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  1. Makes me wonder why they announced IX first back at the reveal event.
  2. All is fine, there is no need to apologize. It would be boring with all of us agreeing on everything. 😛
  3. If the whole community wanted an easier experience they could have just played casual.
  4. Lenne

    IX highest round

    Yeah on IX specifically I can see what you mean. After round 12 or so there is at least one heavy zombie per round.
  5. Lenne

    IX highest round

    You think the zombies are too agressive? I feel the oposite way.
  6. Zombies health on 200 on normal via the newest update! : (
  7. I love this game.

  8. Lenne

    Classified Highest round

    Played on the normal mode:
  9. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Updated. Wow never thought I'd see you again here. Nice to see that you are back. 🙂
  10. Lenne

    Shield shortcut

    Didn't know that. I usually just waited before opening the catwalk until Brutus spawned, but this seems better. 🙂 Welcome to the site also, @Slice.
  11. Lenne

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    This is one of the reasons why I love you. ❤️ Thank you PINNAZ! 🙂
  12. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Updated. 🙂
  13. Lenne

    How do you like the multiplayer?

    (Just a quick update.) So I played a couple of games today and I went positive in all of them and even almost dropped a 30 bomb. You know what helped? Dropping from 14 to 10 sens. haha I can definitely see myself playing this more now.
  14. Lenne

    Blood of the Dead highest round

    @SqueezeMyWiener- How did you get 200 health?
  15. So apperantly there is going to be the first couple of tweaks made by Treyarch this sunday on the 14th October or maybe today and because there are only three things that will be tweaked, as far as we know I figured I could make a zombies patch notes hub: So in the first tweaks from sunday the 14th october we will see: Increased player health in Casual, Normal, and Hardcore Difficulty in Classic mode by 50 points. Balance adjustment to rate at which players earn points. Balance adjustment to Tiger attacks. Balance adjustment to Hellhounds (spawn radius, speed, and frequency). Balance adjustment to Hellfire Special Weapon. Reduced cost of shield repair and replacement. Resolved an issue where some players experienced a crash in the Laboratory. BotD and Classified have now been combined into one playlist The Treyarch Authenticity Stamp will be introduced next week along with leaderboards

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