1295, mend the Rift.
  10. After discussing with a few members on the Discord about their ideas to improve TranZit should we ever see it again, I had the idea to make a thread for discussing potential ideas for a TranZit Remake. I wanna get whatever ideas people have and collate them here, whether they be big fully developed ideas or just a thought here and there. Later on I will be replying with my own idea for a remake, but for now I didn't want to weigh down the initial post and instead just open the field out to everyone to get the wheel rolling. So, CoDZ Community, how would you fix TranZit?
  11. Thank you all! @Lenne I've kept up with Zombies. For all of BO4 I basically knew nothing about what the community thought of anything other than the gameplay stuff but I'm caught up now.
  12. Hello, This is sort of a re-introduction post actually. I was an active member here a few years ago under the name "Nightmare Voyager" and then I left because I sorta got disgruntled with the Internet in general. I wasn't entirely sure I would come back, I didn't feel a need to for a long time because I very much distanced myself from the Zombies community by then. However, with the advent of the Dark Aether Story, and me slowly falling back into browsing the forum and watching the Podcast, I kind of had to come back. The Zombies community seems to always be overwhelmed by its negative side, but whenever I pop in here it's always super positive and the discussion is top notch. I have a lot of stuff I am working on to share with you guys too. Since before Black Ops III released I had been working on an idea for a map that basically got caught in Development Hell for years... until now. Inspiration basically hit me like lightning and now I am working on a whole series of concepts entitled the "Nether Story", which follows on from the ending of Revelations. That's also where my name comes from, it's the name of an intel system (much like what was recently revealed)… I'll explain it in due time. For now though, it's good to be back.
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