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  1. Cheers mate. So glad you told me about this last night now. I can finally enjoy the game again
  2. Yeah dude it’s an absolute pain. Have shotguns diamond, knife gold and now working on the M79. Only done 250 or so of the one shots... The launchers are no better tbh, apart from the fact the RPG is a tiny bit more powerful. I’d also recommend to stay in the game for as long as you can especially for the launchers as you really need them fully upgraded to maximise your progress with them. Let me know how you get on with that mate @clueless
  3. Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying Cold War as much as I have been. I have been grinding out the camo challenges as I’m REALLY excited to show how bad ass I have been at zombies and get that Dark Aether camo All joking aside I’ve came up with a mini strategy that may help everyone with a few of the challenges especially the critical kills. The Strategy So the strategy is pretty simple and doesn’t take too much to set up. For the first 10 rounds you want to be using the knife to maximise your points as much as possible. Keep one zombie alive and go and get the weapon that you are grinding out. You want to PAP it, get your perks ( I recommend Speed Cola & Deadshot ) and grab a chopper gunner. Head on up to the roof of Nacht and keep debris at the back closed as this is where we are going to be standing. When the next wave starts zombies are only going to be coming ahead of you and from the rocks on the left just beside the wonder fizz machine. From here you will be able to use Deadshot to your advantage and slam your triggers for I get headshots and multi kills etc. Rounds will fly by and you should be able to hold out here till round 20-26. When it’s getting uncomfortable you can either choose to exfil and start again or simply leave Nacht and go to your preferred training area to continue. For the Megatons, when they spawn use your Aether Shroud and while this is active shoot the heck out of him and get him to split. Once your shroud is finished, finish him off with the chopper gunner and repeat. PAP your weapon and upgrade it’s rarity as time goes on to maximise your killing time and also to make the Megatons easier. I will update this thread with a video soon as I get the time to make one. Happy Zombie Hunting everyone and good luck to everyone on the Dark Aether ground. Extra good luck to anyone who is grind the thumper... I know your pain!
  4. Hey I'm trying to get directors cut in spaceland IV been trying with a friend but we need some help do u think you can help out or know of any one who can greatly appreciated 

    1. ZombiesIsKey


      Hi Dude.


      Do you have discord at all and we can tallk better on there? I would need to redownload IW but thats no problem as I would love to help! ?

  5. Could I please request from one of you lovely admins we get a Dead of the Night section please?! I will get some guides and strategies up ?

    1. Lenne


      We have one it is at the bottom of the BO IIII section. Or is it not visible to you?

    2. Boom115


      Moved it to the top

  6. 1 hour until launch, 5 guides made in 1 day, months of waiting and it has all come down to this. To everyone at CODZ, I hope y'all enjoy BO4 and I hope to get some games with everyone too. Such a great family to be part of.

    Emotional Blurry out!

    1. ZombiesIsKey


      Thanks brother, appreciate that!

    2. Lenne
  7. I had to stop by. I LOVE your sig.



  8. If you reply to this... You are awesome for being active on here. +1 Cookie :shout48:

    1. Lenne


      Cookies you say?



    2. Inconcievable


      I like cookies! What kind are they?

    3. Inconcievable


      Man, I just want my cookie.

  9. Credit to Lee Ross. Really enjoying DLC 3 and the fact the the beautiful Elvira is there just makes it 1000% better!

  10. Hope everyone enjoys Chronicles! :D

  11. I love you man

  12. Going to hopefully have my fully completed IW Ultimate Zombies guide posted by the end of the weekend!

    1. anonymous


      I look forward to it. Although I don't have the game, Im pretty curious how it works

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