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  1. Hey I'm trying to get directors cut in spaceland IV been trying with a friend but we need some help do u think you can help out or know of any one who can greatly appreciated 

    1. ZombiesIsKey


      Hi Dude.


      Do you have discord at all and we can tallk better on there? I would need to redownload IW but thats no problem as I would love to help! ?

  2. Could I please request from one of you lovely admins we get a Dead of the Night section please?! I will get some guides and strategies up ?

    1. Lenne


      We have one it is at the bottom of the BO IIII section. Or is it not visible to you?

    2. Boom115


      Moved it to the top

  3. 1 hour until launch, 5 guides made in 1 day, months of waiting and it has all come down to this. To everyone at CODZ, I hope y'all enjoy BO4 and I hope to get some games with everyone too. Such a great family to be part of.

    Emotional Blurry out!

    1. ZombiesIsKey


      Thanks brother, appreciate that!

    2. Lenne
  4. I had to stop by. I LOVE your sig.



  5. If you reply to this... You are awesome for being active on here. +1 Cookie :shout48:

    1. Lenne


      Cookies you say?



    2. Inconcievable


      I like cookies! What kind are they?

    3. Inconcievable


      Man, I just want my cookie.

  6. Credit to Lee Ross. Really enjoying DLC 3 and the fact the the beautiful Elvira is there just makes it 1000% better!

  7. Hope everyone enjoys Chronicles! :D

  8. I love you man

  9. Going to hopefully have my fully completed IW Ultimate Zombies guide posted by the end of the weekend!

    1. anonymous


      I look forward to it. Although I don't have the game, Im pretty curious how it works

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