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  1. Figured I'd hand it to you same as I did Anon, since I just remembered time-zones are a bitch. No idea if this is allowed on the site but hey, here ya go if it isn't.


  2. Hey Anon, not sure if this is allowed here but it comes off as scummy to me so I thought I'd hand it over to ya.


    1. anonymous


      Thank you sir the issue is handled by other mods now. Excuse me, I was just on holiday for a period.

  3. I think in the trailer Kravchenko says something about how there is some kind of ancient evils coming around to play, seeing Zykov would be incredibly interesting but I personally believe it's something new or a familiar face, but who that familiar face would be is where I'm drawing blanks. Shadowman definitely didn't get himself an upgrade, pretty sure the Apothicon Gods are having their way with him after his failure, but I digress. I'm never not gonna call it Skeletor
  4. I'm a man who can't stick to his word what can I say

  5. Yes I haven't been seen in awhile. Yes I said that I was done with Zombies after the real Aether story was finished but honestly man I wouldn't dare show my face again unless something genuinely interested me so here we are. Got interested after reading some more intel overtime and since I have a new PC set-up coming in and I own Cold War on Battlenet, fuck it let's come back for a bit and see if my morbid curiosity is warranted. Regardless, I like the way this looks so far. Being a classic era Zombies fan and hearing Berlin admittedly makes me giddy. Not sure what to make of my buddy Skeletor invading Berlin though, I assume he's been the one mimicking Dr Vogel but who knows, perhaps he's an even older face of some kind. Wonder what the common consensus is thus far, but what I do know is that I'll be playing it whenever my update finishes because I'm looking forward to it Also, Mule Kick's new design kicks MAJOR ass and if you disagree you're just plain and simply wrong.
  6. Alright so I lied about that one, not into this series anymore and have just about entirely moved on. Thanks for the memories at least, while they had lasted.

  7. I still intend to make posts around here, Zombies has been my life for 12 years and that isn't going to stop anytime soon.

  8. Hey all, I've been a longtime dweller on this site but only just made an account for it to commemorate my love for Zombies. Been a fan since WaW and I think of myself as a creative fan of Zombies. Hopefully you enjoy my work, thank you for reading!

    1. anonymous


      Welkom to the family buddy! Glad to see that after those years of playing zombies, you've found us! Hope you'll enjoy it here and look forward to your content!

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