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  1. Figured I'd hand it to you same as I did Anon, since I just remembered time-zones are a bitch. No idea if this is allowed on the site but hey, here ya go if it isn't.


  2. Hey Anon, not sure if this is allowed here but it comes off as scummy to me so I thought I'd hand it over to ya.


    1. anonymous


      Thank you sir the issue is handled by other mods now. Excuse me, I was just on holiday for a period.

  3. I think in the trailer Kravchenko says something about how there is some kind of ancient evils coming around to play, seeing Zykov would be incredibly interesting but I personally believe it's something new or a familiar face, but who that familiar face would be is where I'm drawing blanks. Shadowman definitely didn't get himself an upgrade, pretty sure the Apothicon Gods are having their way with him after his failure, but I digress. I'm never not gonna call it Skeletor
  4. I'm a man who can't stick to his word what can I say

  5. Yes I haven't been seen in awhile. Yes I said that I was done with Zombies after the real Aether story was finished but honestly man I wouldn't dare show my face again unless something genuinely interested me so here we are. Got interested after reading some more intel overtime and since I have a new PC set-up coming in and I own Cold War on Battlenet, fuck it let's come back for a bit and see if my morbid curiosity is warranted. Regardless, I like the way this looks so far. Being a classic era Zombies fan and hearing Berlin admittedly makes me giddy. Not sure what to make of my buddy Skeletor invading Berlin though, I assume he's been the one mimicking Dr Vogel but who knows, perhaps he's an even older face of some kind. Wonder what the common consensus is thus far, but what I do know is that I'll be playing it whenever my update finishes because I'm looking forward to it Also, Mule Kick's new design kicks MAJOR ass and if you disagree you're just plain and simply wrong.
  6. Alright so I lied about that one, not into this series anymore and have just about entirely moved on. Thanks for the memories at least, while they had lasted.

  7. I still intend to make posts around here, Zombies has been my life for 12 years and that isn't going to stop anytime soon.

  8. Man is already back to the old grind R e s p e c t
  9. I'd be more than down to do somethin like this, been a rather silent member of the community since it was even formed.
  10. November 6th 1945: With the official statement being released from Dr. Schuster himself that Group 935 has come to an end, it is time that I report my findings to the OSS immediately. The things I've seen, the things we've done, it's a marvel in technological advancements that could very-well help turn the tides of a conflict I foresee arising between the US and Soviet Union. I will forever stand with the states, but I fear that someone will do the same as I am planning considering many Russians were a part of Group 935 completely unaware of Dr. Maxis' deal with the Nazi Party. Call it a hunch, but I firmly believe Cornelius Pernell will be of great importance as far as getting a task-force authorized to move in on Der Riese and snag what little research is left after the outbreak. Rumors are that Richtofen himself visited the site soon after the outbreak occurred, but I'm not entirely sure how accurate that is. Nobody had heard from him for quite awhile before anything serious ever went down. With the information released by Schuster in his report, he said that within 935 was a division Richtofen ran called 601 that opposed Maxis' decisions of Nazi Party association. Who woulda known a secret division existed within an already top-secret research group? Clearly not me considering I was never aware of 601, but 601 is to be kept secret by all former members, regardless of who we align with. I will stick to this promise, but my overwhelming loyalty lies with none other than the US and if push comes to shove, 601's research will not remain secretive, especially with all that has been revealed through this document of resignation. According to Schuster, they established a station on the god-damn moon of all places for Richtofen's own private research. Only the elite of 601 even had a lick of knowledge as to what it was about. Something about Vril-Ya technology and the gate-way to unlimited power? Considering the things I've seen with my time in 935, I must admit that this doesn't sound entirely fiction to me. Regardless, I will report this to the OSS. They'll have a field day with the research we've unearthed through 115, I'll surely be promoted to some kind of high position of authority with whatever they find themselves doing with it. Because of the respect I have for the man, I will leave out his crimes in my report. In times of war, you do as you're told and nothing but. Otherwise, you become a victim yourself. To all Group 935 and 601 members; this is Doctor Reinhard Schuster, and I am here to address to you the information that I never, ever wished to be on the end of giving out. As of today, November 5th 1945, all functions of Group 935 and Division Group 601 will have come to an end with the loss of the primary Der Riese facility to our experiments. You are to leave your posts and return home to your families that Dr. Maxis once said you must keep in the dark. Our secrets, will no longer remain secrets. I wholeheartedly expect you to report our activities to your governments, but just be aware that I am not to be held accountable for any rule breaking from this so-called "Geneva Convention" rumored to be in development with the assistance of over 196 countries. This however is not an attempt to keep me from atoning to my own crimes against humanity that I've committed as an active member of both 935 and 601. Every night the faces of every P.O.W I executed on Griffin Station haunt me. The terrible looks of fear on their faces before I personally gunned them down to power the machine Dr. Richtofen was researching... It truly is an act of terror that I have committed that I shall never forget. As some may know who are part of 601, I am the sole survivor of the Griffin Station Outbreak. I bare knowledge too cursed for one to keep record of, that is why I will vehemently ask that those of you who were part of 601 to not reveal at least that to your governments. The powers we sought to unravel on the Moon-Base are far too great for us. We weren't meant to uphold it. To all the Group 935 members who are likely scratching your heads at the mention of 601, allow me to fill you in. Group 601 is a fragment of 935 that Dr. Edward Richtofen himself founded along with myself and Dr. Friedrich Groph in an effort to distance himself from Dr. Maxis' increasingly Nazi-Controlled 935. As you all should know, the Nazis threatened to cut funding for 935's research without the full alignment to the Nazis. Richtofen considered this unacceptable and created 601 in hopes to stay true to Group 935's original motto; "To Improve the Human Condition." I will say that Richtofen had noble intentions, that would later become clouded by the power he sought through the M.P.D Project on Griffin Station... It's truly a shame, but alas. One cannot change history, and you're a fool if you try. With this all being said, I hope you can create a better tomorrow by letting your governments know of what we did as scientists together. 115 in the right hands will lead to a human revolution in technology and lead us towards a utopia. With this being said, I'm Dr. Schuster, and this is likely the last time I will ever address all of you together, collectively. Thank you for your time, and I hope this letter gets received in a timely fashion for you all.
  11. The story is quite simple, really. At least it started that way, it wouldn't last too damned long however thanks to the meddling of the Shadowman and his pals manipulating you feeble minded humans throughout the billions of years this world of mine has been around. But to bring it to a beginning, and believe me there WAS a beginning, it'd be what I'm about to tell you. When your comprehension of time began, you didn't even exist yet! Let me just say this right off the bat, time is an illusion and doesn't truly exist, you people simply created it on a whim! Honestly gave me hope for you lot when you started out, but soon I'd bite my tongue. Regardless, in the beginning there was nothing. And then poof, something came along. The Keepers and Apothicons can and will both agree that The First One popped into existence seemingly out of nowhere! Along with The First One came a fated book that would go by many names in history. Whether it be Al-Azif, The Necronomicon, or just known as the Knowledge Bearer, the real name is "Kronorium" however. Many theorize the book itself is omnipresent and alive itself and continues to write itself with an endless number of pages only manifesting what the reader can bear to imagine. That won't come into the equation until later, so allow me to continue on with the story of The First One if you please. The First One created life itself, created the Keepers which bear an uncanny resemblance to what can only be assumed looks like The First One. Thing is, none of you will ever know what a Keeper truly looks like! Your feeble little minds wouldn't be able to comprehend their true forms, it would tear your bloody heads apart! I digress, among these Keepers were myself and someone you know as the Shadowman. He wasn't always called "The Shadowman." I once called him friend... With the creation of the Keepers came the Aether. The very essence of existence floating between the known and unknown sides of the universe, keeping all things interwoven together so life could flourish! The First One needed a way to manipulate the Aether to its bidding, so it created The Summoning Key to do just that, the most powerful artifact in any universe to exist. Just as the old saying goes however, if one is to have good, there will always be evil. Unbeknownst to The First One, when The Aether was created, some of it was consumed with malice and was laid to waste deep below Creation where it would twist and churn into something far worse than anyone could ever conceive. Some Keepers journeyed into areas of Aether manipulation nobody ever dared to go and unleashed the darkness upon their very souls. Among those who experimented, was my good friend... I warned him not to do it, but alas he gave into temptation and I suppose fate willed it to be done. The First One was utterly dismayed by its creations trying to take hold of the mantle of responsibility within the multi-verse. That's exactly what the fallen Keepers tried to do, you know. Wipe the Keepers dedicated to The First One out as to forever stand as the superiors of the multi-verse. The Great Aether War began soon after. I was hand-picked by The First One itself to lead the Keepers into an all-out bloody war against my fallen brethren, now calling themselves Apothicons. Bloody bastards stole our language, our weaponry, everything you could imagine. Even after the millennia that has passed since we claimed victory over them, it hurts me to this very day. The war lasted for many, many centuries as you humans would calculate it. Truly there has never been a worse time for me, and I have to relive it over and over again keep in mind! When victory finally came, The First One banished the Apothicons below creation where this Dark Aether was held. I really wish it didn't, because the friend I once knew was banished right along with the others and would become such a great beastly figure I dare not mention it. The Keepers weren't exactly perfect either, I did my own fiddling with the Dark Aether in an attempt to bring my dearest friend back from the point of no return. His will, was not as strong as mine unfortunately. The First One banished me to be the overseer of a new creation that it declared as "Mankind." So that's my story, why I'm stuck here as a bumbling old-Englishman bearing my burden like a champion so my kind can continue to rule from afar. It's not all sunshine and fucking rainbows for dear old Monty, let me tell you that much! After my banishment, The First One simply vanished. Nobody has heard the voice of it since the war came to an end, many theorize that it simply willed itself out of existence out of disappointment leaving the Keepers as the sole guardians of the universe, but I'm not too sure. All I know for a certain is that the Apothicons claim that The First One is on their side, bunch of horse-shit that is! I'm done with this sch-peel, I'll leave you on this note Richtofen. I trust that with the Kronorium now in your possession you will do the right thing for us all.
  12. I'm a simple man. My stance is one of cold precision. What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age. Ice Staff > Everything Else
  13. Oh dear god just when I thought my creative juices for Zombies were gone, the community revitalizes it for me. This is probably the best idea I've seen in a very long time. I will be sure to participate.
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