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  1. It's definitely a leak. This is a picture of some code I saw from the COD website whilst using inspect element.
  2. According to Charlie Intel, a very reputable COD website, an image of the next zombies DLC has been leaked http://charlieintel.com/2016/03/19/new-promotional-call-duty-site-reveals-first-look-dlc2s-zombies-map/
  3. Yes i've played them all but I don't have Ghosts or AW as I thought they were trash. I know alot of the storyline, I found the forum because a few people from PTG told me to come here.
  4. I have all the COD games :) Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  5. Hello my name is Luke. I'm looking to play some zombies games and maybe make some friends.
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