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  1. I'll be back before you know it.

  2. Fine, I'm not your dad, do what you want lol
  3. ...lo, the sun sets on a weary day... ...but, what is tomorrow but another dawn? What is a circle, if you break through its designs? A future will dawn from the fate of the seventh well.
  4. ok now i can cry k i'ma take my break off CoDz now, y'all be good
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elxv8lps3_Y THE UNITY SERIES: (The Universe, while not knowing it, realizes the Angels and the Prophets as the true saviors of humanity and its other spectrum of species. The Sacrifice of Coalescence was their only chance, and they achieved it. The Universe is as aligned and unified as ever. Every living being within causality breathes the fire of life in their lungs, rejoicing in just living. Inside, the Coalescence is abound in pleasure for having created solace in the Universe once more.) UNITY (both versions):
  6. Day of the Epsilon A Map Concept by The Meh Weaponry provided by: The Meh/Nightmare Voyager Characters, Story, Map Layout: The Meh Creative Directors: Nightmare Voyager/HitmanVere Musical Assistance/Moral Support: Nightmare Voyager, “The Berry Master”, anonymous, Carnage Evoker, Lenne TIME TAKEN TO CREATE: February 13th, 2017 to April 2nd, 2021 Opening Cutscene: Silence. Phase in as images of the past present to you, frame by frame. Machina… Sands… Wings… Pillar… Prospect. The Entity siphon
  7. Thank you - all of you - for your kindness. It's... helped. Quite a bit. I've pretty much met my goal I mentioned in regards to having that map posted before I go, so I'll be taking off very momentarily, but... yeah, I really just wanted to communicate thanks. Y'all keep me going when it's rough. I should be back soon enough. I'd pray before Season 3 - god forbid Season 4. Cheers. Per aspera ad astra, right? -The Meh
  8. Wow. Funny how time works. Listen, we're just gonna pretend I didn't forget to post Day of the Epsilon a year ago, ok? It will be up tomorrow.
  9. Again. I am deeply sorry. For... everything.
  10. Hello. It is... March 30th, 2021. Approximately 928 days (just over two and a half years) since I was appointed a Dweller (then Moderator, later on) on September 14th, 2018. God, y'know, I can remember looking back fondly on that day, y'know? Just... brightly. The principle was off of a stressful post, airing my grievances over the course of the years preceding, and the years heading forward. It was... off of a lot of worry. I am very passionate about the well-being, freshness, and prosperity of CoDz, our lovely little abode, and... I was shocked that post was received well. I was
  11. I often forget how much I enjoy/enjoyed your strange brand of humor. Miss ya around here, Smith. Hope you find your way back someday.
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