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  1. I think that for some donors, not all that this could work, (I.e. spider cave in zetsobou)
  2. I wouldn't say my Sprite animations are great, but they are good enough to suffice. Again, open source so feel free to mod as you please.
  3. For anyone who wishes to help with this project, I will be posting up our official Discord for the project. Feel free to join, and help us make this the best fan project this side of agartha. https://discord.gg/aezaQPQ
  4. The door opening mechanics sound good, but for more specific on maps. (Gotta make sure the open source is intuitive. :P) and the setting is of whatever we come up with. Both will result in interesting stories.
  5. So I am going to be making perks soon, all of which will be options. If anyone has some ideas for some, let me know.
  6. Dude, it’s been a good minute since I last saw you around here. Welcome back!

    1. Uneven Pixel

      Uneven Pixel

      Thanks. It has been a while

  7. The project is a little daunting as far as scope, but I am already 2 months into the engine and quite happy with its progress.
  8. The engine will be created in game maker studio 2, and will be completely made from scratch. I did look at the unity series, and while it is an excellent set of maps, there are a couple reasons why I am not using them. 1. It ties into the official zombies storyline, which I dont want. It limits our creative freedom and could potentially get the project shut down should treyarch or Activision feel it's a violation of their copyright 2. With a map series that is all listed on this site, there is no intrigue into finding parts of the story through the game, especially if you can just go see the next map in the series online. Again, love his maps, and may consider doing a series with them in it, but for the time being, I want to focus on an original story.
  9. Hello! It's been a long while since I have been to these forums, but I wanted to get back into this community and also go back to making top down zombie engines again, as I miss those days. I am currently in the process of making a new engine, and I am looking to make a series of maps with their own storyline, lore, weapons, characters, and mechanics. Mechanics and weapons are mostly my area of mastery when making these, but the lore and storyline are a bit more difficult for me to come up with on my own. So I wanted to task the best experts on this: the community! I am looking for any suggestions, links, and or collaborations. The engine in question will be open source, but also a dedicated version of the game will be made with the official story and maps. I do this so that anyone can go in and make their own maps in this engine, but also so that way that eggs and such can be hidden without being leaked in the open source. Please feel free to make suggestions to the mechanics here, and PM me if you wish to be part of this project, whether in lore and storyline, or in voicing characters in the game later on. Remember, this project is free, open source, and meant for the community's enjoyment. I hope to gain nothing other than credit for my work and a closer bond with the rest of this amazing community. Cheers! Download latest version (Currently Pre-Alpha 1.1) Controls List (Not in project yet) April 14th, 2019 So I have been working hard to get the project as far along as I possibly can, and here are your first update notes! (These are also on the official Discord as well) Version Pre-Alpha 1.0 April 14th, 2019 -5 weapons *Kronos *Falcon *PittBull *BearClaw *N27 -Waves -Zombies -Shield *Parts *Crafting Table *Protecting Back -Health -Game Over -Doors -WallBuys -Melee -Zoning -3 Power ups *Obliteration (Insta-Kill) *Fissile Fuel (Max Ammo) *Cosmic Profit (Double Points) -Voice Acting for the announcer -Voice Acting for Magnus -Zombie Voices I will be posting a dropbox link soon for anyone wishing to try the engine and bugtest it. Again, I do hope that you all participate, as I want this project to be as much mine as it is yours. Any feature you wish to suggest please post here or in our Discord Server. Cheers! April 18th, 2019 So, four days (or nights I suppose. XD) and I have some more updates. Also, I would like to begin putting up live streams of me programming every Saturday if that's cool with everyone. Aaaanyways happy easter and I will talk to you guys later. Version Pre-Alpha 1.1 April 14th, 2019 -1 power up *Atomic Victory -4 player local coop (requires gamepad, i.e. xbox control, joysticks, etc.) -Gamepad support (Can toggle keyboard Controls) -Title menu -Updated zombie voices (more, and changed the originals) -5 Weapons *M64 Beowolf *Schmeiser (MP40) *TM-19 *Archer 89 *Invicerator (Wonderweapon) -Inverted power up scale (lower chances at later rounds, capped at 5% drop rate) -Pandora's Box (Mystery Box) P.S. First download link, here Have fun with that
  10. Wow it's been a while. Good to see some familiar faces. I just got done with a contract programming job and I'm back at making zombies clones. I might want to start with your series to build the engine around if that's alright.
  11. I love it as well. If I could, with your permission, I would put it in a future DLC. It seems like a very well thought out map that I would love to play!
  12. Welcome to the forums KG Richtofen :)

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