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  1. You will do great things here. not a promise. not a force. not a guarantee. it's the truth. Welcome to CODZ, new member!

  2. my highest round on dead ops arcade is the second or third level of the prison, so round 10-11. i want tips for staying alive, and also my controller stick is crappy, so it stops shooting randomly. any tips? and post your highest round, too.
  3. if you guys want to see my youtube channel, here is a link: http://youtube.com/channel/UCQTi2Z6a3aHMRLExX3scxXA/videos

  4. ntz is my 5th fav, and i have a list of my fav zombie maps here (extinction,ntz, kdt,zis,tfr, and buried) if you don't get the initials, ntz=nuketown zombies, kdt=kino der toten, zombies in spaceland, and the final reich. grosten haus, five, and ntz (on high rounds) are just hard.
  5. any plans for the weekend? my dad's birthday is on sunday the 31st. happy B-day dad!
  6. i think the unique map elements are; buildables, weapon closet, bank, sliding (only in die rise and buried), and the towers. some people hate the victus crew, but i love them. i think stuhlinger is funny, too. i just really love the buried intro as well, because it shows you what happened in between the maps, using images from the zombies comics, and just looks amazing! i especially love it when leroy nurses a crawler, because treyarch put so much into leroy's movements, and it is just funny watching him holding a crawler.
  7. have you ever played red dead redemption? how about undead nightmare? here are links for some images of them (red dead redemption)> https://www.google.com/search?q=red+dead+redemption+1&rlz=1CAPRBF_enUS915&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjRzdWl5MHuAhVQOs0KHZKYDKUQ_AUoAnoECBQQBA&biw=1517&bih=853&safe=active&ssui=on (undead nightmare)> http://google.com/search?q=undead+nightmare&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjW2fOm5MHuAhWTdqwKHcM8Ds0Q2-cCegQIABAA&oq=unde&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQARgAMgQIABBDMgQIABBDMgQIABBDMgQIABBDMgQIABBDMgQIABBDMgQIABBDMgcIABCxAxBDMgQIABBDMgQIABBDOgUIABCxAzoICAAQsQMQgwE6AggAUNHBBFjxygRg5dQEaABwAHgAgAGEAYgB4AOSAQMwLjSYAQCgAQGqAQtnd3Mtd2l6LWltZ7ABAMABAQ&sclient=img&ei=c1UUYJbUC5PtsQXD-bjoDA&bih=853&biw=1517&rlz=1CAPRBF_enUS915&safe=active&ssui=on
  8. i actually have 2 disks for the xbox 360 that work for xbox one, so for the xbox one we downloaded the vengeance map pack, but currently i'm playing rdr1 (red dead redemption 1) and i am having fun!
  9. oh and i looked it up, they do take place in the pacific ocean
  10. i will make this post soon, but what is your favorite bo2 zombies map? i haven't played buried in 3-5 years, and i keep getting serious nostalgia playing it! also i have never played motd, but it seems fun! i am not yet a man, nor a old teen, so 3-5 years is a lot for me!
  11. do you mean Cove? and did know that you can see hijacked when you look out of the Cove on a certain side? i love that they added that! and cove is just small and great in my opinion. i believe slums could be my 10th, and standoff my 2nd, because everyone loves hijacked! (legally not everyone)
  12. i love standoff, too. it's funny how standoff and buried, my two favorite maps, are next to each other in blackout. but i bet hijacked will be no.1
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