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  1. Hoping that in the new Zombie modes that are to be added in S1, this will be added as a proper zombies survival map. Until then, this will need to do
  2. I can vouch for this. Me and @clueless ran a few games yesterday doing the launcher challenges and it quickly ( especially anything other than solo ) gets hectic and fast quick. Penthouse and Truck strats are easy set up and easily done and makes the game very simple but doesn’t really give you any accomplishment other than maybe getting to a high round. Personally I’m enjoying the game and the grind and I feel like it is balanced for different types of players which is good for everyone. Oh and to add to this, when the sprinters come after round 50, you better have your
  3. Hi All! I thought I’d make a little camo thread for everyone to be able to see what the Zombie camos look like in game etc. I will update this thread frequently as I and others work our way through the camos to showcase them off to you. I will also put the weapons into sections to keep this as tidy as possible. For anyone wishing to contribute you are more than welcome to send in some screenshots of mastery camos and I will update the thread and credit you. Hope you all enjoy! SPECIAL LAUNCHERS
  4. Plenty more to come my good friend!
  5. Cheers mate. So glad you told me about this last night now. I can finally enjoy the game again
  6. Dude those IW Zombies guides was me in my prime. Gonna come up with something similar for CW. Thanks mate feels so good to be back in full swing again
  7. Edit* Nuketown is here and I completely forgot about the 2XP and 2X weapon XP that comes along with it. It lasts until Monday.. Happy grinding
  8. Welcome friend! Sorry for the late reply to your thread I’m just catching up as I’ve been busy with work recently.. Really hope you enjoy your time here and make some new friends. Keep going for those eggs because once you do one, your hooked! If you ever need any help with them or just for someone to play with I’m available through the week some nights and mostly at weekends. Have fun and stay safe
  9. Welcome to CODZ Hope you enjoy your time here and find some useful and wonderful things that is zombie heads love to share. I’m personally loving CWZ at the moment. Currently grinding Dark Aether camo and believe me - it’s a GRIND. Hoping we see more maps & content added soon to keep us occupied and hunting for more Easter Eggs.
  10. Hi All! Hope everyone is keeping well during this pandemic and I wish you all the best through these hard times Just a quick update incase anyone is wondering, I decided to go for a little name change from “Blurryface” to “ZombiesIsKey” No real meaning behind it other than wanting a change and it being my username for almost everything for a while now. Although with this, I would like to perhaps start my own YouTube channel where I can upload videos to share with you lot of lovely people. Hope this is in the right place too Stay saf
  11. Of course you can! I’ll add you later on tonight
  12. Just a little reminder for those who may not know yet that Nuketown ‘84 drops for BOCW tomorrow! Assuming this is only for MP but would love to see it placed into zombies somehow as I would imagine it would be great fun. Have fun
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