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  1. Finally being able to see an in-game pre-alpha screenshot of Tranzit is wonderful. This entire dump really does emphasize the sheer ambition that Treyarch had going into Tranzit. Such a damn shame that the technology of the time limited them.
  2. Was doing some searching earlier through the Internet Archive and managed to find this cool in development picture of Shangri-La in game. No clue of course how far in development it is, but of course it's easy to tell that it's the spawn room. It looks a bit more spacious to me though, not sure if it's just the angle that makes it look much bigger than it is or not but whatever. It was certainly incredibly interesting to find a screenshot I'd never seen before in a midst of the same BO3 pre-alpha screenshots and concept art that we've all seen thousands of times before. This greatly has me intrigued, figured I'd put this here to see if there could be more leads if someone bothers to check this place again like me.
  3. Figured I'd hand it to you same as I did Anon, since I just remembered time-zones are a bitch. No idea if this is allowed on the site but hey, here ya go if it isn't.


  4. Hey Anon, not sure if this is allowed here but it comes off as scummy to me so I thought I'd hand it over to ya.


    1. anonymous


      Thank you sir the issue is handled by other mods now. Excuse me, I was just on holiday for a period.

  5. I'm a man who can't stick to his word what can I say

  6. Alright so I lied about that one, not into this series anymore and have just about entirely moved on. Thanks for the memories at least, while they had lasted.

  7. I still intend to make posts around here, Zombies has been my life for 12 years and that isn't going to stop anytime soon.

  8. Hey all, I've been a longtime dweller on this site but only just made an account for it to commemorate my love for Zombies. Been a fan since WaW and I think of myself as a creative fan of Zombies. Hopefully you enjoy my work, thank you for reading!

    1. anonymous


      Welkom to the family buddy! Glad to see that after those years of playing zombies, you've found us! Hope you'll enjoy it here and look forward to your content!

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