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  1. I believe that as well, BO3 has made it incredibly tough to get your story across without shit like cutscenes and all that jazz. So if anything I coulda dodged a whole bullet on this one.
  2. I uh, Have entirely given up on that for the time being as for it becoming a map. However, I think I want to attempt and hone my writing skills rather than make it into a map at this moment in time. Would ya still like to see somethin about it?
  3. That's a myth in BO1, not sure about BO3 though
  4. Damn you're right, I somehow forgot we are on the GOOD side of the Zombies Community
  5. To answer your question, Consult the Kronorium.
  6. I'd be more than down to do somethin like this, been a rather silent member of the community since it was even formed.
  7. Because of the little push I needed thanks to Anon I have decided to announce my first of many projects that I will be doing using the BO3 mod tools! For starters, I want to announce that the project itself will consist of multiple maps that take place after the supposed ending that was Tag Der Toten on BO4. That leads to multiple questions I'm sure, but you must bare with me as I won't simply reveal everything to you all at once, I mean come on this is the Zombies community after all, if I just gave you all the answers there'd be no fun in that! What I can give you however, is the basic story
  8. November 6th 1945: With the official statement being released from Dr. Schuster himself that Group 935 has come to an end, it is time that I report my findings to the OSS immediately. The things I've seen, the things we've done, it's a marvel in technological advancements that could very-well help turn the tides of a conflict I foresee arising between the US and Soviet Union. I will forever stand with the states, but I fear that someone will do the same as I am planning considering many Russians were a part of Group 935 completely unaware of Dr. Maxis' deal with the Nazi Party. Call it a
  9. The story is quite simple, really. At least it started that way, it wouldn't last too damned long however thanks to the meddling of the Shadowman and his pals manipulating you feeble minded humans throughout the billions of years this world of mine has been around. But to bring it to a beginning, and believe me there WAS a beginning, it'd be what I'm about to tell you. When your comprehension of time began, you didn't even exist yet! Let me just say this right off the bat, time is an illusion and doesn't truly exist, you people simply created it on a whim! Honestly gave me hope for you lot whe
  10. I'm a simple man. My stance is one of cold precision. What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age. Ice Staff > Everything Else
  11. Oh dear god just when I thought my creative juices for Zombies were gone, the community revitalizes it for me. This is probably the best idea I've seen in a very long time. I will be sure to participate.
  12. For my english class, we're currently going over the job interview process and what you need to do for it and such, basically things that a five year old should know by age four as JonTron would say. I put together a fake job interview request to Group 935 simply because I could, and I thought I'd share it with this lovely forum. Hope I get the A, as this was worth 100 summative points. Without further ado, here is the job-interview request from me if I were in the CODZ Universe. Note: Not everything is storyline-correct for simplicity's sake. Dates do not match up with the official timeline b
  13. I'll have to listen to all of these, none of them are familiar to me and I am incredibly interested by this list, very interested.
  14. I have often thought about what songs I'd have playing for specific Zombie maps for some reason. Like say for example Treyarch didn't want to do their own music stuff for their maps, they'd just use music from other artists and such. Shit like that kinda interests me, and with that I composed a list of all the maps and different music I would use to fit the map well. Hopefully you enjoy my own little creativity break! (Warning: considering my music taste consists of 90% A7X they'll be here an awful lot.) Nacht Der Untoten: War Pigs: Black Sabbath Verruckt: Sanitarium: Metallic
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